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Congratulation I scores 8 out of 10 despite I did not watch video lesson, my warmly thank goes to teacher Adam for this fantastic lesson

John Majok

    Thank you so much sir
    It is very good way to teach the lecture

    saeed shah


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        I agree with you

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        hello Kate i hope this message finds you the best of health i have seen you here i like it you so nice and beautiful here is my face book if you want to add me
        you will please

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        You are really awesome.

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        i agree with you

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    I thinked that teacher’s subject is also good. If into teacher’s lecture should have one part for definition of the specific words Because it will be clearly.

    slee prince

Great lesson!!!
Now, I do not have trouble understanding this subject.
Thank you so much!!!


    I understand this lesson without any difficulties.Thank a lot


very good lesson,very useful also,thanks teacher.

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in the question number five, you are talking about two groups, group one (you guys will go first) so there it’s only one group left. if we are talking about 2 groups and we already mentioned one group, can we refer like “the other will go in the next round”?

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    Hi Randy85,

    You make a good point. The difficulty here is that after I split the people into two groups, I talked to the members of each group, “you guys,” so that when I talk to the others (the other members) I can use the plural others.
    Is that clear?

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      Teacher Adam i really want to support you or this website, but i live as illegal in Saudi Arabia so I have no papers. If there is way to pay by phone let me know . I do appreciate what you are doing to mankind .

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        what r u saying are u hammered or what?

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      can explain this comment even more ?
      I stil don’t get it ):

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      I was going to enquire the same question, but you’ve already delivered the point expressly.

      Thanks a lot.

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      Dear Mr. Adam,

      Can I have extra explanation when we use the “semicolon”
      Thank you so much :)

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      I got it. Thanks Mr. Adam. I got 9 out of 10 because of this number. haha :D

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      Thank you Adam, I had the same problem with the point 5. But you solved me it in your comment.

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      Hi Adam,

      So only “the other” is correct? Could we use interchangeably both phases in that case?

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      I was about to ask the same question, your answer is clear, no more dilemma.

      Thanks! :)

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    I confused on this point too, thanks for asking

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I have a question: When do I say Other person, other color and not another person, another color?
When do I use “Other” with singular nouns? Thanks :D


    Well I understood that A-NOTHER (additional), is for general; focus on the way that I wrote it, it’s for singular; for example: i would prefer another color (you have Blue,but you want a color, OTHER (different) doesn’t matter which one).

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    Hi Tilo,

    When you want to use other with singulars, you can say one other (color), or one other (person). but one other is the same as another. You cannot use ‘other color’ alone. You can say ‘other color choices’ for example.


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      Oh man! Thank you so much. If I could I’d pay you like 1.000.000 for this!

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very good lession. It’s made me to be more confident Thank you Mr. Adam.


very useful lesson!!!! thanks so much!


Nice! I felt confuse about this all the time. Thanks!

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Great lesson teacher adam, is easy to learn. Thanks.

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Thanks Adam good lesson.
I’ve scored 8/10, yet not satisfied. :(

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    Hi Phoenicia,

    8/10 isn’t bad. Keep up the good work.

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absolutely was awesome lesson. keep it up

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welcome Adam you’re a best and pro

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It’s really worthy to take up the tests such as these, which help to revive our existing knowledge of grammar.


awesome lesson!


1. Does “other than” mean the same as “but”? For instance:
“They don’t make anything other than cars.”
“They don’t make anything but cars.”
2. The “other than that” expression. Does it mean something like “moreover” or “also”? For example:
“She did this, this, and this. Other than that, she did this.” — “Also, she did this.” or “Moreover, she did this.”

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    Hi Morfik,

    1. Yes, in this case ‘but’ means the same. Basically but= except for. It is a little more limited than ‘other than.’
    2. ‘Moreover” means you’re adding something to what was already mentioned. It’s not exactly the same as ‘other than.’ With ‘other than’ you are separating the ideas as exclusive to each other.

    Is this clear?

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      I’m still having problems with “other than”. :/

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I like your ideas and the way you explain them thanks adam from saudi.. (^_^)

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Great work!
I have a couple of questions:
One is that in quiz #5 both ‘the other’ (referring to the second group) and ‘the others’ (referring to the persons) are correct.
Two is that I think it’s better to say (thinking of grammar) they can be used as pronouns instead of just nouns.

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    No, it’s not. Look at this part of the sentence:
    “…you guys will go first…” — You refer to the specific people only — “you guys”. So, you have to use “The others” if you refer to the remaining people.

    Profile photo of morfik morfik

      Given that I’d prefer someone from EngVid to reply to comments, it’s still dubious.
      The full phrase is:
      “We’ll split the group in two. Group one, you guys will go first. __________ will go in the next round.”
      1) “… split the group in two …” Here, clearly, there’s only a reference to ‘something’ (the group) to be divided in two parts. Yes, but group of what?
      2) “… Group one, you guys … ” OK, a group of people. But this sentence shows a poor writing practice: one subject composed of a singular noun and a plural noun.
      3) The ambiguity can be seen by trying to rewrite the sentence: “Group one will go”, “You guys will go” and “Group one, you guys, will go” are all OK (besides the original “Group one, you guys will go”).
      4) When we modify “will go” with “is/are to go” we can see that we have to choose “is” or “are” according to the subject of the sentence.
      5) So, what is the subject of “__________ will go in the next round”? “The other is to go” referring to ‘group two’ or “The others are to go” referring to ‘you guys’?
      6) Finally, we don’t know anything about the context: the speaker could be handing out different cards for group one and group two, or maybe ‘you guys’ could be accompanied with gestures of hands, or ‘someone’ forgot the comma after ‘you guys’ (^_^), and the choice between ‘the other’ or ‘the others’ could be just a matter of taste.

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        I don’t understand. Is there something like “are to go” or “is to go”? If you are using “are/is” you have to put a verb + -ing ending. But yes “The others are going.”

        We know the context. Look once again:
        — We’ll split the group in two.
        — Group one, — this is for focus the attention of people of the first group.
        Next, you address the words to the people of that group:
        — you guys will go first.
        Now, you want to say something to the others (the other people) — those who left, who aren’t included in the first group.
        __________ will go in the next round.” — you have to use “The others” because you need a subject. If you want to use “The other”, you have to refer to the “group” subject. So, “The other group will go…”

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          Since I don’t seem to make you understand what my point is, we can relax and hope (as I said) that someone from EngVid would want to answer to this: is quiz #5 really ambiguous as it is stated? Is a comma missing after ‘,you guys’ (then ‘the other’ is correct), or ‘Group one,’ is misleading and should be removed (then ‘the others’ is correct)?
          Unfortunately, as for other questions and comments here and in other lessons, getting a reply from EngVid is an extremely rare event!
          All in all, you pay nothing, so getting nothing seems fair!

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          Morfik, I think that Adam can not say that, because he is so educated and professional, but I am sure he want to say that you are VERY BORING, man! Do not disturb my dear teacher!

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          Yeah, I know I boring and moron. Please do me a favor — don’t read my comments. Unlike you, I want to learn, and this requires to exchange thoughts.

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          so boring teacher!


          You must main silent, when one more wise spoke.
          Are you native?, are you an smart student? If so, then, What are you doing here?. You must are in the classroom with your own fans. Adam is a gentleman and he is a respetable teacher and you are only a beginner face to face. Adam the fellowship are with you.

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    Hi Mauro,

    Good points here. You re right about the first point, although as soon as I mentioned ‘you guys,’ I directed the speech to the individuals, that’s why the others works here.

    as for calling them pronouns, I didn’t want to confuse the issue at hand ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      If I may:
      1) what about writing “Group one: you guys will go first”? BUT
      2) there’s still a ‘minor’ point about the (not given) context, what if there are only three persons? (See also my point #6 above)
      I’d get furious ^_^ if my test exam failed because of ambiguously stated quizzes!

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        Mauro, relax man! I know you prefer someone else from EngVid to reply to your comment, but I needed to tell you this ;)


You are a great teacher. Clear and useful class


7 out of 10 is not very good, but i think i am became better in it . Thanks Tech Adam really thank u , and i think u ll see me again

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I did 60 but just because my mother tongue bothers me all the time ….

Jacy Calheiros

I am currently preparing for the TOEFL test and these training videos are being a great help in my grammar preparation.Thank you a lot !


another good lesson!!!

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You should watch yours video; otherwise I won’t write essay well.
Thank you very much.


    Thank you Genky,

    Actually, I do watch my videos, but you should too.

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Thank you very much, Adam, for your clear explanation about these words above.
Best wishes,

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Nice one! Could you please use country Bangladesh as example in your lesson. :-) :-)

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    No problem Sam.

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      Thanks Adam. Eagerly waiting to see! Thanks in advance.

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hi adam, how r you doing, i have a question for u
i dont eat any meat other than chıcken
i dont eat any meat but chicken
q: is there any different ?


    Hi Murat,

    Actually, you are right. However, ‘but’ is used less often than ‘other than.’ In this case, though they are the same.

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hi there, I learnt a new word 2day, thanks 2 u Adam. I hope to see u with another lesson.

Efrain Dominguez

hi adam sir
great lesson ,clear explain this above
thank you verry much



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i don’t understand question 4.
Some people love horror movies. _________ people hate scary things.
the question’s answer is “the others”. why?
“the others people…” İs the others an adjective? or the other is an adjective could you tell me please?


    Hi Sheyma, i took the Quiz and the right answer was “other people” and not “the other people”!!. Please try again the Quiz.

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    Hi Sheyma,

    Bilel is right. The correct answer is ‘other people.’ Maybe you misread the answer or the quiz had a glitch. please try it again.

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Excellent effort in imporving good English


5 of 10 :(

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Thanks,I’ve got poor score so i need to take another round to watch. Is it right?


thanks alot mr adam, very useful lesson

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so complete and useful….thanks Adam so much….

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Thanks Adam, I scored 6 out of 10 before watching the video. However, WHEW CAN I POST A QUESTIONS TO OUR TEACHERS?

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    Hi Majed (ismyname),

    You just posted a question :)

    You are welcome to post questions anytime.

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      OK Adams, Thanks for your response. I would be grateful of you explain to me the 2 following parts of questions:

      1- Vocabulary:
      What are the differences between:
      a- Adjourned | deferred | postpone | delay | late.
      b- Dissatisfied | unsatisfied.
      c- Debar | prevent | prohibit | forbid | ban | impose
      d- in spite of | despite | regardless | although

      2- Grammers or word formations:
      What are those additives on the followings:
      a- operate | operation | operative
      b- victory | victorious
      c- opportunity | opportunism
      d- nation | national | nationality | nationalism
      e- access | accessory
      f- continue | continuous | continuity
      g- subject | subjective |

      and so on

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        Take it easy Majed…

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Well done! Everything is all clear!!! Easy English)))))))))


    *Everything is clear))))))))))))


thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhank u


10/10!! Great lesson, thx! :)


Nice lesson for me

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very good lesson,very useful also,thanks teacher.

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thank you so much for your help now I can understand.

wilner baptiste

Thank you so .
This lesson is the actual need for us.


very very practical and useful for forien english learner…..thanks for the videos


practical and effective to learn english ……….thanks.


thank you


Hi Adam,
I’m very gratful. I have been waiting for this kind of lesson from EngVid. Thank you so much.


Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for the the grammar lesson that you rendered to the students who are participating in this program.( including me )
Thank you once again.
Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed Mohamed

    hi adam thank you so much for this lesson.

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with the quizz . it will clear up on its own


i’m one of many students around the world,watching this important site,beacause i leant many things.iwould like to thank you Mr. Adam for your very good lessons you presented at engvid each ose is better than the other.there are three lessons for you but like them all and iwope for more.please if there is any mistake in my writing tell how to do in better way.thank you very much.
ali alwajih.


9/10 thank you Adam. I looking forward for another lecture from you.


it is a previlege have you as a teacher
Again and again


Thank you. You are very handsome Adam. ;)

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great lesson Adam ..thanks for supporting us as a new teachers too


Very borring lesson. I’ve fell asleep

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Damn! I scored 9/10

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hi, I ‘m newer and I cann’t open your lesson.
“the page cannot be displayed”
best regards

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    Hi! If you can’t see the video because Youtube is blocked in your area, try using a proxy. Also, make sure you are using the latest version of a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome. They are free to download and work on all operating systems.

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Hello Adam, thank for your so interesting lesson :)

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I have got 9 out of ten without lesson


Thank you everybody. Let’s keep working hard together.


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    yeap :~)


    Thanks so much Adam.

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Oh my God, I made many absentees, because Youtube is closed in pakistan, Because of Anti-ISLAM film.
May Allah destroy those who work against ISLAM. be it so. (Ameen soma Ameen)

Aminulhaq amin

    Try watching the video on Youtube using a web proxy. (Also the “anti-Islam” video is not worth watching, it’s just terribly made)

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Helpful lesson. Many thanks.

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Great lesson.Thank you very much


I think my english is intermediate, but I got 10 correct out of 10 in this lesson, the same in the others 2 lessons I have watched today

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Thank `s a lot.


thanks ,it is nice lesson for non native person


Hi Adam
in question 2
I think the correct answer is D because the other is from, why could become subject


Hi Adam
in question 2
I think the correct answer is D because the other is adjectives, why could become subject
Please say to me why, Thank U


    Hi Phong,

    In question 2 , ‘the other’ refers to the other reason. There are two reasons. One is mentioned, so that leaves only 1 more, so ‘the other’.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks alot mr. Adam for your lessons of using these stuff in Ielts writings,this helps alot to get a higher score actually.


this lesson is very good for student like me…
can you add the lesson like this?
Thanks for this lesson

Ary Tolle

Thank You, Adam. I will try see this lesson again and again. After this lesson – next.

Thank You.

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Thank you, Adam! 10/10

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thankyou very much for all this lessons, they´re really helpfull. The teacher I must like is Ronie, so I send a regard for her bye


thank you mak ka

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You really are a happy teacher.There are people all over the world watching and learning with you – Till here in Brazil. Thank you Mr. Adam. God Bless You!!!


Excellent explanation Adam! You are a great teacher!


I’m a little bit confused but don’t worry this website can help me.. Thanks Teachers Salamat


Great Adam! I like your Lessons.
You are very sexy rsrsrs
Thank you.

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Hi Adam!
I really enjoyed your awsome vid.
Have you ever been in Algeria? Otherwise I invite you!

Thanks a lot again

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Hi! Great lesson and great teacher! Thank you! I discovered this web adress only today! My score for this test was 9/10… not so bad!Thank you again!


I got 8 right out of 10, But I guess I gave correct answer for the question no.5.. the other may refers to the other group because as mention above there are two group Am I right? The rest are okay.. Good quizz i appreciate it..

Euis Rachwati

I am so happy,I score 7 out of 10.Thank you so much


Surprisingly, I have a question not relating to the subject. In a question about chickens and their eater the first answer is “Chicken isn’t really meat” But shouldn’t it be “Chicken isn’t really A meat”?


    Hi Ivan,

    Although I’ve heard and would accept both, The more correct is the one without the ‘a’ because meat is an uncountable noun. But if you use ‘a’, then I understand that you are referring to a ‘type’.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Actually I’ve even been thinking it’s only a board of compliments since its bottom is full of “thanks” and doesn’t have any replies :) I’m glad that it’s not. Thank you very much again, and you’re one of the best teachers here ;)


7 to 10.. I need study more

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thank you sir ,your lectures really mean to me .i am glad to have your lecture .


Hi, Adam!
You are such a good teacher. I want to ask you something. On the phrase “We’ll split the group in two. Group one, you guys will go first. __________ will go in the next round.” couldn’t the answer be ‘The other’? Like:
“We’ll split the group in two. Group one, you guys will go first. The other(group), will go in the next round.”

Thanks for all!


    Hi Matheus,

    Fair question. But, because the person said ‘you guys’, he personalized it and shouldn’t go back to a general context after that. ‘The others’ means he’s talking to the individuals in the other group as well.

    Does that help?

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thx teacher for the lesson i try to understand you in the lesson. because i”m not good in listening and i’m a new studint in the E. greeting to you ^__^ .


its so shame i do see this licture but i fail in exam and i should do tofel exam so how can i passs >>>can you help me >>>>???


    Hi Ibrahem,

    Read a lot and start practicing your typing skills. TOEFL is on the computer and you need to type well and fast.

    Good luck. :)

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Hi teachers,

Thanks for all your good lessons! I have improved my English much since watching them. they are very concise and useful. I give some recommendations to my friends who want to improve their English. I hope Engvid will continue to support English learners as it helps us so much get better in English. Thanks to all Engvid’s teachers!


I got 70%
is this ok with or not??????


That was the most tarrific explanation of this piece of grammar! I’m deeply grateful cause all my 15 years of studying english including school and university(in Russia) We’d been taught in ANOTHER way! Seriously, ‘another’- according to ‘our’ explanation- We always used when there’s a choise between 2 bodies,and the other We put into the sentences with the meaning of ‘other’. Oh God, that was really terrible having been mistaken for fuck…g 15 years!!! (sorry for emotions) But I really want to thank you one more time cause I’m cured now (in that theme so far))) Guys, you’re exciting, fantastic and gorgeous!!! (like Steeve Jobs would undoubtfuly say)))


Hi i scored 8 i am not happy because it seems very easy i must do better thank you sir your are a great teacher


Thank you so much!! It’s crystal clear. I hope i’ll remember when i’ll have to pass an exam in a few months (either in understanding (reading), or in written, or even when i’ll have to speak.)

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Adam, thanks so much you and your guys for the lessons Am learning english like crazy I am traying to improved my english at al aspects, your are doing a gread job. sorry my espeling for now. bye


Very useful lesson, thanks! Especially for the Russian-speaking people (like me) who use only one word for each meaning of another/(the) other(s).
But there’s something I haven’t really caught. It’s about the difference between OTHER(S) and THE OTHER(S). For ex., if we talk about you as one of the teachers in your school, then why we use OTHER TEACHERS, not THE OTHER TEACHERS? Or may be, that is because you mean SOME OTHER TEACHERS?
And one more queston, if you please. Do I get it right, that THE OTHER IS BAD and THE OTHER ONE IS BAD are equally used?

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Thank you adam for this lesson,I hope a good health for you.


I’m starting on here, very good lesson, thanks Mr Adam.

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more videos!!!!!!!!!!!pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


Adam Thanks good Lesson.
Adam I dont know You ,but tell me whats cigarettes You smoke ?;)


I am confused between ‘Other’ and ‘The other’
When we need to use The?

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Excellent lesson very well explained!!! Thank you very much!!!

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A Spaniard got 10 out of 10!

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thank you so much


Thanks Adam it’s useful this lesson

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Thank you Adam for this lesson , before I can’t see any different between other , the other and another , but now I understood it .

warm greeting from Saudi Arabia


I scored 7 out of 10 oh my got what do i do ?
please guys tell me this is the second day for me in this great website .
And thank you teacher you are great .

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Teacher Adam can i have test again?

Profile photo of becoca becoca

I am trying so hard to score 10 out of 10,but sometimes i get 8 out of 10 and the last score is 5 out of 10 tell me what to do teacher Adam .

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thanks for the lesson
it’s really hard one
i got 50 out of 100
i should watch it again


Hi Adam, i want to ask question number 1, “There are many reasons to visit Canada. One is tourism; _________ include study, work, and many more”, how about if the answer is “the others”?

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got 10 of ten, but I think I need to review this lesson, thanks adam.

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Hi Adam, great lesson again.

I have one question to the sentence with “otherwise” in the video.
You said, you can also start the whole sentence with “otherwise”.
So could I possibly rebuild the sentence and say “Otherwise you don´t practice every day; you will not improve”?

Profile photo of liberator liberator

Hi Adam,

Thank you.Perfect


I have a little confusinng using two worth “other” and “another”‘.Two words are adjective, I don`t know what is situation use these ? or what`’s different betwwen two wword??…Could you help me, please?

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Very interresting vidéo! Your test was very hard and I got 6/10. I had to translate every sentence into French to get this mark other wise ……….Thank you Adam!
It’s like mathématique grammar test.


Thank you, Adam. I cofess I am still a little confused, but I will study more! I got 7/10

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can i get your e-mail to ask you a questions..

or only in this website

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Hi, it’s very good explanation!!!


It’s very good lesson sir. THank you a lot!




hi Adam;
this my second comment today…
i’m very happy; i’ve got 8 out of 10 questions in this quiz…
thanks a lot..


i have 3 out of 10 question but not problem, other than i am challenge mean so i will got 10/10 another time

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wow really great .easy to understand keep going :)


At last 10 out of 10
Thanks teacher Adam

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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Adam. Finally, you have cleared up my confusion with those words.

Gerardo Silva

Other as a adj is plurar. isnt it?

Juan Carlos

Hi teacher my name is ndongala iam from Angola country, i really wanner say that i loved the lesson is verry Cool,Keep Helping us to speak and use english in right way. tks


Hi Adam, you’re very very great.
I love your lessons, manner, and explanation :)
Go on !


Hello Adam.
Thank you so much. I have a question that “other than” is the same meaning with “except”. Is this right?

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Hello Mr,Adam .. you’re videos are so helpfull , I just have one question .. does ‘;’ always come right before ‘otherwise’ any time it comes in the middle of the sentence?

Another thing I was wondering if you could give me some help and guides about how can enrich my english and to prepare for the TOEFL test as well .. because I seek to continue my studies in the US but I need to take the test yet I have no Idea about what should I do or how can I prepare myself !! I’d really appreciate it if you could help me .


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Thank you, Adam for a very detailed explanation. I also like the “bonus” part. Do you have a lesson on when or how to use the semi-colon? Why can’t we use a comma on the sentence ‘Practice everyday; otherwise you won’t improve.’?


Generally,’Mother’is a related person, and ‘other’ is an unrelated person.But,my mother and I don’t get along with each other these days…
‘Mother’ may become ‘other’ .


hi adam your lesson is very cool.i,m mongolian.i think english language is very difficult. i dont understand some tenses and i have a one petition for you. can you teach about english tenses please :D


this lesson is very helpful to me..Thanks a lot^^

kim tham

Jill stopped smoking for many reasons. Mostly, she wanted to be healthy. __________ reason was that it was too expensive.
The other
The others
In this I filled `the other´ but answer is `another´ as this is the last reason mentioned. why?
Some people love horror movies. _________ people hate scary things.
The others
The other
Again I put `The other´ instead of `Other´


you are amazing teachers. Thanks

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Hi Adam.
Do you always use semicolon before “otherwise”
And what are another examples of its usage.
Thanks for lessons . Your explanations are pretty clear

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Nina Issa

Hi Adam,
Your lesson is really helpful for me to improve my English. I have a question regarding usage of “otherwise”. As you mention in your video “otherwise” is considered as a ” if not clause” ; but in your self-introduction you are using it differently like this “I have helped many students get their hands on this key and watched them open doors that would have otherwise remained locked”. So do we have another way of using this word? could you please explain it in more detail.

Thank you


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I really don’t know how to thank you Sir cause this lesson is amazing and so important for me. Keep doing the best.


You are very nice!
Thank you very much
Greetings from Brazil


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Great work! I would be interested in an explanation of using semicolons as well.

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what a great video!
finally I got it.
but I really confused for number 5 in the questions.
“group” is singular .. so I think ” the other” works !!

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can you explain different between other and others again? i don’t understand

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I am a new student in this Web site. I’m from Cambodia. Can you explain about to speak English well?

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Thanks very much for your lessons. I have a question for you: in fact, it was surprised for me that one of my Australian teachers told me, it is not polite to say ‘ I pig your pardon’
however, what I had understood from my little experience in English language that it is very nice and polite. Kindly help me to clarify this issue.

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OMG! I got 6 correct out of 10. But I could knew my new vocabulary “otherwise.” And “another” is “any + other” and same meaning with “the other”, isn’t it? And then, “+s” …ex others…change from adj. to noun. Interesting. I didn’t know that. I hope to watch your lesson and try the quiz someday again. Thank you, Adam :D

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another example

The new Panama Canal Expansion Complex have two locks. One lies in the Atlantic Side, and the other is in the Pacific Side

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why “other” is the answer in this question?:

There are many ___________ examples I can think of, but these will have to do (be enough).
other than

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I look forward to waching your next lesson.

All the best,
Brian – from Peru.

Note: If someone doesn’t understand this topic well enough,just look it up on a dictionary or on a grammar book, and you’ll find a better explanation of it. Best wishes!…

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Thanks, Adam! It’s useful lesson!

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Hello Adam,
I usually don’t have any problems using other and ohters.I understand the general idea, but I was wondering which of the following sentences is correct.
1. My brother Luis is a profesional deancer and my other brother, Ivan, is a soccer player.
1. My brother Luis is a profesional deancer and my another brother, Pedro, is a soccer player.


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I have two notebooks, there are others, but I have the best.
One of my notebooks is made to Asus, another is Gigabyte.
The other kind of equipament I have to access the internet is my smart phone.

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thanks for the your efforts
What’s the difference between other(s) and the other(s) which one to use and when

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thank a lot ,take care

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Dear Adam
If you play back your video. you’ll understand when you wanted to explain about the deferent between “The other” and “The others”, you missed it. Especially you missed to give an example for each of them.
For this reason, I gave wrong answers to questions which are related to.
I’ll be happy to check it out and give us the complete information about that matter under this comment.
Merry Christmas & Sweat holidays
Skype ID: Ha.Mansouri

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It seems strange. I wonder why the third question’s answer is ANOTHER not THE OTHER. Although it is clear about the explanation of second reason

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hello guys how are you , mister Adam ( other , for singular) ( others for a plurar ) ??

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Good lesson, Does “other than” have the same meaning as besides? and otherwise is like unless?

“Pay your bill on time, otherwise we’ll disconnect the line.”

could the above sentence be written like the following?

“Pay your bill on time, unless we’ll disconnect the line.”

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But thank you very much for this

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Thanks for your lessons, I have a question for you.

What is the difference between these phrases on which, at which, in which? Since these are referring to something mentioned before, like “others” Thanks again :)

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Thank you Mr.Adam.

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Coz,u explain in a simple way wherease in ur test is difficult to understand.
Plz, reply on me as soon as u see my message.
See u.

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Thank you so much for your explanation. It helps a lot.
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Would you explain about question number 4 in the quiz please?
I thaught we had just 2 groups , so for second , the only one left, we could use “the other”

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Please adam. i need to know when can we use the ( did-do-dose-are not-was-were- etc and thank you a lot

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3. Jill stopped smoking for many reasons. Mostly, she wanted to be healthy. __________ reason was that it was too expensive.

I think here Another is not correct. Because as you told in video that after Another one reason must remain.

Profile photo of iamjai7 iamjai7

“We’ll split the group in two. Group one, you guys will go first. __________ will go in the next round.”

Please tell me the difference between Others & The others.
Can I use “Others” here.

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Thank you Adam.

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pleas could u explain all cunjunctions please
please with all its divisions

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What’s the grammar rule?

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Dear Adam :

Q1: There are many reasons to visit Canada. One is tourism; _others___ include study, work, and many more.

Q2: Climate differs from one state to _another_ .

Why the answer in Q1 is others not another ??
I thought Q1 and Q2 is the same idea. :(

Profile photo of Fiora Fiora

    Q1, because “others” is a noun, but “another” is a adj.
    Q2, not another because “it ‘s cheap” is the last reason
    I think that

    Profile photo of Tranduchuy Tranduchuy

Adam:( i got 6/10 so bad. I didn’t get it at all.. are we must to use others and the others ONLY in plural? Or we can use it in singular too? If we can.. please tell me when

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Thanks for the lesson Adam. It’s very useful. I have question. I have learnt the word OTHERWISE is used between two phrases, but many native speakers use it at the end of the sentence.I don’t understand at all. Can you show me the meaning and how to use OTHERWISE at the end of sentence ? I copied following sentences from article regarding HOMELESS.
“It just doesn’t really make financial sense to spend company resources on getting the stuff donated properly. So it’s just easy to throw things out, and nobody needs to know OTHERWISE.” Thanks in advance.

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Hi there.

Man, your videos are by far the best ones I’ve ever watched, but I still have some doubts about this subject. Imagine I’m driving a car and one of the tyres explodes or something like that, what had I better say: “I need another tire” or “I neeed other tire”? Second situation, my friend’s gotten fired, he is looking for other or another job?

If you could answer this questions, it’d be great.

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Thank you!Your teaching skills are perfect!Only one little question.Can we use THE OTHERS (with article the) in your sentence “There are many reasons to visit Canada. One is tourism; _________ include study, work, and many more.

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Thanks a lot for the useful video. I have heard once that “another” used always with singular and “other” is for the plural. Is that correct?

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Hi Adam, I do not catch the last part when you speak abot ” other than”. Can you explain a little more that.

Profile photo of Josser Josser

There are many reasons to visit Canada. One is tourism; _________ include study, work, and many more.
Can you explain for me that why I must choose ”other”

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Thanks Adam, this lesson is really worthy for me!

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Hello Adam, please start a lesson on semicolons also. When and how do we use commas and semicolons? What is the difference between them?

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1. There are many reasons to visit Canada. One is tourism; _________ include study, work, and many more.
Why we use ‘other’ instead ‘another’? we have more than two reasons(many). Thank you

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Teacher. please interpret when we use single and when we add “s” word. please help me

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Hello, Adam!

I have a context question for this sentense:

3. Jill stopped smoking for many reasons. Mostly, she wanted to be healthy. __________ reason was that it was too expensive.

The correct answer is “another” and I understand why. In additional it was too expensive. But is it possible to use “the other”? I mean the cost of cigarettes has nothing to do with health, that’s why I rather use “the other reason”.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks in advance!

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it’s very interesting topic..
but i get scoreless

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Excuse me, maybe I didn´t peruse all comments or didn´t watch the video carefully… Why isn´t in question 6 the semicolon?

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Hi, thanks for the lesson. In the question 3, we have the word “Mostly”. In this case, Do not we are reducing the options? So it will be “the other”

It would be awesome if you answer me.

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Thank you Mr Adam.
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Hi Adam, Thanks for the great lesson.
I think in the answer to question no. 7, it’d better be ‘I eat only chicken’. I think it goes more with the sentence.

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i don’t have question, but I just want to say how thankful I am for you really.
i learn a lot from you.
your way in teaching is really simple and very clear.
thank you so much

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Is that possible to share the handout of your lectures at the end of your lesson?

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