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100%.Thank you very much.Everything is clear.

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    Nice job!

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      Knowing a word involves more than just one aspect, its meaning. For instance, wich preposition goes with that word (collocation), in which context I can use it (its boundaries),how it is pronounced (pronunciation), how it relates with other words (synonyms, anthonyms, etc.), just to name a few.

      Being familiar enough with these word dimensions -I think- will help IELTS & TOEFL test takers to deal with the type of language handled on these tests.

      It was a useful video-lesson Alex, thanks for sharing this info with us.

      Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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        That’s basically what I wanted to get across with this lesson: even if you know the word just by looking at it, there is much more to it.

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          it was very interesting and useful lesson.thanks!

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        Oooopp!!! …talking about collocation, I made a collocation mistake . . . RELATE TO other words.

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        Really you are right. and i did agree on everything you said.

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      10 out of 10 thanx!!

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      thanks.thats form you.

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      I got perfect score, thank you so much Sir. Alex.

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      thank you Mr.Alex

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Thanks friend
i want to ask if The TOEFL iBT consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing??
yesterday i read this very useful times “TOEFL IBT Reading Score Improvement”

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    TOEFL also has integrated tasks which combine listening, reading, AND writing. :)

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    salamo alikom hicham
    i’m preparing for TOFEL TESTdont you mind to
    contact me as soon as possible
    on skype
    my skype’s abouans20061

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    well explained, clear and easy to understand as you usually do alex, last november i took the TOEFL ITP, i scored 467, i wonder if it is good or bad??, i took the test to kno my english level;I will be waiting for your comments

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10/10.Thank you so much Alex.

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    You’re welcome!

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Tanx Alex, I like this lesson

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    I appreciate that. Thanks.

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    Nice work. Keep practicing.

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i got 8 out of 10 . i’ll keep praticing in here . day after day . i can improve my E speaking skill . many thanks to you and have a great day!

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    You too! Thanks! And keep working hard!

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      are you on facebook? i would like to add friend with you

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        Yes, I am. You can search for “Alex Engvid.”

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        Alex Engvid. :)

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Thank you Alex for the lesson. I hope you make a lesson on “how to summerize” for us, pease

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    That’s a good idea! I’ll keep it in mind!

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Difficult for me

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    Start with beginner lessons and work from there.

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100 %, this lesson was explained by you, very well, as you always do.

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    Thanks a lot.

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Hi Alex! I am familiar with several words of this vídeo `cose the most of them looks like Portuguese words.

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    Nice. That always helps.

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    The same applies to Spanish speakers Grazis. This is not a problem for us since most of these words come from latin.


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10/10, thanks again Alex

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    Great job. You’re welcome.

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Thanks got 80%.

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    Good job!

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You are very clear!!i am really improving my english

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    Yay! I’m glad to hear that!

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thanks i got 8/10.

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    Nice work. Keep studying.

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90% Thank you Alex, dziekuje :-)

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    Prosze bardzo!

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Thanks :) nice

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    You’re welcome!

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    Very good! Keep studying!

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    hi shagun

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Very useful, thank you Alex

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    You’re welcome.

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    Not a problem.

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100 *_*

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    Good stuff! Keep it up!

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Thank yoooooooooooooooooou so

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    You’re very welcome.

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TKS alex, Good lesson!!!

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    I appreciate that. Thank you.

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Thank you Alex for this lesson. May I suggest a good way to learn words I find very interesting because of its progressiveness. It is to subscribe at the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day. Not only you get the different meanings of the daily word and what’s more, you are given its pronunciation. Also it is very useful to learn by heart the symbols for English language of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

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    That’s definitely helpful. However, they often choose uncommon words for those lists. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Thanks for your suggestions Patple. Yeah, you are right! Getting familiar with the phonemic alphabet helps a lot when it comes to learning new words.
    But if you want to get the most out of it,it is necessary to be familiar enough with the English sound system. Thus, it is not that easy as it may seem at first sight.


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      Yes, English sound system is quite difficult to acquire. What I am doing is to watch videos on YouTube e.g. politicians speeches if you are interested in politics or whatever topics providing the speaker use (subjunctive ;-) an excellent British or American English accent. English intonation, variable pitch, stress… are very different than in French which is rather flat and rhythm is also very important. Courage to all of us!!

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        for yo Mr patple13 :) subscribe on youtube channels :Harvard University channel-Cambridge Academic Books channel-Cambridge University channel-OxfordUnion channel-Cambridge University Press ELT channel.

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        this is very true!

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Difficult but good study for me to learn my new vocabularies. Thank you, Alex :)

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    You’re welcome. Keep on studying!

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10/10 :)
thank you.
i’m addicted to all the youtube vids.
i love this website.

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    That’s not a bad thing to be addicted to. Haha. But take a break too sometimes.

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Your explanation was absolutely clear. Tks!

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Thank you for this lesson, teacher Alex.
Can you please explain which is the difference between IF and whether, when do we use one or the other?
Thanks in advance.

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    “If” is the only one that can be used in conditionals.

    “If you want to learn, you have to study.” (correct)
    “Whether you want to learn, you have to study.” (incorrect)

    “Whether” basically means “if yes or if not.”

    “I don’t know whether I’m going.”
    “I don’t know if I’m going.” (basically the same meaning)

    “Whether” is also commonly used in the phrase “Whether or not,” such as “Whether or not you agree won’t affect my opinion.”

    I hope this helps a little.

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      Yes it helped me a lot, i usually read books and whether is commonly used.
      Thanks for the explanation,very clear as always.
      I keep on practising and watching your useful video-lessons.
      Next question will come soon.

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      thanks!very useful

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5/10 Thanks Alex

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    You’re welcome. Keep studying!

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Thanks for this lesson!! 9/10 I learn so much!!!

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10/10 thanks teacher Alex! Ur d’ best!

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Dammit! I was caught in the trap of Brad Pitt…

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    Mwahahaha! Gotcha :P

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I’m wondering if I use “Never mind” answer for “Thank you”.

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    I think you can’t, but I might be wrong on this one.
    anyways, I do know that “never mind” is commonly used when you ask something to someone, but the person takes so much time to answer that you end up saying; never mind, I’ll figure it out myself… :)

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    I don’t think so. It sounds like a very strange answer to “Thank you.” The phrase you MIGHT be looking for is “Don’t worry about it.”

    “Thank you!”
    “Oh, don’t worry about it. It was nothing.”

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    I think the simplest answer should be “you are welcome”

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I got 90%, Thanks. There is no replacement for learning English via Engvid.

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    Thank you very much!

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Tanx a lot Alex 100%

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    Great job! Keep it up!

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good morning Alex .thank you very much

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    You’re welcome. Have a great weekend!

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aspect expect

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can you explain bettween expect expecand expend espect is same beside. the pump is l espectthe tower.and toy have a nice week end also .expet

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Thank you! good Lesson! 100%!!
A first for me ;)

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Hi Alex i like your classes its very clear i can understand each and very sentences even i’m learning a lot from your classes.

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thanks a lot. 9/10

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Thanks a lot for such great lessons, Alex! You’re one of my favorite teachers here. Looking forward to your next videos! Have a good day :)

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    Thank you! I have many more videos coming.

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Thank you so much Alex. I got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thank you for clear definitions, dear Alex. I have got 100%.

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You are speaking so naturally and so clear that even if i don’t understand i like to listen. While memorising words, to write all sentence is very useful. İt makes easier to remember.

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Hello guys i am an english student and i want to be a member of this group if you do not mind

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    Welcome to EngVid, there is a world of information on this website.
    Besides, you will learn a lot from people all over the world.

    You made a good choice Naval
    See you around!!!


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hi guys i find a problem to learn vocabulary please give me a tip to learn it without forgetting

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thank you so much Mr Alex
i have a question
can i consider the word indication as the word symptom?

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10/10 thanks Alex. :)

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thank you Alex for this great lesson. i like you accent. it is not difficult for me to understand what you say.

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    Yeah, most ESL learners say the standard Canadian accent is pretty easy to understand.

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      Hi Alex,
      Sure, Canadian accent is easier than American and also British one. I am very confident with my listening skills since I found out engvid page with Adam’s lessons (other Canadian) and the other teachers. Congratulations for the whole team. Great work!!

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Thanks, I got 9/10.
Very usefull lesson.

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thanks a lot you are a great teacher

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I got 7/10 :(
It was little hard lesson but very interesting.
Thank you so much :)

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Hi! Alex, thanks for your lesson.

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Thank you.. It is my second test I have taken today And I got a 10 out 10 score.I am so exited. Good work with your site,Wish you all the best. Have a great year.

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I got 80 , thanks so much Alex i was watched all your videos , you are good teacher like others , i am spending nice time here.
thanks a million .

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Thank you
a very useful lesson.
especially the meaning of aspect\component

“There is no substitute of learning a lot”

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Hi Alex!
Thanks.. I got a perfect score because of your great explanation.. I would like to say that this site really help to improve my English ability for free..Thanks engvid.

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    hi,drmmbae.i feel the same thing.it is really a helpful site.

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got 9 out of 10. Thanks Alex. Those words are very useful :)

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umm… it is difficult. There were many words I’ve already known, however, I didn’t know exactly how to use them. This lecture is so helpful that we,non-native English speaker, can learn the meaning of words from the nearer standpoint of native English speaker than usual English learner.

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I got 90%. Thanks a lot for your lesson!

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After long time someone is replying for comments.
Alex you are THE Mr. Nice guy I’ve ever seen.

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Thanks a lot, Alex.

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100! that’s a great video. Thanks

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Good lesson! I got 100%. Thanks!

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hey admin No way to save or print Academic Word List (IELTS & TOEFL)!!!

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The way of teaching is really awesome..!

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Thanks Alex..!

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Very useful,thank you so much Alex..

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i like your voice!!! thanks teacher!!!

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Thank you very much for your usefil lesson!

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Thank you for wonderful lesson…

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Thanks a lot Alex !

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I dont understand. Why does a general take responsibility for the disposal of his troops.? why does he want to eliminate his troops? I found it very absurd! and incoherent. It should have been just the opposite. Or I am wrong.

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I can not see the video. I wonder if it is browser compatibility issue?

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    Possibly! Could you visit whatismybrowser.com and tell me what browser and operating system you are using?

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Thank Alex.I got a 100.I am gaining momentum to confront TOEFL this year.

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I am using windows 8 and Google Chrome

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I figured it out :) Nothing is wrong with the site :) Unfortunately, I am in the country that has Youtube blocked and since your videos are YT videos embedded in your site so it detects my IP and blocks it. I have to use the IP shield and I can watch it. Sorry about creating a confusion :)

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8/10,left two,or it was perfect.thanks

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hello alex i wanted to to apply fopr a scholarship but my english is not good as much as to pass toefl or ilts test i really need tips and help

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thanks teacher you are great

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Thank you for the list. it came in useful :)

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thank you!!! :D

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Dear Alex, I really like your lessons. They are so nice and easy for understanding. It would be great if you can give me some pieces of advice how to teach my pupils here in Ukraine, because as I know you are from Poland :) Your reply will be highly appreciated.

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Thank you Alex for the video. 100% understandable and helpful.

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got 90%

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got 90%, keep going on. Thanks for your hard work.

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thanks for your courses.

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Than you Alex, great lesson, you are awesome.

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got 100%. Thanks a lot, very useful!!

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i can not keep mojority of the words that i try to learn in day, but i got now 100% success.
Thank you so much guys

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70% hehe

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Thanks, I think that is really importand know what is the meanning of each word into the exam.

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Teacher Alex thaks so much

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Thanks for lessons,tomorrow is the big day for me,i will take my Toefl.

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    good luck

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i got 10!tnx alex

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100 % . thank you very much *_* good teacher
i have Question for you please

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alinacristina __ good luck in your exam

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Thank you for this lesson, I’m getting better in English language than before.

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Thanks i got 100%

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thank u sir
i got 9 of 10

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100% yes

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thank you i got 7/10
but i need more explaination of my mistake here
Many people wore bell-bottoms in the ’60s. It was a hot ____________.

i selected indication but correct answer is trend can ypu please explain more

Profile photo of eng8ali eng8ali

    trend is the appropriate answer because it means what is popular during a certain period of time. In the 60’s wearing bell-bottoms was the tendency.

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This lecture is so helpful !! thanks

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10/10 Tanks…

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thanks a lot :)

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Thanks Alex. I got 10. I enjoy your teaching. Wishing you health and peace.

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Everything is well-explained and thank you for nourishing my knowledge. I have a question though. Before watching this video, I checked the article about redundancy and I found out that I have this awful habit. So, my question is if in your sentence: “A recent trend in marketing is to use social media”, the word recent is redundant or not.
Thank you in advance!

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It was impressive lesson in all his aspects I really enjoyed it.
Thanks a lot

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Thanks Alex, Got 10/10

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10 out of 10. Well explained. Thanks!

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10 out of 10…….tx
how can i get more n more and different different tests for all the ielts tests…want to have more n more practice before appearing

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Dear Alex
The word Disposal have two meaning? that is ‘distribute and getting rid of something’.
Thank you very much for your great lessons
(I will update my photo soon)

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Always wonderful.thank’s

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Very helpful

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Great! I translate scientific articles and such nouns i meet often. Thanks!

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100% clear! Thaks teacher !!

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Thaks it is a good explanation

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Really helpful!! I´m happy I´ve found this webpage now that I´m preparing my English exams. :)

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Hi, thanks a lot! u r the best!

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Good day Alex. Before I watch all of your video tutorials, I firsthand take the exam relevant to the topic you are discussing. This is my way to assess myself as to how far has my learning brought me since I left college. I am happy to say that I got the perfect score again. Thank you very much for this video Sir Alex. This has been an excellent review ground for me.

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Thx Alex, good lesson,
I got 100%:-)

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The best website ever to teach English for ESL language learners. thanks a lot.

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Thank you Dear Alex!

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Thanks, the lesson was clear and useful

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10 out 10! thanx. keep doing, coach!

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It is lovely lesson for me, this will take me to another level

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wow, thx so much. 10/10

I try using it><

hmmm….I love your role as English teacher here. Your lesson is one component of my success in leaning English. No substitute could overcome this website. Many numerous functions are able to study. Thanks a lot, Love it.

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9 out of 10
Thank u alex :)

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Thanks Alex, as always.

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Thanks Allex for your sharing a good English grammar

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I want download the list of vocabulary…but I cant??!!….how i can??

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OK, 100 %. Thanks Alex.

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Thank you very much! After two days I’m taking IELTS. May I ask one thing? Can give me an emails of teacher who can check online speaking by skype or smth like that?

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Thank you.

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I used to hesitate to choose website which is appropriate for me. Now my preference is this website. It not only help me increase my english skills, but it also gives me to be more confident when i use english in my life during community native speaker

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hi guys. i wanna kick toefl on 30 of augoust. is there anybody to do practice with me? can you help me?

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also, i did it %100 :)

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Academic word list (AWL) is very important especially when I decide to sit for IELTS/TOEFL Exams and AWL Collection increase my vocabulary because every word has been used as Noun + Adjective + Adverb …etc , therefore it extend it

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thank you mister alex this was helpful x

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90%.. 10x)) a lot ))Alex

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Helpful lesson….

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Dear Alex,
I really really need help of you, How can I prepare my self in just one minute for IELTS speaking section task 2 (cue card)?

Please reply me at your first convince.
I appreciate your help

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I got 80%.Thank you so much Dear Alex. U are the best teacher.

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best regards

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It’s get better. :)))))))

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nice work right..!!

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how can I download a teaching film?

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Hi Alex! could you share a resource where you can find 4000 words for toefl?

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great training

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First of all I want to say I find engvid very helpful!! Second in the world list for IELTS you have the noun consequence and the phrase you use it in is “He was executed as a consequence for his heinous actions.” Shouldn´t it be “He was executed as a consequence of his heinous actions” ? Or both are correct?
Thank you.

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10 correct out of 10,hurrayyyyy!I think all videos are useful,especially when do some writing,in my humble opinion,those words are all use frequently!

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Happy new year to you!

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Thank you Alex. ^__^

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I am inclined to believe that Canadian accent by far easiest accent to understand for ESL students.I cannot thank you enough Alex for your informative lessons you provide us.I’ve gotten 10 out of 10.

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the result is more than expected. Thankyou Mr.Alex.
I hope with your help I will achieve a great band in IELTS!

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I have a question that different English speakers (I have actually asked British and American friends) gave me different answers. The question is about the word till/until. If I say: Adam is on leave until 6 Sep. Which day Adam will be back to office? Another sentence is: The certificate is valid until 31 Dec 2015. Is the certificate still valid on 31 Dec 2015?
Hope you can solve my problems. Thank you.
I have sent this question to Alex, Ronnie and Emma and . They may have different ideas from you.

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    …That’s a good question! Personally, I would assume

    1) Adam will be back on Sept. 6, and
    2) the certificate will not be valid on Dec. 31.

    But I wouldn’t be 100% certain of it.

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I was lucky to find out this website. tq

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I am really bad at reading and writing I don’t know how to improve it I can use synonyms easily but the problem is to think of examples to complete 150 words

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excellent. THANKS A LOT ALEX.
unfortunately my understanding is not the same with others, when i listen them i don`t know why.
what can i do? it is my hearing
Alex, can you give an advice for to do better my hearing, my understanding with all english speakers

greeting you and thanks alex

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Hi Teacher Alex,
My score is 70%. How to improve the reading skill?

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there are two small suggestions
1- To make more videos and quizzes on 2,000 academic words (commonly)
2- Videos and comments should have a date below them so that learners can see when did these lessons happen?

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Could you please advise me where can I find suitable
listening excercises for IELTS preparation ?

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That’s very interesting Mr.Alex! Thanks for that.

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Thank you Alex , again i will make the list :
-consequences = results
-substitute = replacement of
-trend = common thing in marketing
-disposal = distribute or arrange
-aspect = part of something and for physical things using components.
-indication = sign
-function = purpose of

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