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90% .it’s great lesson. Thanks

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    I completely agree with you ! It was a great video lesson Dr. Solaiman.

    By the way, are you a doctor?

    Bye for now.

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      Hi… Yah i am doctor, s .i am surgeon .specalist in emegency medicine

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    Thank you, Dr Solaiman. I wish you all the best with your English – so critical in your very important line of work.

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      I am very happy. that you write me my teacher Rebecca. It’ something great. Thanks a lot

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it looks that the seventh answer is incorrect as it refers to the first choice as the correct one,whilst it should be the third.
am i right?

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    I really didn’t understand you, maybe because of my bad English, but the 7th question’s answer is “Could you to repeat that please” and the 2nd and 3rd answers are correct to say but don’t suit the question.

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    Remember, the question asked which answer was WRONG!

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9/10 , Thanks a lot :)

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So perfect lesson!!! …and I did the highest score 10/10!!! Thank you Rebecca :)

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Very important this lesson !! Thanks

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very good lesson.

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90% is good score, thank you

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Very useful tips…thanks so much

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7, incorrect answer!

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Thank you for your great tips, Rebecca :)

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Thank you for your helpful tips!

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Magnificent,it’s helpful. Thank you .
I’m lucky I got 9/10 .

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Thank you for your lesson. I got 6 correct out of 10.

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Hi, Rebecca! I want to pass bec vantage exam next year. But I can’t get enough preparing materials. Could you advice me something? Thank you

Profile photo of milamarka milamarka

    The best option is to order materials related to the BEC Vantage exam of course, but I see from the Cambridge website that you can download samples of their exams.

    Once you do this, check the kinds of reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks that are included. You may be able to use guidebooks for the TOEIC and the IELTS to help prepare for this exam as well, but first make sure you understand exactly what is included in your own exam, so there are no surprises. You could also try to find a private teacher who might be able to help you by researching what’s required to do well on that exam. All the best to you.

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Thank you so much. It was really convincing.

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We’re going to skate in the park. We’re going skating …….. (in_into-on- to

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9/10… Great lesson and thank you!

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Really good lesson, thank you for sharing!

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Thank you very much, got 70% without watching the lesson.

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Thank you very much for your lesson, I got 7 correct out of 10.

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Good job , thanks Rebecca , I got 90 %

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I’m just know we can use “items” instead “thing/stuff”. Thank you Rebecca.

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thank you dear Rebecca, this lesson is very useful

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A million thank you Ms.Rebecca. This lesson’s really convenient for me :) You’re one of a kind! ;)

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    My pleasure. So glad you found the lesson useful. All the best on your exam.

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thanks for this lesson good luck for all guys

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I must improve

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100 over 100 thanks a lot

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you are the best teacher of engVid, Rebecca!

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Be careful in your testing! E.g. I got 90% for I answered on 7th question inattentively)

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good thanks

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I got 8 out of 10. Rebecca.. I am very proud of you your lesson. :)

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I was wrong with question No 2 and 8. ;(

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got 10 .
and its very useful lesson ,cuz in near future, i’m gong to apply these into my grop discussion .thank you Rebecca ma’m .

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thanks for this lesson

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i m studing primary school so i want to know about essay and grammar

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    How wonderful that you are so motivated to improve your English. Please check the grammar and writing sections of our website for more lessons that can help you. My best wishes to you.

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Rebeca, like always yours lessons are excellent. Carry on putting various vídeos. You are the better teacher. Congratulations. I wish talk to you one day for training my english.

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    Thank you kindly for your feedback. I am happy to hear you find the lessons useful. I wish you all the best.

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100% :3
I’ve something to say for you, maybe we shouldn’t memorize answers, but at least we should take a general idea about the answer and train answering beside prepared answers, aren’t I right?

Profile photo of Yusuf Estes Yusuf Estes

    train answering beside prepared answers,شو بعني؟ ممكن توضح …

    Profile photo of ILLAVANDAR ILLAVANDAR

    Yes, I agree, you should practice answering the questions in your own words after studying model answers. The model answers will teach you how to structure your answers and may also give you useful vocabulary. Learn these lessons and apply them to creating your own answers. I wish you all the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you for your great tips <3 <3

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I got 10. Have I earned an IELTS sertificat?

Profile photo of Tinve Tinve

    Unfortunately, our quizzes are not equivalent to taking the IELTS. :(

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I got 100%)

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thank Rebecca very much.

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Hey teacher, if “kids” is a slang word then why would the British Council name their website by “Learn English Kids British Council”? would you explain please?! :) Thanks

Profile photo of Yusuf Estes Yusuf Estes

    The British Council decided to use informal English on their website, which they have a right to do. After all, they are not appearing for any exams! I would recommend that students use proper, formal English on their exams to get the highest scores. My best to you.

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10/10 thanks for your great tips. it’s very useful for us.

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Thank you Rebbecca I will pay attention to these tips.
Can I follow these tips also in formal interview?
Thank you

Profile photo of Albassam Albassam

    Yes, in terms of being formal, grammatically correct and business-like. In an interview, though, sometimes it depends on the style and personality of the interviewer and the job you are applying for. You have to adapt to that style while being convincing. All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Speak loudly, and not softly and quiet made my score be 90%. Ok, next time I will speak so loudly, but so loudly. Hihihihihi. Thank you teacher.

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finally I found the solution to solve my problems..thanks a lot..

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Dearest Prof.Rebecca,
I should like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a flourishing happy New Year. It is important that it should be friendly and loving. I am so glad to know you, wonderful teacher. I pay my respect to you. briklend

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

    Thank you very much for your kind wishes. Much appreciated and reciprocated. May you also have a joyful, successful and meaningful 2015. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

thank you

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Question 7 was little bit frustrating. Actually, I got the correct answer but I had thought there were 2 of them. Thanks for the lesson.
Happy New Year holidays!

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nice lesson thanks

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Thanks Rebecca.

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Dearest Prof. Rebecca,
I should like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a flourishing happy New year. It is important that it should be friendly and loving. I am so glad to know you, wonderful teacher. I pay my respect to you, wonderful teacher. Briklend

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

    Hello! Are you interested to help me in my english? Have a good day :)

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thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of shivarambharati shivarambharati

Rebecca YATB

Profile photo of Viktor Viktor

Dear Madam
Could you please explain more about writing an assay in ILETS exam (Academic)?

Profile photo of evil666live evil666live

dear Rebecca
merry Christmas
have a good time with your family

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My score is 100, thanks for teaching

Profile photo of Amin Amin

Could you to repeat that please? – I was really surprised that it’s a correct answer, cause we taught do not use “to” after CAN…

Profile photo of Razenkov Razenkov

    Not sure what you are referring to. Yes, we should say:

    Could you repeat that please?

    All the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    Okay, I understand. You misunderstood question number 7. You were supposed to choose the answer that was INcorrect.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

my Score is 90… That’s not good :(

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you are very good teacher and I can understand you .

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sounds great tips,i realy appreciat of you

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i scored 90 it is very useful thank you

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Hi, Rebeca
Firstly I want to say thank for giving some amazing lessons. I have watched all.
Secondly, I would like to aks you how do I learn/build IELTS vocabulary? I went to the library and they have 50 books about it.
* 400 words you must know
* 1100 words you must know
Which book should I choose and how to use/build it effectively?
Thank very much.

Profile photo of LEARNER LEARNER

    Thanks for your feedback. When you look through the books, you will find many strategies to improve your vocabulary. I would recommend choosing the books which please your eye and which use the methods you enjoy the most, because then you will feel like studying more often and in effect, learn more. You can also take badly designed books with good vocabulary and create vocabulary learning methods of your own. The more you interact with the vocabulary, the easier it will be to master it. I wish you all the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

100% I really like your lessons my brilliant teacher

Profile photo of kimo68200 kimo68200

    Thank you kindly. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

hallo everybody.. Is anyone looking for pracise in the speaking part of IELTS? I am interesting to practise via Skype.

Profile photo of alexkon13 alexkon13

    if you want add ninguem00001 :) I’d like to practice my English

    Profile photo of Danny758 Danny758

    Yes, I am looking for someone to practice IELTS speaking via Skype. Could you please give me your skype ID? Thank you.

    Profile photo of Jhondum Jhondum

Thank to all of you for your feedback. I wish you all the best on your exam.

Please do check the many useful resources on http://www.goodluckielts.com to help you get a higher score. It is not an easy test, so practice the skills needed to score well in each section and allow yourself enough time to prepare for all parts of the test. If you can join an IELTS preparation course, so much the better.

Please also check the many other excellent IELTS lessons by my fellow teachers on engvid. Check here for all the lessons:


Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    I meant to say:

    Thanks to all of you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you !!!

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Thank You teacher. I got 90% marks.

Profile photo of Joshisadanandan Joshisadanandan

I don’t know, why do i stammer when i speak in english?….so plz tell me what to do , to solve the problem.

Profile photo of Akanksha solanki Akanksha solanki

8 out of 10

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It was very useful to know for any oral interviews, thank you.

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thank you

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No doubt about it was a excellent lesson, so thanks for your tips!

I apreciate that you answer our comments, you are a excellent teacher.


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Rebecca thanks. Your lessons are very good

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this lesson is helpful,thanks

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Good lesson, Good teacher, and I will be a good pupil.

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Great tips! Cheers!

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my quiz emma:
You got 9 correct out of 10.
got wrong number: 7 Could you repeat that please?
the corect answer:Could you to repeat that please? rabecca as I know after auxilary/modal verb must not use verb to????

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

Teacher Rebecca I can’t organised my ideas when I was pratised speaking test with friends.But then I got the ideas how to response theirs questions so I don’t know what’s my problem.

Profile photo of Ma Put Ma Put

Thanks Rebecca. I’ve got 10/10 but….I’m worried about getting nervous on examination day. Once my nerve kick off I cannot talk. Thats my problem :(

Profile photo of shuehalliwell shuehalliwell

Hi, Rebecca! Thank you for the excellent videos and lessons. I’m not preparing for the IELTS test, but for the BULATS test, in Speaking modality. So, could you help me, please? I have a question: is the examiner able or prepared to realize when the candidate knows English, but is so nervous that can’t show how much knows about the language?

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Dear Rebecca,
You teach us all techniques for learn and you give us the best methods to pass any English exams.
I bow like all good French student.
Best regards.

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Much appreciated!! thank you Rebecca. looking forward for such many more videos.

Profile photo of Bhulku86 Bhulku86

90/100, I’m very happy. thanks Rebecca!

Profile photo of Lam Thi Hang Lam Thi Hang

Hy Rebeca, I think that a question doesn’t show the correct result.
Because, I think that the auxiliary verb “could” doesn´t can be followed of the infinitive verb only base verb. (Question 7)

By the way, thank you for exercise.

Profile photo of Marcelo.k.souza Marcelo.k.souza

Thanks a lot for your teaching, and it makes me easier to learn how to speak well.

I just start to prepare for IELTS, so sometimes I don’t know how to prepare at the beginning. Could you give me some advice to follow please? ><

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i got 60% i realy need to learn more.

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hi . i cant use these pages. pleae help me. i need ielts listening videos . im pretty sad.

Profile photo of shahramsaberi shahramsaberi

    I think Youtube is blocked in your country — you might have to use a VPN.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Perfect ! This is enough for my speaking test.
Thanks Rebecca.

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thank you for new lesson

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thank you for the lesson.

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Oh i got 5/10 i like ur this lesson thank u for my help

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it was really phenomenal lecture.excellent

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great lesson! 9/10 :)

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rebecca mam i have a small query regarding my career.please let me know as soon as possible.
i wanted to persue my career in germany as mechanical engineer.so does ielts is required for my ms in germany? and does the government avail me the scholarship?

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i have just found this site and very glad to learning. i got so many things from this lesson. Thank you really much

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More helpful one, to learn about IELTS Speaking division. Thanks a Lottttttt….

Profile photo of Johnrodgers Johnrodgers

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you very much for this fruitful lesson.
I passed the quiz with 90%. However,there is something I couldn’t understand which is in question 7. Choose the correct …
1 – Could you please repeat that?
(mentioned in the video)
2 – Could you repeat that please? (My choice)
3 – Could you to repeat that please? (Marked right)
I couldn’t understand!!
PLease, help me with this.

Profile photo of almohamed72 almohamed72

    Sorry Rebecca.
    I was wrong. I misunderstood the instruction for the question. I should have chosen the only incorrect sentence.

    Profile photo of almohamed72 almohamed72

awesome.. i will work hard .. class was very helpful.

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thanks alot mam
i am so happy

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Thanks a lot for your effective video. In near future, I`m taking my IELTS exam and this video is so helpful for me.

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Thank u very much teacger Rebecca..I appreciate your lessons highly helpful for those who want to get good marks on exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and so on..

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How to improve our speaking????????
plz show me a good way to i improve my speaking…

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I think I’m sure thick “c” for number five. But that’s not dilemma at all. 8 of 10 was so impressive personally. Next time should really take a look carefully and not to rush to fill the answer like in the number seven.

By the way, I would like to take an IELTS test next month and my last simulation test was far away from piece a cake. If anyone who would like to find partner to practice, I will try to arrange my time, so we can achieve our purpose together. My aim is pass band score 7, especially on speaking. Here’s my Skype: Yudha_Saputra91

I’m very appreciate for your effort and time to add my Skype.

Ups, and, I would like to thanks to Rebecca for the comprehensive tips from the lesson. I wrote it down on my white paper so I could prepare and practice when I’m offline.


Profile photo of Yudha Saputra Yudha Saputra

Thats great learned a lot from your lessons dear sweet teacher

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8/10 was a good score (for my first time). But, I’ll learn more for take a high band score for the IELTS Test.

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i got 9 correct out of 10

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i got 10 correct out of 10, it means i understand the lesson..Thanks a lot ms Rebecca.

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thank you Rebecca.I enjoyed your class.

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This tutorial is great. I got 7 correct

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Very useful

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thanks a lot for that useful tips, i would like to suggest if an interactive section be added to engvid enable candidate to speak with teachers and get direct advises about their speaking skills

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Thank you Rebecca, it was convenient! your voice is crystal clear. :)

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Hi miss Rebecca, I want to ask you to register a video to learn how to pronounce the words that contain two or three consonants like WORLD.
thank you very much for all your lessons.

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great! thanks so much.

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very good leason

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Actually enormously good leason!!!
I was satisfying with this leasons!!!

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Hi Rebecca miss! Your class is inspired me a lot.
I am seriously thanking you.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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I love this platform! and this teacher! thank you so much!!!

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Thank you very much, Rebecca!

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Great tips!!! Very useful, thank you!

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Dear Rebecca, I always understand your lesson and improve my English.

Like Adam, your way of teaching is so polite, lucid, natural and worth listening. I scored 10 in this test. Thank you so much.

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good lesson..
hı guys. if u want to practice or just talk u can add me skyp: karainci1907

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it is helpful

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I GOT 90 it is perfect lesson

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Rebecca is one of the most respectful teachers in this website . i do like the way she use .

Profile photo of montadher16 montadher16

Very usefull video! Thanks, Rebecca! I am going to be a canadian soon :) I am pretty sure, your lessons will help me with my purpose

Profile photo of RedWhite86 RedWhite86

Very useful video but can you just guide to improve my vocabulary, and i’m gone confuse when i start speaking in front of examiner so pl. suggest me how to overcome this situation.

Profile photo of rushi123 rushi123

Lol i done 7/10 without watching it.

Profile photo of Harman Dhillon Harman Dhillon

excuse me ma’am , I can not understand what is the diffrent between :
Could you to repeat that please?
Could you repeat that please?

Profile photo of Marwa.Issa Marwa.Issa

thank you, madam .

Profile photo of gijojohn gijojohn

Dear Madam Rebecca,
Thank you so much for the vedio, I am planning to take the IELTS exam in December, so especially for the speaking test, this is really helpful,
i have been to many other videos as well. they are so important.Both you and madam Emma are really helpful. Hope i can clear my IELTS exams


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Wao! that is great it informative video.

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I love you Rebecca
Thank you so much

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Thank you Rebecca.
Very helpful tips.

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thank Dear Rebecca :
this is very usefull love you

Profile photo of Ainudden Ainudden

Dear Ms. Rebecca,
How are you,I love you so much, I love your videos it is so useful,thank you, hope you help me with some issues for the Ielts exam, I am not English native speaker but I am working in English school in my country and having no problem dealing and communicate everyday with other English colleagues, when I do the speaking test I got very nervous, sweating too much and show a lot of hesitation ( erm, ooh, err….) my score between 5 and 6 how can I avoid this, I am not doing this in real life. What advise also can you give me for other parts of exam to get high score.
Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of Armani 1 Armani 1

Hello guys,it would be my pleasure to find someone to speak with in order to improve speaking skill,let’s talk via Skype Far_flung_reza is my Skype ID

Profile photo of arsinr arsinr

Thanks Rebecca

Profile photo of Virakboth Virakboth

i need consultation,,,my time restricted so idon’t know whats exams should i repair…..
which one the easier to done it with high scoring
your sincerely

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70% It’sa wonderful lesson! Thank you. I answered 7 questions of 10

Profile photo of yaresolga yaresolga

10/10 That was very helpful for my IELTS Speaking Exam. Thank you Rebecca.

Profile photo of Yidnekachew Fikadu Yidnekachew Fikadu

Thanks a lot. 9/10. I haven’t payed attention on “to” in a some sentence.

Profile photo of Terrio Terrio

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you…

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Great material

Profile photo of ukorie ukorie

Thanks Rebecca

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

Thanq Rebecca mam

Profile photo of Manikandan N Manikandan N

9/10 Thank you teacher

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

Thanks Ms. Rebecca.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Rebecca, thank you a lot, got 7/10

Profile photo of fooresight@gmail.com fooresight@gmail.com

I would like to thank to honorable teacher M/S Rebeeca for her wonderful lecture. This is very much helpful for me. I think she is the best teacher ever I saw. Thanks to engvid.com.

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OMG, After all that i review this lesson finally I got 100% yeahhhh.

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