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Hi, everyone! Am I the first one this time? I’m the early bird, that gets the worm!

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    congratulatios nataanna and i would to say like your expression” i’m the early bird, that gets the worm”

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    Hi Natanna. Congratulations. It’s great that I see you as the first one. Keep it up.

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      Thank you, nkh453!
      Thank to EngVid we can say some pleasant words to people from all over the world. Thank Rebecca for the new lesson.
      Have you noticed I had challenged SKIKDA to competition for the next “worm”. Join us! Have a nice day!

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        Yes I’m aware. Ok I join you.

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        i joined this website in september 2015 , how about you?

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          sorry i mean ‘ in september 2016’

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          I signed up about a year ago (Jan 2016), but used to watch videos from time to time. And started commenting from November 2016. I’ve been watching every new video and some past ones since then. And feel myself content about that. And of course, I’m very glad to have you all as pen pals. See you.

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        Hello SKIKDA, I’ve joined this website for six months. So I think you can estimate the exact date by your own. Am I right???

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    Yes, you are first, Nataanna! Congratulations, thanks for watching, and all the best to you.

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    Welcome! This is the best way to improve your skill English

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      Hi,ctierrez! How are you? I haven’t seen you here before. Are you a newcomer or the an experienced member of EngVid?

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        Hello! I’m okay, learning English, is the same case too, I haven’t seen you here before. I’m not a newcomer, I’ve been studyng here at EngVid since one and half year ago and a learned a lot of things, I love all the teachers and all the things here.

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    Hello nataanna, How is going?will you mine if I join you?

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hi everybody i am the second one and i wil the first one who share the worm with you if you don’t mind nataanna.

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    Of course, I don`t mind! There are a lot of worms in English, especially James`s ones. For example: I planed on worning my way into being the first one, because I had asked about the lessons release time and had got some tips.
    But it`ll be more hilarious if we comment James`s and Mr. E videos in such way. See you.

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      Sorry, Mr.E and James`s video.

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        don’ worry because mr james don’t read comments at all.

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          What about Mr. E?

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          Mr E sometimes, i prefer the teachers who reply us than they don’t and i hope all will reply us.

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          Hello again SKIKDA. I agree with you, teachers who answer to our comments are more popular, at least for me. In addition I wanted to say that you write so good but if I’m not wrong in your top comment you have some mistakes and if you don’t mind I would correct your mistakes.
          First of all you must say James doesn’t read not don’t read. Second you shouldn’t use Mr with first name.
          Good luck

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          Sorry I have mistake too!!! If you don’t mind I correct your mistakes not I would correct your mistakes.

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          thak you nkh , i will consider this mistaks in the next days , i am just a beginner but i will do my best to be advanced.

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          Great, keep it up.

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          Hello how are you ?

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    SKIKDA,there is an expression in Russian language (it`s based on words formation): the word resentful (in Russian) consists of two words – evil+memory. In other words, if you combine them together, you`ll get one word with the meaning “resentful”.
    The Russians often say: I`m not angry (evil), but I have good memory. That literally means, that the person will remember something VERY good. And will revenge!!! Ha-ha!!!! It`s, of course, a joke. It sounds fun, really.
    SO!!!!! I have good memory. I think English helps me a lot with it (memorizing words trains it. I believe).
    You`ve ate my worm! I have to get another one! Let`s compete!
    Ready, steady, go!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Good luck🤓

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      let’s get the ball rolling, it will be fun , my pleasure, and good luck for everyone.

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        The best of luck to everyone!

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thanks rebecca for this lesson though it was so easy, and would ask you to make us a lesson about idioms because i like them.

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

    Skida, please go to the Topics section at the top of the EngVid page, and choose Expressions from the drop-down menu. There you will find lots of lessons on idioms by all our teachers. All the best to you.

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I tried mychardest

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Hello Rebecca. Thank you for such a useful lesson. This subject looks simple but some times can confound us. Thanks again and nice teaching.

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Dear Rebecca,
A simple but very useful reminder. I got 10 correct out of 10.
: D Thank you. Best regards.

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca. This is a interesting revision.

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Hiii, it’s my first time here. I don’t speak english very well, so i’ll need everyone’s help. have a nice day.
Thanks a lot Rebecca. This video help me a lot. i’m going to study a lot.

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Hi. Thanks teacher.

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Hii frinds i gave my first test. And i join today

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    You want to say “Thanks” my friend, with no apostrophe. All the best to you, Mouhcine tene.

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Profile photo of Kuldeep Kuldeep

Hi valen you r great and I like your English lessons. I wondered if u could boost your lessons and teach about reading ielts too.
The best wishes for you

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Many thanks Rebecca!!

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    hi knopfler you are always here you’ve followed the most videos of engVid you are really assiduous person,i appreciate you .

    Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

      Yes, I really like this webpage. I think that all the teachers are really really good and their explanations very clear. I also recommend this webpage to all of my friends who are learning English ;)

      Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

        Hello, knopfler86! I recommend these lessons as well.
        Most explanations ARE unique because of their simplicity, aren’t they?

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          For me, the most difficult lessons are those about vocabulary. I think I know many words when I take the quiz, which is just seconds later after watching the video, but a couple of days later, I forget about most of them, so I should watch the video again. Doesn´t it happen to you as well??

          Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

          Yes, of course! I watch videos many times, not even twice, much more! And take quizzes afterwards until I kill them!
          I read some scientific researches about studying foreing languages (a lot of them). They said that one had to come across a new world al least twelve!!!! times until you got used to it and it became familiar to you, and it came into your ACTIVE Vocabulary. So, it’s normal! There’s no simple way for studying English. I’ve been learning it for twenty!!! years. But I made great success only last five years due to the internet technologies and of course EngVid!
          Make fun while studying. Join us in competition for the first comment! It’s great!
          See you

          Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

Thanks Rebecca for this lesson, it was easy understand…:)

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it well understood

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Thanks a lot for your helpful lesson

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I like this video!! Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much!! ^_____^

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thanks for this useful lesson..

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It’s very important to repeat, from time to time, basic lessons.
Thanks Rebecca.

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hi my teacher rebecca , i just would suggest a lesson about ‘ heteronym,homograph’ words which are same spelled and they have diffrent meaning and pronunciation like ‘entrance’ and i want to know a lots of them .thank you .

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

thank you teacher for this lesson. In addition, It’d be good if you tought us how first, second, third conditionals work with this verb. Cheers!

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Thank you

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    Thank you I had your great lesson and I got it

    Profile photo of Penx123 Penx123

Hi Rebecca! You had a good idea to remember us this tense verb. I think I didn’t have all understand, but now it’s ok! it’s nice to learn with you!
Thanks a lot. Marylou.

Profile photo of Marylou Marylou

    Thanks, Marylou. If I may correct you, you wanted to say:

    You had a good idea to remind us of this past tense verb.

    By the way, did you know there was a famous song many years ago by Ricky Nelson called “Hello, Marylou”. You can find it on youtube! It’s a sweet song! All the best to you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I had a great punctuation because the teacher didn’t have any difficulty to talk about so important theme. Each time I see your lessons I learn more and more. Thanks so much Rebecca.

Profile photo of celsofurtado celsofurtado

    Glad to know you found the lesson helpful, my friend. All the best to you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi, I am starting studing… and I don’t know in which lesson start.
Help me please. :)

Profile photo of lucky.cirin lucky.cirin

It was an easy lesson but with a lot of past tenses, then you can doubt sometimes with the present and past tenses. It was funny and amusing. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, a good review of the auxiliary verb “TO HAVE”.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Rebecca, thanks a lot! You make it seems so easy, especially about a important topic as this one. It was a very good lesson!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

    Thanks for your kind words,Isaias. Glad you found the lesson helpful. I wish you all the best and am sure you are improving your English every single day! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca, your lessons always be so easy to understand. I like every lesson that you show because I am very able to learn and improve a lot my english level.

Profile photo of NECO423 NECO423

    Thanks for your kind comments, NECO423. A small correction, for you, from me:

    Your lessons are always so easy to understand.

    I wish you all the best in improving your English and am sure you’ll achieve your goal. Thank you for choosing to learn with us at EngVid.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I’ve got 9 out of 10. However, even I knowing the correct answer of the question number 9, I don’t understand it. It seems like the sentence doesn’t make sense.

Profile photo of samuel.martins samuel.martins

    When did your team have to arrive?

    This means “At what time was it necessary for your team to arrive?” When we say “have to” it means “must”. Hope that helps you understand number 9 better. All the best to you, Samuel.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Thanks, Rebecca! Now I understand.

      Profile photo of samuel.martins samuel.martins

Hi Rebecca! Nice video, thanks for teaching us how to use have in the past tense.

Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

    Glad you found the lesson helpful, Aleachi. All the best to you, my friend.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

You got 6 correct out of 10.
I didn’t watched this lessen ….It was very easy for me :)

Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

    Yes it’s an easy subject.

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

    I think it would be helpful to watch the lesson so you get an even higher score! I’m sure you can do it! Also, please note this correction:

    I didn’t watch this lesson.

    Even with other verbs besides “have”, we come back to the base form of the verb in negative sentences. I wish you all the best, amirrezaee.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      thank you Rebecca …..English language isn’t for me very easy ….I born in city which there is not English common …I love to learn ….but I need too time for it .I’m 35 years.

      Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

        which way is useful for learn English faster than all way ? 1- I see subtitle English movie ….2- I read book story …3- I talk with someone English . and another ways you suggest to me ….. ??

        Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

Hello Dear Ms. Rebecca
thank you so much I use past tans and I learn very good. you is good teacher
Thank you

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I want tel to you( Engvid )thank you for you help to us
thank you

Profile photo of ahmad Keshani ahmad Keshani

Thank you for the lesson, Rebecca:)

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Thank you for the lesson ,Mrs Rebecca

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you again Rebecca

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Thank, for your lesson, like it!

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

Thank you for explaination. 10 out of 10 ;]

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Yes! Ofcourse it’s really important lesson for us.
We always make silly mistakes on grammar. When we speaking.

Profile photo of SID SID

    Yes, you’re right, Sid, we make silly mistakes IN grammar! Don’t you just love English? Never mind, now you know. Once I was teaching a client who was a lawyer and he said to me, “Rebecca, these prepositions will keep you in business for the rest of your life!” All the best to you, Sid.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

thank you, each day i have improve my english by your watches

Profile photo of Greiscol Greiscol

the score is 90. thanks

Profile photo of Satilmis Satilmis

i can’t beleive that the quiz has set me up for the first time!

Profile photo of mohamed111 mohamed111

well done Rebeca

Profile photo of hussam12344 hussam12344

Thank vou Rebecca. Thaís Review lessons was Very práctica and usefull. See you

Profile photo of Fabio Skywalker Fabio Skywalker

    Yes, it is always helpful to strengthen our understanding of the basics, Fabio. My best wishes to you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Rebecca …
Please,I need your help
Iam studying English and have subject called Testing for languge teachers and I is very difficult. How can I study this subject?

Profile photo of Saba hassan Saba hassan

    Sorry. From your question, I don’t have enough information to help you out. Just try sitting down with a good dictionary and work your way quietly through each sentence. When a passage is too hard, it’s usually because the vocabulary is too hard or the grammar is confusing. Start with understanding the words. All the best to you, Saba.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Thank you dear I will try to do the best.

      Profile photo of Saba hassan Saba hassan

    Wow. What a scary picture you put.

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

this is very hard for me.

Profile photo of shelby shelby

Awesome teachering

Profile photo of Lenica Lenica


    Profile photo of Lenica Lenica

    Interestingly enough, English speakers will sometimes use a noun as a verb like you just did, to mean “to act like a [noun]”. It’s used in casual English to be funny. For example,

    “Just paid off my credit card debt. Adulting feels good.”
    [Commenting on a picture of a cat doing something weird] “I think he forgot how to cat.”

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi Rebecca :D I really appreciate your teaching! Have a great day :)))

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I had a great time with this lesson, thanks so much Rebecca. And te quiz it says: You got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thank you very very much engvid family for this marvelous lesson,I had earned a lot of knowledge about your lessons,keep doing this god bless and more power.

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i had 10/10. did you have a good student? you didn’t have any bad lessons!

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OH! YES I GOT 10/10

Profile photo of JONESH JONESH

Hello every one and a special regard for Rebeccea i would like to ask you a question about this lesson that we know the subjects She,HE,and it, are usually take the word Has.so why we couldn’t use it with them instead of have here in this lesson ? for example you mentioned in the negative 1-Gorge didn’t have a lot of friends. and in question – Did gorge have a lot of friends ? why we didn’t use – Gorge didn’t has a lot of friends. Did gorge has a lot friends ? can you explain that pleas .

Profile photo of Ryan.. Ryan..

Thank you so much.

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I had 7/10,i have disappointment,i expect 10/10

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Thanks Rebecca

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I got 10/10

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Hi Rebecca. It is always a pleasure for me to watch your video lessons. I HAD a great time! Thank you so much. Until next time!

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thanks great lessons

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Hello, dear Rebecca!
Just want to let you know… A few years ago accidentally discovered your video in a social network, I looked through it and was pleasantly surprised! Exactly because of you my adoration to the Eng.Vid was began. You are really great!!!

Profile photo of MariaHutchcraft MariaHutchcraft

Rebecca, you are very talented teacher! Have a nice day!

Profile photo of your-boy-nikolay your-boy-nikolay

Hello. These are my sentences. If you find mistakes in my sentences feel free to correct these.
*I had rabbit in my childhood.
*I didn’t have a dog in my childhood.
*Did I have a giraffe in my childhood?
When i mention about my childhood is it true to use “in my childhood” ? Thanks.

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Congrats to me! 100/100

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Thank you Rebecca,this was first lesson I watched for you and you make it easy and fun lesson.

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Hi Rebecca – thank you so much for the lessons. It was great and learned a lot. Very helpful too. I appreciate your examples. Regards.

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I am very happy…

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Excelent lesson. I got 100% correct.

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Thanks teacher Rebeca

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Usefull lesson.Thanks.

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Thanks!I love these lessons!

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I’m so very excited to learn more in English. Thank you Teacher Rebecca..

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10/10 great! I did it. Thanks for this lesson :)

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Thanks Rebeeca, All my respect to You.

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great 10/10.. thanks for this lesson…

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Thank you Rebecca I had a nice time with your lesson

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is great!

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Hi my name’s abdalah Kali I am new studen joined recentljy

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Thank you Rebecca,I got 10 correct out of 10
:D, It seems to me so simple to learn when you explain!

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Thank for engvid forwarding me in english

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Thank you so much Teacher Rebecca, this lesson really a big help to me.

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is great

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thanks for this lesson,it’s really easy to understand

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It was awesome, thanks! <3

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thank you teacher really i understand from you

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Muy buena plataforma

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whe do you really use it had??

Profile photo of svillegas svillegas

thanks Rebecca for the adding it’s very awesome, i was confused when i use have/has with he,she & it at the past in question and negative but now i’m ready to use have in sentences after i have watched the videos :)

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Thank you Rebecca

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Hi Where can i download the videos. Inspite of finding the button to download, I haven’t found this.

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Thank you Rebecca for this lesson.

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Hello, Rebecca!
Thank you so much for your lesson, I had a good time with you! :)
I didn’t have a good knowledges about the verb “have”. You saved my self from many errors in the future! :)

Profile photo of Christina FoX Christina FoX

    Christina, what do you Think, maybe better use word “mistakes” instead of word “errors”?

    I think mistakes better for grammar and errors better for math results etc.

    Am I right?

    Profile photo of PhoenixRed PhoenixRed

I just join the website, and I must say very informative.

Profile photo of Tudo61 Tudo61

Thank you, Rebecca!
It was a very useful lesson.

10 from 10 correct answers on quiz :-)

I had an English class yesterday.
I didn`t have an English class yesterday.
Did I have an English class yesterday?
Didn`t I have an English class yesterday?

Profile photo of PhoenixRed PhoenixRed

Hi, everybody, i joined engvid yesterday, i think its great, i really like it

Profile photo of Alexgoland Alexgoland

I did it great on the test because I understood, but I was confuse everytime you used the third person with have instead of has, I did it as you said and I scored 100/100, then online I searched the reason why and I found out this that was very helpful to me: Third person singular (he, she, it, who, which,…) works as follows.

Present affirmative. Present negative. Past affirmative. Past negative.
She has a coat. She does not have a coat. She had a coat. She did not have a coat.
In the present tense, one and only one verb has the present marker s.
In the past tense, one and only one verb has the past marker d.

If there is an auxiliary verb (e.g., do), it takes the tense marker, and the main verb is in the “bare infinitive” form (have in this example).

If there is no auxiliary verb, the main verb takes the tense marker.

Profile photo of NOA1991 NOA1991

Got 10/10 ☺ It was a very useful lesson . I really enjoyed the way you teach . By the way rebeca you look smart!😊

Profile photo of Annie Annie

    Emma is more smart than her😉

    Profile photo of Zaryab Ali Zaryab Ali

You got 10 correct out of 10…. yes … thanx Rebecca realy u my favorite one

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Rebecca, you have a nice voice. You explane really everything clear. Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Leyla-di Leyla-di

Its really awesone….
I have clear my mitakes

Profile photo of Zaryab Ali Zaryab Ali


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Very good lesson as every time! Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Vladislav98 Vladislav98

Thank you teacher I understand

Profile photo of milenizar1 milenizar1

Hi Rebecca. why should i choose (did have) when we are talking about future in this question??

9. When __________ your team __________ to arrive at the airport? I hope they made it on time despite the traffic jam.
did, have
did, has
does, had
does, have
10. She __________ any money for food, so I gave her $25. It was all I had on me.
didn’t has
didn’t have
doesn’t had
doesn’t have

Profile photo of ahmed69 ahmed69

i love this lesson

Profile photo of dody88 dody88


Profile photo of ljam31 ljam31

Hi Rebecca, I really enjoy your lesson. You were very helpful to me. I need this kind of lesson because in my job grammar is so critical. I perfected the quiz after I carefully watched your lesson. More power to you Rebecca. I’m looking forward for more lesson :)

Feel free to correct my sentences :)

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Rebecca Ma’am aww or Teacher as you like it,Thank you so much for teach me..You’re great amazing and helpful lesson

Profile photo of rizwanchaudhry rizwanchaudhry

This is very helpfull

Profile photo of Elvira Putri Rahayu Elvira Putri Rahayu

I liked your class very much .It is very useful for me. it gives me the effect of being taught taught by a teacher at school. Thank you for giving such a class. :)

Profile photo of surya deepak surya deepak

“Last Sunday i had soccer game”
“Last Sunday i didn’t have soccer game”
“Did last Sunday i have soccer game?”

Profile photo of Jerry5 Jerry5

    ıt s could be ” when did you have soccer game” ı guess

    Profile photo of irem07 irem07

Thank you dear Rebecca

Profile photo of bakhtiar1993 bakhtiar1993

I love Mrs Rebecca, your voice very easy to hear.
Thank you !

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hi thanks a lot rebecca

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Thanks,Rebecca. I had a lot fun with your lessen today. I can’t thank you enough for what you helping me.

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its a very good class, thanks.

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Thank you very much mrs rebecca, this lesson was simple but it reminded me what i had ignore

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yesss 10 correct

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Though it

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Thank you Rebecca. You are the best teacher that I met.

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Thanks Rebecca

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Thanks, Rebecca. Good lesson. I got 100

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Hello Ms. Rebecca, thank you for all your lesson, very helpful, my goal is to improve and strengthen my communication skills especially oral and written. Hope you could help me :) Thank you.

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Thank you Rebecca. My English has improved a lot with your classes.

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I had a very interesting experience in your class, I didnt have any questions because I got 100. Did there have someone like me?

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Hi, I had very good lesson and good experience with quiz. planning to watch more videos . Thank you very much

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Yesssss I had fun with this quiz and answer it all right.

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hi! just sign up today! 04/09/2017 I’m watching videos for better grammar and vocabulary development.

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    Welcome to engVid, roxyb! 😊

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hi, thanks for this. i took the exam. i got 5.. i watched the video and re take the exam. i got 9 =) this is really helpful.

Profile photo of roxyb roxyb

Hello, in the case of he she or it, why don’t use “HAS” for negative and question form?

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Dear Maam Rebecca,

I am very happy today because i had found your website. thank you so much for the lesson on how to wrote english. God bless you and stay beautiful and healthy.

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Hi Rebecca, may i ask when to use : Did she have fun tonight? or Did she has fun tonight? i mean what are the rules for this? Because has is used for single person right?

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks for the video. I had problems with the Past Tense of the verb “to have”, but now I don’t.


Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Hi, Rebecca!It’s my first time to leave a comment here. I just want to say thank you. You are my favorite teacher here in EngVid. I am a college graduate but seems like my english level is in elementery.I love the way you teach. I want to improve more my english grammar, comprehension and have confidence to speak fluently. I can’t land a job because of my english. I have a fear of conversing through english because i feel like my english grammar is wrong. I look forward to learn more and speak fluently from learning with you. Thank you!

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Thank you Rebecca your class was very clear.

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I had wondered when you speak very good because I also repeat the word what you speak at the time of teaching

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You are the best teacher in my opinion. I always watch your lessons with a great pleasure. Thank you!

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I’m a surgeon from Iran and i will follow your lessons.

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It was my first test and because of your excellent teaching skills I got 10/10.
So happy!!
One thing I wanted to tel–I like the way you smile between tutorials

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Thank you very much teacher!

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