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Thank you for the class, Jade! You have an incredible way of teaching! Congratulations! Francisco.

Profile photo of franciscoscesar franciscoscesar

    All of us learn in different ways, however as far as I can tell language teaching methods used in language institutes/school and even universities do not pay enough attention to this issue.

    In other words, in these places students of English are practically left to their own devices.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thank you Jade , it’s a good lesson .

Profile photo of Tr4him Tr4him

Thanks Jade, I got 100%. I am a visual(45%), auditory(20%) and kinesthetic(35%) learner :D

Profile photo of cipenad cipenad

    I’m a visual and a kind of auditory learner; I did not know that until I watched this video. Interesting quiz to find out your learning style.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thank you Jade , its a great lesson.

Profile photo of footdor footdor

100. I really like this video Jade. Very useful ande clear. Thanks.

Profile photo of Silvi@ Silvi@

Jade.. you are the best! :)

Profile photo of Yazeed Alsahafi Yazeed Alsahafi

I got 8 correct out of 10. BTW I’m a visual(40%), auditory(40%) and kinesthetic (20%) learner…maybe. Thank you for your interesting lesson, Jade. Engvid is the best for me learining English :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

All of us learn in different ways, however it is a fact that language teaching methods used in language institutes/schools do not pay enough attention to learning styles.

Profile photo of Regino Regino

Is it possible to get English training in CD?


    Hi Prasad,

    There are lots of English learning CDs and DVDs out there.

    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

When she teaches ,i like to study

Profile photo of anushanga1 anushanga1

    Hi anushanga,

    greetings form India! It is good that you find her lessons motivating you to study :)

    By the way, I am a fan of Germany as well!

    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Very interesting thank you jade

Profile photo of Olivier777 Olivier777

Jade. Great lesson! Thanks. A by the way.
Du You explain me and others, what mean sentences: “and the way your mind ticks”. I guess I’m not sure. With contest it is like “to glue” or “to stick” information to mind.

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

    Hi eurokolchoznik,

    the word ‘tick’ is mostly used for clocks. The way a clock ticks i.e. tick tock tick tock…

    By ‘tick’, Jade means ‘work’. So, when she says, “and the way your mind ticks”, she means, “and the way your mind works/learns best”.


    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

thankyou about your help

Profile photo of yaser ahmed ali yaser ahmed ali

Thanks Jade. Very interesting information!

Profile photo of JohnnyEnglish JohnnyEnglish

Good morning many thanks

Profile photo of khalidse10 khalidse10

Thank you. Actually I understand you more than all teachers here

Profile photo of basel crystal basel crystal

I higly recommend that video, THX Jade. It shows you how to improve your english skill doing that is best for you. I got 30% visual, 10% auditor and finally 60% Kinesthetic. Please, continue doing this fantastic and useful job!

Profile photo of enpuna enpuna

Hi..Jade! Great work! Can we combine the best of each and make the best module for learning a language?

Profile photo of sunethpathirana sunethpathirana

Hi everyone.who wants talk with me for incresing level ,call me in skype : aliyev.yusif91

Profile photo of Natiq (ADIU  FINANCE) Natiq (ADIU FINANCE)

thanks a lot

Profile photo of wafa1000000 wafa1000000

thank for this lesson

Profile photo of rfabiancastro99 rfabiancastro99

thx jade great lesson , from your lesson I got that I was visual learner before but, by passing time I changed to auditory learner because I noticed that I have a lot of problem in pronunciation and understanding :)

Profile photo of Emily1973 Emily1973

I am not a particular type of learner. Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of tc7787 tc7787

I think I am a auditory learner. But, when i heard lessons or news on the podcast, I only can remember something a little. How can I improve my memory skill ?

Profile photo of classmate0012 classmate0012


    i’d suggest you try to make an image in your mind, as you listen to podcasts and news headlines. Try to imagine whatever they are describing, as if it is really happening. You will find that you can remember more this way. It works for me :)


    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Thank you Jade, first time i see this way to separate people by group. I think it’s better method.

Profile photo of Platon Platon

Jade you are awesome! Thank u!

Profile photo of Matheusms88 Matheusms88

Thank you! Jade. :)

Profile photo of Peter Jeon Peter Jeon

Thank you Jad, that lesson is too helpful to try out a new methods of learning styles.

Profile photo of Fikos Fikos

Thank you for this cool lesson.
I’m sure it helps me)

Profile photo of Kerr Kerr

Excellent lesson!

Profile photo of audrysilva audrysilva

Excellent lesson!

Profile photo of audrysilva audrysilva

    And you are excellent too.

    Profile photo of dfantauzzi769 dfantauzzi769

Thank you .. It’s very nice

Profile photo of Saad-95 Saad-95

8/10 the truth is I didn’t pay to much attention to the quiz this time the quiz was a little boring. But that’s ok because I’m a auditory learner.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Pretty good

Profile photo of frank.24 frank.24

thank you :D

Profile photo of Wael-gh Wael-gh

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

All of yours lesson is extremely amazing
but i would like to remind you that you have mentioned in this video visual 30%,auditors 34% and kinaesthetic 37%
so the total is 101%
it’s a bit mistake or it’s a wrong
please don’t get me wrong. i am native INDIA and i am learning English engvid and some website…
i am just asking and don’t wanna put you down
please reply

Profile photo of sonykhan sonykhan

    Hi Sony,

    It is just a slight calculation mistake. Don’t worry! It does not make a big difference and the corrected figures would pretty much be the same.


    Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Thank you c:

Profile photo of Nelfo Nelfo

Omg guys, You’re amazing!!!

Profile photo of Lara Lorentz Lara Lorentz

Thanks a lot. This’s a wonderful lesson.
I’m a visual learner. ^^

Profile photo of lookmee-kitiya lookmee-kitiya

Thanks jada

Profile photo of redouane saied redouane saied

Thank you …..nice

Profile photo of E.Gadi E.Gadi

I’m a little bit of every type. So what way of learning is the best for me? All of them?

Profile photo of Tinve Tinve

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Well done, Jade! This video really helped me to choose which tools I have to give preference to improve my English!

Profile photo of NandoMarx NandoMarx

thx Ms Jade , very helpful :)

Profile photo of Ph_h Ph_h

Jade, thank you so much! You are another brilliant in the EngVid crown! I thank your boss for getting such an incredible team and that everyone in the world has an access to you and it’s just for free!

Profile photo of sonjana sonjana

Thanks got 50%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Thanks Jade!
I’m kinesthetic as you and slightly visual.

Profile photo of William Flores William Flores

Thank you Jade!!!

Profile photo of giovannagb giovannagb

Hey guys if you wanna speak to other people to improve your English feel free to talk to me I’ll be happy to help you ^~^

Profile photo of None None

    Hi Dat, it is a good idea to practise your English on someone; as the saying goes, “Practise makes perfect”.

    I’m sure you know of some reliable websites that can help us to improve a bit our speaking skills.

    I’ contact you as soon as you reply to this post; hope you do not mind.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino


      Profile photo of Death Devil !!!! Death Devil !!!!

        While I agree with you here, please don’t spam the comments, and avoid typing in UPPERCASE and using too many exclamation marks (!). It makes it sound like you’re shouting angrily.

        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks Jade! I liked the clases! :) I’m very visual!

Profile photo of Loveee3 Loveee3

Thank you Jade, I am a fully visual student.

Profile photo of hsiaocp hsiaocp

It’s very interesting lesson and helpful.
Thank you Jade, I want to follow three ways to learn faster.

Profile photo of muhammadgad muhammadgad

Thanks a lot Jade! this one is really Helpful

Profile photo of Zup Tim Zup Tim

I want to know what is the importance of this lesson .just to determine my style on learning ???

Profile photo of mony omnia mony omnia

    of course.

    Profile photo of Jackkuo Jackkuo

Thanks for the class Jade! It was amazing!

Profile photo of wilsonvigil wilsonvigil

I ain’t get much of it, though helpful.

Profile photo of bhrung bhrung

Thanks for all lesson jade !!1

Profile photo of

Thank you jade ! I got 9 correct out of 10 .

Profile photo of Thehabibkh Thehabibkh

What a good teacher you are! You’re absolutely great ! Thanks.

Profile photo of fredric13 fredric13

JADE is delightful as usual! Very informative lesson. Over the lessons I got used to your terrific and fabulous London accent)
I’ve got a question. Should we concentrate on our strenghts or develop our weaker skills during our learning?

Profile photo of Serginho18 Serginho18

Useful video ! I’d like to practise my english and need partners, so here is my skype, feel free to contact me: queenhoudita

Profile photo of houdita houdita

Oh God thanks you so much. really thanks

Profile photo of infusion09 infusion09

The future of these internet materials are going to be free for most people.

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

British always more polite, more cute than American. ;)

Profile photo of movingcity movingcity

I’m so please to visit this site again.
I have again some other question which I hope you could answer them well
What is the deference between linguistic competence and linguistic performance?
What is the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive grammar?
What is the distinction between constitutive and regulative rules in English?

Profile photo of 123456mehdi 123456mehdi

You are really awesome teaching, Jade. Thanks a lot! :)

Profile photo of fredericosp fredericosp

Jade, you are so beautiful ^^ Thanks for your lessons.

Profile photo of OcelotAlexey OcelotAlexey

The lesson is very helpful! Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Bo Cau Bo Cau

Thanks alot jade ❤️

Profile photo of houriyah houriyah

Thank u so much Jade

Profile photo of jesus1992 jesus1992

i got 100%, i am a auditor, thanks

Profile photo of gdpwpw gdpwpw

thank you.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

very interesting lesson, thank you very much, it helps me a lot! I study english since I was a teenager and just now I have figure out my best way for learning!

Profile photo of Daniel Ferr Daniel Ferr


Profile photo of sabina93 sabina93

Thanks for your lessons Jade. I love your pronunciation.

Profile photo of beat beat

Thank you very much for a good lesson!

Profile photo of yoshiaki24 yoshiaki24

tank you jade , this lesson was helpfull

Profile photo of chico06 chico06

Thank you much Jade for your advices :)

Profile photo of SimoneTruglia SimoneTruglia

    *so much xD

    Profile photo of SimoneTruglia SimoneTruglia

when i need to find somewhere in florida we drive around main streets, where to go buses ,we follow yellow cabs. we use gps by smart phone due to every house are the same structure . long streets . south ,west, north , east.

Profile photo of aprendo1 aprendo1

thank you very much jade!!!

Profile photo of datphan datphan

Thanks Jade, it’s very interesting! :)

Profile photo of Tiago de Souza da Silva Tiago de Souza da Silva

This was definitely an amazing lesson. It opened my mind in so many ways. Thanks, Jade.

Profile photo of READER READER

hey everybody. If somebody wants improve your english and my, this is my skype: Kamilos93

Profile photo of kotwil kotwil

Thanks for your class… by the way, i love your accent :)

Profile photo of Arem2012 Arem2012

Thanks jade for this lesson. a am brazilian and i need really enprove my english

Profile photo of Jose oliver Jose oliver

10 out of 10….thank you jade

Profile photo of hedirwandzy hedirwandzy

thanks teacher a lot , it is very good

Profile photo of baotrungsocola baotrungsocola

So helpful! Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of EngVic EngVic

It’s a good lesson
Thank you Jade :)

Profile photo of Mohammed Naktal Mohammed Naktal

somehow it’s always %90…
Do you have any suggestion to make this quizzes a bit more succesfull :)

Profile photo of teo teo

Thank you verymuch Jade!

Profile photo of Kelmace Kelmace

Yes, I got 70!
Thank you very much Jade!

Profile photo of Kelmace Kelmace

Wow….90/100…what a performance!
Infinitely thanks Jade for this lesson! I wish we had more lessons like this to practice much. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!
I am a kinesthetic learner. I wish I perfectly spoke English.

Profile photo of arnaud99 arnaud99

That’s is a very good method. Thanks for that Jade. Please do keep up the good work.

Profile photo of jairouco jairouco

Thanks, Jade, I have learnt much in your class.

Profile photo of stevenjown stevenjown

wow I got 10 ! thank you a lot!

Profile photo of amancay amancay

I got 100% it was very good and clear lucture thank you Jade

Profile photo of atheelalkaaby atheelalkaaby


Profile photo of Maryana Keleman Maryana Keleman

I like you Jade .. I have learned all what I need in this lesson.

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Ghalib Bin Talib Ghalib Bin Talib

thank you jade

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

According to what you explained, I think I´m predominantly a kinesthetic learner. I usually learn better by practicing. I also have caracteristics of other kinds of learners, but in general I´m pretty much kinesthetic. That´s why I decided to leave a comment in this section. For me this is a useful way to practice english, along with the quiz. Thanks for teaching.

Profile photo of Favila Favila

oh really it is easy for me to do for all of them .thank you so much for this golden lesson

Profile photo of nasteha mohamood nasteha mohamood

Thank you very much Jade.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

Thanks for this Lesson.

Profile photo of Turay Steven Turay Steven

watching film I think two type of learning
visual + auditory? what do you think Deg?
and about subtitles readers is more visual because read is who blind can’t read

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

THank you very much. I am from Perú and i really feel happy to be involved in this project.

Profile photo of lupikepi lupikepi

Thank you for the lesson I got 100 %

Profile photo of shammaa shammaa

I loved the test, I´m 100% visual learner.. I got 10 out of 10 correct. tks for this !

Profile photo of thiagomoraz thiagomoraz

Thank you for the good lesson
Just a question: according the video quiz I’m a 100% kinesthetic learner but I’m used to speak very fast, I love to talk and listen, I’m very good to remember faces but I forgot names, and I like to put down notes during lessons.
So, am I a freak of nature?

Profile photo of StefanoFromPavia StefanoFromPavia

I love it so much . Thanks

Profile photo of takouit takouit

thanks alot Jade
to evry body
if you want to learn english by speaking,
call me by skype mohammad61331
my E-mail is

Profile photo of mouhammad mouhammad

im the visual one :D

Profile photo of katyjpc katyjpc

Thank you, Jade. Great lesson.)

Profile photo of dezintegro dezintegro

i got 9 of 10. Kinesthetic. Thnk Jade

Profile photo of slean1 slean1

thank you Jade.

Profile photo of CaoNgoc CaoNgoc

Excellent video Jade… Thank you so much for your time…!

Profile photo of Magiruz Magiruz

Thank you very much “Jade”, I hope i know this site before.but i think i can do better next days

Profile photo of abosherif abosherif

thanks so much Jade, That lessons help me how to learn better with these skills

Profile photo of tranducquanueh tranducquanueh

Jade, for me it’s such a pleasure to just listen to your accent!) even when I’m not listening what you actually talk about :)) thanks for your lessons!

Profile photo of Tymczenko Tymczenko

In this lesson I didn’t understood much, maibe I have to repeat repeat and repeat

Profile photo of dfantauzzi769 dfantauzzi769

I had 9 of 10

Profile photo of Mohammed Hashem Mohammed Hashem

Thank you Jade. :)

Profile photo of iryna25 iryna25

8/10 :D

I consider that I’m a student with auditory style!

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you Jade, it was funny for me to consider that visual learners talk quickly. I’m a little bit all styles learner although the auditory is that one I prefer but I usually speak very quickly especially in my mother tongue :-)

Profile photo of madziaos madziaos

thank you a lot

Profile photo of hepi cahyadi hepi cahyadi

Hi, this is my first step in engvid. I hope it is useful.

Profile photo of Mahmoud Tolou Mahmoud Tolou

Thank you for your lesson! I am a kinesthetic learner.
I will try to learn English for actual practice.

Profile photo of Yuto Iida Yuto Iida

thanks jade, Iam very happy with these class, I like very much

Profile photo of Bruno rivera Bruno rivera

I found that I am a visual learner
Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of sumayah sumayah

Hi Jade!
Thank you so much by teachings

Profile photo of Rockronalds Rockronalds

Thank YOU!

Profile photo of iryna25 iryna25

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of renjith1980 renjith1980

Very good information, thanks.

Profile photo of Monica100 Monica100

I’m kinestetic too. But I want to watch your podcasts further. Thanks a lot, Jade.

Profile photo of veriga veriga

thank you Jade

Profile photo of Fianna-law Fianna-law

i can’t understand without subtitle your speak english so fluently i like you speaking english i want to speak english like you

Profile photo of Shams Mahsud Shams Mahsud

    i can’t understand without subtitle you speak english so fluently i like your speaking english i want to speak english like you

    Profile photo of Shams Mahsud Shams Mahsud

A good lesson ! Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

I love this video. It is very useful. Thank you Jade!!

Profile photo of Olive70 Olive70

Very interesting and helpful lesson. Thanks.

Profile photo of Neurodoctor Neurodoctor

Thank you jade.

Profile photo of shajiczr shajiczr

I am a visual learner. (-:
8/8! Thank you jade!

Profile photo of leandronada leandronada

I got 100% too.

Profile photo of Lana Lana

ı think ı am visual lerner

Profile photo of drridvan drridvan


Profile photo of tagedw tagedw

I got 90% thinks

Profile photo of Bekamd Bekamd

Im a auditory learning and I love all Jade class.. tanks Jade I got 80%

Profile photo of marioluciosjr marioluciosjr

Hellô. Thank you

Profile photo of Ida57 Ida57

Hi Jade, it is one of best informative lesson.I really enjoyed it. I am part of visual, auditory and kinetic learn. It depend on time and availability.

Profile photo of

thank you jade. I am learning by having fun with you. again thank you

Profile photo of selcukyurek selcukyurek

Thanks for the class :)
I took the quizz and got 100 yay!

Profile photo of Lady Oda Lady Oda

after watching this video I find out that I am kind of Introvert person. I am quite sure Your advice regard to this issue will help me a lot in order to improve my English Knowledge. Tank you dear.

Profile photo of Saifulhaq Saifulhaq

I got 9 correct out of 10
Thank you for the lesson Jade

Profile photo of otmane abdane otmane abdane

Great sesson, now I know why I do or don’t use certain tools. I’ll explain my teacher ;-)

Profile photo of CBob CBob

i really love the way you teach its very easy to understand

Profile photo of lauigan lauigan

Thanks Jade.

Profile photo of Halilcan12 Halilcan12
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