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Hallo, Alex! It was real delight to see this video!Can you please to answer one question Does engvid have subtitles? I sometimes see subtitels , but sometimes i dont see.. it is very usefull, but wy not always? thank you!!!
Monday, May 6th 2013Reply to this co

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    Unfortunately, we don’t. Maybe on youtube?

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      Please I beg Engvid: never subtitle your lessons. I progress in English thank’s to you. Unfortunaly I too often use subtitle. That is not good for me. Kind regards

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      i am also like to see your video with subtitle, please try to give subtitle in future

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      on taskbar on youtube you can see the auto translation, it’s not right most of time , i think it will be better if Endvid can have traslation in each video

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        We’re adding proper transcriptions to new videos!

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      its strange..its like a miracle but i saw the subtitles on internet explorer and mozilla firefox but i doent see they on google chrome it dependent

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    I think if we don’t have subtitles we are able to practice the listening skills in lessons. I wouldn’t desire subtittles unless it will be optional. By the way, it was a great lesson, thanks Alex and EngVid site.

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    hi,you better understand the lesson without subtitles..try to watch the video again and again.so you can improve your listening skill.

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another excellent lesson…liked it very much….thanks so much

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Thank you very much, it was really helpful, I remembered many things I had forgotten

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i got a 10 in the quiz! but i have to say that you are right alex, phrasal verbs are so difficult to learn in english. try to post more videos about this verbs. thousand thanks alex!

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    This song rocks! Thank you for introducing us to it :)

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    This song does in fact rock. Thanks!

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    ¿Did you tell him about this song because J.D. McPherson was a teacher?

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Thanks a lot !

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    Can we contact, coz I’d like to improve my English too

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      of course we can !)))How can I find you ? It would be great meet you on the site lingualeo dot ru lingualeo.ru there I’m like “SaninOff” from kharkov . I have 25 level there))) See you )))

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        thank you for reply…. see you in Leo pride lol :)

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Thanks a lot for this helpful lesson Alex, I’m the biggest fan of your way in teaching because you often talk in slowly way..With deep respect and appreciation,

Yours sincerely,

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    Thank you for the kind comments.

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thankx <3

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Tanks Alex
Very good lesson

by the way I have this question

My brother,that lives in France, is a teacher.

here the word (That)is correct? if no why?
tanks again.

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    Yes you can!


    Relative clauses add extra information to a sentence by defining a noun. They are usually divided into two types – defining relative clauses and non-defining relative clauses.

    Defining relative clauses

    Look at this sentence:

    The woman who lives next door works in a bank.
    ‘who lives next door’ is a defining relative clause. It tells us which woman we are talking about.

    Look at some more examples:

    Look out! There’s the dog that bit my brother.
    The film that we saw last week was awful.
    This is the skirt I bought in the sales.
    Can you identify the defining relative clauses? They tell us which dog, which film and which skirt we are talking about.

    Relative pronouns

    Relative clauses are often introduced by a relative pronoun (usually who, which, that, but when, where and whose are also possible)

    With defining relative clauses we can use who or that to talk about people.

    She’s the woman who cuts my hair.
    She’s the woman that cuts my hair.
    And we can use that or which to talk about things.

    The dog that bit my brother.
    The dog which bit my brother.
    It is also sometimes possible to omit the relative pronoun.

    This is the skirt that I bought in the sales.
    This is the skirt which I bought in the sales.
    This is the skirt I bought in the sales.
    In this sentence ‘skirt’ is the object of the verb (buy). ‘I’ is the subject. When the relative pronoun is the object, it can be omitted.

    The film we saw last week was awful.
    BUT The dog bit my brother. This is not possible because the dog is the subject of the verb, ‘bite’.

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      I think you haven’t seen the comma before the relative pronoun.
      look it up in “Common Mistakes in English” part 1.

      Profile photo of brala brala

    It’s correct if you change “that” to “who” because you can’t use “that” in a non-identifying adjective clause.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      that’s what I taught, teacher =)

      Profile photo of thalinho thalinho

Hi Alex. You know my English can’t really get by without engvid.com ! Yeah I rarely leave my comments here it because of my laziness but I always watch your lessons, they are all very useful. I hope I didn’t make mistakes in my comment.

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awesome !!! I got 10 correct out of 10 ;)

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Thanks for such an interesting lesson,

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Very good again, Alex! Maybe the best way to learn phrasal verbs is the real-life examples. Video lessons regarding phrasal verbs are always welcome.

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    That’s it precisely!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks for the useful lesson Alex !

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In my opinion, the quiz had to be more complicated. Anyway, very useful lesson ;)

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Hi, Alex. Thank you.

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Thank you so much, Alex! This was really useful.

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Thanks u are the best teacher in the world honestly .
I really like your lessons and all engvid lessons

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    That’s high praise, but thank you!

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Awesome lesson Thanks alot Alex , i’m a new member here and this is my first comment but i promise it won’t be the last , really loved that :)

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    Welcome! Hope you stick around :)

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Hi Alex. It was superb lesson !!!!

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Alex, It was a good lesson. I got 9/10. Thanks for your help.

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This lesson is nessesery. I got 80%.

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thanks so much alex

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Thanks a lot. It was very useful video for me

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Thanks so much, Alex. I enjoy your lesson :)

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great lesson :”>

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Thank you, Alex, that was a very useful lesson. I’ve always had a problem with using phrasal verbs correctly. As a matter of fact, I noticed that native speakers use them all the time in conversation!

Profile photo of ronniepl ronniepl

    Yeah, that’s why they’re important to know. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

NICE !! again a step smarter :)

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I can’t see the video.Might I live in China. That is the reason.

Profile photo of andy1357 andy1357

    Yes, that would be why. A lot of our videos have been uploaded by other people to sites like Youku, so you can try searching there; you can also use web proxies!

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I’m proud of myself (test: 100% good) and happy with your teaching. Thanks Alex, a very clear lesson.

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what is the meaning of “get through”?

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hi Alex. thanks for 5 phrasal verbs. it is very interesting :D

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Got up = rise from bed or really any lying position
Get along= to have a good relationship with someone
Get ahead= to succed at work or make progress
Get by=to survive, how do you get by without facebook ? ;)
Get together= to meet, we firstly got together with my boyfriend in Turkey ;)
Thank you, Alex !

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    You got it!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks teacher. It was an amazing class… see you next!

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Thank you teacher

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What does “Put it down mean”? I hear a lot but I don’t understand the meaning.
For example on Pitbull’s song Internacional Love he says” You put it down like New York city”…
What does that mean?

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Thank you I got 80% right.

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thank you so much :)

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your lessons is great, coz I got 100% thank you one more time

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I get up at 9am every day. I want to get ahead but I cannot)) I am getting by now, I get along with all my relatives. My friend and I get together at 6 o’clock. And I have to get my thoughts together.
Thank you Alex, for new phrasal verbs.

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    You got it. Just make sure you say “I’m getting together with my friends at 6” if you mean in the future.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Ohh!! My Godness

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Hello, I am so proud of you, ” EngVid Staff”, you are my inspiration in English, You are the heroes, I respect all of you,
Thank you.

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It is a pleasure to view these lessons, please, can you make other vid with jokes ?, I am still laughing.
Best regards from Spain

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    I will definitely keep that in mind!

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thanks teacher

are (get along)and (get on)have the same meaning?

please answer me ..i need to know

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

    Good Q I wanna know if there is any difference too. I put the Q on Yahoo and once I get the answer I’ll put it here :)

    Profile photo of Rey Rey

    “Get along with: have smooth relations; “My boss and I get along very well”
    Get on with something to give your time to something and make progress with it
    The sooner we finish the speeches, the sooner we can get on with the celebration.”

    Profile photo of Rey Rey

      thanks a lot flawless..

      i really appreciate this…

      Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

    I’ve heard “get on” used in a similar way as “get along with,” but mostly in British contexts.

    “Do you get on with your boss?”
    “Yeah, we get on okay.”

    Imagine it in a British accent. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

useful lesson! thank you, Alex.

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Wao!, it’s incredible, I understood everything you said. Actually I say that you’re my best teacher, every time I see your videos I only hear pure english, your pronunciation is awesome and I’m learning from you. Tank you very much, God bless you.

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    Thanks for the compliments!

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You’re my favorite teacher in EngVid seriously you’re the best lol, thank you so muccccccccccccch <3

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Thank u so much! Alex

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Thx a lot it useful for me :)

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Useful lesson,thanks

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thanks, for your help really you have done a good job :). i like it

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Hey alex.
Im a huge fan of u.Cuz your pronounciation is very clear so it`s very easy to understand.
And you have a skill that teach something easily.!!

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    Thanks! My pronunciation is kind of boring, isn’t it? :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

I would say you are the best like this lesson so much . Thank you.

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Thanks so much! This lesson is altogether useful!

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Thank you Alex…very useful lesson!!

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Excellent lesson, Alex! Thank you!

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A very good lesson!

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thank you!!

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Phrasal verbs are always welcome! You rock, Alex!
Keep doing such a job, it’s pretty useful and will always be!

Best regards from Brazil!

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I got wrong answers in 5-7 :(

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Get down please. I’m getting by with all this lessons. So, I’m gonna get up to get ahead. Get lost yourself.

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Today I ain´t gonna get together with you, because I wanna get up fresh tomorrow to get ahead on my exams. If I hang out I won´t get by to do duties. Don´t bother we still get along each other. For one second I thought that GET ALONG meant someone who follow, trust or allow yourself to be take by anyone or ideas. Please,is there some phrasal verb for this? Thanks Alex !

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thanks for this lesson.You’re a nice teacher.
I’ve a confusion between these two sentences. Which one is right? and why?

“Tell me why did you go there?”
“Tell me why you went there?”

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Thank u

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Your lesson is very useful.

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My English is getting ahead with your perfect website, can’t get by without it!!!! Thanks!

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thank you for your lesson.
that’s so useful and easy!

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Thank you Alex, very good lesson…

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Thanks.Good job!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much.
Very interesting .

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Thanks !

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Thanks a lot!!!!!

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Thank you so much

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my english has improved thanks to you.. :) !!!

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thank you Alex, it was really useful,
and the quiz was challenging enough too…
thanks so much.

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hi Alex,
thanks… it was a very use full lesson.
I have a question that is for ‘Get By’
can we use it for person and live things?
sorry for grammatical mistakes.

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    A good question. I want to know the answer,too .

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This lesson is very useful. Thanx Alex :)

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today i got up at 8am while i was walking to my work i got together with emma actually a get along with her i work hard to get ahead i cant get by without my work
thanx mr alex

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I got 90%
Thank you for your teaching

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It’s very usefull. Although, I only got 8 correct out of 10 :D

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Many thanks, Alex!!!

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i have done the quiz and i got 8/10
your lesson are useful

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very interesting and useful thank you for all

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It is really really perfect and nice useful than last lesson
Thanks dear best teacher Alex

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You pronunciation is nice and clear, it is why I’m learning so much with you, Alex. I love your lessons. I think phrasal verbs are very difficult. Sometimes I think I’ll never master it, but, anyway I could score 10/10 in the quiz! I owe it to you, guy! Thank you.

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Hi Alex! You are on fo the best teacher I have never seen. Please could you give a lesson about even thoug, although and through. I have too much problem mainly with the pronounciation. Best regards.

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thank mr alex this lesson it was very helpful,but i’m asking about the other phrasal verbs.thank you

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thanks mr alex, lesson was very helpful

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Hi Alex,
You are very good teacher…just few days before i started watching EngVid videos..n u know what..now I can’t go by a single day without watching engvid videos…m just addicted to it…i just like all the teachers..the way u all explain was so nice…thank you so much for this..u guyzz are doing a great job..thank u :)

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Hi Alex,
You are very good teacher…just few days before i started watching EngVid videos..n u know what..now I can’t get by a single day without watching engvid videos…m just addicted to it…i just like all the teachers..the way u all explain was so nice…thank you so much for this..u guyzz are doing a great job..thank u :)

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Dear Alex:
lesson was very useful^^ very thanks!!

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Hi Alex.
I could not understand what is the difence between;When are you getting together with Joanna?
When are you get together with Joanna?
May you hep me? Thanks a lot.

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gracias, gordito..

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Nice lesson..really useful..thanks!!

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thanks , interesting

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80 ,so so , thank you.

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thanks Alex…

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hi Alex, Thank u for your clear explanation

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first of all, I have to thanks for your useful lessons, Mr. Alex. I’m from Vietnam which has the shape like the letter ” S “. I have seen several videos from you in the website: youtube.com. That’s the reason I’ve known this official website. With all things I’ve written here I hope you continue try your best in order to bring members effective videos.
Thanks again, teacher Alex.

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    hey ,i’m vietnammese too :)

    Profile photo of danghoangnhat1992 danghoangnhat1992

Thank you so much Alex (:

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I can not get by without Engvid ^^.Thanks a lot Alex

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It was great! Thanks again, Alex. . .

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I have been getting ahead watching engvid! Thanks again. . .

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Thanks for the class Alex! It was great! Can you tell me if this sentence is correct: She always gets together with her friends on the weekends.
Thanks again!

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i want to get by in my job by getting the meaning of ‘get’so i can get along with everybody.i want a get together with my friends on next week.Any way i got up late today

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hi please add some videos about infact,in order to .Thanks

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

Alex would did you explain for me the last quiz question?

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Thank you Alex. i got 8 out of 10 . you really teach in a easy way.

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Thanks Mr. Alex, I got 90%.

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That was great lesson, thank you.

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5/10 Yes, it is very tricky

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9/10 ;;;

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It was amazing again, I’ve just gotten 10 of 10. I am getting better each day pass!

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thank you so much teacher alex..=)..

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Thanks man….

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Very nice, Alex. I am learning something new eeryday with you. I excited to have found this website and your videos. Thank you so much!

P.D. By the way, 10/10 in my quiz.

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Cheers mate.

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Good Lesson. Thanks.

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Great lesson! Thanks

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Thanks, Alex. Another great lesson from a great teacher.

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Very interesting. thank you Alex

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Really it was a very useful lesson, thanks Alex

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Hi, one question, I’m not sure about the last question in the quiz, I’m not sure about using “When” instead of “What time” or something like that. I believe that one question with “when” is for asking days, I don’t know that you can use “When” for asking time, or, ¿Are you asking about time in the last question? Thanks for helping me.

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hi, I don’t understand if I must use “get by” only in the interrogative phrase or even in the affermative phrase.

thank you

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Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

I got 9 of 10! However I was confused when I was passing the quiz! I saw the form ‘getted’ of word ‘get’! Please explain me what’s it?

Profile photo of Lakrat Lakrat

    The option “getted” is a “trap” of the test, because If you don’t know that “get” is a irregular verb, you going to say “Oh yeah, the past verb of get is getted, because I only have to add “ed” and It’ll be a past verb.”

    The verb “get” is an iregular verb and its simple past form is “got” and not “gotted”.


    Profile photo of danpalvald danpalvald

Thank you so much Mr. Alex!

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get by Today I know.Thanks Alex.

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I can’t get by without Alex’s lessons :)

Profile photo of Drogba Drogba

I’m sure that I’ll get ahead with your awesome lessons! Thanks for everything.

Profile photo of danpalvald danpalvald

Thank you Dear Sir Alex; I’m following your lessons carefully.

With love. . . :)


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Thanks for your helpful lesson.

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Mmm… i am 5/10 but now i m stdying

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Hello,Alex you r wonderful teacher that I have,In my opinion your Method like miracle.
Thank you

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It’s a great lesson! Thank you, dear Alex.

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Thank you very much,dear Alex!

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Thank you so much for your teaching!

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9 from 10.
But question no. 7 I really dont understand the meaning of that sentences and using words “getting by”.
Thank you for useful lesson.

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10 from 10/ cool lesson.THX Alex.

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very good lesson
Thank you very much!

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You are perfect teacher. Phrasal verbs are difficult for my understanding. But your lessons help me. Thanks a lot Alex.

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Watching this video in 2016!! Who else?

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Alex, very good! You are a great teacher.

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Thank you. Now I can’t get by without following your lessons

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thanks Alex i do hope that to be getting along with your lessons, they will get me ahead in English… thanks Alex

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Thanks Alex

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Hi Alex, I like your videos. I really like when you talk about books.

Profile photo of Karla.cr Karla.cr

Thank you very much!

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Many thanks Alex for this Lesson.i used to go to an English course, but my teacher who was fantastic is retired now and i was disappointed till i found your course!

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Thanks Mr. Alex!

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thanks Aex iam very happy you lison

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