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Very clear explanation. Tks! Let’s now cleanng the house.

Mariel Leite

    Good luck! It’s a pain sometimes. :)


Thanks Mr Alex.

Ali Emad Elsheikh

    You’re very welcome. Thank you for studying with me!


Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727
Thank you.


Dear Alex, That was very useful. Tks.


    Cool! I’m happy to hear that. Good luck with your studies!


Hello Alex. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Its good that you are still teaching during the pandemic. I got 100/100 and its all because of you. Thank you again and stay safe!

palakshi nautiyal

    Great job! I made this and other videos before the pandemic! I’m lucky I could do that.


Thanks for everyday useful vocabulary. When I went to Walmart, I felt my vocabulary are so weak and there is still long way to go to reach strong vocabulary. Though I cannot remember those words all, I think it’s good to study them whenever possible. Thanks good teacher!

Insoo Yeo

    We only improve with regular practice. You’re already taking steps and are brave by going into Wal-Mart and doing your best to communicate and connect with others.


It was really helpful and interesting! Thanks a lot, Alex!


    My pleasure! Thanks for checking out the lesson.


Really useful vocabulary word for life. Thanks Alex. Good job.


    Thank you. I’m glad it was useful.


Nice lesson, thanks Alex!


    You’re very welcome. :)


Interesting lesson. Thank you, Alex.
I’ve got 7 of 9 correct answers in quiz.


    Nice job! Good luck with your studies.


Thank you very much, this is a good lesson.

Farah khalify

    You’re very welcome. Thank you!


Thanks dear Alex. You are an excellent professor. I like your lessons. I got out 9 of 9.


    Nice job! Thanks for your support and good luck with your studies.


100/100! But question number 5 has two right answers! =) I know method how to use the hoover for solve of “clogged” trouble :)))


    I don’t even want to think about that. Haha. Thanks for the imagery, though!


it is useful to me! thank you MR.Alex, you are so smart let us to understand these things ,i hope you could do another topic vocabulary just like it–such as the tool daily tool,how to say? anyway ,this class is good!


    Thanks, wingsz! I believe someone has already done a lesson on tools (Adam maybe?) It’s not a bad idea to do another one, though.


Really very Excellent Explanation
Stay Happy😍😍


I enjoyed this lesson. A little bit scary when I see you with that joystick t-shirt and a basket with all that cleaning stuff, but it’s ok, it’s just Alex engvid teaching a new vocabulary. tks


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Insoo Yeo

Thank you for your lessons, teacher Alex!!! I like them very much!!!


The editing team don’t like to be told what to do, do they? And that Windex person in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was the vigorous father, of course.


A Useful lesson even for an old man.


10 out of 10. We all need more often wash our hands with soap in this covid time. Don’t use the boom to fly, only for cleaning house)))


thank you

Seyed Ali

Thanks very much Alex, nice and useful class. I enjoyed a lot.
Regarding the test I got 100%, so, I can say: ” Due to a nice class, nice score”
Have a nice Sunday day!

Rodrigo Carlos Dias

why can’t I watch these videos,who can help me?


hello Mr. Alex,

thanks for this useful lesson.

Aml Mounier

A pleasant and useful lesson as usual. Many thanks to you.


Thank you Alex. That was a nice lesson.

Wesley Smiles

Your introduction of these words help me to learn how to speak with objects in english


What’s a bit.

Fatima Zohra Guenfoud

Thanks Mr Alex
Nice lesson

Shiam samy

Thanks Mr Alex.
Nice to learn with you.

Margarita Cordon

Thanks for your helpful video. I also learned many newwords. great

Huynh Nhi Bao

Thank you, Alex. You are excellent teacher. I learned many things from you

Loghman Abilzda

Good teacher


Thank you so much :)


Thank you!


Very useful video! Got 10/10! Greeting from Russia!

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