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To be honest, after I watched this video, I felt I can expand my vocabularies through some approaches that Alex just give us, but I am worry about if these approaches is Suitable for me, but I will try my best to learn!

happy BB

    Do your best! That’s all we can do. :) The main idea in this video is to slow down and to really think about how we want to describe something.


1o/1o :D
Thanks a lot,Mr.Alex for your new strategy of expanding our vocabularies
Thank you for responding our comments because it always motivated me personally to learn English more and more


    I love hearing that! I try to answer as many comments as I can. It’s not always possible to respond to everyone, but I’m glad to see you here on a regular basis, Janyl. :) I hope you have a great weekend, and that you find some time to expand your vocabulary!


Great video! Tks. Alex tell me, how do you manage to record videos with this quality of sound, even in open places?
To increase my vocabulary I watch videos in English.
See you…


    Thanks, Jhow. Regarding your question, I’m not sure! Haha. I’m not responsible for the tech equipment, but we have some good quality microphones.


Alex, when I watch your video, the grass and trees are so amazing that I would like to play football with you. Even now I feel giddy. I don’t know what kind of trees they are, but it would be gorgeous to set up a hammock between the two. So, I could focus more on the birds and clouds in the sky. I would try to make some clouds look like many things, and they would make me feel free and on the clouds. Maybe I could see a curious squirrel in the tree and say hello. Smelling the fresh air—I hope so—would give me extra energy and ecstasy. Thank you so much Alex for making me feel great in my office just by imagining it.


    That’s so nice to read, hd! I’m glad this video could provide a momentary escape from the office for you. I believe these are maple trees. :)


Hello teacher, I really enjoyed this film and the technique or the method that I used to use reading the news on the NPR website or listening to the radio and doing the shadow method. It’s very useful.


    NPR is a great resource. They have a ton of great podcasts for listening practice as well. I’m happy to hear you’re using authentic materials!


You are really excellent and your classes are truly usefull. Congratulatons!


    That’s very kind of you to say, Fernando. Thanks so much. I do my best to deliver materials that students can actually use. :)


This video made me feel happy, now that I know your technique I feel I can improve my vocabulary


    That’s nice to hear, Fernand! I wish you much success in your English studies. :)


Hello, Alex!
Sorry, but I got only 9/10.
Excellent lesson!!! Congratulations!!!
People want to expand their vocabulary and your lesson is very important for us!
thank you and take care!!!
God bless you!!!

Miguel Geronimo

    I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed it, Miguel. I really enjoyed recording this lesson, and it’s nice to see that students are responding so positively to it.


Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


To be totally honest with you, what you already talked about in this awesome video was not only fascinating but the sense of the background view also made my day. When it comes to learning English, I feel so overwhelmed and got used to finding fun in that personally.” What should I do more whatever the hard techniques were that I had tried ahead of time ?”

karen tz

    I’m glad you liked the video, karen. Thank you so much for watching it!


thanks for alot

siciid xasan

    My pleasure. Thanks so much for checking out the video and for studying with engVid. Good luck with your studies!


This video encouraged me to use my all my senses while i m describing some stuff or answering a question and try to force myself trying to tell things except just ‘good’ or ‘bad’ this kind of things


    That was the goal, so I’m glad this video has encouraged you to try something new! :)


What a stunning class!

I´d like to be honest with you, only after watching this video I found courage and reasons for using new adjectives like this. Thank you


    That’s so nice to hear auredson. One of the reasons I made this video was to motivate English learners to push themselves to study and use new words. I’m glad I have accomplished that in your case!


Thank you professor for that great strategy.

Lucy Vegann

    You’re very welcome, Lucy. Take care and good luck with your studies!


Hello Alex,
this video was absolutely efficient since this is one of my biggest problems in English.


    I’m glad you found it useful, hemad. We all need to be pushed to try a little harder sometimes. I wish you much success in your studies!


As usual Alex you show us your qualities as a pedagogue teacher and you invite us to progress with the use of our senses. For me, it is always a pleasure to learn with you.


    It’s always nice to see your face in these comments, beernaard. :p I’m glad you enjoyed this video, and I hope you found it motivational!


I really appreciate that and feel so confident to try new vocabulary yeat. Thank you very much.

Gustavo Souza Soares

    I’m really glad to hear, Gustavo! :) Keep pushing yourself to learn new things. You can do it!


Hello Alex, very impresive from your video I have just start learning and jote down new words that I have just copied from your speking. I am new but I am confident to learn from your video.


Alex, your videos are the best. They are motivators and your way to explain make me feel trusting to move on. Thank you soo much!


Hi Alex,as ateacher too I like your way of teaching English because it’s natural and you don’t need to make any gestures or anything outlandish to attract attention. I think that explaining English in a specific environment according to the subject favors the student’s perception of the language


That was good, thank you, Alex. Why good? Clear, simple, useful. The teacher is able to explain well, gives simple practical recommendations, of course it motivates. I don’t have a special strategy to expand my vocabulary, except for the traditional one: to read and listen as much as possible, to repeat the recorded words. I have noticed that gaps in vocabulary occur when I need to form an opinion or express myself.

Catherine Honcharova

It was an interesting lecture, I benefited a lot from it, and I want to describe the food as delicious, the trip was happy and I felt comfortable, I read an entertaining book, and I saw beautiful scenery


Very interesting lesson, Thank you very much. I am so happy to learn some new words like “Rejuvenating”
Thank you again!


This video is good, clear, simple,active and specific.

Esraa -2022@eng

Hi Alex. I’m trying to improve my listening with your videos and doing that I learn another things. I like your pronunciation. It’s clear and identifiable. This video was wonderful. Thanks


Hello, Alex good day I’m from the Philippines it’s my first time watching your video here on engvid.com. I like it very much because it’s nice and good to make my vocabulary beyond. Thank you It’s rejuvenating.


Thank you Alex for salutary advise and strategies on how to improve vocabulary.

Ngabo kevin

It was motivating sir thank u


After watching this video, I finally understood that it’s not so bad if my vocabulary is a little bit poor. I have a chance to improve and expand it without any problems!
Your lesson is worth for watching, instructive, motivating and , for sure, useful for my daily speech. Thank you a lot! You’re a fabulous teacher!


A lot of thanks.

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Very interesting lesson, Thank you very much. I am so happy to learn some new words like “Rejuvenating”
Thank you again

samaka 002

This video is so informatic.


Thanks Alex.


I felt trusted of my self.


this video made me feel that i’m making progress in my english skills, as they say: “my english is a work in progress”.


thank you Alex for this explanation, it helps me a lot to think more about other vocabulary especially to describe something and give my opinion .


I prefer repeat, repeat and repeat. And the results are real!!!


Honestly, I use rather quite similar method to improve my bank of vocabulary. Every day I used to try to describe any situation that I faced. To be precise, if I go to my work I construct hypothetical situation in my head some like “What would I say If I saw my employees doing prohibited things such as working without helmets or smoking on the construction site, or breaking the health safety rules or something like that”. Thanks a lot Alex for your excellent lesson.


Thanks my teacher

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