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Is the following sentence correct or incorrect?

I must to hurry up if I want to catch my flight.

He don't should smoke.

When I was a teenager, I could stay up all night and still have energy for the next day. Not any longer!

She wills be late for the interview.

If we leave immediately, we may reach the survivors in time.

I don't think they can join us for the meeting. They have another appointment.

She mights be suffering from an allergy.

They would not to help us anyway, so don't bother asking them.

I don't will go with you.

The policeman said I must come with him.

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10/10. ☺ Rebecca ,is it correct if I say ” You should have to do this work” ? another thing is ; Can i write the word “cannot” by giving space between them. Will it consider right if I do so?

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

    Thanks, Annie. It is possible to say “you should have to”, but it is rare.

    Regarding your other question:
    Use the contraction “can’t” in informal situations.
    Use”cannot” in formal communication.
    Use “can not” as two words only in situations where “can” is followed by a phrase which starts with “not”, such as “not only”. This is rare, but does happen.
    For example:
    I can’t arrive before 7:00.
    We cannot accept this contract.
    He can not only organize the event, but also do so at a great price.

    Hope this helps! All the best to you.

    Thursday, November 2nd 2017

      Love you Rebecca. I have been doing such mistakes .Thanks for your correction. ☺

      Thursday, November 2nd 2017

      I got it rebecca, but still I need to work on it. You are my best Teacher ,thank you as much as sky and ocean ☺

      Friday, November 3rd 2017

I would like to appreciate you, Rebecca ,you have selected the very important topic . My interest with the learning english has far more developed in me and you are the reason behind it ☺. You convert difficult things into simplicity. Lastly, Your handwriting is so attractive .I am in love with it. Thank you so much for giving us such valuable knowledge which help us to grow and make a better person.

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

    Hello Annie
    I think you do appreciate Rebecca and ” would like to” does not express correctly your feeling .
    “Would like to + verb ” means , in a polite way ‘ to want to do something but you don’t know if you can or may .
    You may appreciate Rebecca and so do I .
    I don’t want to play the heavyweight , just to give in return a bit of what Engvid has given to me .

    Friday, November 3rd 2017

      I don’t understand you 😝

      Friday, November 3rd 2017

Simple and great lesson

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

may I say you thank very much? I think I should say it or not I must say it Thank you very much Rebecca for this great lesson

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

    You’ve very welcome, Volv. My best to you.

    Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Dear teacher,
i can’t stand to stay so many days without watching an your new lesson!
(Well, I love your lessons but It’s not very true because all the teachers of EngVid are excellent. I only wanted to build a phrase with “cannot” so…. ;)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thank you very much.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

    Dear Javid,

    You are very kind!

    Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thank you Rebecca, have a good day.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

I am getting 8 mark

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Rebecca good video!

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Good one

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

10/10 Thanks Ms.Rebecca

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Hi teacher Rebecca, thank you for your big help. My English is getting better day by day.
I have a request: could you do a lesson about “if clauses”? I hope it will be possible.
Bye :-)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017


Thursday, November 2nd 2017

I enjoyed this video and my score is 100 :)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

This lesson was very clear. I achieved a 100 congrats Rebecca Good job.Thanks

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

nice ~~ :)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks Rebecca.^^

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

It was very helpful.Thank you for teaching so diligently.Looking forward for more lessons from you.😊😊

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Excellent lesson,many thanks.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

What a way to teach, Teacher Rebecca! As flawless as all of your other lessons I’ve watched (which are tons by the way ^_^) Thanks a lot for your quite meaningful contribution to English learners all around the world. I’m pretty sure we’re all greatly thankful to you! Best regards from La Paz-Bolivia!

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks a lot Rebecca!!
Interesting lesson to review the basic rules of the modal verbs ;)

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks teacher…..!!!

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks a lot Rebecca.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks, Rebecca, you are a very good teacher, indeed.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

10/10 without watching the video

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thanks a lot Rebecca

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

A useful lesson, it has never been explained to me so clearly.
Thank you Rebecca

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

good lesson 8/10

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thank you Rebecca for MODALS, it is very usefull lesson.

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

I got 10/10! So easy! Your lesson is great :D Thank you, Rebecca!

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Thank you Rebecca

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

This is the first lesson that I got 10/10 :D

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Hello Rebecca .
Thank you for this lesson .
Why not using the past tense of must ( had to ) in the phrase ” the policeman said I must come with him .”
Thanks for your comment

Friday, November 3rd 2017

    I thought the same, according to “reporting verbs” rules, but maybe I’m wrong. Bye.

    Sunday, November 5th 2017

Hi Rebeca. Got a question. In the phrase :If we leave immediately, we may reach the survivors in time. Should be: “on time”? instead of “in Time”.
Thans for your answer and have a nice day.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Hello, I’m looking for someone to practice English, if you are interested please type me to knowm31@gmail.com

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thank you Rebecca.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

    Hi Sam :)

    Thursday, November 23rd 2017

I’m so glad that I can understand your great lesson! English may help us to reach an understanding with other people all over the wolrd.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

One more question .
do “must” and “have to” have exactly the same meaning ?
May I say “this thing has to be changed” but also ” is to be changed”
Thank in advance for your explanations.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thank you so much Rebecca. It is a useful lesson.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Hi Rebecca. This is my first time that I am writing any comment in commendbox just because of you.you are an amazing teacher. I like the way you teach.I always wanted to speak in English but I was afraid of because my English was not so good. Now I think my dream is going to true.I think l have improved my English a little bit just for you. Now l can speak in English a little bit and one more time I want to say you a big thank you.If there are any mistake in my words please pardon me.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Good lesson

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Great lesson, Rebecca. Thank you so much.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

10/10!,Thanks Teacher Rebecca.You’re one of the few teacher who amazingly response to learners’ comments and remarks on Engvid along with Teacher Alex. Truly unique Teacher.

Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thank you for a brilliant lesson!

Friday, November 3rd 2017


Friday, November 3rd 2017

Thank you, Rebecca!!! Very useful lesson!!

Saturday, November 4th 2017

I got 100/100
Thanks, Rebecca .You are my favourite Teacher , I teach English for junior students but it is my pleasure to learn more from you.
thanks again

Saturday, November 4th 2017

Thanks Rebecca!

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Very good lectuner and I learn new.

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Thank you teacher Rebecca. I won’t learn more English grammar from you?

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Hi, dear teacher, I’m interested on give the FCE exam, how can I take your help.
Thank you very much!

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Very useful lesson, thanks Rebecca.

Sunday, November 5th 2017

As usual , I got 10 out of 10 , thanks Rebecca, You are perfect.

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Thanks Rebbeca for your lesson. It was really fantastic and interesting lesson.

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Thanks for these lesson it makes me think how aften I make a mistakes, but now it is god to know that I can improve a lot watching ingvidt!

Sunday, November 5th 2017

Thank you !!! I had doubts with the Modal Verbs

Monday, November 6th 2017

thanks a lot

Monday, November 6th 2017

Rebecca has done well!

Tuesday, November 7th 2017

Thank you Rebecca! If I could follow all your videos, I may learn English soon.

Tuesday, November 7th 2017

My score was 100%

Tuesday, November 7th 2017

Hi, Teacher, great lesson, have no idea about this rules, thanks.

Tuesday, November 7th 2017

thank you for this best lesson but i get just 80

Wednesday, November 8th 2017

Hi, great video thanks

Wednesday, November 8th 2017

Thank you, Mrs. Rebecca, Now I knew where is my mistake, and I already got 100/100

Thursday, November 9th 2017

Thanks Rebecca!

Thursday, November 9th 2017

Thanks teacher Rebecca

Thursday, November 9th 2017

Thanks alot for this great lesson.

Friday, November 10th 2017

Hi Rebeca,

Wich the difference : CANNOT and CAN’T?
thank you for yours lessons.

Friday, November 10th 2017

Thanks alot Rebbeca . It is a perfect lesson and very useful.. may I ask you to give me your email, please? ❤

Saturday, November 11th 2017

Thanks Rebecca

Sunday, November 12th 2017

Thank you .

Sunday, November 12th 2017

i want say:::: thank you so mush Rebeca.. you class is really interesting…..

Sunday, November 12th 2017

Hi Rabecca,
I love your u-tube video, very interesting and easy way to improve english.

I need some advice for this sentence:
“Congratulation to John for your contributions, dedication and achievement that qualified him to be awarded as best staff award.”

Should I use your/his and him/you. Confusing…

Thank you.

Sunday, November 12th 2017

Hi rebecca .. thank you for teaching.. you’re the best

Monday, November 13th 2017

Great lesson.Thanks.

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Do you provide private lesson. I love to learn english from you. My main weakness is speaking and writing. I hope to hear back from you soon

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Rebbeca Thais for the lesson.

Wednesday, November 15th 2017

Thank you so much for your informative and helpful lesson. I just wonder what is the difference between the two mentioned forms of these verbs and how to use them properly (e.x. should/ought to or can/could)?

Thursday, November 16th 2017

I think there is a mistake in the question 3.
The sentence is simple past tense.
…and still have energy for the next day. No any longer!
Should not it be had instead of have?

Thursday, November 16th 2017

nice lesson

Thursday, November 16th 2017

Thank you, Rebecca, for this lesson. I really loved it.

Friday, November 17th 2017

10/10 thank you Rebecca

Saturday, November 18th 2017

Hi Rebecca! Thanks you for all your lession on EngVid.
They are very clear.
Love you :)

Saturday, November 18th 2017

    Realy good lesson,Thank you Rebecca!I hope you will make more useful lesson about grammar like this

    Saturday, December 23rd 2017

Thank you so much! XD

Sunday, November 19th 2017

its good lecture …thanks .. i have problem with the use of (would ..and could ) can you plz tell me a easy way …

Sunday, November 19th 2017

Hello teacher I got 100% thank you very much

Sunday, November 19th 2017

Hi,dear teacher,I like your hand writting more than your teaching style ,and I love your teaching style more than a cat loves milk

Sunday, November 19th 2017

thank u Rebecca

Sunday, November 19th 2017

hello Rebecca,

I think as i started listening your english lessons here on youtube I´ve learned a lot.


Tuesday, November 21st 2017

please, Rebecca, tell me what is the difference between will and would when we use it
who I know is: (will) for the present or the future
(would) in the past
is that right?
thank you in advance

Tuesday, November 21st 2017

Dear teacher, Is the following sentence grammatically correct or not. She had completed the course in the period 2000-2005. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

Thank you for teaching us!

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

mam…please teach us spotting errors in some random english sentence or paragraph..learning grammer topic wise is easy to understand but try to spotting error in a sentence or paragraph it was confusing…please help us..

Monday, November 27th 2017

Dear Rebecca,
This is an excellent presentation. I should have to practice more with your presentation.
Thank you.

Monday, November 27th 2017

Thank you so much Teacher, this lesson was useful for me.

Tuesday, November 28th 2017

Thank u so much teacher i got 100%!!! 😇

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

10/10 ;-)
But the revision was VERY important for me.. Thank Rebecca for this lesson !

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Rebecca I have one dowt
isay to my friends “you has some water” or you have some water”

Thursday, November 30th 2017

    it is correct

    Thursday, November 30th 2017

    Could I get you a glass of water ?
    Making Offers , Plz Use Could & Would .. :)

    Wednesday, February 21st 2018

      This Lecture Was A Very Informative One… Thank You ..

      Wednesday, February 21st 2018

hi rebecca ;
first i woul to thank you and also all staf of engvid;
i made one mistake on this (thank’s I don’t think they can join us for the meeting. They have another appointment), i thought the correct is (i think they cannot join us for the meeting…….).

Sunday, December 3rd 2017

Thank you Dear Rebecca, I think that it was great explanation.

Sunday, December 3rd 2017

Thanks you teacher.:-)

Tuesday, December 5th 2017

you are a great teacher
thank you for your kindness

Saturday, December 16th 2017

Thank u very much teacher ) I understand everything thanks a lot

Monday, December 18th 2017

Thank you very much Rebecca
you are a great teacher

Tuesday, December 19th 2017

i appreciate the efforts you put in to teach us all. Thank you for the lesson it helped me a lot!

Thursday, December 21st 2017

we need more practice and make it more hard :D

Friday, December 22nd 2017

Thank yoy,Rebecca!Simple and great lesson

Friday, December 22nd 2017

Excellent lesson teacher Rebecca! i got 10/10

Friday, December 22nd 2017

谢谢老师 Thank for your excellent lesson

Friday, December 22nd 2017

It was a great lesson, thank you.

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

Dear Rebecca,
Which one is the correct way to say a polite question
I would like to asks you that or I would like ask you that
Thank you in advance for your response.

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

Dear Rebecca,
Which one is the correct way to say a polite question
I would like to asks you that or I would like ask you that
Thank you in advance for your response.j

Saturday, December 23rd 2017

thank you Rebbeca

Sunday, December 24th 2017

I got it right for my first try. Thank you so much Rebbeca.
I know this is very important lesson for all of us. We must know how to use the Modal Verbs. Have a wonderful Holiday to All Teachers from the EngVid!

Monday, December 25th 2017

Simple and great lesson. thank you rebbeca.

Tuesday, December 26th 2017


your way of teaching is Awesome.
got 10 correct out of 10.

Wednesday, December 27th 2017

teacher it is easy for me to learn grammar but when i start to speak i start getting confuse . please give me any suggetion

Friday, December 29th 2017

thank you very much Rebecca you’re great

Tuesday, January 2nd 2018

Thank you !

Sunday, January 7th 2018

Not bad video but your voice is bad

Tuesday, January 9th 2018

    Please be constructive! That is, what can we do differently to make the video sound better?

    If you just don’t like the sound of a teacher’s voice, there isn’t much we can do about that.

    Thursday, January 11th 2018

Thank you. Your grammar lesson is very helpful.

Monday, January 15th 2018


Monday, January 15th 2018

thank you Rebecca

Monday, January 22nd 2018

thank you Rebecca for the lesson

Monday, January 22nd 2018

Just as a side note, I know there are also semi-modals (like “dare” and “need”), which sometimes behave like modal auxiliary verbs. Examples:
* “Need I say more?” (as an ordinary verb: “Do I need to say more?”)
* I dare say you’re pretty hungry after all that cycling (as an ordinary verb: “I dare to say you’re pretty hungry after all that cycling”).

Wednesday, January 24th 2018

I love your class!!!

Thursday, January 25th 2018

Thank you so much, Rebecca!!!
I finally figured out what is going on with this stuff)))

Friday, January 26th 2018

hehee 90:)

Thursday, February 1st 2018

Very nice this video thanks my teacher

Monday, February 5th 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Monday, February 19th 2018

Thank you teacher, very helpful video

Monday, February 19th 2018

hello ma’am greetings
please make a video of all modals with difference.

Wednesday, February 21st 2018

That was really good explanation. Simple,clear but powerful,Rebecca. Thanx.

Friday, February 23rd 2018

Thank you Rebecca it’s a nice lesson !

Sunday, February 25th 2018

Thank you dear teacher love you

Monday, February 26th 2018

thank you

Wednesday, February 28th 2018

Hi how to use”have to”in past with models.

Please help me.

Saturday, March 3rd 2018

thanks and all the best you make
things simple and clear, we like to have lessons about correct accent, it looks difficult to me

Sunday, March 18th 2018

thanks madam.it is very helpful to lean english in easy way.its so nice.

Wednesday, March 21st 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Monday, March 26th 2018

I got 10/10. I kinda make sure I’m correct in number 3 though because I’m still kinda slow when it comes to past simple + past simple. Forgive me.

Friday, March 30th 2018

I ought to practice more often modal verbs, great lesson Rebecca. From now I shall to put in practice every day at work. Thank you!

Thursday, April 5th 2018

Interesting lesson Ms. Thanks for everything

Saturday, April 14th 2018

Madam i have a doubt in this question
“I don’t think they can join us for the meeting. They have another appointment.”
Here “don’t” is used before “can” i thought
“I think they cannot join us for the meeting. They have another appointment.”
The above statement is correct. Please clear my doubt thanks in advance.

Sunday, April 15th 2018

Thanks Rebecca.

Friday, April 20th 2018

Thanks for the lesson Rebecca. It was very easy to understand.

Sunday, April 22nd 2018

Dear Rebecca,my question has nothing to do with the previous lesson. By the way, it was really very good.
No, my question is, could you tell me the Website of your Institute. I am interessted on an English Course in class.
Many thanks in advance.

Thursday, May 3rd 2018

I got it. Better lesson about Modals. Thank for everything

Wednesday, May 16th 2018

Thanks rebecca for this lesson, I clearly understand the use of modal verb. From now on, I can use it correctly.

Saturday, May 19th 2018

thanks so much it was so helpful :>

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018

Thanks for the lesson! You didn’t mention about contractions in negative form of modals. The first and the second rules we should assume as not to contract negative forms. But we can contract!

Thursday, June 7th 2018

Rebecca thanks so much, you are the best!

Friday, July 6th 2018

thank you.

Sunday, July 22nd 2018

10/10 😘😘😘

Monday, August 6th 2018

Where’s my wrong? I don’t understood 9/10.

Monday, August 6th 2018

    I didn’t understand the note from my quiz.

    Monday, August 6th 2018

Sorry, Rebecca. I found unellegant whith you my comments about my note in quizz. Appologize me.

Monday, August 6th 2018

Sorry, Rebecca. You are amazing!

Monday, August 6th 2018

Thanks Rebeca!!!

Monday, August 13th 2018

10 out of 10. I think I am improving

Thursday, September 6th 2018

thanks a lot rebecca:)

Tuesday, September 11th 2018

Thank you very much!

Thursday, September 13th 2018

I got 10 out of 10. Thanks for teacher Rebecca!

Saturday, October 27th 2018

thank you Rebecca

Monday, October 29th 2018

Thanks teacher Rebecca!!!!

Tuesday, November 27th 2018

using modals come easy now. thanks.

Friday, December 7th 2018

Thanks madam

Monday, December 10th 2018

I got 10/10. Thank you Madam for your effort

Monday, December 24th 2018

What is the difference between Bath and Bathe?

1.The Noun Meaning of Bath and Verb meaning of Bath
2.The Noun Meaning of Bathe and Verb meaning of Bathe

pl explain me according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 9th edition. I was baffled when i saw. pl

Monday, January 7th 2019

thanx Rebecca

Thursday, February 7th 2019

It was a great lesson. Thanks a lot.

Saturday, February 9th 2019

I like it. Thank you

Sunday, February 10th 2019

I cannot leave engvid.com I must stay here until my English get improve. I got all correct. Thank you Rebecca

Wednesday, March 13th 2019

You are a good teacher!
Thanks from Turkey…
I scored 9/10 in Quiz.
My mistake was about “to”

Saturday, March 16th 2019

Thank you very much.

Saturday, March 30th 2019

Thanks for the lesson.
can i ask the wrong example of rules 1?
the past and future and then the reason why they are wrong?

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019

100% thanks, Rebecka…

Monday, April 8th 2019

Lots of thanks Rebecka…

Tuesday, April 9th 2019

Congratulations Rebeca

Thursday, April 25th 2019

thaks mem

Thursday, April 25th 2019

thaks teacher

Thursday, April 25th 2019

i got 100…you re a wonderful teacher..ty a lot Rebecca

Friday, May 10th 2019

Thank you Rebeca, it is a beatiful lesson

Thursday, May 16th 2019

Thank you Rebeca, I got 100 percent!

Saturday, June 8th 2019

Nice lesson, Rebecca! Modals are extremely important in English. Then, if we want to speak and write in the correct way, we must domain them. Frankly, the modal rules are quite simple, and the mistakes are, in fact, a tendency to complicate them.

Sunday, June 16th 2019

waw i got 10/10 i am happy thinks Madam for this helpful courses

Tuesday, June 18th 2019

Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

Friday, June 21st 2019

i got 8/10

Thursday, June 27th 2019

60% without watching the video and 100% after watching the video: )

Wednesday, July 24th 2019

10/10 thank You Rebecca. I love your lessons :)

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

Wonderful Quiz 😍👍

Saturday, August 10th 2019

10/10 :)
It’s a useful lesson. Thank you very much, Rebecca!

Tuesday, September 10th 2019

Yippii! 10/10

Friday, September 13th 2019

thank you

Thursday, October 10th 2019

9/10 but happy, thanks Rebecca

Thursday, October 10th 2019

Ms Rebecca, I have doubt? When to use this words with have to

Thursday, October 17th 2019

thank you Rebecca :)

Wednesday, November 6th 2019

I got 100% in my quiz it was very useful, it is always good to take a review.
Thanks teachear!

Thursday, November 28th 2019

It was a great lesson,i got 10/10
Thank you Rebecca!

Monday, December 16th 2019

A very good lesson and lecture
I understating a lot things from this lesson thanks a lot of.

Wednesday, January 1st 2020

A very good lesson and lecture
I understating a lot things from this lesson thanks a lot of.

I need to ur help

Wednesday, January 1st 2020

thanks rebecca for this helpfull lesson.

Sunday, January 26th 2020

wowww ! ı got 10/10 thanks to you and site

Wednesday, January 29th 2020

thank you sooooooooo much,you should continue because that help us a looooooooooooooot.thank you again.
your student from Mauritania.

Saturday, February 8th 2020

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Wednesday, February 12th 2020

10\10 thank you so much rebecca

Monday, March 23rd 2020

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Monday, March 30th 2020

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Tuesday, March 31st 2020

Thanks a lot Ms. Rebecca,,, i really want the way you teach, and your strategy. I understand well. Honestly saying Ms. Rebecca im not really good in english and i want to learn it from the basic until i become fluent. I am still confused and little scared but im trying.

Wednesday, April 1st 2020

Another thing is,i real enjoy this videos but I need to learn them step by step so that i get to them well but now it is disorder what can I do

Saturday, April 4th 2020

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helpful lesson

Monday, April 6th 2020

Hello teacher Rebeca, your class are very clear.

Tuesday, April 7th 2020

10. A very clear and easy to understand the lesson you make.

Wednesday, April 15th 2020

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Thursday, June 11th 2020

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Wednesday, June 24th 2020

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Sunday, June 28th 2020

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