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I have working with some american guys and all the time when the guys talk to me, they’re using this tag questions.
Was nice this vídeo.

sorry my mistakes


    I agree with you Rey;tag questions are more frequently used in spoken English rather than in written language. I think, it is because they help you to communicate your ideas with ease in informal contexts.

    Bye for now.


    Iam= Aren’t I


I’m back. I got stucked in these 2 questions:

1- I am next, _______? => • aren’t I?
Why i have to use Aren’t ????

2- I am not going to pass the test, _______? = > am I?
For me this one make sense, but the first one, not.!!!!

can you help me ?


    I think its just rule and you have to remember it. Its also mentioned in the answer of the quiz:

    “In this exception, we use “aren’t” as the negative for “I am.” Remember this!”

    Hope it helps,


      yes, that’s right, because it’s a kind of heavy if you said “amn’t I ?”.
      however, there’s a exception concerning areas. if you’ve been in Irland or Scotland before, you’ve probably heard people saying: ” amnt’ I ?”, because that is how they use to said there.


      thank youuuu
      i was really in trouble with these sentences


    I have the same question from Rey: I’m back. I got stucked in these 2 questions:

    1- I am next, _______? => • aren’t I?
    Why i have to use Aren’t ????

    can you help me ?


    When the statement is affirmative, the tag is negative. When the statement is negative, the tag is affirmative. Use the same verb or modal in the tag question as in the main statement. In order to explain this more deeply, I’m going to give you some examples, extracted from my English learning method (Pearson Edition). For instance: I’m presenting my report at 2:00, aren’t I? However, I’ve had the curiousity to extent this grammar use and form, and I found that the correct response is: I’m presenting my report at 2:00, am I not? Turns out that this negative tag is very formal and accurate English, is the one that we’re supposed to use, but we don’t. Neither the learners, nor the americans. Notwithstanding, both of them can be used and it is correct.


    By the way, there’s two forms to pronunciate this grammar form. 1) Rising intonation usually indicates that the speaker is confirming the correctness of information. For instance: People use first names here, don’t they? –> Rising, quite strong and fast.

    2) Falling intonation usually indicates that the speaker expects the listener to agree. For instance: People use first names here, don’t they? <— Falling, quite smoothly.


      Sorry! There are***


        “there are” in which part?

        Lucas Homan

    yeah i have the same question why do we use aren’t I ? and not amn’t I ? I’am confused


hi dear sir
i hope u are all fine and doing well
i want to ask you if it is possible to send me some english advance videos to my address.
Thanks in advance


    Hi abdullah,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to send lessons in advance. They take time to upload to the Internet, and must be edited, which takes some time. The site updates at a steady level, so I hope you will continue to enjoy the lessons provided here.


      sir m MBA student from india… my english speaking is not too good ..what shud i do to imrpove my fluency so that i can go aherad from all class.


    مرحبة عبد الله انا علاء من فلسطين ممكن ممكن تبعتلي رسالة على هاض الايميل .ala_ardah@yahoo.com


Hi Teacher
The lesson was very very interesting, wasn’t it.

Thank you a lots and have a nice day there





Thank you for all lessons
I engoyed your method is great,but I have proplem I learn English every day and I forget what I learned because I can’t use English in my country so tell me what should I do ?

Best Wishes


If you want to comment on a situation, your voice should go ______ at the end of the tag.=> down….i don’t know this meaning. Please give me example^^. how to need go down and how to need go up?


thanks a lot Mr. Alax

it was great lesson; I got it very good.

but really we need more practice you know like how to speak english fluentelly…

and also we have problem in writing.

thank you again

with success .


    Thank you for the information, and I will keep it in mind for future lessons.


Thanks Alex !

The lesson would help me in the exam !
Thanks again !


Hi teacher I’m Alex too , by the way you have a pretty name , just a little joke, any way I came here to tell you how I guess important your video,
I had class about TAG QUESTIONS but the teacher just teach something he wasn’t as clean as you. I really think that I learn more with ENGVID than my old school. sorry about this sentence”he wasn’t as clean as you” but I don’t found out another the word better.

thanks for all

like you always say

take care ….


    I’m glad you’re enjoying the lessons. Thank you. :)


Thanks Alex!
This lesson help me a lot. I can distinguish between rising intonation and getting down intonation in the tag questions.
Thanks a lot.




thank yoooooooou


Nice class!!
Very good examples.
Thank you.


great lesson…I learned a lot from it.. thank you……


thank you I understand very well and learned a lot things again thank youuuuuuuuuuuu


Alex please can you explain me again He has a car,doesn’t he? why is not hasn’t he I don’t understand please write me


    You use “doesn’t he” in the tag if you’re using the simple present in the first part of the statement, and you are using the base form of a verb. However, if you use the present perfect, you must use “hasn’t he”. Here are some examples of when to use “doesn’t ____”:

    He goes to school, doesn’t he?
    She swims on Sundays, doesn’t she?
    He has a phone, doesn’t he?
    We have a test today, don’t we?

    Here are some examples of when to use “hasn’t ____”:

    He has gone to school, hasn’t he?
    She has gone swimming today, hasn’t she?
    He has slept, hasn’t he?
    We have written a test today, haven’t we?


      hi Alex ! thanx a lot


hi this is dipti,i am very poor in english can u help me


great lesson , but i hope explain past simple


I had many English classes and I still have grammar mistakes.this lesson was one of them. Can you explain me why we use aren’t in this example.
I am next aren’t I

asha haji

hi teacher how are you.
it was great lesson.and i got much information from it.but teacher what should i do to improve my english speaking.and to get fluency in my english.it is very upset situation for me.i have done MBA.please guide me.


    Hi Ali,

    To obtain fluency in any language you must use it every day. It also helps if you are in an environment where the language is always being spoken. Listen to radio, watch TV, read books, and try to have conversations in English as well. You can even begin a daily journal where you only write in English.


      thanx Alex for the useful information


thank you verymuch


i am from Viet nam, thank you


Thank you Alex .


thank you so much……………


Thank you for your good lesson.


Thank you very much Alex.
It is a good one,isn’t it?


Thanks a lot.
May I ask you something?
Could you close the window next time?

Thank you your great video lesson. Thank, your work. Thank you.


hi Alex your the beast one i really like your lesson can you tell me why we use dosen’t he and can’t use have’nt ?


thank u very much


I am enjoying the lessons so much.
Thanks a lot.


thank you so much


Thahx a lot alex


thank you v much .
but how to speak english fluently???


Hi teacher, I am from Viet Nam. This is the frist time I join this class. It is very exciting and useful. Have you been in Viet Nam? I mean teaching in Viet Nam? If only you have a class in Viet Nam.


thank you. i undestand lesson.


Thanks Alex about the wonderful lesson . But
I have a question if you don’t mind .
what if the sentence begin with imparative verbs e.g : open the door , ……………..?
and if the sentence start with negative e.g:
Don’t get out, …………………?
or let’s go out , ……………….?
Please give the answers.
I’d be appreciated.


I think you misspelled a word.
It should be Vietnam, not “Viet Nam”.


    “Viet Nam” is the more modern spelling that the people of that country now use.


Alex, i just want to comment that you made this lesson VERY CONFUSING!!!!

I don’t mean to be rude or anything but to me it is very confusing.


Thank you Alex you are a very good teacher!!!! SO TALENTED ..congratulation!!!


sir, i couldn’t understand the exception in sentence no. 6.will you explain it to me.well, i like this.


i like this video.thnx


Hi Alex,

Really, you are doing very good job for all of us who infact sincere to learn/understand the englihs but meantime, I would request you to please confirm if there is any opportunity to
online chat or communicate with you and other teachers as well.
Awating your reply in order to take next step and determine further just for improve my english which is really compulsory in this era.

One more thing, could you assist to get the lesson from very beggining, in other words, lesson in sequence from beggining to ending.

Thanks & regards

Fazal Anwer

Its great learning system.. i love it..


Hi alex, thanks for your useful lesson.i basically understand tag question but last week i did a test that was vey confusing.Here they are:
I believe he has given up smoking/(isn’t he?)(don’t i?)(hasn’t he?)
So you think he’ll be back before november?(shall he?)(will he?)(do you?)
Now is hardly the time to tell me you didnt need a test at all(did you?)(is it?)(isn’t it?)
So, which one should i choose? and because what?


thanks, your class was really clear.


Dear Alex:
thanks a lot for the lesson. I hope next time you give us Rhythm and intonation
thanks again


Thanks teacher ,have a good night


Sir Alex your lessons are very useful for my studies & I hope you’ll do more lessons for us. I think you are the best. Tank you very much for your teaching. Have a brilliant future..!! Thanx again.


dear sir,you doing really a great job.i have one question will you please explain idioms. hope so you will help me in this,because teacher does not explain like you.thak you so much.

sana form pakistan

Thank you.


Alex, I think some thing is wrong with question 6. It says
” I am next……?
when I chose the answer of ” Amn’t I,” it says I am wrong, and gives me ” Aren’t I” as a right answer.


    “Amn’t I” does not exist in the English language. When you use a tag question that uses the subject “I,” you must follow it with “aren’t I?” It’s a bit of an exception.


could you please explain for me why “aren’t I” is right and my answer is wrong.


hi ms alexe you are good becouse your lessons very interesting but i have problem in enghiche please tell me how to speak enghlich thank you i wish more

kamal rahimi

Teachers are 3 category. 1.Born to be a teacher.2.Created to be a teacher. 3.Name to be a teacher. You are first category.


    Thank you very much for your kind words.


    Thank you, Alex!


Thank you for your good lesson.


very nice lesson, my eng is very week kinly gve me suggestion to improve it thx


Think you for your lessons!I wish God to save Engvid for every centuary!I am in obligation to thank you all the engvid staff for all the updated lessons.Now I realise that I can not neglict any lessons given by Engvid,I will listen to them very closely!I am so happy to learn to Engvid.


really I am so glade to learn English with you even the comment has check spelling and grammar
a big great to you


Thanks Alex for your great teaching.


Very nice exam i much more understand the lesson thanks a lot sir Alex and to all EngVid family


Now I can understand question tag,thank you Mr. Alex.


I love this lesson, it’s good for me. Thank you,Alex.


Hi alex thank you for lesson it’s good for me becouse i don’t have time for to go to school i lived in Canada only one year can you help me about speaking and writing


Thanks a lot for this kindly tell me how to improve my english.


What is the tag for the sentence- I know you did the work, ……?

Md. Hasan

    Interesting question. To me, the first response is “I know you did the work, don’t I?”

    “I know you did the work, didn’t you?” doesn’t make grammatical sense, because the subject is “I” and not “you.”

    Thanks for the great example!


Hi Alex,
Will you please let me know about, where should I use Noun,Adverb and Adjective in the sentences
with suitable examples..

Mahesh Katkam

hi teacher Alex it is wenderful teaching thanku


thank you so much




Hi teacher
I’m Brahim frome Mauritania. I’m a bignner but the lesson was very itesting and easy to understand.

Brahim Ally

As u suggested us to watch tv which channel would u perfer to watch


guys thank you so much your team is great see you in the next class


thanks alex you r rockzz man i got it it’s such a gret lesson


i like this lesson


Hello Alex,
I’m Lan Bui, a Vietnamese. I have just seen your lesson about tag question.My notes is at our voice must down at end of tag. Could you please to teach about intonation of any sentenses (WH-question,Yes/no questions, sentenses with so many clauses,..)?

Thank you very much,
Lan Bui


    hi lan:
    the intonation of tag questions
    use rising intonation when you’re not sure if the listener will agree,and you expect an answer
    use falling intonation when you think the listener will agree.


      Thank you for your answers.

      Lan Bui

        you’re welcome friend


Hello Sir Alex,
i have watchd many of the lessons regarding the madals, but i m still havng problem in can,could, will, would. Especially, could and would which are past, but i have noticed they r used as present also, so plz clearify me in a good way and describe it in all the aspects.
Thank you.

Feroz Baloch

hello alexx
how are you im fine im your fans i like you man you are the best and friendly best wishes for you from uzbekistan qobuljon


Dear Alex
As always your lessons have been very nice and useful. My English teachers have never said that there is difference in the ending intonation between assumption and comment.
Thank you!


Hi Mr. Alex, almost everyday my curious pushes me up to open your lesson. Honestly I say that your lesson is very interesting and even make me obtain my want to master English lesson, pronunciation, and so on. I am even now is trying to listen the sound those native speaker like you are saying.


so nice test for me . I,m so happy now.


soooooooooooo nice ……..


ssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Thank you alx we watch you from saudi arabia


Thank you teacher Alex.
Now I can ask tag guestions, cant I? Yes I can.


Hi!Alex,your speaking style is very good.I learned this lesson was very good. thanks.


    you have to say i learned the lesson or this lesson very good
    or have to say i was learning the lesson very good when you started


Hi! alex, thank you very for posting this kind of lesson. It helps me a lot …
I hope you would post a new lesson soon …


thanks a lot for helping me.you’re great……………..i like it.


Mr Alex, your lesson are the great one. I really admire your work, you are really doing great job. I am learning englsih, aren’t I?

My best wishes to you and engvid team.


hi alex! i have a question for u. please tell me about tag question
present possessive always have “do or does” in tag question or can we also use “has or have” in it? please info me about these.


    I’m not sure that I fully understand your question. Are you asking about present progressive sentences?

    “They’re seeing a movie later, aren’t they?”

    Or you might be asking about do/does and has/have.

    You have seen the movie, haven’t you?
    You have a dog, don’t you?

    Use “have” when the sentence is present perfect, and “do” if it’s in the simple tense.


      Hello Alex, would you light my mind about using have in the tag questions. I understand that I use have if the sentense is in present perfect, so can I use have if the sentence is in past perfect ? for example: You had seen the movie, hadn’t you ? Is it correct ? Thanks for your reply…


        Sorry I have few questions to you Alex, it’s about tag questions. If I use let in the question,I use shall in the tag ! for example: Let’s go out, shall we ? Let’s not go out, shan’t we ? are they correct ?? If I use imperative form, the tag is always positive with will, for example: Don’t forget, will you ? negative question and positive tag… Stop that noise, will you ? positve question and positive tag…Are they correct or wrong !!! I need your help, many thanks


          Hi again Alex, I promise it’s my last one question for today ! lol ! I come back to you about tag questions, would you like advise me about using let, I use let in the question and shall in the tag, for example: let me know now, shan’t you ? or shan’t I ? I’m affraid that is wrong or the worst that doesn’t exist in English language !!! All the best to you !


dear alex

Thank you for all lessons
i like this lesson
Sohrab KL


maybe i was on little confusing , but it’s officially good ^___^ Thanks!


I always wanted to speak English.But i did’t get the right way to speak English Language. today i think i got the right way to speak English with confidence.


thanks very much for given exercises to do and I did too fast so I had a few mistakes, sorry about that ! anyway..I’ll continue to do your given exercises and watch videos on your website.


OH, I completely forgot you’re a good teacher :D


I study with you every day, I have watched all your lessons and I´m very happy your are a very good teacher congratulations and thank you so much from spain, I´m your fan

maria paz alvarez

from spain thank you great teacher

maria paz alvarez

Thank a lot teacher you are great .
It is really beneficial lesson.


hi alex i m still waiting for ur reply.


87,50% One incorrect answer…(
Thank you for these knowledge and for the quiz!

Any Russia

hi sir thank you for this interesting lesson
would you please explain again the example I know you did the work, ……? i haven’t understood why the subject is I and not you


    i think because (i) whom done the action of knowing


when i can use ( these /those /they or their ) on tag question?


dear teacher Alex:
I appreciate your effort in education and grateful to you for your patience in our questions to you
I hope that your chest expands to our questions and our proposal together
sir /
your answer took a lot of time, didn’t you ?
we are students and need the answer as soon as possible for learning sir
Thanks a lot for your lessons because i found them very very useful and and i am Nominated your site to my friends
and thanks a lot


What’s the rule when the verb is in the past?
He had a car,________?

Thanks a lot.


    i think the correct answer is
    (didn’t he)
    because it means
    he did have a car


gooooooooooooooooooooood teacher


hi sir Alex :)

Thank you for this lesson. But please could you tell me how to answer a “tag question”? I’m so confused :(

Please please explain Sir Alex..Thanks a lot!


    A tag question is basically a ‘yes/no’ question, so you can answer it like any other question of this type.

    “It’s hot today, isn’t it?”
    “Yeah, it is. I can’t breathe outside!”


      ohh okay :)

      Thank you for the answer Sir Alex! :) You’re such a kind and great teacher!!! More power!!!!

      Johanna fr. Philippines! :)




Thank you Alex


Lots of tx.
Iam,aren’t I?
Whats the Qtag of ” I was ” plz ?!
Is” wasn’t I ” correct??



    That’s correct.


Tx in advance,
But d other problem of mine is with this sentense:( Thats the guy who was on TV,……? a.isnt that b.isnt it
This is exactly the one which I’ve got fron the net n the answer was:(isnt it),
N I wanna know whats the problem with
“isnt that”?!
As we know “auxiliary+pronoun” make Qtag,
N the question is: isnt “that” here as a pronoune??????!!!!!!!!
In fact Im mixed up in.


hi Alex.I want you please to show me the to teach prediction using will


hello dear teacher Alex, i guess you´re the best teacher i´ve ever met before, i think you all 7 you are in the first posicion teaching english. you make feel like a baby when is learning whatever language.. i would like you would be my friend on skype or facebook. can you? bye bye. see you next time


i want to learning english language


my question is that in first tag you wrote. that is henry’s car, isn’t it why? why not isn’t that ? please give me answer please


Hi sir, you are the man man who has made me a great English speaker i am learning and teaching English in Pakistan but i have small question with your video in first sentence you wrote,That is Henry’s car,inst it.why not isn’t that? please give me answer…


you haven’t answered me alex thx


i like your teaching, Alex.




i haven’t got your answer dear


Hi Alex .
Thank’s a lot for the info

Leya Sabin

Alex, I love you!
You know this tag questions drive me crazy, I’m so glad to see your videos again. I would like to know if you can recommend me more videos or information related to this subject. And other thing that I would like to find here is all about the pronunciation of the abbreviations of “would” with the different times you know what I mean? I still cannot understand when people talk to me using this abbreviation words. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much! :)


i wanna be a English raper but it’s necessary to speak English well so here i am improving my English…….thanks a lot Alex my dear.


    I think you want to be a raPPer. A raper is something else. But neither is very good.


      thank yew very much ?
      i love your site much more than me.


All of you deserve lots of compliments.
Thanks thanks thanks,
I am going to throw away all grammer books in my library,
Seeing,earing,repeating are most important way to leanr a language and you present it to us.What can I say more:)

Safak Erman

what will be the tags of “Thank you.” and “Many a student attended the class.” ?


Ohhhhh!!! I love this lesson,now i know how to use the right tag questions:)funny but true and yes i do! THANK YOU DEAR ALEX!!!


thanks a lot.interesting lesson. good job.


Hi Alex, Tag questions weren’t clear in my mind before, now I can say that I understand all rules about that grace of you. All of your courses are interesting. Many thanks


Is this sentence correct?
Let’s not go out, shall we? or shan’t we?

Mojtaba Arjomandi



Help, please
How can you answer this tag question.
You must drive your parents to the airport, ___________ _________ ?

Thank you,


Whats wrong with this sentence?
Pedro and Ana has heard the news on the radio, haven’t they?

I was confused,


Thanks so much for your lesson. it’s very helpful for me. please help mewith this question ” He needs to go now, _________? (doesn’t he? or needn’t he?)

bui gia han

Hi teacher, its a very good English learning method I was looking for it but I didn’t find any where, know I am learning from this site witch is very good. Thank a lots.

Gohar alikhan

Hi teacher, its a very good English learning method I was looking for it but I didn’t find any where, know I am learning from this site witch is very good. Thank a lots.

Gohar alikhan

Teachers !when i want to watch video about any lesson. i got the message “this video currently unavailable”. what should i do for watching?


Thank you so much


thanks Alex, It is good to know the difference in entonation when you ask for information or comment on
a situation, God bless you, greetings from Ecuador


first , i wanna thank u for making me be familiar with taq question, bcz i havent known it well befor thanks for urhelping
have anice day for u myteacher alex


I am next, _______?
aren’t I?
amn’t I?

Thank you Alex, but I couldn’t understand this one, as I clicked amn’t I?,
but the right answer was ‘aren’t I?’

ghazala zafar

hello miss !
my question is how can I get big vocabilary ? for discussing with the others because I have to pronounce it very well to do my final project in the univercity . I need your opinion


Hi Mr.Alex thank you for all your lessons ,we really benefit from your lessons ..
Many thanks for you .

Audai Thamir

thank you so match Mr. Alex thank to all of the teachers . this website is really good .
i am glad that i can learn English by this way . Thanks a lot


    I am sorry for that i write (match) instead (much) . is easy for me to make a mistake . thank you Mr. Alex


Thank you so much for your lessons.


very nice alex

emad elkhateeb

I’ am next,aren’t I?not sound right.

Cuong ta

Hi Alex. I am from Viet Nam. I was so surprised when I saw Viet Nam in your example. Why did you choose Viet Nam for the example.


Τhanks for your lesson.I am beginner .Can we do alaive speaking practice here?


Nice lesson, so helpful. Thanks a million :)


Interesting! That was really useful in every day conversation. Thank you very much. You’re the best! Keep going! :-)


Are there any differences with the word right?Please explain!


How would it be if you use willing to. You willing to buy clothes , won’t you ?
Is that correct? why he always ask question. I wanna reject the tag question.
It could be I am sorry or I am affraid .


i am happy to see such tag questions test.
really it is very for english learner


sir would explain that”what is adverb”


would you please what is the differences between verbs & adverbs, Noun & Pronoun, adjectives please give me to the answers

Masthan vali Tadipatri

I like this lesson , I would like to improve my English quickly
Thanks ,Alex


I got stucked in these 2 questions:

1- I am next, _______? => • aren’t I?
Why i have to use Aren’t inspite of am i ????

2- Mr Edwards has a guitar? =>. doesn’t he?
why u have use doesn’t inspite of hasn’t he????


    If the statement is positive, the tag has to be negative.

    “I am next, aren’t I?” (“I am” is negative, so you need the negative in the tag)

    For your second question, your sentence is in the present simple form.

    “Mr. Edwards has a guitar.”

    What’s the oppositve of this sentence? “Mr. Edwards doesn’t have a guitar.” We never say “Mr. Edwards hasn’t a guitar.”

    Knowing that, the auxiliary you need is “doesn’t,” and not “hasn’t.”

    I hope this helps!


thank you sir alex


Hi Alex,
U said that ” He has a car” is present simple. But u know that “has” is only used in perfect tense. Could u plz explain?


    “Has” is not only used in present perfect. You can also use it to talk about possession in the past, present, or future.

    “I had a pet fish when I was a kid.”
    “I have an iPhone.”
    “I’ll have a house when I’m older.”


      Well,thank you.



I have a question about “shall”. I saw there were questions without answer. So when to use shall/shan’t in question tag?


Hi, what is the tag of this sentence:
i’m not too old to run,…………?
…is (too…to) negative…so is it right to give affirmative tag.in the above sentence?
….thanks in advance.


Sir, my biggest problem is my English speaking ability …i mean i know the grammar but i can’t speak and i have no body to practice English speaking . Could you give some tips , how can i improve my speaking ?


Hi sir Alex, thank you so much for your video lesson on tag question. Actually am preparing for my thesis and its all about tag question, it really helps me, now i understand its proper usage. i hope you can help me more. Thank you.


hello Alex can you explain me what’s present perfect and simple present please and thank you


Thanks Alex !


I have not understanded well the tag question 6, why we should use “aren’t I” by the negative form for I am next?


Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for your lesson, especially, the last example: Yes, I am from Vietnam.

I am look forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards,



Alex, you are super!!!


Thank you very much for your very clear explanation.


i have done this exercise.i got 6 out off 8.i am very happy.but i have 1 doubt.why we change i am change into are not.please help me


    According the quizz it’s an exception in the grammar rules. That question was tricky to me.


Thank you, teacher Alex


Hallo Alex, I know you have already explained it but i still do not understand why “the negative” to “I am” is “aren’t I” ….. not “amn’t I” – does this form exist at all? or it is just an exception and the form “AMN’T I” isn’t used – it simply does not exist …


hello sir,thank you so much it was an intersting lesson, wasn’t it?


About No.6…
I’ve thought that “am” negative form was “ain’t” though…. So I was confused because it didn’t have my answer. I see…”aren’t” is correct, isn’t it?
Thank you for your lesson :)


I understand Q.7. Although it’s conpused to international students, native speakers use like that, so we’d better memorise that kind of expresion.
It’s like “If I were you…”, not “If I was you,…”.


    Sorry for my grammar mistake. -_-;;
    It’s conpusing to international students.


Please could you explain if I could use “right” or “huh” in these tag questions?


thank you so much, I come from Viet Nam :)


Thanks for your helpful lessons Alex.

If you guys want to improve your speaking you can add me on skype and we can talk!

My skype ID is:yucel143


The tag question, very usefull idiom, thanks Alex


thank very much it id really helpful


Thank you teacher Alex,this lesson is very important,for me,may be others to. so that to make it clear I hope you will repeat one day.Thanks a lot.


Great Alex!


Hi,Alex!. Glad to meet you.Thank you for the good lesson! But I have one misunderstanding by poin 5. I’m tall. Aren’t I.- I think,It must be true.
With best wishes.


Alex. You are a good teacher. Aren`t you?


Thank you,Alex!I is very good lesson, especially examples!


perfect score

ann ann

Thank u,Alex!


I am next, am i not? can it be used this way, can’t it?


thank you


8/8, i have not understuud a rule and answer a quiz with intuition, will see video one more time


    understood*, the video*


Hi Alex,
The bag is too heavy to lift, isn’t it?
Why can’t we say ” is it? ”
as it means ” Someone can’t lift the bag.”
as well as ( never, hardly )

Abdallah HAddad

Hi, Alex. Explain me please this point. In the results of the quiz “aren’t I?” was like correct answer.
There is verb “be” in the simple present and positive form here. I was sure that I need to

I am next, _______?
aren’t I?
amn’t I?
don’t I?
can’t I?


SORRY, PRESS BUTTON “SEND” by accident :)))
Hi, Alex. Explain me please this point in the task – “I am next, _______?”
Here is full list of answers:
aren’t I?
amn’t I?
don’t I?
can’t I?
In the results of the quiz “aren’t I?” was marked like correct answer.
There is verb “be” in the simple present and positive form here. I was sure that I need to choose version “Am I not”.
Why it is so?


thanks a lot because this lesson is very practicable for conversation,isn’t it ?I think I can use it in the future,aren’t I?I am so weak in English,am I not ?but you have learnt something to me,haven’t you ?this comment isn’t true,is it ? I can’t learn English,can I? I want to someone help me to improve my English writing and say my mistake my email is majideshghi.90engvid.com


Thanks Alex !


Thanks for this lesson very helpful


The 5th description says, “You’re means you’re.” The S at the end of “mean” a bit confused me.
But I guess the “You’re” is act like a third person, so
The word of “you’re” means…
I am right, aren’t I? (voice goes up) :)


    “You’re” is acting like a tird person in this case.


Always smashing all the questions 100%. I enjoyed Your lecture. Thank you so much.


100% It is a simple lesson and a good one by you Alex, you are welcome to Tunisia, I’ll invite you


thank you teacher Big hug from Colombia are you happy, arent you?


is there anyone, who want to speak english?


Very useful lesson.Thanks.


The lesson as peace of cake,isn’t it?

good Mr Alex




I enjoyed the lesson,didn’t I?


what about how we answer if i want to confirm the information or not??


Thanks a lot Mr. Alex.


Thanks a lot Alex.


I foundi it in a book: “Let’s go out, shall we?”
Why this kind of Question Tag?


he’s rude. Doesn’t he
Is this correct?

Waleed jan2341

Hi Alex, you are the best English teacher that I have seen yet.i answered the test but one of them was incorrect, actually I didn’t get it how we use up or down at the end of question? Give me a hand please

Saint mary

I watched this video twice on June 11, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got seven correct out of 8.


Alex, thanks a lot, wonderful explanation!!


mine date 28/10/21 from Kazakhstan
best regards,Alex


Who cares, don’t they?- Is it possible/ correct

Md. Nazir Hossain Uzzal

Thank you. :)


Hi and thanks.
But they didn’t say anything about “aren’t I?” in the video!


Thank you for your video’s. I learn the tag question, that’s great

Yarmohammad Shadab
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