It has been a usual pleasure listening to your advice Alex. It seems to me that I am progressing slowly but surely. From now on, every time I need to search on the Internet, I force myself to do it in English with the help of Google translation to be correct in my expression. But I know I will never be fluent in English to watch an entire movie in that language. However, thanks to you, I continue to learn.


    I’m happy you’re still going, Beernaard. And I think your strategies to improve are good. Using technology on “English mode” is a good way to make sure you are thinking in the language.


Thank you so much for your advice Alex. I agree with you perfectly. I’m 71 yrs women from Hungary and I am studying English for 25 yrs and I enjoy it very much.I like your videos, I like to watch English Club TV, I like to speak with English-Welsh people in our conversation club but I will never be able to know Engslish as well as someone lives in UK. Thanks for your teaching.

Voros Rozsa

    My pleasure! I’m so glad you’re still learning after 25 years. It’s clear that your efforts have paid off. :) Keep it up!


      Alex how can i learn more


Thank you teacher for this video, it is really important to remember how we can IMPROVE our English learning .I’ve studied English since I was teenager and I love it.


    That’s so nice to hear! I hope you’ll keep moving forward.


Thank you!


    You’re very welcome. :)


      Thank u Alex. I enjoyed your teaching and tips you focus on. I’m sure I can learn more every day . I want to communicate people fluently. Thank u teacher


I agree with you, I learn in school, but I lose a lot, after I learn again, and now I do English all the day, I speak no problem with the partner with tandem, and I speak with America people in my last trip, but I have some problem with listening and with grammar, I would like to pass the TOEFL. Actually I read the book level A1 à B1 because when you learn with method you don’t have the reading,

Normally I am fluent, but when I find a new method I begin at the start to repeat again and again, and to do revision, to enter a lot of things in my head and all the method are different you learn every time new things


    Tandem is pretty good! I used it to practice my French a few years ago. As you know, the most important thing is to expose yourself to the language on a regular basis.


thank you teacher

yazid 66mr

    You’re very welcome, yazid!


you are a great teacher and have a great personaity,may your way always open.


    That’s kind of you to say. Thank you. :)


I absolutely agree with , The more you learn the more you will see yourself improving, and I would like to give some tips to the people who are beginners , Let everything in your Devices in english (the language ) like search in english .


    Absolutely! That’s a great tip. I should do the same with my devices, but with the French language instead. :)


Thank you very much for your valuable advice, Alex. I eagerly follow your lessons and enjoy them a lot.


    That’s so nice to read! Thanks for continuing to study with me. :)


Great advice, thank you very much.


    My pleasure! Thanks for learning and for practicing with me, Ahmed.


“Thanks for the advice, it’s true that sometimes we are focused on our comfort zone and we forget to push ourselves out.”


    It makes sense. We all do it! We just have to try to find a way to take the next step.


Thanks for these advices. I need to exposure a little bit more for speaking. I will try!!


Thanks for this video! You help me a lot.


Thank you very much, sir, I noticed your advice, Sir, if this is possible for you please make a plan for the beginner-level learner English program.


thank you for advice :)


Thank you dear professor for this lesson. These advices are very useful. I’m learning and studying English beacause I’ve always loved it and I’m so grateful with you and the other professors. I’m studying English in this website because I have to certificate my English level to my doctorate studies. So, I’m so grateful with all of you. A lot of hugs


I got it. That points are crucial for to take to learn language. More practice and enjoy with the process. Thank you Sir.


Thank you Sir.


Thank you, i really appreciate the tips in this video, i hope some day i’ll get fluent in english.


a very strong lesson,everything is true. I perfectly understand that i must speking, but inside me lives fear


Thank you teacher.


Dear Alex. Merci pour vos excellents cours. I’d like to hear you about how to use subtitles. And about how many times we have to watch the videos ? At first, I watched only once. And so considered that my job was done. But today my opinion is very different. I think we have to watch the vidéo several time – with subtitles first and without subtitles at the end. What are your recommendations ? Merci beaucoup.


I watched the lesson and I smiled, I don’t know but I enjoyed your lesson

Suhail Rahouma

thank you teacher, my goal is become fluent in english and for this I am studying every day, I enjoyed your lesson.

Camila Seccato Bonora
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