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Hi, Alex! How are you doing? good Lesson. I think that every language has homophones. Right? In Russian, we have, like, tons of them.

Profile photo of Valery teacher Valery teacher

    I’m also pretty sure every single language has them. 99% sure since I don’t know every language. :p

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hi Alex, you are the best… Just I wanted to add that in Spanish we dont have homophones

      Profile photo of agonzalez2 agonzalez2

        sorry we have some but not as many as in English

        Profile photo of agonzalez2 agonzalez2

Merci Alex pour cette révision matinale. Have a good day.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

    Toi aussi! Merci.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

So easy

Profile photo of Danielle68 Danielle68

Great class, thank you!!

Profile photo of wendylu wendylu

Dear Valery ticher don’t be a deer. Everyone knows in Ukraine people talk Ukrainian language but you don’t. Thanks ALex for nice lesson.

Profile photo of gvardiola gvardiola

    Hi, Guardiola. I speak both languages easily. For me, it’s not a problem whatsoever.) Neither linguistically, nor politically. Stay positive. Cheers! Nice to meet you!

    Profile photo of Valery teacher Valery teacher

thanks alex

Profile photo of ahmeddel ahmeddel

    Any time. Thanks for clicking.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex, I presume those are the mistakes that English-speaking people often make. As for me, I never get confused with those. It must be because we study English grammar first, not the sound of it. Anyway, I always look forward to your lessons. So fun they are! Cheers!

Profile photo of FELES FELES

Thanks Alex, this lesson was great.. and easy..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

    I have two more coming for intermediate and advanced students.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Yeah, can’t wait ;)
      Thank you a lot with nice examples.

      Profile photo of tonnguyenkieuthuc tonnguyenkieuthuc

In turkey we have alot of homophones words too. It is a good lesson.

Profile photo of zeynepmercann13 zeynepmercann13

    hope chatting together to enhance our language

    Profile photo of Senior Awadallah Senior Awadallah

Thanks for this lesson

Profile photo of Beautysky Beautysky

Thanks so much for your class witch are so good and clears and thanks for your texts!

Profile photo of Valeciacosta Valeciacosta

Your examples are interesting. You’re a great teacher :) Thank you, Alex.

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

thank you

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I´m already looking forward to your advanced homophones lesson. Your examples are as simple as ideal. Thanks, teacher Alex. Bye.

Profile photo of Emanoel Pereira Emanoel Pereira

Thank you for this video! I buy a house by the lake and now I say bye!

Profile photo of Amanda Amanda

Thank you

Profile photo of Jinendra Jinendra

thank you

Profile photo of melenzkie melenzkie

Thank you Alex, I had some doubts about how to pronounce the word “clothes” but now I got it.

Thank You Teacher….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

hi I am new there and I already like it…

Profile photo of goko goko

    hi I am new there and I already like it… Thanks Alex

    Profile photo of goko goko


Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

you’re a good teacher, Thanks alot for your good presentation

Profile photo of mohamed73 mohamed73

Hi Alex, I’m from Brazil. This lesson is really great and useful. thanks.

Profile photo of Raquel Humphreys Raquel Humphreys

hi Alex i’m new in this website please help me to learn because it’s my dream

Profile photo of Yaasir Mustafa Arab Yaasir Mustafa Arab

Salve, ho seguito il primo video ed è stato istruttivo e divertente. Mi piacciono i quiz.Per ora ho compreso quasi tutto anche se di inglese non so niente.

Profile photo of CarmenAuletta CarmenAuletta

Hi Alex, in Spanish we have a lot of homophones too. By the way I got 10 of 10. Thanks U.

Profile photo of Edynglish Edynglish

Thanks Alex!!Waiting the intermediate and advanced lessons!!Hope they´re coming soon!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

It was nice to watch your new video lesson, Alex. Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

thank you i love it

Profile photo of tareqq tareqq

Hi Alex… Thanks for this lesson!
I got 10 of 10.
You’re a great teacher.

Profile photo of Mateus2017 Mateus2017

I want to say thank you for this lesson. This website and all teachers are great.

Profile photo of bluesky397 bluesky397

Good lesson alex..10/10 😊 im so thanks about this page.. it has helped me a lot

Profile photo of Yeify Yeify

Hi Alex it is perfect video thanks a lot, just my question is that why we are spelling after apostrophe e (i sound) while you are saying it’s ,they’re and you’re ?

Profile photo of snmtrl snmtrl

Hello Alex
Thank you for this lesson .
I am a bit stunned . I was taught that “our” was pronounced like “hour” but a majority of people that I meet says it like “are” even natives . Is it my ears wich trick me or is it a reality ?
Waiting for your reply
See you

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Good lesson! I am stuck around now on :)

Profile photo of erkanarat erkanarat

Thanks,Alex for this video

Profile photo of metawi metawi

hello alex
my name is Dang.I’m fourteen years old.
I’m from Vietnam.thank you so much

Profile photo of huyenhottie huyenhottie

I got 100,thank you sir Alex <3

Profile photo of gavina precious faith gavina precious faith

Thank you Alex! Look forward for an advanced homophones. Good topic.

Profile photo of ndashio ndashio

Dear Alex,
For this lesson it’s Ok , but I think for the other lessons we need more example for the words.
Best Regards

Profile photo of khaled shrief khaled shrief

Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Tamana asghari Tamana asghari

Thanks Alex! It`s useful lesson and I’ve learned a lot.

Profile photo of isakibrahim8315 isakibrahim8315

Hi, Alex
Thank you for your lesson. I just know now I used its wrong all the time.

Profile photo of nui4412 nui4412

hello verry interesting lesson

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

100 I got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Respected Alex sir,
you’re teaching important things and they’re useful. You’re a good teacher. Thank you Sir.
I got 10 out of 10.

Profile photo of Tripura Tripura

I have got 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

Hello dear Adam.You are so positive person,and this reflects your lessons positively.I have one question.There are a lot of phrasal verbs in English?Do you explain which of them are used more in proficiency exam or which of them are more important for exams?By the way,how is my English?Bad or awful?(

Profile photo of Nubar Abdullayeva Nubar Abdullayeva

I scored 100%

Profile photo of Bismark Soedzede Bismark Soedzede

    i also :P

    Profile photo of waleedarshadbutt waleedarshadbutt

Thank you.


it’s really good for the beginner. It improves many grammar mistakes. Thank you.

Profile photo of waleedarshadbutt waleedarshadbutt

Good Teacher

Profile photo of kamalhassan kamalhassan

thanks alex. Your wonderful explanation has benefited many.

Profile photo of Moly Adel Moly Adel

I made a website for English grammar and my inspiration was this site. to learn English grammar Englishcraze.com

Profile photo of syedarslan619 syedarslan619

    hi buddy

    Profile photo of agonzalez2 agonzalez2

thank u ;)

Profile photo of maissoune ya maissoune ya

Wonderful lesson! In Portuguese we have several examples of homophones too. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of ROGER72 ROGER72

Very tender and relaxed video class, overall when you are studying for intermediate and advanced levels. I remember one of my first doubts with the words “where” (wea) and “were” (wa) depending on the accent of the speaker but it has been possible distinguish the two sounds at the end. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex, your classes are very focused on a pedagogic learning, it’s a pleasure to listen to your accent.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

thanks alex for this lesson ,you’re good teacher

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    Profile photo of agonzalez2 agonzalez2

Thank you .

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Im from Ecuador thansk for the lesson .

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Profile photo of didicaro89 didicaro89

Hi alex. Thank you . I like you.

Profile photo of Ghashami33 Ghashami33

I’m the only somali

Profile photo of ubaidullah12 ubaidullah12

Very nice way to learn thanks Alex

Profile photo of rowhet rowhet

Hello. In my language you can say spill water, but you can’t say spill flour. We have another verb for вulk materials.

Profile photo of Bykanata Bykanata

    That’s very interesting! What is your language?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Ukrainian,Russian language

      Profile photo of Bykanata Bykanata

Nice video Alex. I got 100 out of 100. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Sujan Miah Sujan Miah

Dear Alex,
Thank you for your great videos. I use them frequently in my own lessons!
Keep up the great work!

Profile photo of John4415 John4415

Thank you Alex . That’s very great video

Profile photo of wanze wanze

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Ofey Ofey

Thank you Alex for driving my brain crazy) It was very useful)

Profile photo of missmarina90 missmarina90

Thank you so much

Profile photo of youssef karim youssef karim

Thanks Alex great lesson

Profile photo of Jzero00 Jzero00

thanks alex, your explanation is easy

Profile photo of mostafahafez8314 mostafahafez8314

Very good lesson

Profile photo of xavic18 xavic18

thank you very much

Profile photo of sofyanasha sofyanasha

Hi Alex ..still I don’t understand how I recognise it’s and its please help me

Profile photo of Chawan.n Chawan.n

Hi, Alex how are you ..you are doing well… I am new and I want to learn English whats I do…

Profile photo of SayedTahirullah SayedTahirullah

good lesson , thanks alot

Profile photo of Manar Tag Eldin Manar Tag Eldin

My scorse was 10

Profile photo of Naseh1396 Naseh1396

Yes 100. Thank you Mr. Alex. Good bye

Profile photo of Yamin86 Yamin86

hey i like that.learning is fun.

Profile photo of shelby shelby

good lesson, Alex.

Profile photo of LEPC LEPC

Thanks for teaching me.

Profile photo of obedah2011 obedah2011

Thanks a lot !

Profile photo of chaouki75 chaouki75

Hi! I’m studying for Toefl ibt and I’d like you to tell me,
I have a book of Toefl ibt prep, but should Iearn and memorize vocabulary first before reading passages and answering questions? Thanks

Profile photo of ohayyo3 ohayyo3

Hi Alex.
Good job.

Profile photo of pblo pblo

Thank you ALEX for your lesson .
I loved your way
Good luck in other videos :)

Profile photo of amira ahmed ali amira ahmed ali

Hi, good morning, teacher, what a really great lesson, can’t see it coming, that the kind of class guys like me how are learning English need, keep up with the professional job.

Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

who can teach me English.I think it’s so difficult.😌😌😌

Profile photo of beginner0920 beginner0920

O::M::G Que aula foi essa, Wonderfull, i can to see that i’ll speak english. Arrazou!

Profile photo of Niikows Niikows

Thank you Alex, I’m waiting impatiently your continued of this lesson)

Profile photo of astapik astapik

Thank you ALex

Profile photo of hada 143 hada 143

Alex can you give me more examples of homophones ?

Profile photo of walber walber

thanks alex

Profile photo of octarving267 octarving267

hi Alex sir..how are you..

Profile photo of Sangi Biruly Sangi Biruly

Homophones are confusing to distinguish in a conversation, so it’s important to know that some words have the same sound and specific meanings and applications on spelling. Thanks for it Alex!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you!!!

Profile photo of Yurii91 Yurii91

Interesting lesson!!THKS

Profile photo of jojo7 jojo7

It’s really helpful to me,here i can hear your sir…!

Profile photo of Parthsheta Parthsheta

Nice Job..Alex.. It,s really very helpful..Thanks

Profile photo of rajan123 rajan123

Full mark .. thank you so much mr.

Profile photo of Hasanjazeel Hasanjazeel

Thank you

Profile photo of Thuy0101 Thuy0101

I got 10 so I’m very grateful.
Furthermore, your vedio is very helpful for me and I will keep learning English.

Profile photo of Young Kyung Lee Young Kyung Lee

Thank you so much

Profile photo of lynn@0111 lynn@0111

Hello Alex, good practice quiz,

God bless you more and more.


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Thank you alex

Profile photo of saidarras saidarras

thank you so much

Profile photo of sariyani sariyani

thanks for this

Profile photo of jayeshdk jayeshdk

hi Alex thanks for this lesson, i am from Honduras and your videos help me a lot thank you

Profile photo of eherrerae107 eherrerae107

Nice lesson,Alex.Thanks.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thanks for your lesson!

Profile photo of Andrzej D Andrzej D

I’m very impressed with this language each day more.Thanks, Alex!

Profile photo of Francisco Carlos Francisco Carlos

Dear Sir Alex,

This was a great lesson for me, many thanks and more power to you.

God bless.


Profile photo of JamesReinier JamesReinier

your vedios are very useful for me because my native language is not english.I can understand your explaining very well. thank you .

Profile photo of sanjeev kumar singh sanjeev kumar singh

I got 10 out of 10

Profile photo of Abirhossain Abirhossain

Thx Alex :-)

Profile photo of Phatanun Phatanun

thanks Alex! I like so much

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Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

thanks alex

Profile photo of ali336 ali336

Thanks for the enlightenment. well done.

Profile photo of Pharadi Pharadi

Dear Alex, I really appreciated your lesson for my grandchildren who is 12 years old. Thank you.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

After Montreal add Quebec.
Change over the internet to on line.

Profile photo of HelenBrandon HelenBrandon

10/10 omg I’m so happy, Thank you Alex


Thank so much Alex. I am understanding very well. Good lesson.

Profile photo of Max27 Max27

Thank you

Profile photo of Rabah Chaim Rabah Chaim

the lesson was easy but made me sure to pronounce so thank you dear Alex

Profile photo of Anna amal Anna amal

thanks for everything dear alex :D not (deer) :D

Profile photo of aparlak01 aparlak01

Hi nice to be back, thanks a lot sir….

Profile photo of jimkiskisol jimkiskisol

I loved the examples hahaha Thank you.

Profile photo of luisavaz luisavaz

Hi, Alex! Did you think about these pairs : Eel- ill, Beach- bitch ?

Thank you again for your GREAT lessons ! Ronen

Profile photo of RonenR RonenR

I got 10/10! Great lesson Alex!!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

hi Alex,
this great lesson thank you .

Profile photo of yasen alshekh yasen alshekh

Amanzing class Alex… Thank you

Profile photo of Luis Bento Luis Bento

Hey teacher, thank you for this video. I’ve known some of your homophones so your explanation make me better with them now, keep doing like that you’re good. 100/100 my quiz result.

Profile photo of Jefflay Jefflay

thank for your lesson, Alex!

Profile photo of sunle sunle

Homophones are always confusing words, even in our mother tongue. Many thanks, Alex, for this elucidating video. Take care!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of kenroyhaye kenroyhaye

Thanks Alex, you’re very good theacher!

Profile photo of MarcosPecanha MarcosPecanha

thx Alex :)

Profile photo of Hadeer Mohammed Hadeer Mohammed

Great lesson,thanks

Profile photo of Faw1199 Faw1199

really good lesson thanks ALEX

Profile photo of Zaki46 Zaki46

Thank you Alex. It’s a really good lesson.

Profile photo of olya-sk56 olya-sk56

Thanks Alex. It’s very difficult understand when an English speaker talks to me, but this lesson is a great help. I’m a Colombian (I speak spanish) living in Texas. Give me please tips or tricks to speed up learning. Thank you!!

Profile photo of Ferney Meneses Ferney Meneses

Fantastic. Thank you

Profile photo of luiza82 luiza82

Dear Santa, can I have a deer for dinner?

Profile photo of Olega 53 Olega 53

Thank you, Alex!

Profile photo of LesslyVlady LesslyVlady

very interesting to learn the difference

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thanks Alex

Profile photo of peterjes7 peterjes7

Thanks a lot Alex!!

Profile photo of Allansilva01 Allansilva01

Dear Alex I ate eight deer by close monitor and going to buy some clothes now. So I close my door. Bye ! Thanks !

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I got it all correct, thanks Alex.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Hi Alex, thanks, you make us so easy to read and write English.

Profile photo of Aryan Ahmady Aryan Ahmady

Thank you :(

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Profile photo of Meria- Meria-

Thanks Alex ,I got 10 on 10. Excellent lesson.

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