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Thank you very much.

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    Emma I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I can’t sometimes concentrate due to looking at you. I’m married and like I said don’t mean to be disrespectful but not only do you teach well but You’re really beautiful. I’m proud of having such a beautiful English teacher. Thank you so much for helping people to improve their language. Please keep doing what you do since it is a privilege to take classes with you.

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      nanananana!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck is wrong with you you idiot

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        You are vulgar, you should not call another person is the idiot! Be more polite! :)

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    Emma you are a great teacher. I do not know how to express my gratitude to you.your lessons are very helpful.

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I love Emma,,,you are my favorite teacher,,,,,you are like the teacher I used to have in high school. I appreciate your time and effort.

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Emma you are amazing, thanks for this leeson.
can you explain to us by more details about reading skills please.

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7/10 It always become tricky when the question is comes to the IELTS… And my vocabulary is far away from the regular IELTS students… OMG, a lot of things need to do.

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Thank you for the video. It’s really helpful. I hope that you didn’t forget to make a video to complete the writing task 1 explanation of the academic module.

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I need to improve very fast because I think to take it nex january :_/

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Amazing, It’s very useful for me. After watching your video, I try to do this test, 8/10. It’s not good but I will practice more.
Thanks you so much!

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I got 6 correct out of 10 :( The quiz was hard for me.
I need to improve my reading and vocabulary more. Thank you, Emma :) Never give up!

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    yeah it was hard for me to n i also got 6
    but it was fun thank you emma.

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Emma Tank you very much

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I alway mistake between False and Not Given..:(. Tks Emma so much, you helped me understand clearly about that

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this was my first lesson , i think 6 not bad at all :)i want thank all of you for the great work.

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Thanks Ms Emma, I got 80%.

I want to ask a question “drifting off course” is it a idiom or else. Kindly explain about that.

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I totally disagree with the last one question it must be a NOT GIVEN, there’s nothing about Socrates’ ethics

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    I think so.

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    Ethics is a part of philosophical musings, in my opinion. Consecutively, no philosophical musings – no ethics.

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    The thing is, he didn’t write anything.

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Thank very much .

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I thought the 3rd statement is false, because a statement can be false not only when it’s opposit of the fact (in the passage), but when there are different modifiers in the sentences (i.e. all vs. some or whatever). Or, I didn’t understand well what Emma said in this video?

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Thanks so much,Emma. I’ve learning IELTS recently and i think it has something in common with FCE. Anyway,your tips are really useful.

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Thank you so much for helping me.

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oh! very difficult! I got only 7. need to improve reading skill.

Thank you, Emma

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I want to write IELTS exam.Can i know the books of Toefl will suitable for it or not.

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Thanks Emma!
this lesson of yours proved be very useful for me (especially), because I am going to take the IELTS test soon, so just pray for me and keep doing such lessons that could help me handle the IELTS well. NG type is bit tricky though, but you made it easier to distinguish it from T & F. really! thanks a lot!

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thanks a lot……

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9 of 10,thanks, Emma!

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thank you very much emma

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Great test! I hope that there is more that difficult tests like this, just 6/10 :( But I hate NG. I do not understand when we should put false and when NG, really tricky.. This border between no informations and opposite information or slightly about this but not exacly …. ech hard, hard task.

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8:10 I like it. thanks for experience.

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thanks Emma

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thinks a lot

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Thank you very much. It is difficalt,but very useful

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5/10 pity but true. I’ll try to be more attentive, some questions were explicit for me indeed :). Thanks for the tricks in this lesson.

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thank you

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thanks on this lesson…:)

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To moderator. There is a part of the quiestion:

However, she was preceded by Valentina Tereshkov by almost twenty years.

The correct last name of Valentina is Tereshkova (pay attention to the last ‘a’). Correct it please.

Thank you

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    Oops! A slip of the pen found: of course “question” instead of “quiestion”

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    Yes. This has been fixed. Thanks!

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I don’t understand this exercise:

10. […]Socrates left no written records of his philosophical musings. Most of what we know of Socrates’ philosophy can be found in Plato’s dialogues[…]

Does the following statement agree with the information given in the passage?
1. Socrates wrote many famous treatises on ethics. FALSE

ETHICS is not mentioned in the passage, so how can it be FALSE instead of NOT GIVEN?

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    I did the same mistake. Compare the two keywords:
    Socrates – left no written records – of his philosophical musings.
    Socrates – wrote many famous treatises – on ethics.
    The two statments “no versus many” contradict each other, so F is the right answer.
    I hope I could help.

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    The text did not mention any piece of his writings, they assured that he did not write any thing, He did not write…
    1. Socrates wrote many famous treatises on ethics.
    Must be FALSE(He did not write ethics or whatever).

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    I have the same confusion Miss Audry

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Dear Emma,i understood your video about stopped to smoke & stopped smoking……….How about these verbs dear ? “Continue”; “Begin”; “Continue”; “Like”; “Love”; “Prefer”; “Regret”.Please make a video.Awaiting your reply.

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Thank you, Emma!

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Thank you Emma you are great as usually!
I would like to find a new friends, if you have a skype then add me over there(rasim053499

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Hello Guys !!
I have a question :
what’s the most right sentence ?
1- I had a lot of fun with my friends at the movies today

2- I had a lot of fun at the movies with my friends today

3- I had a lot of fun today at the movies with my friends

Or whatever .. Help me please

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70% try more next time.
Thank you,

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Thank you this instructive lesson. I have to be more careful about the world using, the nuance.

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thanks for sharing this wonderful lesson.u r very pretty EMMA AND A VERY GOOD TEACHER.

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Thank you, Emma :)

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this is good emma thaks you are my favorite

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    this is good emma thanks you are my favorite

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Dear Emma, this is an off topic question, I remember that you told in one of your videos that you are learning Chinese, I would ask you is you know some internet websites similar to EngVid but related to learning Chinese. Thank you.
So I’ll follow both EngVid and Chinese :)

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Skype ID Iftixar17 ..—->If you want to improve your speaking level like me ,you can add me at skype for talking..

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thank you very much. emma
its very useful to me.

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super thanks a lot

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Thanks for wonderful session Emma once again,..The test results also gives me more information.

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Where can I find more examples on T/F/NG?

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Reading needs training, concentration and timing.

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ur grate!! thanx a lot..

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Hi Emma, thanks for your topic..but i need to discs the answer for the 7& 8 question as i think the answer is true for the 1st and false for the 2nd… so please send details why the answer like what is up…thanks again

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English is difficult.Thanks Amma

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Hi Emma, thanks for the topic. You taught us good points which we need to consider while attempting True, False, and Not given questions in IELTS. Explanation about words always, never, sometimes, often etc… is very useful in finding the correct answer, which usually we neglect.

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thank you so much

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dear emma you are a great teacher …….thank u so much for giving us a good teaching ……..please give me your facebook id…..

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Dear Emma , you are nice teacher , and all others are also very experts , Madam , I want to know about IELTS general reading task 1 and 2.please guide me

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Thank u very much for sharing the valuable tricks in identifying the true, false and not given in the long passage. Hoping for the new lectures.

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Hello!Thank you very much!
But, I disagree with the last one! Why is it false?False means that the fact is the OPPOSITE of what you see in the passage.
Let’s see, “Socrates wrote many famous treatises on ethics”.Maybe he wrote, maybe he didn’t… We really don’t know…ethics is not mentioned. Why false?
Emma please help us, or Adam, or Alex, or someone, otherwise I’ll go around the bend.

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Hi everyone!

My Skype ID “muhammad.naveed343”

Just to improve English we can talk on any topic and it would also help in making friends from different parts of the planet. Moreover it would really help in boosting confidence.

Come on Friends lets Join hands…

Thanks to all ENGVID team.

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Thx Emma,you are great teacher trying to teach us the tips.

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why 7 is false??? Emma teacher RSVP

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Emma,I love your lessons.Thank you!

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Hi Emma, your lessons are informative. I would like to have lessons on writing task l.
How to describe a table or flow chart. Thank you.

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Thank you

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hi emma your tips are very practical i took IELTS exam but I scored 5.5,while i need 7 i will be owe you if you help me . these day i am upset due to my band.in mu opinion you are a very GOOD teacher.

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thank you very much for this helping lesson <3

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Thanks a lot~ we love you~

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thank you very much teacher em..

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Dear Emma,
Thanks for giving reading tips and I am waiting for other reading part tips.I beg your pardon.please let me get .
Wish you have a nice day

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Thanks Emma,

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thank you. Emma please make lesson on writing section 2.

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thanks a bunch pal, its amazing

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hai emma madum.i have seen your video on true,false,not given.it is very helpful.I am preparing for IELTS exam i don’t have much knowledge on reading.so.please help me in reading passages. my IELTS exam on may 10.

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Emma really you are the best teacher.
I appreciate your time.
Thank you so much….

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Hi Emma,
thanks a lot for your useful lesson.
You’re an amazing teacher
take care

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Hi Emma, Good lesson. we need more question for Ielts Test Preparation…..

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Thank you Emma.

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got 9 out of 10. thanks emma.

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    HEy Bro.

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Thanks emma!It’s very useful tips!

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Thank you Emma

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Thanks a lot Imma, you are very clever and talanted teacher.
I really appreciate you.

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emma is a good teacher…it IS GreAt Lesson FoR Me….Thanks A Lot Emma.

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Your tutorial is awesome,Its a great work done by you

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Emma you are a great teacher.your lessons are very helpful.

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:) your way of teaching is perfect

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Dear Emma. I am so grateful for this class. Bed bugs are too horrible. I watched a documentary about it. In Brazil, we have a lot of problems with mosquitoes, they have transmited deadly diseases.

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Thank you very much ^^

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thanks teacher . I’ve got 7 but its not enough for me . could you please suggest me how can i improve my reading test more ? thanks again for your wonderful Quiz

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your lesson is very useful but i still make mistake about it.It’s really very hard

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Thank you for your video. it’s really useful. Can you make more video about speaking? i really really want to improve my speaking skill. thanks again and wish you have a nice day.

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thanks Emma, so efficient a lesson is for me

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Really helpful~

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Mmm…only 5 correct of 10.

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still its huge challenge in reading sections.guess would be better in video to use more hard examples .thanks again

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thanks a lot Mrs. Emma my skills in this section are really improved!

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Really helpful~

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Thanks you for your video.

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nice practice test emma

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I love ema you’re my favorite teacher

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Thank you. This is really useful.

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Its a disaster.

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Hey guys, How come the answer to question 8 is not given ?? Some mother notice problems, it clearly means it should be false that pregnancy has a negative effect on memory. Please explain this.

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You guys are awesome. Great videos, I have learned a lot from your website. All teachers are excellent. I love your website, Thanks a lot.

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thank u..

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Thank you so much

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you give me confidence Emma
thank you

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i coudn’t see this video today, it was written this video is unavilable in safety mode..!!

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Its a wonderful class..

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thank you very much Emma

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Really you did a very important lesson thanks so much for your effort

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yes, too much long idiom therefore it is so interesting

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very useful, 9/10 correct. Thank you very much , and many luck :)

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Thank you so much for all information , I should practice more.

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I got 7 :( I am not satisfied with this result.Emma you are a informative teacher, thanks :)

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Thank you dear Emma for easy to understand explanation

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Thanks a lot! The information, giving in this video is very useful.

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    can we practice together???

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great. thanks!

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I don’t understand the quiz 7,why is this false?

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nice i got 6 out 10

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10 out of 10…..!!! wow.. that’s quite good I guess :)

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Thank you Maya…. I understand your lesson easily..

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Very useful tutorial, as always!

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Five out of ten. I realized how weak my reading ability was. I made up my mind to read more and more.
Thank you Emma so much.

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Five out of ten. I have to work hard more by practicing more. Can some one help me by suggesting me few sites, where i can practice more

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Hi, Emma! I love your lessons very much, but I’d like to ask you question. What should I do, if the statement after the text says that he DID NOT go to the cinema (for example), and the text says he DID go to the library. What should I right in that question???
By the way, where are you from? You have a very nice accent :)

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Good day Emma, first of all thanks for the lessons!!

I am writing you because I am DESPERATE… I took the IELTS exam last Saturday and I completed the True, False, Not Given exercises with only T, F, NG as you recommended in this video.
Now, a friend tells me that I will not receive any marks as I should have writen the full answer (True, False, …)
Is it true? can you please confirm that your lesson is correct and my friend is wrong?
If my friend is right, can you please help me to get out of this situation by advising what can I argue to the test center?

PLEASE, your reply is really appreciated as I can not sleep at night for this reason.

Thanks again
Best regards

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Thank you EMMA giving a lots of info and tips about IELTS i would like to learn from you,you are teching very well.

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thank u emma

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It is not enough to leave a comment that you are a great teacher. You know very well how to teach and draw the attention. Thank you very much for a resourceful lecture.

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Hi Emma,
I want to know if it is right to take the quiz more than one time get used to the question types? I do it many time till I get the full mark.Please I would be grateful for your answer. Anyway, thank you very much.

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\thanks for your tips

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thank you very much for hrlping us to improve our language.so thanks a lot

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Hey Emma.
my exam is tomorrow but with your lessons taken am sure i will pass.

Many thanks

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aha!!! 7/10 really disappointing.

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this very cool trick in reading passage…

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Great work guys, you’re awesome. Thanks

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I scored 5. it was the most dificult for me. :(

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what ah… I only got 5.

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Thanks Emma :)
my score 8\10

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Thanks Emma

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9/10 Thank a million Emma :)

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Thank you, Emma! T,F,NG questions are the trickiest ones. I always make mistakes in the Reading section, because of them.

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thanks you very much for the lesson and quiz

I was just wondering for question 6 on the quiz:

Valentina Tereshkova is never defined as a woman, in the passage, only as a civilian. As such the person could be either male or female

I have to infer that (because her name looks feminine) is a woman, so she the first woman in space.

I was thinking that this statement would be NG

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As you said False and Not Given options are too tricky. I only got 6/10. I wish if there were more classes for reading academic module

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Very precious information, thanks Emma

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thank you emma 7/10

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thank you Emma :)

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Great Teacher !

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I dissagree with the last question!!!

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Thank you so much Emma! For your important devices:::

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hi these was cool test thanks EMMA

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I got 4/10 reading is really hard for me :(

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I got 8 :D but Really I didn’t know that the Statments are arranged as in passage :D

Thank you Emma

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Emma! I have a question and I hope you respond as soon as possible since my exam is on 3rd of September. In the first question, you meant by statement listed in the T/F/NG etc, that like first will show up in the first of the passage so I don’t have to look at it in the middle of the passage or at the end of it. Example: Statement/fact: Some of Canadians mostly known that they love cupcakes. In the first of the passage will show up words related to it? Looing forward to your reply! Thank you, appreciate your work.

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I love you emma thank you very much you are awsome

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Thanks for your free lesson.Kindly clarify me on why question 7 is False.

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    I was to ask the same question

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got 8/10 is hard to look for the right answer, thank you very much for the tips, they are very helpful!

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6/10…. what to do???

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Hello, I’d like to know what would be the main differences between the yes/no/not given task and the true/false/not given task?

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Hello Emma. I need more practice and more vocabulary. It´s hard to undestand the quiz, but you are a great teacher. Thank you.

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hello Emma
thank you

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9/10 is this good ??

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such a great chance to join the classes with you.

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quiz not working.page is getting refreshed everytime

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That is great. thank you for best training resources.

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Please upload a video about yes, no, not give. As it is also an important point for IELTS.

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Thank you Emma.

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Emma,ur my favorite teacher!thank u so much!

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I like emma’s videos. Thank you Emma, I can understand each and every thing regarding IELTS when it’s taught by you. can’t thank you enough. God bless you.

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Why the question No.7 is false??

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I wanted to know, can we underline statements or highlight the points we want to in the IELTS question papers for reading

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I Have Got 5 Correct out of 10 . What Can I do to Answer All of them Right .

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Thank you..
explain Q.7 please

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thank u so much

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Inquiry: Hi, EMMA I want to ask 2 questions about the reading section in IELTS exam
1- If I put (T/F/NG) instead of (TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN) on the answer
sheet, are these answers (T/F/NG) acceptable for the examiners and
IELTS center?

2- If I put (Y/N/NG) instead of (YES/NO/NOT GIVEN) on the answer
sheet, are these answers (Y/N/NG) acceptable for the examiners and
IELTS center?

I hope you are going to answer my query
THANK YOU in advance

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Thanks Emma for your amazing presence and your valuable information.I got 7 in the Quiz,but I am looking forward 9 xxx

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That is good quiz and it simulates the questions so thank you for this

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O my god I got 80 Thank you Emma for this

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first lesson not bad
thank u very much

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You got 6 correct out of 10.

thank you

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my exam is in two days, and I was very confused by this type of questions. but now it became simple and clear, thank you Emma

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    Good luck on your exam! We’re glad this lesson helped you.

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hi Emma, I have a problem with reading I got a 4 band in reading. how I can increase my number please give an advice.I need a 6.5 or 7 for the master. but I got 5.5 .listening 6, writing and speaking 5.5 and reading 4. I really need 6.5 or 7. I have a last chance .my exam coming on 10 Feb.please help me …..????

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Got 7

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Thank you Emma. This is a very guideline.

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Thanks Emma.
The lesson was explained well. It will be great if you make more videos and quizzes about T/F/NG on IELTS reading development skills because it is the most tricky part to master. I do at least one exercise per day of reading IELTS section and the most problem faced is in TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN section.
Would be great favor for students like us.

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thank you it was my first video and my first quiz it was helpful

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Thank you Emma for your efforts.

The lesson was very helpful and the strategies were important to be known.

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Thank you Emma for your efforts.

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It’s my first time in a web page like this.so I would like to say that in our country English is taught and thanks for making this usefull video for students like us. I personally appraise your English talking is so clear and fluent.

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    rarely taught is mistaken.

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ok i will try to be better

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7 out of 10

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thanks EMMA

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Hi Emma,

I found this video really helpful. I’ve one doubt for general train module. Is there any difference between general & reading for T/F/NG questions?

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thanks Emma

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Is there any more video recommendation for true, false, not given for reading tests because I’m having a hard time while solving these questions. Thank you

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    Our next lesson will be on true/false/not given questions! Check back in a few days 🙂️

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yes, In my first attempt here i scored 7/10, which is pretty good,I am happy but need to concentrate more on the reading part.thanks for your guiding videos.

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Thank you.

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Thank you Ms. Emma.

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good tips Emma thank you

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7/10! What a big day is! I’ve learned 100 Emma’s English videos. Thanks, Emma! You improve my English much more!

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