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I believe that I am not well at spelling, and I would like to learn more advanced English. But do also like to mention that engvid.com is amazing.


Amazing class.
everything was clear and made examples with ordinary situations, that helped for understand better the topic and how to use the grammar exposed.

Hector Naranjo

thx man


Simply amazing


Thank you. I got 65/100 :( must try better


Great lesson, very very useful. Ciao Alex. A smile!


95% . Oh! I must feel glad ;). Thank you Alex. You are a superman! <3


yes! I got one hundred percent. Thanks for this great lesson


Thank you for your perfect lesson!


20 out of 20, I think I nailed it^)


Thank you Alex, great lesson!


I still little confused about the verbs forms that I have to use, probably I have to watch several times the video, thanks for amazing lesson

silka duda

i had confused about this lesson, but it was amazing lesson and i’ll try again to improve understanding, i got 8 out of 20,so thanks mr Alex,

mohamed ibrahim fanah

i got 85. Thank you Alex


Excellente lesson Alex. C’est toujours un plaisir d’étudier avec vous.


Tks Alex, I should have studied a little beat before…rs

Rodrigo Schleiniger



I got 18 out of 20 :)
It was really confusing. I think the chance helped me getting a good mark.
Thanks, Alex


Thank you so much Alex!!!
If I were you, I´d consider making a lesson showing us all the funny T-shirts you have XD


good lesson and teacher my official lenguage is Spanish and i am learning with this lesson i got 90
thank eng vid for teach us

mildred perez

Hi Alex. I almost did 100% of the quiz. I missed the first two. Can you please tell me why the next two sentences is wrong??

1st) You’re gonna wanna start save money.
2nd) You should probably consider go to bed earlier.

I think that, in the first, it miss the ‘to’ after start and also miss the ‘to’ after consider in the second sentence.

Am I right?

Thank you very much.


    You’re right about the first one, but keep thinking about the second one!

    engVid Moderator

      Ok. I got it, I guess. The ‘consider’ in the sentence have the meaning of ‘think about’. So we MUST use gerund. The right sentence is:

      You should probably consider going to bed earlier.

      It always happen when the ‘consider’ is equal to ‘think about’.

      Am I right?


Hi Alex, nice video.
I´d like to ask, if the form “I HAD BETTER”/”I´D BETTER” is a modal form.


80 out of 20. Thanks


I got 10/20, the lesson is a lillte bit difficult, I will attempt more in next lesson, thank Alex

nguyen van long

I got 15/20; I think I’ll have to study more about this lesson. Thanks for the class.


I’got 17 correct out of 20 , better than what i was expecting
great lesson very helpful
it’s always better to have variety of phrases to use .

Joe Y

thanks, teacher Alxe I have a question which one is correct
1- I spend too much money
2- I spent too much money


I got 13 out 20. I think I ought to study more…I have a lot of problem when to use ING.
Thank you Alex


excited to continue learning!! 18/20 = 90


17 out of 20 (85%) before watching the video. It’s quite a difficult for me. Now, it’s time for watching to learn something new.


10/20 what should I do ?


it is 85. thanks.


Thanks for the lesson, teacher…!!

Jakub Alvarez

19/20. Thank you for your useful lesson


Thz teacher

Phone Phone Jerry

I think this lesson was helpful. One has to do these lessons daily. I got 15/20.


Very good stuff..

Joseph Roy

Thank you! Very clear as usual


such an useful lesson

Rene Mendoza

Excellent lesson as usual but it’s not so easy to use the gonna wanna for me. I must practice and I will do it because I have to do it for a good result. Thank you so much.


thank you, Alex, as encouraged u

Siraje Hussein Abdi

thank you for this lesson it is very useful :)

Islam Mounier

Excellent, thank you, Alex.


Hey Alex astonishing class as usual dear teacher now I can give my friends good advices thanks for that……. Greetings fron Surco……

marc anthony

You’d better change the t-shirt you are wearing under the Jacket, as it disturbs.

Ana Alaa

My score was 100. This is my favorite number!

Marina de Morais

17/20 85% I am proud of my score few of them I was confused but I knew the ones I got wrong but thank you for the great lesson


Many many thanks for the extraordinary video.
One question, if you allow me to do so:
a week ago I’ve heard about subjunctive mood use. In the examples you gave in the video (formal verbs “suggest” and “recommend”), can we consider them to be subjunctive mood?
Furthermore, any video on EngVid regarding this subject that you would recommend?
Thanks for your very kind assistance on this matter.
My kindest regards.

alexandre toledo

Hi! thanks for the video Alex
I have a question if it doesn’t bother. Which one of the following sentences would be correct?
-If I were you, I would retrace YOUR steps
-If I were you, I would retrace MY steps
(for the example of the person that lost his/her wallet)

Thanks again!


This is perfect,i likes this lession

Dule man

hi to every one in this platform, i wanna thank you after that i have one problem with learning English this is only Environmental factor which i mean i live a place where people don’t speak English, that is why i have have only three skills of English learning eg. listening, writing and reading(i don’t have speaking or practicing of speaking), so i need more advice how to improve speaking?
this is my question.


I got 85 grades . These questions had pointed out my problems about grammars and correct some concepts , that’s very useful .

Ari Huang

Oh! It was for me a quickly test and I got a regular score nice for me because I got it in only one reading!


18 out 20 not bad
thanks for your perfect explanation.


Thanks, Alex! Very important to recognise the difference when giving advice.

Daniel Juan

If we use any those to advise something people really need


nice lesson, I got 80. Thanks Alex.


Dear Alex
This lesson is very useful and funny.
Many thanks


Super exercise. I’m angry with me. I’ve made two careless mistake and two other ones with the verb suggest following by the infinitive while recommend is following by the gerund. Sometimes, it’s not easy but i’m very fond of learning with you. I thank you a lot.


I need to study more this lessons. However, English Video is the best!


Thank you very much..
I learned a lot today.
I will definitely recommend this to my friends


I got 20 correct out of 20 questions. I felt the questions were way more than 10 and there were 20 questions. Haha.

Insoo Yeo

I got 10 out of 20.
many questions I didn’t know hao to do,so I Did them casually.I think that I ought to keep studying.


Thanks Alex , i got 16 out of 20. if i were you, i would repeat the course.


I got 10/20


Thank you.


I’ve got 15 out of 20.
Well done, it is interesting lesson.
I improved a lot by listening your explanation.
Thank you much Alex for this put lesson together.


It’s good think you


Great Lesson, Alex! Thank you very much.

Marcio Suzuki

Thanks a million for this lesson dear Alex aka John Ritter from Toronto….

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