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I think Adam. It would be more respectful for me to not attempting the quiz :)

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    :) It can’t hurt, Annie, but I understand.

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Hi Adam. Such nice a quiz. A lot of tricks ;) Actually in the real IELTS test questions like these appear one after another, thus having found the first answer you have to find next one. If next answer Is, for instance, the third one, therefore the second answer will be “NOT GIVEN”. Since I applied the technique I have never made a mistake in this type of questions.

Please correct grammar ;)

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    It seems you’ve discovered a good secret. Hope it works always :)

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      I can’t answer the quiz

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i got 3/10, the lesson is very difficult to me. actually I truly don’t understand every sentences. really difficult, a bit frustated. anyway, thank Adam

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    Don’t be frustrated, Nguyen. This is advanced English for a difficult test. If you’re not planning to take this test, then just use this as a goal to reach in the future.

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Hello Adam, this quiz is quite interesting and trickish as well I scored 3/10 hopping to doing better next time :) Thanks for your efforts so far. You`re an amazing teacher .

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0 out of 10. I am done. Hahaha

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I have to admit that I am worse at reading section.
I get easily deceived in this area.

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    It’s all about practice and vocab building, Acronym. Keep working at it.

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i had 4 out of 10 and i can do better this test was helpful

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I couldn’t understand the question just because of I’m a weak in English, that’s why I got 3/10 . But I want to learn properly but how, I don’t know 🤔

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    Give it time, Akshi. Keep reading, learn ore words, etc. It will come :)

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Hi, Adam.
I know it’s not related to the topic, but I would like to ask a question as to usage of “about” in the context to be mentioned.
Is it right to use “about” instead of “on” in the sentence below?:
I don’t have any money on me (I don’t have any money about me).

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    Hi Najiba,

    In this case, no. On me means on my person, which further means cam carrying it. About can mean around, as in There are many people about me, so i should be careful about my wallet. :)Does this help?

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      Yes. Thank you:)

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Hi Adam, I really don’t know what to say? It was my first attempt, and yes it’s difficult but i would like to take the challenge and improve myself..:)

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    Good luck Payal :)

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1/10 I more try to much.Sir Thanks you all your kind.

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Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask this sentence is correct or not? “The course is of 3 months duration” or “The course duration is 3-month”

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    Hi Sophie,

    To be honest, I wouldn’t use either:

    It’s a 3-month course.

    The duration of the course is 3 months.

    The course is of 3 months’ duration (notice the apostrophe)

    Hope this helps.

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It wasn’t easy for me i got 3/10. but i will keep working

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I got 3 …. it is very poor marks.very sad

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    Don’t be sad, Sheikh. It’s supposed to be hard. Keep trying :)

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nicde class Adam!! Thank you!!

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Thank you everyone. :)

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Thank you for the lesson! i got just 3! to me its very difficult to understand the difference between false and not given! :(

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By the way! i really like your class! thanks!

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is the ielts exam easier or same level?
Thank you

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    Hi Edgardkhoury,

    Same level as what?

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2/10 I never though, I would be this much worst in reading :):) but thanks a lot sir love you all the time.

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3/10 and my IELTS test is on 4th January :( …. I will retake the quiz

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4/10, i am so frustrated.

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    It’s not easy, Azurew. Keep practicing.

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4/10!. I loved your lesson. I will continue practicing. Thanks so much.

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2/10 i need to work harder

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Thx Adam. I got 2/10 so i need to work harder from now

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Thanks for the lesson. It’s very interesting. I’ ve got 4.

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i got a 5 out of 10….
some of the answers were a bit confusing..
Please can you guide what should be done…I mean any effective strategies??

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    In a comment, there isn’t much to say Ashmi. You should get a good practice book, build your vocab, and look for other lessons here to help. Mostly, practice.

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Hello Adam, I enjoyed the quiz, I got 5/10. It was tricky but it motivated me to do even better.

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Thanks,very helpful.

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Got only 2 out of 10 :(

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Mr. Adam I need help! #spelling

I know my comment is not about the video above, BUT! is screaming for IELTS help.

I will take the IELTS soon and as a self-taught, I noticed I am having problems in the listening section with spelling. Sometimes, you think you know the form of a word until you write it down. To illustrate my point: eyesight, audioguide, farmland, newsletters, and clubhouse are words that apparently must be written together. As a Spanish speaker, I made mistakes in writing them apart. I was trying to find online a list of common words in English that must be written together. However, I found lists of compound words with a hyphen.
Please, I need help, I am tired of losing1,2 or 3 points during my home practices because of silly mistakes.
I will appreciate your collaboration.
PS: Thank you for everything you do.

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Well, 6 out of 10… Not bad! The four wrong answers were related to Not Given. Really difficult to find or interpret.

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I thought my English was advance, until now!
Wow! It was a challenging quiz. After failing I was glad to see the answers explained. Sometimes you miss one mark for just a tiny but significant factor. Excellent lesson Adam!

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Paraphrases are really difficult for me. Should try my vocab level up more than now.
No way to get 7.5 IELTS points at present level.:)

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Moais are responsible for JFK’s assassination and now are harming the government cybersafety. Right/ False?

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Indeed a challenging quiz

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i will repeat this lesson

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vocabulary used in the paragraph is too passive to understand

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Hello, Adam and everyone.
True/False/NotGiven questions (to be more accurate the answers to these questions) are often not following the common sense. Q#1 in this quiz is an example.
The text gives clearly only the fact that author believes that ‘conspiracy theorists in the US distrust their government’. This fact does not anyhow imply the opposite. Therefore, we do not know from the text for sure whether the author DOES believe ‘that the authorities suspect conspiracy theorists’ or DOES NOT believe it.
In other words,the statement “Group A distrusts group B” does not imply “Group B does not suspect group A”. It just contradicts the basic laws of formal logic.
There are always one or few questions like the one I described in the test. That is why many people (including me) dislike IELTS exam. Btw, CAE i’ve passed with strong C1 level.

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    Thank you for your lessons anyway, Adam

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9/10 I am more than satisfied with the result. I had one NO/NOT GIVEN mistake, which is a common problem, IMHO, of course.

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4/10 Oh my god. Even worse, actually, I just got tired at the end of the quize and simply gessed the last one answer. So, I`m not bad as a witch, but really bad in reading, hah.
All this time I thought, I`m good in reading. Kill me, Adam.

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I learned English in Canada for 6 months. Before I went to ESL school I got a CLBT test and my reading level was 8 which was relatively high. I was a bit tired before taking this quiz but I tried to take this quiz as best as I can but I got 2 out of 10. I was shocked and frustrated. As you said, it’s all about vocabulary and reading practice. I won’t be frustrated.

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thank you Adam for this quiz, really big help for us

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for this video. This is amazing I want to learn more from you.

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I just got 3/10, it was difficult enough. Anyway Thank You Sir, lots of Love & respect from Pakistan.

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wah i got 4 correct answers out of 10. I feel sad, nevertheless, i will used this as an inspiration to improve myself.

Thanks adam, you made me realized. I need to keep on practicing on reading.God Bless!

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3 out of 10. It is disappointing but I’ll keep up to be like Adam, or even better ;D

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perfect . thank u

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I attempt very bad test

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hi Adam. Can you help me with this test, please?
Though the ancient Egyptian civilization is largely thought…the first paper in the history was also see some other civilizations…it in the same era.
a) to be invented , to be used
b) to have invented, using
c)to have invented, having used

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This one is difficult for sure! I got 3 out of 10

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