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Thankx I like this lesson

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    Glad to hear it, Mariya427! All the best to you.

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Good video, it helps me for studing. Thanks.

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5. What time __________?
will your son will be calling?
10. How long ______________________?
will they will be staying in the United States?

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    There was a problem with the quiz, jxl82. Sorry! It’s fixed now.

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I don’t understand why you put the second will, the structure of the question is: will+subject+be…?

5. What time will your son WILL be calling?
10. How long will they WILL be staying in the United States?

Thanks in advance!

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    There was a problem with this quiz. It’s fixed now! Sorry.

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Thanks Rebecca. I appreciate you for the work you have done. Tomorrow I will be learning english at morning :)

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    You’re welcome, Maciej1213! Thanks for your kind words. Here’s a small correction. We say:

    in the morning
    in the afternoon
    in the evening
    at night

    All the best to you!

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      Thank you Rebecca for watchful reading of my text. What a shame. I have to repeat your triangle lessons :)
      Best regards.

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You should check the 5th, 9th and 10th questions

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    Thank you. The mistakes have been corrected now.

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thank you

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Can you please show the order of the lessons link when we’ll open basic lesson . Like present simple,present continues, present perfectense.


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Yes, its helpful and easy to understand. Thank you.

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Hi Rebecca, It’s real pleasure to improve my English with you. You’re amazing. Take car of you. Marylou.

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thanks Rebbca! Your lesson is very helpful.

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10. Thank you Rebecca.

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hi, I can open engvid.com no problem and the quiz and comments, but I can’t watch the videos, could you help me out please?

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    Our videos are on YouTube, which is blocked in China. However, you can also watch some of our videos on Bilibili.

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Thank you

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So interesting and useful

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Good lesson

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Madam, i liked your English grammer lesson it’s simple easy thank you

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nice teachings

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Thank you, Rebecca. I was very good understanding this lesson (10/10). May do you prepare lesson Perfect Tense for Beginner.
Thank you very much. :)

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Hello teacher , first thank you very much for this lesson , secondly i want ask you about the first question in the quiz : i won’t be available . available is adjective so isn’t wrong to add with future continuous ?

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Hi teacher
I don’t understand about questions 2
At this time next year, __________.
Why don’t you choose “we’ll live in the Bahamas”?
Live is a stative verb also.

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thank you very much. Really, I understood the lesson well.

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i loved this class

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Thank you so much dear Rebecca your lesson will be useful for me, I decided to study your lessons every morning



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Thanks Rebecca nice teachings

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10/10 Thank you so much Rebbeca!

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Very nice technique for learning. But I am not able to identify the topics or lessons in continuity.. I have to pick randomly..

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I did the quiz and get eight of then. Thanks to your lessons which I always enjoy.

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that was great. thank you so much

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Thanks, I like this lesson and the quiz

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I love engvid,thanks…forever

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Dear Rebecca, I got 10/10, I learnt all basic tenses and I’ll learn perfect tenses with your wonderful lessons. Thanks for your time.

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Hello Rebecca where Will I be founding all lessons about common tenses

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Thank you madam i got 8 out of ten thanks

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I got 9/10 Thank you so much

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Thank,Rebecca. With yours lessons, I’m writing regulary my comments in this sesion. So, I’m practicing listening, reading and writing. Only I need add speaking and continue working my english.

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Thank you, Rebecca! It’s very usefull and interesting lesson! :)

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Thank you for the information.

I got 10/10

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Thanks Rebecca! You are a great teacher indeed!


thanks :)

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Thanks a lot ma’am Rebecca, I got 10/10 score..

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Thank you very much Rebecca.You have teaching very well and I am learning very well with you.A lot thanks agen

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Great lesson Ms. Rebecca, I will be learning the next lesson tomorrow.

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je vous remercie pour les leçon c’est grâce a vous que je comprend vraiment .

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Can we use the “won’t” when forming questions?

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Hi, i wanna ask you, why visiting not become “visitting”?

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Thank you so much! You an excelent English teacher!

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Thank you so much! You are an excelent English teacher!

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Which future tense is correct when someone for example intends to take a flight to London sometimes in the future? We have no specific time? Is it also „He will be taking a flight to London sometimes?“ 😬

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Thank you so much Ma’am Rebecca!
More power and GOD bless!!!💕😊

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca, for your clear explanation of future continuous form. I have learned more from your teaching.

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the lesson.

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Wonderful class. Thanks Rebecca!

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Thanks!I passed with a hundred percent.
This has been good practice. The more I practice the better I will be writing.

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All your lessons are clear and great!!!
Thank you

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thanks , you’r a great teacher !!

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Thanks a lot!

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I like so much this course!!

Where are you from Rebecca?

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Thanks a lot, you explain very good!

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Omg! I love this teacher!

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Will Rebecca be asking my question, if I will be asking something to you?

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    How to remove my comment, because I made a mistake

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Oh, I forgot about stative verbs(

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Thanks for the lesson.
It was a very educational lesson.

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Thank you for the helpful tense grammar lessons. They help me refresh my grammar that I studied long time ago. I really enjoy engVid’s classroom-style lessons because they remind me of my old student days. I always feel good when I see teacher Rebecca’s smiling teaching style. I think all the teachers in engVid are the topnotch teachers in the field of ESL.

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dear Rebbac I don’t understand why I am wrong here.
I __________ the blue jacket. I’ll be wearing the black jacket.

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I’m a little confused, but I’II be training.

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Dear Rebecca. I wonder what is the difference between “I will take the train” and “I will be taking the train”?

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Rebecca, I love your classes! You are an excellent teacher.

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Thanks a lot mam for such a wonderful lesson! It’s very useful and loved it.I will be learning English.

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It was difficult in this lesson.İ will be watch again tomorrow.thank you

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Thanks Rebecca. Your lessons are more interesting. I’ll be watching all your videos till the end.

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thank you

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Thanks lot Mam

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Best of the best

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Thank you Rebecca

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I can’t understand the sixth question

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Thanks Rebecca, i got score 100

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Thanks Rebecca, I got 90 out of 100

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I like the information! Thank, Rebeca!

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Thanks Rebecca.
Tomorrow I will be learning english at morning.

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Thanks :)

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What’s the difference between “We won’t be taking the train” and “We’re not goig to take the train”? In the second situation I used the future simple to express, but in pratice, during a conversation for example, I don’t see difference.

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Many Thanks to you lecturer Rebecca. I have been struggling to learn English since my childhood. I really wanted to start from zero. I am so lucky. I found this website. I will giving my best to have a solid and strong foundation in English. So I will a good knowledge in English language.

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    I did not notice before posting. The sentence “I will giving my best to have a solid and strong foundation in English”
    should be changed to I will be giving my best to have a solid and strong foundation in English.

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thank you

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