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Hello Rebacca, I have waited your lessons day and night. Thanks so much.


    What a nice lesson on idioms Rebecca! You really made my day.

    Although I’m not a night owl, I usually watch EngVid videos at night.

    Looking forward to your next video-lesson.

    Thanks for everything.


      Thanks to you too, Regino. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Take care and all the best.


    Thanks for your kind feedback, Vietnam1984. I wish you all the best.


Thanks, this will be very useful!


thinksn very much

salah z

    think you very much

    salah z

This is a very useful lesson. I learnt new more idioms. I’m so happy. Thank you so much. & I’m waiting for more videos like this in the future. ♥ :D


Thanks Becky! Useful day and night idioms.

Kairat Tabynov

Thanks Rebecca !


I just woke up and found your lesson, what a coincidence!


P.S.: I’m not a night owl, I prefer sleeping….


    Haha! Actually, I’m a night owl myself. Thanks and all the best to you.


      Dear kind teacher after strict thinking&practicing I got100of 10 Thanks a lot of your method of teaching and recommendation to have more study about subject of each lesson.

      Mohammad mostaan

Thank you Rebecca ,you really made my day ????????


Thank you Rebecca.I got 10/10


Thank Youuu. 10/9 but not problem.
I understood everything.


Thank you Rebecca,teach’s very nice. I got 10/10.


im lern english


Hello guys I’m from Indonesia, I need a partner to help me improve my English skill with talk to much with me. So if u wanna help me, please add my line acc : Evianaka. Thanks a lot guys!!


    Hello Eviana, I also need a partner as you need. You can talk with me if you want ! My line name Ibrahim and number is +8801520090822.

    Ibrahim Zulfikar

Thank you, have a nice day! :)


Thank you very much my favourite teacher , truly you are made my day.


    Aww…and you just made mine with your kind words. Thank you very much. My best wishes to you.


Rebecca, you made my day! Thanks!


    Oh my goodness. So much joy today! May all our days be good ones. Thank you kindly and all the best, Edinho.


Thanks you Rebecca, This lesson is essential. I have been waiting for the next your lesson.


thanks for your jobe

Nada Asfary

If no explain, no undertanding.. Thanks Rebecca, great lesson!


Thanks, you really made my day, Rebecca. :)


    I think everyone likes this expression because it’s so easy to learn and easy to use. Thanks for your feedback, Chloe. Have a good one!


Jolly I got 10 to 10.. .
It was fun to listen this lesson for me..


I’m going to count the number of “This video made my day” comments. :) Ready? Set? GO!


    Hey, Alex. Thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun. Take care, my friend!


    Hi, Alex! Nice to see you in here! I like your videos very much!

    Diana Arkovika

Thanks so much!


Thanks Rebecca , this video made my day . ( Alex you can add one to your counter). There are plenty of words and idioms using day . A lesson like that
urges me to find out more . I found : time of the day , day time, day after day , day in day out . Even if it won’t take all night long to enumerate the list is uge .
I ‘d like to know the etimology of the word “mayday ” . I know it means SOS but it is pronounced as May day but thés are as different as night


    Thanks for your kind comments and intelligent question. It seems the term MAYDAY originated from the French word “m’aider” , which means “help me”. I didn’t know that. We’re both learning! Thanks and all the best to you, tsamp.


Oups I had not finished my comment. As different as night And day .
Thanks for your explaination .
Bye and carry on


Hi, Rebecca! Thank you and of course this video made my day (Alex it’s for you also!:))))


6 times already, everyone. 6 times. Keep it up.


    It’s nice to see you here, Alex! I’m waiting for more of your lessons. Bye!

    Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks a lot. Nice class. Congratulations!


Hi Rebecca,

Your lesson made my day (one more Alex!), and my English is getting stronger day by day thanks to Engvid’s team!!
Thank you very much!


after that lesson i am goint to sleep like a log :) This website is cool!


    So glad you’re enjoying the website and learning with us. Thanks for your feedback and all the best.


10/10. Thanks Rebecca

ann ann

I’m a day person, but my daughter maybe a night owl.

Interesting and useful lesson! Thank you, Rebecca :D


one of these days, i ‘ll speak like a native speaker

Mohamed Rabiaa

    Well, that sounded like a native speaker talking already! All the best to you, Mohamed.


One more Alex. This video really made my day. But, because lessons like this my English is getting better day by day.


Hi, Rebecca! It was a very interesting and useful lesson, thank you! By the way, I’m not a night owl. It’s 10:00PM here in Brazil and I’m gonna sleep soon. I got 100! Goodbye! Júlio César from Brazil.

Júlio César L Sousa

Very interesting lesson. Very very useful. Thank you.


10/10 I got the lesson very well. Thank you teacher Rebecca you made my day :)


Thank you Rebecca, very interesting, And useful. :-)


thank you so much.


Very nice Rebecca!! Thanks
My friend Louise is a night owl! hehehe
Good to know this idiom to describe her!! ;)


    Yes, the best way to learn such descriptive expressions and vocabulary is to think of people you know who have those qualities. You did the right thing by associating it in that way with your friend Louise. All the best!


there is a trick in the answers of cuestion Number 3. This and these, so I fail in that cuestion. sorry. happy for the lesson Rebeca, one of these days I’ll get a 10.

Roberto Alanis

Generally for me to understand idioms is so difficult. But this class was easy to understand.


    Glad to hear it, fescobar. Thanks and all the best to you.


Thanks a lot Rebecca, you are my favorite teacher, your lessons are so clear, I can learn with your lessons around the clock.


    Thank you for your kind words, Alex. So glad to know you find our lesson helpful. I’m sure you’re improving day by day! I wish you all the best.


I will use your video lesson for my ESL class. Thanks Rebecca.


    It’s so wonderful to hear from a fellow teacher. Thank you very much. All the best to you and all your students. Say a special “hi” to them from me!


Thank you Rebeca you are made my day.


thanks a lot

Waseem F

Dear Rebecca,
Wow, I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks for your lesson! You really made my day.
Yours sincerely.


Thank you very much Rebecca!!!This video really made my day!! (Have you taken note, Alex??) ;)
Just one question: is it possible to say “I´ve been working all DAY long?”
Thanks again!


    Yes, you can say you’ve been working all day long. Thanks for joining in the fun with your comments. Take care!


Thank you Rebecca for your very useful lesson!


Thank you Rebecca for your kindness. The idioms are very useful, and “call it a day” is original one for me.I’d like, one of these days our planet will be peaceful planet.Thank you engvid personnel ,you made my day ,as always.


Rebecca, you made my day with such a good lesson. Thank you.


12 times now. Got any more?


You’re getting a little ahead of yourself.
I’m in. :)


Absolutely,We getting stronger day by day.Thanks a lot ;),:))).


Hello, I am happy to be part of this group!!!!
Thank you Rebecca.


    We’re happy to have you here as part of our group. Thanks for watching and all the best to you.


I love it your lesson. Thanks. your lesson. You made my day


You really made my day teacher with your class. Greetings.


10/10, thx!


Thanks,, I was watching your lesson at night,,. Do you know Why??
Because I’m a night owl;-))


Thank you Rebecca!Great lesson.


Thank you


Hello Rebecca
Thanks for your lesson. You made my night =D


Hello Rebecca, I only want to say Thank-you for all your effort, I learn a little more English with your great lessons day by day


Thank you so much Madam Rebecca, and God bless you

Bushra hg

Unfortunately, I’m a night owl

Bushra hg

    Why unfortunately? Some people work best at night. It’s only a problem if you have a job in the day! Take care and all the best to you.


      No Ms.Rebecca, I mean I have insomnia hahaha,can I use this expression for that

      Bushra hg

        The expression “night owl” is quite neutral. It does not suggest anything negative and it also does not really refer to insomnia. It simply refers to someone who prefers the night and functions better then. I wish you peaceful sleep and also productive times. Take care!


          Oh, what a shame! Haha. Thanks a million Ms.Rebecca for correcting the mistake, God speed you!

          Bushra hg

      Dear Rebecca after teaching some grammers by sudden you started to teach about idioms which are different issues and you through us in stage of daily English speaking people state!right now I have to study more until to understand &memorize clearly what are the meaning of idioms &I have become both the day& night owl, thanks of your method of teaching!. Please give more explain on fly- by- night idiom tnx.

      Mohammad mostaan

I getting better day by day, thaks Rebecca you made my day!!!


Rebecca the lesson made my day.


Hi reboca
I registered now and i dont know how to watch the above mentioned video
Actualy how can i find them ?
Pls guide me
And correct me about my above sentences


Thank you very much!

Ying Huang

I like this , l want come here day by day for take this


I got 10/10 thank you Miss Rebecca


Thank you, my most favorite English teacher !
I had a long night with your English leason.


thank you for lesson


Thanks for this lesson, Rebecca.

This and other lessons I’ve watched in EngVid made my day. (Keep counting, Alex! :-)

One of these days, I’ll be fluent in English.

Fabio Cicerre

Hi Rebecca. May I ask that if we can use this idiom in a formal speaking or writing?


    Yes, I would say you could use these idioms in formal contexts as well, since they are not slang. All the best to you.


I can go all night long with engvid.com

Haytham Adil Aldai

thanks alot


I got 10/10. I’m getting better day by day.


    You sure are! Congratulations and all the best to you.


Thanks a lot for this lesson Rebecca.


Rebecca you really made by day.Thanks a lot for lesson.


i got 10/10 thanks for these expressions

amira essam

Hi teacher Rebecca,
This lesson is very simple but useful. It really made my day and I wish that I can use English as the second language one of the these days. Actually, I had been a person who was as a night owl before. But now I consider my heathy, so I only occasionally have a night on the town as every important-celebrating days.
Again, Thanks my kind teacher and I am always looking forward your directions.
Best Rerard.


    Wow, what a great way to practice your idioms by using them right away. Congratulations. I am sure you are improving your English by the minute (very rapidly). Thank you and all the best.


10 Star for Miss.Rebecca :)


i do not know how to express my thanks of being a member in this amazing education website..EngVid.The videos and english lessons on engvid motivate me so much to learn english.Thank you all so much all the teachers.


Thank you Rebecca for this pleasant lesson.


    May I add you in Skype?


Please ma’am help me .
I don’t know a English Language tell me you.

Sajir sk

Thanks, Rebecca! You really made my day! :)

Nanny Melo

Thank you very much for interesting lesson. You made my day!


Good explanation Rebecca, I was seeking out for this lesson, you made my day!

Carlos Martinho

you really made my day :D but i still dont understand whats meaning night owel ?


    A night owl is a person who likes to stay up late at night and is more productive at night. Hope this helps. All the best.


very informative lesson.thanks for that.I am improving my English day by day ;-)


Thank you Rebecca. I did the quiz two times.


    You did the quiz twice? That’s what I call a determined man! Congratulations and all the best to you.


10 :)
Thank you Rebecca!!!


acutely you are a good teacher


thanks teacher for the lessons

Soufiyane KAJAI

thank you Rebecca :)


thank you Rebecca you made my day ^_^



Adel alibei

Thank you for your lesson Ma’am Rebecca.
You made my day!


Thanks! u really made my day…

Sani Datta

I got 10 corrent out of 10.Thanks a lot.


the lesson was so nice now i even i use these edioms with my friends

prince honey

Rebecca, thanks a lot! You really made my day.


thank you for these lessons it is very good information.


You are glowing like the sun and the moon, day and night


I’ll try to be brief. Thank you Rebecca for useful information.


10 on 10 :P


Thank you so much, Rebecca! You really made my day. I got 10 correct out of 10. Because of endVid my English is getting better day by day.
One of these days, I hope be fluent in English.


    Well, that was a perfect comment, in terms of your English, so it seems like you are already quite fluent. Congratulations, thank you, and all the best!


Hello Rebbeca;
That was awesome.
May you kindly do more lessons about (IDIOMATIC) words and phrases where as far as I know they make big difference at IELTS exam.
By they way I am going to have it after a couple of days, so if you kindly managed to do it before Saturday that shall be great and I’ll be appreaciating that for you.

Again many thanks;
Kind regards;



Thank you, Rebecca! It’s really easy to learn English with you.
I got 10/10. It really made my day!


thanks rebecca!


Thanks to all for your feedback. Idioms are everywhere, and are used so often by native speakers: it’s always a good idea to learn them. I wish you all the best!


    Dear Rebecca thanks for all your time, patience, and dedication. Your lessons and feedback have made a significant difference in my learning; I’ve learned a lot from you and with you. This has always been my best Xmas present since the very moment I joined this marvelous website.

    All my very best to you Dear Rebecca and May the Xmas Season Bring you Joy and Happiness.




      Well, thank you so very much for your warm wishes and kind words, Regino. I wish you an equally Happy New Year in 2016. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you and I am glad you continue to find our lessons helpful. You have become one of us, with your advice and comments! Thank you again, Regino, and have a truly amazing year ahead.


Thanks teacher


Hello rebecca…it was an awesome experience in learning new things. you made my day


what a amazing lesson! I got 100 mark.thank you very much see you later


hi, your lessons help me to improve English day by day! )


Hi Rebecca ! ) Your lesson as always very Good !!!!!! Thank you Rebecca, thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


    Thank you kindly for your very enthusiastic feedback. Or shall I say Spaseeba? So glad to know you find our lessons helpful. All the best to you in St Petersburg.


One of these days,I’ll go to Canada and I’ll say you, Rebecca, that your lessons made my day.


    correction : say – tell
    One of these days,I’ll go to Canada and I’ll tell Rebecca, that her lessons made my day.


      Good catch, Elvik! Doesn’t it feel great when we can correct ourselves? Thank you kindly for your kind thoughts and words. I wish you all the best.


I’m really enjoying your lesson especially as I’m a night owl


thanks . very interesting.


Thank you and it’s very useful ~


wooohooo, 100/100, it was very easy.


I am a little ashamed to leave comments because I have no english practice with alive people. But I want to say that it’s perfect lesson. Thanks.
P.S. I am writing more intuitively, than according to the rules, sorry.


Thank you Rebecca. this lesson is very good.

Norma schaer

Hi Rebbeca.-
Thank you for this lesson, really it is very nice and your explanation is very clear for me, I wish you the best.
Thanks to all English students participating with comments, I’ve sent time reading each comment and learning how we do speak as different as day and night.


cool 10/10


Thank you very much! You really made my day


Hi Rebecca, I’m extremely interested in your lesson, you really made my day. Thanks so much ♥♥♥


Thank you Rebecca.


Thank you very much for the lesson, Rebecca!!! You’re great! I like your material’s explanation and your pronunciation. You really made my day.


Thank you,Rebecca. You really made my day,too.


Thank you Teacher Rebecca. I got 10/10 score. I will try to watch and take quizzes after lessons. All my support engVid.com. Thank you very much.


Thank you teacher for your help.


to say they re different as night and day or they’re different as day and night. is it the same?


a comment on your comment!
and btw, do we say a a comment on your comment, or a comment to your comment?
Haha! Actually, I’m a night owl myself. Thanks and all the best to you.
There’s a site called Interpals, and once I’ve read there by a native American that one can figure out whether u r a native American or not by the way you r writing hahaha or Huhhhhh :


and my other irrelevant questions are:’holy shit or hollyshit, and if holy means saint, and shit explains itself:), so how come the conjunction of the 2 words come to give the meaning of – astonishing as i googled it. the other question is practice and practise . usually I’m using the 1st one as a verb- I like to practice English every day. and isn’t really strange to confuse the easiest things in English, e.g. I am, I’m. when and how do we use them. thank you in advance for your black hair and for your kindness.


10 correct out of 10.I don’t know how to thank you Rebecca.


I’ve got 10 out of 10. Thanks teacher Rebecca for being extremely awesome teacher. I hope I can be an English teacher like you in my future. Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Peter Peterson

Wow thanks Rebbeca for the lesson.


thank you….i am addicted to your video and lessons


Thanks, Rebecca, you really made my day! It’s very late, I’m sitting and watching your videos on EngVid, and it’s a such a pleasure to listen to your explanations…This also means my being a night owl;))I’m happy to join you on EngVid.com! Thank you very, very much!!!!

Diana Arkovika

Thanks a lot, Miss Rebeca …. really you made my day …I knew many things ….May God Bless You .
i am from Sri Lanka


Thanks for your lesson!

Soo Jia Yi

Thanks for your lessons


Thank you very much

Sarah Muhammad

Thank you Rebecca
You are very pretty teacher in the world

Amirul Haque

Thankyou, so much, Nice


So I will impruve my English day by day with you, Thanks.


Ultimately find someone who can teach in easy way. Thanks a million.
Do more on idioms as much as possible. Thanks once again.


Hi Rebecca is nice to listen your video teach us in easy way how to improve my English. Thank you so much you are a wonderful person.


thanks rebecca now my english is getting better day by day !


thank you very much rebecca


Great thanks to you, my beloved teacher, Rebecca !!!

Nguyenngocanh Abbie

Thank’s Rebecca. 9/10. my english is getting better day by day ! And this video made my day

Artem Raik

10/10 yes!!!!!thanks Rebeca


Your explanation really made my day. One of these days I hope to be just as good as you are. I just have one more question. In the quiz you said: fly-by-night company, but in the video you wrote down fly by night. Are they both correct?

Eva Haverkort1617

I’m falling for you !!! beautiful

Luis Enrique Landaeta

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you so much! You are doing a brilliant job.


Dear Rebecca! I’d like to thank you for your great lessons that are so productive and helpful for me to getting my English better day by day.
You know you are the best teacher I’ve ever have lately.


I’ve got 80 score :(


I got it 8 of 10 which out watchin video

Abdi xuku

hi how about using day after day?thank you


Thanks for this lesson. 10/10

Iegor Nemolovskyi

Mrs Rebecca, i want to learn you lessons all nght long, becouse your lessons are best and i am a night owl.


I got 100 .
Thanks for the great lesson


Thanks teacher

Amna ali ahmad

Hello ! Rebecca I got 100%. All the Idioms were correct thanks alot.


hi Rebecca
it,s the third 100 today
thank you very much………


Thank you, Rebecca! Third your lesson tonight and 10/10 again! I’m ready to study with you all night long!


Wow thank you for working day and night to deliver such fruitful lesson!


for this lesson


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you..

M kartal

Thanks Rebecca.


I got 10 out of 10 again.
you are wonderful Rebecca.???


Thanks Rebecca it’s was good lesson


As always it useful lesson, but you could make much more interesting exercises in video ,because you never now others didn`t even see that you`re waiting to them to answer. so video exercises are much more useful than quiz ,because people sometimes ignore it, because they do not watch lesson to the end. so…


Thank you very much teacher I got 90%

Damene Molla

Day by day my results are getting better! Thank you very much, Rebecca! 10/10


Thanks a lot from my core of heart. You gathered scattered items together for us. Very helpful. In quiz you also gave foot notes. Again thanks. You empath. You could read/realize our status.

AKM Mostafa

thank you Rebecca. I got 10/10. i will stay pray for day and night .
god bless you Mam

Abdurrhman MUHAMMED

Thank you teacher Rebecca, I look forward to being an English teacher. you are so articulate!!


I watched this video twice on December 13, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten correct out of 10.


Thanks a lot, Rebecca for this lesson.You are amasing! (Azores islands, 18Jun2023);

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