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Thank you Adam, Wonderful.


    The lesson deals with an issue that is rarely addressed in language courses or rather is never touched upon.

    It is important to know how to approach customs officers at the airpont , but above all what they expect from you.

    Thanks for sharing this tips with us Mr. Benn


I remind…when I visited the U.S, a customs officer asked me “what’s the purpose of your visit?” I answered “travel” :)
Thank you, Adam. Useful :)


    Thanks I want to travel in U.S very much and maybe I’ll to there for holiday with my family in April .If I can get visa successfully .


i donno


A very useful lesson.I hope I will use those statements in the future.


Thanks got 50% without watching.

Abdul Qayum

    Well you should


Thank you Adam!


Short and specific lessons are so useful and clear!
Thanks Adam :)


Thanks adam , it was so useful for me because I’m gonna travel to the u.s in two or three years away.


interesting! thank you Adam!


    read my profil and contact me !!! i’m italian like you, we can help each other. bye bye


all corrects 100%

victor igor

Thx out teacher

Would u like make a group in Skype if u don’t mind it will be helpful for us
My id : salman.english


    Thanks Salman. I can’t make the group, but I’m sure you can find lots of willing people here. Good luck :)


      Here is impossible to exchange our contacts to communicate each other.

      Just in case, I’ll try it again. My skype Swietlana. I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Thanks Adam, the lessonis verry useful.

I confused a lot of…so i got a very bad result, i don’t want to say.I am disappointed(((.


    Keep trying Sagittaire. It will get easier. :)


I answered “they are mean and unfriendly” lol anyway 88/100, Thanks!


Thanks a lot !


Thank you very much, teacher Adam. I’m Vietnamese, I want to learn English so much, I love it, I find a teacher as you to teach me. Do you know a teacher who live in Vietnam? Please show me! Thank you!


    Hi Vinhnguyen,

    I wish I could help you out, but I don’t know anyone there. Look for local English language newspapers, they might have something to help you.

    Good luck :)


thank for useful video/)

Maryana Keleman

The big brother sees you,don’t speak much)






Thx adam. You’re speaking vary slow and week. could you please speak little louder and quickly?


    Hi Evil,

    I have to speak so that as many people as possible can understand. Sometimes that might be a little slower than normal. Watch my IELTS videos… I speak faster there.


I’d like to know the rules for adding “S” in the third person. e.g. plays, cooks, runs etc.
I know the most common verbs that takes the “S”
but I don’t know the exact rule. Can you halp me please.!


    Final -s, not -es, is added to most verbs.

    Visit >> Visits Answer >> Anwsers Speak >> Speaks

    Many verbs end in -e. Final -s is simply added.

    hope >> hopes write >> writes.

    Final -es is added if the verb ends in -ch, -sh, -s, -x or -z.

    catch >> catches wash >> washes pass >> passes

    fix >> fixes buzz >> buzzes.

    Final -es is added to do and go.

    do >> does go >> goes

    If the verb ends in consonat plus -y, change the -y to -i and add -es.

    study >> studies try >> tries

    And if the verb ends in a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) plus -y, simply add -s.

    pay >> pays buy >> buys play >> plays

    I hope this help you.


    Hi Elvin,

    Zemei pointed out some useful things. I’ll add that when the subject is in the third person (He,She, It) and the verb is in the present simple tense, you will need an ‘s’.

    He plays tennis.
    She doesn’t play tennis.
    Does it look like tennis?

    See the ‘s’ in each?


If I have three cheeseburgers and I don’t want to hide it, big fat customs officer allows my visit to the US? I ready to take him all of my cheeseburgers. )


    cool :)
    i think custom officer let you visit the US exactly for the cheeseburger ;)


Thanks for useful video


thank you very much adam


Thanks so much Adam for your teaching


Thank you adam. 88%


Adam, in question 7, the correct answer is “as long as I can”. But this isn’t my doubt. Why did you write, in one of the choices, “I have a one-year open ticket” and not “I have an one-year open ticket”?

Valderí Andrade

    When”o” makes the same sound as “w” in “won” then A is used.


      That’s right, byte! Thanks.


      Thank you byte! I had forgotten it!

      Valderí Andrade

      i’m agree with byte ;)


      Good answer :)


    Because “a” relates to the word “ticket”.


      Oh, it’s my mistake…


    It depends not from letters(but from sounds).


By the way, thank you very much! This site is superb!

Valderí Andrade

Hello Adam. Thank you for your useful good lesson. I’ve never gone to foreign countries. This lesson will help me a lot when I go to overseas. Appreciate it.


Thank you. Very good lesson


I am very glad to attend your lesson teaching very useful tips.There is no near future plan to visit the US but if do i take your advices With me. Thanks


very useful lesson Adam.


thank you Adam, it’s very helpful when the customs officers ask me question now I know how to answer.
may god bless you and your family


It is very useful for English learner; After learning your lesson, i can be more confident to go on board. Thanks so much!


I’ve got 7 correct out of 8!
Thank you so much for this lesson, Adam. Very helpful :)
By the way, could you make a lesson about differences between Canadian English and American English? :D


    Hi Stanilaus,

    To be honest, Canadian English is somewhere between British and American. The main differences are spelling (e.g. color vs. colour). Other than that, it’s about regional dialects and each area has its own slang and expressions, so a lesson wouldn’t be very universal anyway. Most dictionaries will give yo the different spellings.

    Hope this helps a little.


I got 3 correct out of 8 score. I am not good English Language. Thanks Adam


    Keep trying Ukrit. It’ll come :)


      Thank you Adam


thanks a lot adam!
in other country they might ask you with different word, but same meaning. nah thats the problem. if i dont know the meaning i will ask to repeat it and they will explain clearly (with more annoyed expression of course haha)


    Not always Hafiz. Sometimes they’ll just say it the same way (with the annoyed expression) :)


awesome site


Thank you, adam, very useful for me.

Allen Shi

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Adam really wonderful


Thank you Adam


great lesson, thanks for a clear and sensible advice, Adam!


    then… read my profile and contact me !


    Hi, do you have skype? Send me your address in order to talk together for practice, bye


      I would like to practice too.
      My skype Swietlana




Thank you Adam for choosing this good subject to talk about. You are great. To improve my listening comprehension, this is one of the best method you have chosen to teach. Please keep it up!


is really good methodology to lear english a like me


thanks very much for such a great lesson. very informative. I really really appreciate your lessons.


I came to toronto then I transit to san francisco


Very important and helpful video!


Thanks for help us with the pronunciation :D

Cristian Gutiérrez

Very usefull. Thank you!


The first and last time till today I flew to USA, I was questioned by a security officer. And he spoke so fast, asking short questions – the one you showed in the video.
As I didn’t understand that much what he said, sometimes I was hesitating.
– Why don’t you answer me, he asked.
I just laughed – never do this.
– Why are you laughing?
– You speak too fast for me, I don’t understand you sometimes, I answered
What a look he gave me (aren’t they used to foreigners in airports?)
And then I tried my best to keep serious, even if I felt like being under fire, you know, like with a gun machine. It was a weird experience. And when all was finished, I felt like I’ve done something superhuman. Go through the US security!


    very amazing story :)


    Thanks Annie. That’s actually the mystery– they know foreigners are coming through, yet they don’t even try to ease the language. I don’t get it myself. :)


    Annie, I experienced the same thing once on a job interview. I heard the “C++” with ‘a’ sound, but I always read it before as ‘u’ (russian pronunciation) and I couldn’t get it. When I eventually got it, I burst out of non-stop laughing. The interview of course were postponed. :-)
    It’s quite a weird sensation.


Thank you Teacher and Thank you Annie974 your experience is very good.


Thanks a lot!!


USA custom officers were totally mean to me. They want you to have troubles.
I wısh they would taste same things ası wasa forced to taste couple years ago.


    They’re mean to everybody Oguz. Don’t let it bother you if possible.


      Thank you Sir for feedbacks.
      I will be keep watching all videos you would uploud here.


I like him. He made me feel that even I can understand most of what a native speaker explains in English. It is just because he speaks English clearly and in plain words so that we viewers can understand him, though.


Very practical, concisely and at the point. Please for more this kind of instalment !




Excellent class and test if you follow this indications you will be out of pro
blems at any US airport . Listening the video I got a better pronunciation but I still need more. Thanks to Engvid.com !


nice lesson


i did not understand what was type of questions.

ishtiaq khan

    Hi Ishtiaq,

    You can watch the lesson again and ask me questions here.


Please, I’ve got a job interview and in need of assistance.
I need an answer to a question ( how to achieve your sales target?) I do not know how to answer and what I say… please help me


    Hi Suesy,

    Not sure when your interview is, but one thing you can mention is the technique(s) you use to sell the product. (it might help to know what it is you are selling to give you more specific advice). Mention your target audience and how to adapt to a slow market.

    Hope this helps a little.


hi very helpful.but i have a qestion about PROBLEM and ISSUE? when i use one of them./i have a problem whit my son,or i have issue whit my son?


    “I have a problem with…” for me is more clear :)
    bye bye


      thank you


        contact me if you want talk with a english student like you. bye bye


          Hi dear lionluke, I like to speake with you, how we can have conversation with each other?


    Hi Draganka,

    I think they can both be used in similar situations. That being said, I would use issues with people, but not with things in most cases.

    Also, we often use issues as slang for problems, especially when we talk a bout a person’s psychological or attitude problems. Problem is more concrete and can be solved, while issues is a problem that doesn’t go away, even if you know the solution.

    Hope this helps a little.


      Adam, Thanks for the customs-passing lesson and the issue/problem puzzle solving as well.
      It turns out that reading comments is a pretty nice idea! )


Thank Adam, I’v just finished listening to your vid which helps me much in learning English, see you as much as pos.

the ngoc

Thanks Adam, a very useful lesson! I have just a grammar question. At the minute 2.53 you said: “a few of the more common question that they might ask you”.
Why you said the more and not the most? Thanks!


    Hi Piera,

    Good question. I use more because it is a comparative. In other words these questions are more common than other questions. I can’t say they are the most common, because I don’t know what the most common questions are.

    I hope this helps.


Good job very useful


thank Adam very much.


It’s very useful to me, thank you very much.

susan wang

Thank you again,Adam. It’s useful.


    By the way Adam. Which is correct IT IS USEFUL or THIS IS USEFUL? And when one must use the first one and when the second one?


      I mean IT IS or THIS IS.


        It’s a girl/this is a girl
        It’s correct/this is correct


          That’s a good question Katrin. I’ll make a video about it. It’s a little too long for here ;)


          Thank you Adam. I’ll be waiting.


Useful information.


I enjoyed your lesson, as usual. It was useful and amusing. I love your pronunciation. You are the English native speaker I understand the best. Thank you very much for your lessons!


Adam, you’re awesome! Thanks a mill!


what’s the difference between for and since -and please explain the o’clock please and thanx alot (:


    Hi Lina,

    It depends on the context you are using it in. for and since can both mean because. Used with a present perfect tense, use for followed by a period of time (I have lived in Canada for ten years). Use since followed by a specific time (I have lived here since 1999).

    Oclock is used when we say a round time (9:00 o’clock). It comes from of the clock.

    Hope this helps.




I wonder why is your lesson about US customs without any hint to the fact that the experience might be more or less similar elsewhere, in Canada maybe. Is it because in the US they are really a bore ? ;)


    Hi GHC,

    American customs officers are a little famous for their attitude. Canadian customs do it a little differently. They understand not everyone who comes to the airport speaks English. Also, in the US they are much more paranoid about terrorists.

    Hope this helps.


      Thanks David, I’m not really surprised. ;)


Thank you Adam

Kelly tw

Good evening. Adam.

I’m a Braziian teacher and I’ve taught to a person who is gonna travel to Australia. So, those advice is usefull for there too? I mean, fot customs.
Congrats for your class. It’s easier to understand.


    Hi Jpresence,

    The questions are generally the same as is the process. The attitude should be very different :)


Thank you for these advices


No doubt: Travelling is one of the best things in life.The problem is lack of money…I have to work harder and harder.By the way, it is a pleasure to listen and learn from you.Thanks a lot.


Hi . to be in contact .ky skype :sunsun664545


Hallo my teacher Adam. I’m Rido from Indonesia. I am an English teacher at Nursing School. I am also master program student of TEFL in Tanjungpura University, Indonesia. The Engvid materials all really helpful and useful for me especially. I want to share the videos of you and also other teachers, but in a different form. I mean, I also want to make a video and the materials will be taken from engvid. Is it allowed for me to do that? Thank very much Mr Adam.

Mahin Ridlo Ronas (Rido)

    Hi Mahin,

    I’m afraid these videos aren’t available for download. If you can connect the internet in your class, you can watch them with your students.

    You can send an email to Engvid and ask as well.


It’s a very good info Adam. Thanks for ur presentation

Mahin Ridlo Ronas (Rido)

I scored 10 out of 10
You’re a good teacher, I can understand each word you say crystal clear, Thanks!

Yusuf Estes

I have got only 3 of 10 I will be watch again…


Hello, please make a lesson and teach how pronounce America’s and Canada’s states. And also famous places. :)


    I’ll see what I can do Anahita :)


9/9 If they ask me for where I go, I would say “I’m in transit, I’m going to Whistler, Vancouver in Canada, and I will stay as much as I can. If they ask me if I have anything to declare? I will say “yes I have! A pair of skis for carve and a downhill bike” hihihihihih.

Jorge Pedroso

Good lesson. I got 10/10 :)


i got 7/8


Thanks Adam.


The best lesson/tip ever. Thank you!

Olivera Olja

Hi, Adam It’s a pleasure to take your videoclass and say hello again.

Adam, what is the difference in using fill out, fill in and fill up? Thank you!

the best

    Hi The Best,

    You fill out a form by filling in the blanks or spaces.

    You fill up the gas tank in your car.

    Hope this helps :)


Thank you!!!


Hi Adam!
I like to watch your videos and answer to questions in quizzes. Respect.


thank you adam


Dearest Prof. Adam,
I should like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a flourishing happy New year. It is important that it should be friendly and loving. I am so glad to know you, wonderful teacher. I pay my respect to you, amazing teacher. Briklend

Briklend Handersson

    Thank you Briklend. I wish you the same and more :)


hhhhhhhh i fell sooo stupid but it’s ok


    Don’t feel that way Lina. If it were easy, I wouldn’t be here ;)




thank you teacher


Adam, which one is correct: SKIED or SKIIED?


    Skied :)


      Thank you.


One day from my life.

19 December

I woke up at 11.00 and begin to drink tea at once. After 15 minutes I had my breakfast. Presently I turned on my computer and linked the Internet, because I wanted to know the price of dollar and the price of oil. The oil’s price was little reduced. And the price of dollar was much increased in comparing with ruble. Of course I was upset.
At 13.00 I had to be seeing my doctor, because I made an appointment. I was there at 12.50. The people who were in the turn said that there is a live turn and I have to be after them. I was not very much upset, because I was to be at work only by 16.00, so I agreed with them.
I like my present work. It linked with kids.
But I don’t want to tell about it too much.
At 21.30 I was at home and I was very glad. I had my supper(by the way, in what time do you have dinner,because in schools the teachers teach little kids that the dinner is at 12.00- 14.00).I don’t agree with them. In movies I see that lunch happens at 12.00-14.00.
I will not go to sleep yet. Because every night I watch Hollywood movies. Some movies are very good. Especially I like retro movies. But some new movies are not bad. For instance,recently I watched “The Moonrise kingdom” and “Spider-man 2”. I liked those movies. And also I like movies with Bill Murray.
So thank you Adam for attention.
If it is not too hard for you, mark my mistakes.(But not grammar mistakes)I mean I want to speak like native speakers.
So goodbye!(it took me 10 minutes)
Thank you.


    Hi Katrin,

    I’ll just point out a couple of things:

    1- we wait in line for out turn

    2- dinner is usually 5-7, lunch is 12-2, supper is after 9p.m.

    There are some grammar mistakes, but you don’t want me to point those out ;)

    You write very well. It is clear what you are trying to say.


      Saying grammar I mean the spelling. Of course,Adam, if you will mark mistakes,I will be glad. But I really want to speak very well, so people thought I was born in Canada or US. Thank you.


…and it’s Christmas time again!
I’d really like to thank you for all your lessons, your dedication to your profession, the
caring that we feel in everything you do.

Besides your great capacity and deep knowledge of the English language, I admire you specially for one side of your
personality. You are a humble person. I think
that’s paramount to get to students’s hearts.
I’d like to quote the unforgettable Nelson
“When you talk to a man in a languge he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk
to a man in his language that goes to his heart.”

So English is and I think it will always be a universal language.

So,Merry Christmas,Adam. And I wonderful New


    Thank you Sonia. That’s a great quote.

    I wish you a very merry Christmas and a great new year as well. :)


Happy holidays everyone :)


    Happy holidays Adam and everyone :)

    By the way, I have a question about “Season’s greetings”. Is it the same meaning (more or less formal?).


      Hi Annie,

      It’s more inclusive, meaning you can say it to anyone without offending them (politically correct) :)


Hy Adam) first of all i want to express my gratitude to you) thanks for the videos. They are really interesting and useful. But i want to ask some questions. You know, when i listen to video i can understand it but i can’t understand it quickly. When someone speaks English fast, i can’t understand all of his words. When i try to speak English, first i think then i say. But, for example i know russian language perfectly and i can speak without thinking. What do you think about it? And what should i do to understand English fully, without any difficulties?
I am sorry if i had mistakes in my message) And thanks in advance


    Hi Elay,

    To be honest, it’s just practice and time. You can try listening to more native speakers and follow with transcripts. Check out ted.com. Lots of practice there :)


It is very informative lesson. Thank you Adam )


you’re a great teacher mr.adam you’re the best & your explaining is very very good and you’re funny keep on -go ahead :)


Hi again, Adam!

I’d like to tell you about my journey to the sea Lasarevskoye. It was seven years ago. We went to the sea with my Mum. It was very beautiful and I took a lot of pictures. The weather was very good. We swam for a long time. The sea was so warm that my Mum couldn’t take me out from the water. It was very funny. In the evening(or in the evenings)we went to a water park and Dolphinarium. I liked it very much. We ate a lot of fruit every day. One day we went to the mountains. There we visited waterfall. It was very interesting. I liked to have a rest like this.

Adam,check it,please. Thank you.


Hi Adam
After watching this video I’ve been nervous!
How tough situation it would be :(


What happened? What’s this log out thing?



thanks Mr.Adm its useful lessons you’re really the best teacher

moony 29

Perfect score! Yay hehe :) thanks for the lesson

little ocean

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your useful lesson.
It will help me a lot, because i’ll fly to Doha near future.


Respect! Very important video. You know … some custom’s persons are very funny and glad to speak. In 2007 I went to Alaska from Moscow-Paris-NY-Seatle. And my custom’s person in NY asked me about my back way and he supposed it’s easy to sail by canoe from Akaska to Russia through Bering Strait:))


    Ha! Several years ago a politician from Alaska said that she could see Russia from her house, which is a big exaggeration. The Bering Strait is about 90km wide and there are islands right in the middle. It’s still a very long canoe trip, so if you decide to paddle to Alaska, try doing it in the summer when the sun doesn’t set!

    engVid Moderator

hi i really need to somebody to talk to him to improve my language


Thank you Adam! This lesson is very useful for me, I’m going to visit America in the near future…

Ksenia Rybka

    The lesson is a must for those planning to travel abroad soon; especially to the States (The USA).



Thank you.


very interesting lesson!!thanks!


Thank you Adam for this info!


Im going to NY next month and this vídeo helped me a lot.Thank you Adam.

Eduardo Gorlomi

Thank you Adam! :D cool and usefull lesson, I got 8/8 on the quizz
i’ll be more prepared when i’ll go to U.S.

Mario Cardoza







thank you, Adam!

Lizzy Tsui

good lessons
i like it


I think I did well in the quiz.
Thanks Adam


Thank you very much


100%. I’m good!))) Thank you Adam! It was very interesting and helpful for me. And your lesson, this one, was my first lesson at this website. Before I didn’t know about this wonderful resource. And I wanna say thakn you one more time becouse of your and your work I decided start English again. You are inspire me with my learn English. Of cource my grammar is very bad and poor yet and I make a lot of mistakes, but I study and that is normal when you are study. Well< have a nice day! :)


Adam, thank u so much for the your lessons!


I got 10 correct answer.
Thank you Adam. Good lesson.


Soy de Argentina y estoy estudiando ingles por mi cuenta. El sitio es fantástico y me ha ayudado mucho. Me gustaría contactar a un hablante de Ingles nativo que quiera aprender Español para ayudarnos y enseñarnos mutuamente. (I’m from Argentina and I’m studying English by myself. The site is fantastic and helped me a lot. I would contact a native English speaker who wants to learn Spanish to help and teach each other)


thank you adam good lesson

adel amir

thanks adam and iam going to america but i dont now english very wall in the airport what chow i do i watch your video it was good but i need more information

adel amir

i got 8 correct

adel amir

Great video. The first five questions are definitely the most common at the custom, at least in my experience traveling to USA. Actually i’ve traveled just three times. I hope to come back soon. Bye.

Fabio Camilo

Hello Adam,
Thanks a lot for this video. Because who is going to abroad they should know these rules!


Thank you adam


one of the best and intersting lessons Adm , thanks


Many thanks Adam , it will be suitable to me next summer…


thank you very much

haider j touma

thank you Adam.


Hi, Adam!!! I’ve been going through some of the lessons you’ve put here, and I’ve found them really interesting. I’

Fernando Stuani

Hi, Adam!!! I’ve been going through some of the lessons you put here, and I’ve found them really interesting. I’ve even used some of them to teach my student here in Brazil. But what I gotta say is thar I loooove English and also looove Canada, Toronto, etc. I went there a couple of years ago and hope to come back some day. Wish to talk to you more often and exchange some experiences.. C’ya, pal!!

Fernando Stuani

Thank you Adam! It’s very helpful.


Thanks Adam. I like your presentation




The most important thing to remember when going through customs is to:have a cheeseburger ready to give them specially with salad:)))))))))))))


superb.. danke adam


Very good hints!!!


Thanx mr adam thats realy usefull i like the way u teach u r the best teacher

Armaghan wafa

Thanks indeed Adam, It’s very helpful for a beginner like me!


Thank you very much for this lesson Adam! :)

Wellington Porto Brito

Hi Adam, you and Ben are my favourites teachers because you are incredibly understandable (may I write this way?) and Ben gas a awesome british accent! Bravi (i’m italian)


Sorry favourite…..hehe before you correct me


I really like your sense of humor. I enjoy the Quiz. Thank you,Adam


the test was funny, I like it


Thank you very much! Really helpfull


Good lesson! I’ll tell my mother to be relaxed when visiting me next time.


Very interesting. Thank you Adam


these tips is really important, thank you :))


I didn’t understand when you said: ” I have a one-year…” I thought would be: ” I have an one-year…” because it is a vowel… great lesson!!!


Hi Adam, I think the answer 3 “3. U.S. customs officers are unfriendly and mean people” is not coorect because customs officers is not a friend person??




Thank you Adam. Your lessons are very usefull for us.


Thanks Adam. Perfect




tnx sir adam,,


hello teacher. This is the first to talk to you, but I really like how to teach anyone as me. I hope I will get better from your teaching because it will become easy to understand and remember. Thanks a lot, teacher.


Scored 75,there’s still the long to been in US for me.

Richard Yen

Thank you,Adam!:-)


I tried to fail all the answers but I didn’t. Even trying, I did 38%. Some answers are fantastic!


A very interesting and useful information, thank you!


So usefull information! Now i won’t be afraid to pass customs. Thank you!

Ekaterina Protasova

Thank you, Adam. thanks a lot. it was informative and useful.


Thanks very much for Adam’s lesson about US customs. I have one little question about this lesson:

There is a sentence pair:
“How long will you be staying in the U.S.? Again, never say: “I don’t know.””
“You do know. You have a return ticket out.”

What does ‘out’ means in the last sentence? I have read many dictionaries, but still can’t find the meaning of it. Could anyone please teach me about this usage? Thank you very much.


Jeje even with these questions they get you scare. Great job Adam


Hi adam.. i really like the way you teaching. it’s understandable. may i ask you to make a video about daily conversation? thanks

sr. Alfian

Currently, I have improved my english by Engvid.Thanks.
I hope one day to travel to Canada with my family.
I believe that this day is close than I think.
Thank you very much.


Great lesson! I’m going to travel to NY next year so it’s perfect for me. Thanks a lot, Adam
Estela, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Thank you,Adam!
This is very useful nformation!


In my last enter to US, the custom officer was very friendly, chatty, he smiled and made a few jokes. I was pleasantly surprised. :)


It’s a very usefull lesson. I got it.
Thanks a lot , Adam.
You are perfect.


it was looking for the words to be able to request you since always this lesson and had this problem when I go to US.
thank you for your time and your knowledge


Hi Adam. I have waited your lessons because they are very interesting and informative. Could you please make a lesson about tips and questions for study visa in the U.S? Thank you very much!


Good video Adam, thanks!
I remembered, when I visited first time to US, during custom check, the officer asked me: “Are you nervous?”, and instead “No, I’m calm” I answered “No, I’m claim”. Because I was really nervous and confused these words “calm” and “claim”.
P.S. Sorry for my English :)


Very good class Adam. It was very useful. I hope I can relax if I go through US customs one day. Thanks.

John B



I liked it! Relax!


thanks a lot Adam. You explain very understandable and give for us more useful information.


Hi ! Sir Adam always thank you for sharing your beautiful lesson.I got 75 to your quiz and I love this topic about USA customs because a year ago I was planning to visit Toronto but I’m scared to traveled alone to meet my English teacher friend for the first time so I’d invited my acquaintance Pilipina marriage to a Japanese ! Our route flight are from Haneda Airport International Terminal to Narita Airport then from Narita Airport to Chicago OHARE transit for Toronto , my Pilipina acquaintance doesn’t know that she need a visa to enter in Canada she need a double visa omg so hard to acquaintance for me I don’t need visa Japanese Citizen travelling for tourist we doesn’t need visa except if we’re P


Sir Adam I’m really sorry for this msg typing this is my first to use my new tab a little bit hard to use because of changing in Chinese character to alphabetical the keyboard !


It’s very important and useful information)) Adam, thank you, very much!!!


It is basic and important this kind of lessons. Thanks.

Julio Ulate

nice lessson


Very useful video. Thanks a lot, Adam.


Thanks Adam

Kirtisinh Jadeja

Today i tried to reviewing this lesson ! I’ve got 88% score without watching your video ..! I was confused to this question What should rarely be an answer to a customs officer’s question? Yes,No,I don’t know , I’m sorry ,I didn’t catch that ..! I chose I’m sorry I didn’t catch that .nd d right answer is I don’t know ..! I was lol to my self nd i say XO bella ……I was visited in USA a few years ago I don’t have problem to the customs one of customs walks around called me nd my son to the leftside line we’re just few persons just show up our passport piano finger stand a few seconds infront of camera system finished no question very quick absolutely if you writes your documents completely i guess no more additional question .some of questions of this quiz remind my Canadian me my Canadian friend who invites me to visit in Toronto i would love nd I’m very interested to see your beaudiful country Toronto Canada he wrote offered me I can stay to he’s place as long as I want to stay he is very kind but I’m really scared to go alone wish i can find someone to go with me someday nor i’ll wait to my son when he finish he’s University study nd while i’m waiting i will study hard to your lessons to improved my English speaking , comprehension and many more i’m so glad i find a great English teacher in this site can’t get enough to thanks prof Adam to your excellence education lesson i’m lovin it .Thank you


this is my firs time to follow the quiz and I got 8 out of 8 = 100% correct. I believe that all of the videos in the engVid.com are very useful, they are exist to improving the learners’ English.

I thank you very much Adam



*first time


Thank you Adam..you are fantastic..i like you


I got 7 out of 8 ??I’m glad to found a great teacher like you Adam,Thanks a lot.
Beginning English from Thailand


a cheeseburger?? :)


Very interessant. I am learning English and I liked so much this video.


Thank you for knowledge. It was exciting


There are many ridiculous questions. Adam is a very positive person! Keep going I like your activities.


Thanks for the video Adam you are a great teacher but i`m already in panic thinking about that moemnt … lol I`m going to Miami in a few months. ok just relax… :)) Hi from Argentima .


7 / 8…. a good result, but…hey Adam, c’mon ! Custom officers are REALLY rude !! :-))


hi Adam
I would like tall us about the best subject for start to chat with new people please


Amazing and helpful as always Adam!!!

Amira Abo Amrow

Thank you Adam ?
It was a good lesson very helpful for me !!

Rokrofi lah

Thank you Adam for the tips.


Thanks ! I learned new vocabulary confiscate.


Thank you, Adam.
I’ve refreshed my knowledge before my vacation starts ^)

Anna Zaytseva

Thank you Adam ! Very useful information :)


I got 8 correct out of 8:D
Thanks a million,Adam.You are the most excellent teacher I have ever seen:)


Thank you, Adam. I got 10/10, but I have a question. “Do you have anything to declare?” If I don’t have these item, can I say “no”? or ” I don’t have these item” is better answer???


Excellent class, Adam.


Hi Adam,Happy New year, hope you are doing well.I watched many of your lesson on EngVid and I appreciate your style of teaching. Top of this I like this lesson sort of informative and guidance in order to know how to face custom officer at U.S. or any airport.It may happen at any airport and it’s good for own security.It suppose to check in advance on websites which things are allowed to bring or not to that specific country you are visiting.


I believe before collecting your bags and entering the customs area you should clear the immigration.
Keep in mind folks, customs and immigration are different things and they gonna ask you different questions.


the homework has been great i have learnt so much information realting the topic what teacher has taught us today i hope everybody could understand the explanation so teacher explained very clear if i could understand you understood as well we are all smart students i think this lesson is practical so far i could comprehand greatly…

Luis Alberto Mateo

Thank you Adam


Thank you Adam! I’m going to use your lesson in my course “L’inglese in Valigia” literally “English in your luggage”. Good job!


Thanks for taking time to give us lessons.

Nartjaree P.

Hi Adam. I entered USA borders many times, on vacation,and the custom officers were never rude. One time, I entered Canada border by the pedestrian bridge over Niagara Falls, (only to have dinner) and the young, beautiful female officer asked us a zillion questions; she wasn’t rude, but sure made us very very nervous.


hello, I’m utterly impressed this extremely interesting lesson ,
good job ADAM!


Thank you Mr. Adam.


good class


i love travelling vocabulary, got a 100% I love airports,serious faces too lol


You are always so clear ! Love your videos; point blank and detailed. Thanks a lot !!

norma novas

Now I learned a lot ..


I am a new subscriber.


Very useful! Thanks.

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