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Great lesson! I got 10/10. Thanks.

Profile photo of Mehrlino Mehrlino

    Mehrlino, I’m Brazilian too as you can see. Please can you explain to abou the (nose for value and paying through the nose?)
    I got 10 of 10 but I couldn’t understand it very well.

    Profile photo of Ronchi Ronchi

      Hi, Ronchi.
      As I understood it, nose for value means “faro para bons negócios”.
      And pay through the nose means “pagar os olhos da cara”.

      Again, it would be nice to have a Brazilian teacher around here…

      Profile photo of Evaldo Mendes Evaldo Mendes

        That was I got too, but thanks for your help. Yeah would be awesome hava a Brazilian one!

        Profile photo of Ronchi Ronchi

        “Pagar os olhos da cara” is the best translation for “Pay through the nose” expression… gj!

        Profile photo of slipmp slipmp

      You do magic James; the ease with wich you explained these face expressions was astonishing.

      Your good sense of humor is the ingredient that always gives that special flavor to your videos.


      Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi!! I think “pay through the nose” when pay more than it´s worth…

      Profile photo of linealves linealves

a very good lesson. I got 10/10 :-)
Thank you

Profile photo of Aloj Aloj

cool. i’ve a lot on my mind to say to you :D.so precious lesson . thank you :)

Profile photo of fatima elrayess fatima elrayess

    HI Fatima! I read your “About me” I thought that you have interest like me. I also like to make friend from faraway countries and their cultures.I I would be very glad to learn some about Egypt. I return you can find out some about Poland :) If you are interested, contact me via skype My nick is kubalio ;)

    Profile photo of jozio4 jozio4

      no she can not please stay away from her

      Profile photo of Mohamed Gohar Mohamed Gohar

It is the first time I ´ve got 10/10 :) Thank you very much for this lesson..

Profile photo of MsGabrielife MsGabrielife

Great lesson and quiz, but now I would like to drink tequila! :D

Profile photo of boneyard boneyard

Face it or leave it:
‘ Don’t waste your time, always in life. It’s worth, the wait. It’s never too late. ‘
…but… nanananananana, nananananana… don’t get lippy with me. : P

Profile photo of *<( : ] *<( : ]

Thanks James

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Fantastic!!Thank you James!!☆
I have been making lots of headway on learning English.

Profile photo of misakoko misakoko

    Dear, Misakoko. I’m not sure if this form “lots of headway” is okay. I understand that the expression demands a singular form. Don´t take me bad, just trying to help. Best wishes!

    Profile photo of w4gnersilv4 w4gnersilv4

    I like the sentence you use. Ya! me too having a lots of headway on this tutorials.

    Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

yay I got 10 out of 10.Thanks

Profile photo of Yeheat Yeheat

That’s great! 10/10. Tks James

Profile photo of Ho Thanh Tuan Ho Thanh Tuan

Great lesson and quiz! Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of hanaahanaa1971 hanaahanaa1971

Great lesson :)

Profile photo of TomekM TomekM

Great lesson .Thx James

Profile photo of Emily1973 Emily1973

i made the headway with this quiz .i got 10/10 thanks. ur lessons are very good for me

Profile photo of sahari1 sahari1

100, I have got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Atom1607 Atom1607

Nice lesson)))
Thank you))

Profile photo of Kerr Kerr


Profile photo of mahmoustapha mahmoustapha

that’s so good but nose for value can’t understand it well :(

Profile photo of Shaza Moky Shaza Moky

    Dear, Shaza.
    Nose for value, means that you have a good sense for business, you are able to buy things in their fair prices.

    Profile photo of w4gnersilv4 w4gnersilv4

    if you have a nose for value, it means you know what is good and what is bad, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do :)

    Profile photo of Cinnamon Windy Cinnamon Windy

wow, I got 10/10.
Many thanks james.

Profile photo of Miramis Miramis

bingo… 10/10
thanks very much

Profile photo of Amar Amor Amar Amor

We are making a lot of headway or headways?

Profile photo of Yasser sarraj Yasser sarraj

I got 8 correct out of 10. Good for me :) Thank you for your interesting lesson, James and Mr. E. Helpful :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Hey James! I have a vocabulary question: is there any difference between the words “present” and “gift”? is there a special situation that we have to use one or another?

Profile photo of Nelirene Nelirene

    Diferença em significado, nenhum. “Present” veio do Latim, “gift” do inglês antigo.

    No uso idiomático vc encontra um ou o outro sendo empregado distintamente em muitos casos.
    Por exemplo, “gift-giving” usa “gift” especificamente.
    Esses casos aprendemos aos poucos.

    Gift pode significar “dom”,”talento para se fazer algo”. Veja:

    a) He has a gift for languages. (Ele tem talento para línguas.)
    b) She had a gift for music. (Ela tinha um dom para música.)

    *Neste caso não se usa “present”.

    Profile photo of w4gnersilv4 w4gnersilv4

9/10. Mr.E…..uh…It’s on the tip of my tongue, I forgot what I wanted say.

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Thank James for this lesson… I repeat several times

Profile photo of dougss dougss

It is informative video. Sir, you always comes with good lecture and learn to us with happiness.

Profile photo of MANISH MANISH

Thank u james I’m making headway step by step with ur great lessons:-)

Profile photo of cagan cagan

great thank you , i got 10 out of 10

Profile photo of poloo poloo

I guess that i will make headway in learning English on Engvid without having to pay through the nose or listening to lippy teachers , and because i have a nose for value , i am sure about it , many words was on the tip of my tongue to describe how greatness of this site , but let’s face it , i learn new words and improve my English everyday , many thanks for all teachers and site admins :)

Profile photo of Anaselmasre88 Anaselmasre88

10/10 What I have to tell you is, you are ah………??! Well, you as a teacher ah… Well is on the tip of my tongue but now I don’t remember, anyway tomorrow I’ll say to you, my opinion, and you have to face it!

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Privet, James! Kak dela? Spasibo za urok! Lubl’u teb’ya brat! You’re the best and I still in love with you. Welcome to Russia!

Profile photo of Andrey Panin Andrey Panin

I have a questions
Is lippy like a persons who lye or a lyier?

Profile photo of Mabla Mabla

    lippy is someone who talk a lot which jump from one topic to another topic in short time. :D

    Profile photo of mfauzanazim mfauzanazim

Or is only a persons who talk a lot

Profile photo of Mabla Mabla

    i think “lippy” is the person who talks too much in a rude way .

    Profile photo of close alg close alg

very nice lesson.well done James.

Profile photo of tutte tutte

i do not make headway in english with you i make headway with rebecca hh i just joke you ar a good teacher as well

Profile photo of ayoublife ayoublife

Assalam Alekum bro. It was really Super. I’m making headway with your lessons. What was your name Mr J it is in my tip of tongue… . Oh! James. Thank you James

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Profile photo of Yah7772 Yah7772

Great lesson!!! as expected from teacher James ^_^

Profile photo of Hiber Hiber

Thank you James,Good lesson. Now I just need to practice a lot.

Profile photo of Karito23 Karito23

A very helpful lesson
thanks James you’re great :D

Profile photo of Nure.N Nure.N

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

i cant understand the difference between (nose for value) and (paying through the nose)

Profile photo of haidy mahmoud haidy mahmoud

great lesson

Profile photo of radek83 radek83

cool… i got 10 out of 10. this is my first time i took the quiz.. it is very nice. i feel really happy found this helpful website. really help me a lot.. thanks mr james and mr e :D

Profile photo of mfauzanazim mfauzanazim

Thank you got 50%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Hello, thx so much James about the lesson. It’s very useful but I have a question but it’s not quite relevant in this lesson. I wonder “Why did you do that?” and “Why would you do that?” is there any different meaning? Thx you so much I hope to hear from you soon! :D

Profile photo of mellibarara mellibarara

very helpful and super cool.

Profile photo of som shaw som shaw

thanks james

Profile photo of sh0wb0i sh0wb0i

James- You are Star!

Profile photo of MrsSmoka MrsSmoka

good lesson

Profile photo of leo26572000 leo26572000

I haven’t seen you for a while, James, but I liked your lesson as always.

Profile photo of thinopar thinopar

All about this lesson was new for me, tks was very helpful

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Profile photo of RAGHAD Q RAGHAD Q

James, very good Russian! And very interesting lesson as usual.

Profile photo of NadiaYakovleva NadiaYakovleva

Very interesting!learning expressions is very useful!

Profile photo of margarita rosa torres margarita rosa torres

THanks James, It was such a clear lesson.

Profile photo of newtonpapa newtonpapa

thank you! great lesson :)

Profile photo of Meredith Meredith

yeah! i did it ; i got 10/10 !!! thanx

Profile photo of lili1200 lili1200

It was such an interesting lesson ..

Profile photo of Khaled Mohammed Khaled Mohammed

Hello! I am a beginner and i cant’ speak english very well, but i have a question, can anyone give me a website where I can watch some film’s with subtitles or without them. It’s my first day , so i hope that my english will be beter if I lissen to your lessons. Thanks!

Profile photo of Adam8195 Adam8195

    they are planty at http://lingualeo.com/
    here you can find movies, news, music in English and all are free

    Profile photo of RAMIS139 RAMIS139

Thanks James

Profile photo of Sacure12 Sacure12

Thanks jame

Profile photo of Patriciapetter Patriciapetter

Great lesson , Thanks :)

Profile photo of Hossam El-Ghareeb Hossam El-Ghareeb

Hi James! Thank you for this brilliant and funny lesson ;-)

Profile photo of Ms Flea Ms Flea

Hii James ,Really a very nice tutorial.

Could you upload a video for vocabulary related to Police…I mean When We go to police station what should we say in which manner…and some words that are often used in police station….

Sorry for any grammatical mistake

Profile photo of DubeyIndia DubeyIndia

Hellow one more time.

Profile photo of bundersvaguen bundersvaguen

James as usual extremely hilarious! Welcome to Russia!

Profile photo of Serginho18 Serginho18

Thank you!;) Russia is an amazing country, you’re welcome!

Profile photo of lidiyabakhova17 lidiyabakhova17

I want to learn English from the beginning. Suitable method

Profile photo of MOH jsk MOH jsk

Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Your examples were very understandable

Profile photo of bouzekri bouzekri

I didn’t get it before you said it’s Russian;) and had to rewind.

Profile photo of sonjana sonjana

Short writing using these expressions !!(waiting corrections :) )

Actually, i am in a critical age which i believe that any decision made will shape my future. That’s why i should be aware to do well. So, i have a lot of my mind, many problems to face but iam slightly secure because i have noise for value and when i want something, i pay for the noise to get it.So, iam always making headway.

Profile photo of conanarchi conanarchi

i guess i fixed it this part ;)

Profile photo of orora orora

it’s a very helpful lesson. Ty James

Profile photo of Nelfo Nelfo

it’s cool. Thanks James

Profile photo of Islambek Islambek

It’s very useful .Thanks James

Profile photo of Mohammed-Ali Mohammed-Ali

Thank you so much Jame. Very interesting lesson.

Profile photo of Kevindon Kevindon

‘Lippy’ and ‘pay through the nose’ are new for me.It was an enjoyable lesson.Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of ANADOLU ANADOLU

Thank you!!

Profile photo of WerdGu WerdGu

i so loving it ! i Got 10/10 thanks much Sir James keep it up ! lovelots ! :*

Profile photo of Alma Alma

Im making a headway to improve my english speaking right now. God Bless you all ! mwaaah ! :*

Profile photo of Alma Alma

Hi, James, it’s a fairly useful lesson. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

Hi, James, it’s a fairly useful lesson. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

it was great.

Profile photo of panahian panahian

thanks . ur way is soo interesting

Profile photo of Esoo Esoo

Good lesson, thx

Profile photo of manelperg manelperg

I got 10/10 ☆
Thanks James♥

Profile photo of haidyahmedd haidyahmedd

100 thank james (y)

Profile photo of samgh7 samgh7

Thank you.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Very nice….

Profile photo of vishupaul vishupaul

wow i got 10/10 .. well i’ve a lot in my mind n i dont wanna get lippy but i wanna say that u are an unique teacher i enjoy watching your lessons jams keep it up you help us a lot thanks :)

Profile photo of close alg close alg

Thanks a lot! 10/10…

Profile photo of Hector Balcaza Hector Balcaza

I only have two days since i discovered this web site and its actually usefull i lime so much your lesson its nose for value

Profile photo of juanung juanung

What a lesson! I definitely found out that I have a nose for value watching James on engvid. Was Mr. E the one who taught you to be an awesome teacher? Thank You!

Profile photo of Djalmajunio Djalmajunio

I am new member in the wet site. how do we can take a essay from here

Profile photo of mostafa.mf mostafa.mf

You’re the man!

Profile photo of blueberryOF blueberryOF

Very interesting lesson ! Thank you so much

Profile photo of Sady26 Sady26

It was my first lesson with you guys but I like it so far I believe the these lessons make me go headway with my English proficiency !

Profile photo of Donny7 Donny7

Does James reply to your questions?

Profile photo of wiharsoyo wiharsoyo

oh nice job lets face it together and try to make more headway and with Mr J , we dnt need to pay through nose so it is nose for value for us and we can be lippy with each other to learn more lol

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Profile photo of Sandeep Sandeep

it is a great lesson
i got 9/10
thanks a lot Mr.james

Profile photo of shadikontar shadikontar

nice lesson i got 10/10 & very nice explanation

Profile photo of Aboood Aboood

Fantastic lesson Mr James I’ve got a 10/10 in quiz

Profile photo of Mohammed ammouri Mohammed ammouri

Thank you

Profile photo of banuyulu banuyulu

Thanks a lot James

Profile photo of albahusa albahusa

Thanks my best teacher :D … English is a massive challenge that we should face it .

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

I ‘ve got 10

Profile photo of anneth04 anneth04

So happy, I got 10…Jamies you are really funny. I like that you acted your head moving while you are walking. hahaha so funny.
I am hope I can make some headway to my English studies by watch your Video. Thank you James!

Profile photo of Gloria Gloria

i got it thanks James!

Profile photo of khachoangnh khachoangnh

great lesson :)you are so funny :)

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I love ur lessons

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I got 10/10

Profile photo of Lichibeth Lichibeth

thank you very much for the lesson!

Profile photo of Misstasy Misstasy

great lesson
i got 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of hawsa hawsa

Nice way of training, thank you James

Profile photo of Raynald Raynald

9/10! Thank you James! You’ra cool!

Profile photo of loveJames loveJames

James,your awesome thank you so much,but how about
FACE VALUE Id really apreciate your answer.

Profile photo of alainaldo alainaldo

Awesome lesson, thanks james!!

Profile photo of J-cox J-cox

I got perfect score. Thank you James…

Profile photo of hanaregina hanaregina

Got 100/100
Nice quiz

Profile photo of aj1cesar aj1cesar

Hello James, first I would like to thank you this lesson. I just looked around on “our class” and it is very good to realize that we are here from all over the world (as a big International class) to learn what you teach…I we are doing it consistently. It is so cool James do not you think so?!HELLO EVERYBODY IN THE CLASS:)

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

Thanks Mr. James I learned a lot on this lesson and the other previous videos. Yes you were right we paid nothing but we learned a lot. Thanks for this free English lessons it helped us a lot in life. God bless you for your kindness.

Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

Another great lesson for learning english….with a very smart teacher ;-) Thx James

Profile photo of Reynald Reynald

Never seen anyone having that much fun while teaching :) I love you James :D

Profile photo of dreamer dreamer

10 out of 10 ! you are an Amazing Teacher! Thanks!!

Profile photo of Tahir@10 Tahir@10

very good lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

Nice lesson!!!…………

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

I got 9 to 10.. . but not happy with this.. .
anyway thanks for this lesson.. .

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

really really a headway with English ,,thanks a lot james

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Profile photo of nani2006 nani2006

I invented that James is nothing but a living thing
Am Iright James…..

Profile photo of nanig nanig

    I invented that James is nothing but a living thing
    Am I right James….

    Profile photo of nanig nanig

James if you want to practice your Russian you better come to Ukraine, ladies are more beautiful here))
Thank you for such a fun lesson, you are the one who is fabulous!

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Profile photo of polathan polathan

I understood this lesson very well and I hope if I’m making headway on my English language. To my mind your the only one who can teach the best!! Thank you very much for recording such a video!!!!Well done👍👍👏👏

Profile photo of Abdurakhim Abdurakhim

10/10 ! You are magic teacher. Thank you.

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8out of 10 yhanks

Profile photo of imtasal hayee imtasal hayee

I paid through the nose for a book last night. I could get it from another place with a lower price :'(

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I got 10 .
Thanks for the great lesson

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Good lesson. Thank you very much!

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amazing lesson thanks A lot

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thank you got 90

Profile photo of ghost32 ghost32

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Hi James, I have been learning english for two years. But your Videos are absolutely fabelous. You are a handsome man with a lot of Humor. I deeply appreciate it. Many Thanks!!!

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I’m making headway in English. Why should I be paying through the nose to learn English, when there is EngVid as nose for value. Thanks James for the lesson, and I got 10 out of 10.

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