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That’s a great lesson, James as usual! Thank you so much! So his heart was sent? Not set? 12:42 check it out !


    delete this comment, James did correct the mistake :D


      He has a light-hearted to put this comment here and he doesn’t have to delete it and I have the heart set on watching James’s videos cuz he is a superb man and I know it by heart and cross my heart all I am saying is true and follow ur heart to do the best not as James said at his video half-hearted blah blah blah btw love u James and my heart skipped a beat whenever I watch ur videos so keep it up and take heart we will ur videos great again haha, at the end I learned tons of words from u and I appreciate it u are an amazing man I hope the best for u.

      Eslam Ashrf 123

Hello .My Dear teacher
My name is emad. Fortunately I became familiar with (engvid) two years ago and have been following your lesson for long time . i have some question about English which I would be grateful if you answer them . I am aware that they might seem strange , so i really need your help, Thanks.

1) Dose the pronunciation of a word in English make it formal or informal ???

2) Do you as native speaker consider these two sentence differently ?
( door has been locked) (door’s been locked)

3) What about the verb ( tobe) ?
( he is nice ) ( he’s nice )
(Do not do that )( dont do that)

4) dose English language have
special grammar or structure for writing or the grammar is the same ?

5) could you possibly introduce us a good book in this subject ?

I hope you can get my point . because in my language or two other one that i am familiar with , the way and the tone words are said make them polite or formal or informal . The reason why i emphasis this point is that since english word are not changed in text , student are confused and do not know whether it is in polite way ( formal ) or not .

I will send this email to others teacher in order to hear all opinion as well .
We are all looking forward to your reply .


07/10 . Thank you James . One of the best lesson ! <3


Thanks dear sir

Nazifa masjidi

It was great lesson!

Nazifa masjidi

    hi nazife if you like to practice with me just leave comment

    yosof khaled

Thank you so much for this interesting and useful expressions James!!!
Nice bracelet with the Spanish flag, btw ;)


Thank u, James) It’s so sweet that u clothed pink tshirt specialy for valentine’s lesson)


easy but then i got


8 out of 10..lol


Thank you, teacher…!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thanks a lot, James. Very useful lesson. Have a good week.


Thanks Mr James .

husam simawi

Hi everybody!
Thank you for your job, James from engVid! I think your lessons is simply gorgeous, I mean it.

In Belarus we also celebrate St.Valentine’s Day. But I don’t really like it because, as I believe, each couple have their own day to celebrate and it is much more intimate than Valentine’s Day which became a part of mass culture, I think. However, it is a good reason to learn by heart some related English expressions J

And I have a question, maybe somebody can help me. What does the idiom “wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve” mean and is it common to use?


Hi everyoen!


Great lesson!

My high-school English teacher was well known for being a fair, but hard, grader. One day I received a B minus on a theme paper. In hopes of bettering my grade and in the spirit of the valentine season, I sent her an extravagant heart-shaped box of chocolates with the pre-printed inscription: “BE MINE.” The following day, I received in return a valentine from the teacher. It read: “Thank you, but it’s still BE MINE-US.”


Since I know Engvid I set my heart on visiting Canada. I need a heart to heart conversation with myself. I don’t have the heart to say to my mom that this country is like a prison to me. To be honest it’s scary to move after 40. I wish I could at least take a course in Canada. Even when I think about meeting you my heart is in my mouth. In one of your lessons you said:” if you’re not moving why are you learning”! my heart skipped a beat, I was like James is right. what if I never go out of this country. What if Chinese become international language. I just love my teachers and I love you more James cause you make us laugh and learn. I hope you always be happy and healthy and safe, and laugh like ……..:)


    You should do something! You really need someone to help you think better, decide better and do better. Your country is a prison !!!! The place you have your mother, father, close friends, you have been born , you breathe ……!!!??? So terrible !!!


I got 10/10 :)


please tell me how can I watch the video


    Hi, candice123, all our videos are on YouTube. If you are visiting the site from China, YouTube will be blocked.

    engVid Moderator

      Thank you very much


Happy valentines day everyone.


    You tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Hannah Igwubor

I have 8/10, I mistake 2 quetions and feel confusing about the meaning of idiom skip a heart, anyway thank James

nguyen van long

    Hi Nguyen,




I have o mistake so did 10 of 10 questions.Thank you James for interesting lesson

Alexandra Chshelokova

i got 8 out of 10. woo


100 percent at the first attempt


thank you very much, James .


Great job for everybody, I wish you luck in the future.


Thank you so much it`s was great.


Thank you James. Nice to have a heart topic with you.


I have heart set on learning English and EngVid is just help me to follow my heart. James, Man, You are a heart of Gold. You provide us with the lessons in a light-hearted way so that we don’t have to by heart those things. My heart skipped a bit while I am writing the Comment. To be honest I am a half-hearted person in all my activities but I took EngVid lessons heart to heart. While following my heart I just not able to set my heart.


Yesterday, the teacher asked us to learn the lesson by heart; i went home and first i had light hearted conversation with my brother. Then i had some heart to heart discussion with my father. Finally, i asked the heart of my hearts to memorize the lesson honestly and not to make a half hearted effort, and i did that.
Thanks Sir James :)


First of all, thank you James, for another good lesson. However, is not missing the subject “I” in the enunciate (or in the answer) of the second question? In my opinion, without the “I” (I cross my heart), the correct answer would be “take heart”.


Thank you very much Mr. James.


I wanted have a light-hearted conversation with my teacher, but I had a heart to heart with him. I said: “I want learn English, I have my heart is set on it.” And him said: “take heart, you will get it, just follow your heart and do your lesson every day, but don’t do it half-hearted”.


I got 8 correct. ???

Reetika Vaid

Very useful lesson. tahnk you!


that was a great lesson james


Thanks our dear teacher for your amazing work)


Thank you teacher


where is my subtitles ?


Thank you James for this lesson


This morning i have my heart set on the trip to Chicago. The plane will boarding at 10 a.m but there is a tornado in Chicago so i changed my heart to the late flight in the afternoon. My friends told me to just take heart and don’t worry too much about the trip.I listened to them then i decided to read a book at the waiting room, i Have read the book so much that i can tell what the book said by heart.The waiting room was comfortable, nice and the security man there has a heart of gold showing us the way to the check-ins.


Hi!Icannot watch your lessons video,and I don’t know how to solve it!Could you help me with it,thanks!


Thanks for your kindness , you’re a heart of gold. I really want to have a light hearted conversation with you. I cross my heat to go to your place. This was my dream.


It was a sunny autumn day, when he saw her. His heart was skipping a bit, that’s how beautiful she was. He came to her and asked:”How are you?”. But she didn’t say anything. Instead of it she looked at him angry,and then asked:”Didn’t you remember me?” His heart was in his throat. She was the girl, that he was picking on in a school. “Molly, is that you” – he asked. “Now you remember me” – she answered. “Common, you had a heart of gold. Can you forgive me?” – he asked.


Thanks James. I got 7 of 10.

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