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“Hi there!”

It always seems me a funny saluting. :)


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    hi shalka how r u so what do you think about her lesson let me hear from u .

    sheikh osman


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Hi Skalkaz

Yes, you’re right. The word “there” in “Hi there” sounds a little odd because we’re kind of saying “Hey you, over there..Hi to you!” We compress that to saying ” Hi there”.


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    thank you so much rebecca

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Hi! Yes, it’s excellent but I want more examples.

Thanks a lot

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    Okay, Mohammed. Here you go:

    1) Where are your children? They’re in school right now.

    2) There is a cat on the fence.

    3) There are some birthday presents on the table.

    4) Which is their house? (the house that belongs to them)

    5) Their new home is really huge.

    Try writing some examples and I’ll tell you if you’re right.


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Thanks a lot for your help!

It was excelent…


Laura Hernandez

    Thanks, Laura. Glad I could help.

    Remember that excellent has two letter ls in it.

    English spelling is always challenging!

    All the best to you,


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Thanks a lot for helpful lesson

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    You’re welcome, Ahamza. My pleasure. All the best to you,


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Hola, Rebecca, ya he visto 5 de tus 9 videos, they are great.

carlos alfredo

    You’re welcome, Carlos. Glad I could help.

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IThanks a lot for this lesson
Could you also please teach us the correct sentence structure in essays.
that would be very kind of u

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    Thanks for your suggestion. There are various elements involved in correct sentence structure, but I will isolate them and explain some in an upcoming lesson.

    Keep watching!

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    Also, if you need help in structuring your essay, you may like to watch my lesson on engVid called How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay. This will give you an effective strategy for organizing your essay.

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This lesson help me a lot, mainly in the sound that always let me
with no sure about how to speak those words…

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    Yes, words such as these – called homonyms – can be confusing. Glad the lesson helped you.

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Hi Rebecca, i’m from malaysia and we pronounce those 3 words differently as we we were thaught in Great Britain’s English instead of American’s English. In TOEFL, does it matter to pronounce and to write in what type of English? Is it wrong for me to speak n to write in GB’s english? Please help. TQ.


    Hi Sharain

    No, it doesn’t matter if you speak with a British or American accent on the Speaking section of the TOEFL. What matters is that you speak clearly and correctly and that there is no confusion when others trying to understand you.

    It is important for you to be able to understand different types of pronunciation. If you’re going to appear for the TOEFL, then it is best to get used to understanding that accent in order to do well in the Listening section of the exam.

    In the writing section of the TOEFL, you can use British or American spelling, but whichever one you choose, stay consistent and follow that style throughout your written response.

    For more info on the TOEFL, check this website:


    All the best to you!

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hai Rebecca, i’m for india and very satisfied in your teaching english if you have any material please send me to email id so that i can improve my english

phani kumar

    Thanks for your feedback, Phani. Which part of India are you from?

    There are many ways to improve your English and all kinds of great books, websites, CDs, DVDs and so on. If you let me know what your needs are in English and which area of English you need help in the most, I could recommend some sites and / or books to help you.
    For example, would you like help in grammar, reading, writing, speaking, TOEFL, IELTS, etc?

    Please do tell your friends about us. This will enable us to produce more relevant lessons. Thanks, again.

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Thanks rebbeca!
I make this mistake everytime I write ;-(


    You’re not alone. Glad the lessons helped you.

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I’m at their house. They’re over there.

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    Good for you. You get 100%. Way to go!

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Thanks Rebecca
I like your little lesson. They’re very interesting and useful to me. There are always good tips to improve english in your videos . You have a good site there.

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    Thanks, Raul. Glad I could help. Please tell your friends if you feel the website helped you. That way, we can continue to expand the site. Thanks, again.

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Hi, Thank you for the lesson, you really help me understand the usage of these three words. I hope you can give us more lessons in the usage of different words. I hope this could help me in my upcoming ielts exam.

Thanks again,

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    Please also check my website http://www.goodluckielts.com for tips on how to do well on the IELTS.

    Many of the video lessons by other teachers on our website can also help you with various grammatical points.

    All the best to you.

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      Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us whose english is not our native language. I appreciated knowing that you have site to help us to do well in Ielt’s as I am planning to take it.

      Thank you very much again. I’m sharing this site with few of my friends.

      God bless

      strawberry cake

That’s fascinating , Thank you very much.

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    Glad you enjoyed the little lesson. Good luck with your English.

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Hi,dear Rebecca !

I did well on this exame,but the one that I got wrong wasn´t showed at the display while I was making a text.
For now I´d like to say thank you very much for the explanation you,ve done on line.
I do understand your english!!

Gos Bless you all !

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Thanks, Edson, glad you found the lesson helpful.

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Thank you Rebecca! I liked your site.

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Thank you very much!
It was very helpful.

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Thank you Rebecca!

This lesson help me a lot.

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Hi,i m from india….from Where?….Bombay…
Thanks Rebecca…
It was very helpful…
i will ask u something?…only when u reply…for this comment
(Related to English speaking)


Thanks a lot dear Rebecca, you explain the lesson’s very goof.

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I’m from Ukraine and I don’t have a lot of money for a private teacher…I hope You program help me to learn English very well..
Thanks Rebecca, you and your friends make a great work!


10/10, :) I’ve learned . .

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1)I have a problem in (vs verb) could you send me some lessons in my adresse Email please
2) I found difficult in writing a text or paragraph
thanks a lot of all these lessons
soufiane MOROCCO


It’s always a pleasure to learn from your videos.

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hi rebecca
i watch ur video from youtube. i find it quite informative.i like ur teaching style very much can u plz help me. i want to learn tenses.


This Viedeo is very nice

Neeraj Khampariya


Neeraj Khampariya

very much Important lessons


I like this lesson for improve my english languate

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Hi Rebecca !!!!
I’m from Mexico, I want to say your classes are very interesting, I’m studing English and these help me a lot.
Thank you.
Best regards.


Dear Rebecca,
I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank you!
Regards from Vancouver.

Iuliana Maria

Dear Rebecca,
This is khadijeh from Iran.I love this site and especially your lessons ,i am going to have IELTS EXAM academic .your lessons really can help me.thanks


Thanks teacher, i need more excercixe.


I’ve seen this lesson, thank you!
So…they’re, there, their have the same pronunciation??? No differences???


Thanks teacher for all, This will be more useful for me.

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thanks for all , there is alot of things i got useful from it .

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There are a lot of people using internet online, but i don’t know the more 0f their name


thank you for everything


thanks a lot teacher ^^


i don’t understand in would be should be and could be so pls explain me


thank you for the discussing


It is wonderful one to clear in this particular part so thanks to engvid.com. I think it is a boon to the people like me who used English as a second language.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca! I’m learning a little more with you.


they’re very lucky to acheived their goals, while they faced a lot of trouble there in the market


thanks i pick these points……….

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thanks teacher rebecca you are very good teacher i am really get better in english
thank you again


hi, how do you do rebbeca, let me introduce my self, my name is suparman, i’m from indonesia, and i’m students uneversity at Lombok Island,I have problem with my english,such diffucult to speak with onother and very difficult to pronounce the word as close as native speaker.


Thanks. It’s a nice lesson.

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Thank you so much Rebecca a nice lesson

bekele herego

You are doing a great job. I am highly impressed with your teaching method. Keep it up.



john williams

احمارة يا ربيكا

john williams


john williams

My first visit ..
Thank you so much.

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I love this website. But it will be more fun to have more excerice questions.Thank you


hi!thanks my teacher REBECCA

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thanks hun

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Thanks Teacher Rebecca!

hector ararao

Hi, thanks for the lesson, I did my first test here and I got 90 points, you’re the best teacher that I had never seen before


You’re a really good teacher. I love the way that you explain every lesson.


I really love your teaching style.U help me a lot.Your are my idol.And I want you to teach me more about IELTS lessons such as writing and so on.Thanks beforehand.


Hi There! Thanks Rebecca…


my score 100… horay… thx


Dear Mam,
Really i like your all lesson….thanks for that….


Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your precious lectures but i need a lecture to clarify the use of “could”


thanks you my teacher for this lesson .

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you are a wonderful teacher thank you


i got 9/10…not bad! thank you mam rebecca..everyday i watched your website.

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mam rebecca i have special request. pls explain or make video about the words UNFORTUNATELY, NEVERTHELESS, ACTUALLY, HOWEVER AND MOREOVER..im confusing in these words. plssssss…thank you and More power.

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uderstandble lesson. little by little i’m learned how to speak and write accordingly,, thanks a lot teacher.. i’m proud of you


Hi , Rebecca!
Your lessons are really helpful in reviewing me to use English in correct way! Thank you so much ! dear rebecca !


thank you teacher

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you r a good teacher…

etx ruby

HELLO, 10 OF 10


Hello! Do we say there’s a lot of money or there are a lot of money? And why?

Profile photo of shammiab

I think we say there’s a lot of money. The second one doesn’t sound right.


Oh my answers are all right! Thanks Rebecca, I didn’t know these words have the same pronouce, you are a great teacher, I love your videos.


you are the best teacher
could you help me to obtain more example
beacace I have confuesed
thank you


could you help me to explain what different between there and their
thank you a lot


thank for your lesson.
but we are only distinguish them by meaning, not on other ways,is that right?



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Thanks a lot for your great lesson.I got the right all answers


Thank you very much Rebecca. I’ll try to watch every day 2 or 3 times each video from you. I hope to improve my English. Good luck! Cata

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thank you so much.

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thank you teacher..
i have question
what is different type the IT & THERE
and when you using the IT & THERE?




thank you for helping people


Hi Rebecca thanks a lot 100 10/10 :) :)


Hi Rebecca thank you dear . I finally understood that . lol

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thanks i got 100


it was great lesson ^_^

thank you


Hey rebecca! I’m from India. I take english classes and my students are generally confused in such words and pronounce them incorrectly. i dont have much idea of this website but it did help a lot. can you please post some more resources on the homonyms homohones and homograms on the site pleas?
Thanks for the lesson

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Hello Rebecca,I’m a new member and I love your teaching style. Thank you very much.

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Every lesson is very helpful.

Profile photo of meilinda meilinda

Dear rebecca,

What are the “to be verb” can come along with the word “their”?

except are/is..

Profile photo of rajamurugan rajamurugan

    Not their ..it is there

    Profile photo of rajamurugan rajamurugan

thank u for this lesson..


Hello Rebecca,
It is really great to learn English via EngVid. I like all the teachers’ teaching style. Each lesson is helpful to me.

I have two questions to ask you. In the last quiz—” Don’t you just love children. They’re so innocent.” Why not use a question mark after children instead of period? Another question is the meaning of just. What’s the different meaning if I say “Don’t you love children” without just between you and love?

Thanks in advance for your replying.



Thank you Rebecca!


thanks for providing the English learning videos,with the help of it I am learning much more English
And I have just hesitation in my communication skills please help me to remove that problem I am very keenly for speak English fluently so What should I do to speak fluently

Fahad Tunio

thank you Rebecca Mam

Muzaffar Agha

hi Rebecca help me please . I can read English well . and I can listen but my writing not very well

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Hello to everybody!
My name’s João Paulo, I’m from Brazil.
I’d like to congratulate everyone for this wonderful course.

But I also would like to know more about these words:


From now on, thanks for your explanations. And forgive my English that is not so good as urs.
Bye for all.

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tnx a lot

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100% ^^ yahooo i got 10\10
thanks Ms Rebecca :) <3

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Thanks Rebecca!

They’re Their There

They’re so important.

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Thank you so much Rebecca,
learnting english for long time but I haven’t recognize them, with me, it’s hard to listen to.
I understand that:
– They’re : as subject
– Their : as pronoun
– There : as adverb

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Thank you Rebecca

My score Is 90.00 %

I had one mistake :-

If you ask me, _____ the best team in the whole world.

I put there ..

thank you :)


this site was so helpful to me


Thank you!


Thank you now that solved the confusion.

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rebecca , now i got clear with this words thanks

i would like you to explain this homonyms i.e, THIS AND THESE ok.

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Development for old man is very difficult to do,i’m 58 but it’s easy if you try at least 1 hour every day.Forgive me mestake.I wish all the best for you.I want say in English.Help me if you can.


could you do one with the pronunciation of look, lock, luck, lack


    Added to the request list!

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Thank you Rebecca
I got 100 %



Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for letting know the word”Homonyms”.. it’s quite interesting.

I from India(B’lore), am interested to improve my English communication skill. I need your tips/ any website / material to improve on the below topics:

Vocabulary | Accent | phrasal verb | Idioms

Thanks in Advance!

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thank you

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Thamks so much Rebecca..very helpful

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much.Rebecca


hiii, thank you very much,and good lesson that my answer that just have 80%, i think i must have many learn.so once again thank you so much.


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thanks Rebecca, 10/10 :)

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thanks rebecaa :D very helpful :)

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Thanks a lot dear Rebecca, you explain the lessons very good.

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it says “You got 10 correct out of 10” :D

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this videos are very helpful

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thank you!!

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Good! Thanks!

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THank you

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Thanks Rebecca
Now i got 80
you very helpful


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Thank you very much

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hi thanks so much it was helpful

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Thanks! got 100% There are many useful video lesson in your website,they’re helpful for me to study,my friends are doing their own.

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thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot. Now I understand it very clearly.

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Hi Rebecca,
thanks a lot for helpful lesson.
take care

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Thank you professed :)
I will have a final exam tomorrow.
You helped me a lot.

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Thanks got 100%.

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I got 10! Thank you Rebecca!
its very nice!

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Thanksss Rebecca!

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Thanksss Rebecaaa!! ;)

Profile photo of luigieriche luigieriche

Thanks. 90 %.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca.

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Hi teacher ! Can you, please give more explanations or examples about ” their” i will be thankful .

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thanks for this lesson :)

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thanks my great teacher :))
I got 8 from 10 :))

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Thanks teacher Rebecca i got a perfect score!

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Yes, I got it 80%, It’s very difficult lesson,
I thing i need more practice, because I want study more.

Useful lesson.
Thanks Teacher.

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Thank you so much

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I’m really thanked with you!

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thanks so much for your teaching I have just joinned to learn English thanks for your teaching

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thank you:)

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I got 90 score in the quiz :)
Thank you ma’am rebecca

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Thank you Rebecca,you are amaizing teacher.
Your lesson’s is so easy for beginers like me,and understandable.Than you very much.Greetings from Serbia :)

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Thank you Rebeca, you do a great jod.Congratulations!

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Sorry job.

Profile photo of alainaldo alainaldo

Thanks Rebecca.

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Dear Rebecca,
They’re studying English over there in their country on engvid.
Yours sincerely.

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1 They’re the best one’s of all!
2 If you’re looking for your money, It’s up there next to the TV .
3 I sincerely like their house , it has my favorite color .

If I didn’t do well somebody voice their opinion .

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exactly what is the diffrence b/w there and their.

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Thank you so much

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Thanks Rebecca !

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thanks rebecca :))
actually i’m always confused in those three words so thanks alot to let me know about those words.

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thank you very much

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Thank you.

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Hi there! I’m poor in listening (especially ) but how can I improve my listening
Plz tell me any helpful tips if u have . Is it because of VIK learning method that affects me.
Thank u

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Thanks for this lesson.

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good day
i would like to ask when to use did does and do
i am looking forward for your reply

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thanx rebecca u teach us what we really need

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Rebecca, thank you so much, you are so clear in your lessons. It was so confused to me these words. I will speak with confidence right now.

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca, for such a helpful lesson

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Good lesson thanks a lot.

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Hello Rebecca.
Why do not you write since 2009
can :)

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Hello Rebecca.
I hope you’re doing well.
I just want to make sure about sth. I’ve always known that homonyms are words that are spelled the same, pronounced the same, but are different in meaning, and that homophones are words that are pronounced the same, but are different in spelling and meaning. Now, you are saying the complete opposite of what I’ve learnt. I’m really very confused. Would you please help me. :)
Thank you in advance

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Thank you, Rebecca!
It was a good and very useful lesson!

And thanks for your efforts for teaching us.

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Thank you very much, Rebecca.

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Thank you

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 100%. You are very good teacher.

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as a chinese fan, it is a great lesson i’ve even seen in web, but it’s hard for chinese have to get VPN to see your videos ,love u

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I got 10/10!!! Super lesson! Thanks Rebecca!

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Thank you so much Rebeca! Great class!!! :)
I wish many happiness in your life

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thank u Rebecca>>

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Hi Rebecca,thank you for the lesson,you really help me..

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I learning. Thankyou for this lesson!

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Thanks a lot Rebecca! My score is 70/100 haha

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thank you so very much perfact 100/100 (:

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If I dont’know how to write spelling in big words ,how to learn in spelling in big words please tell me

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you.

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thank you Rebecca…
just now I start to learn your lessons
my score is 100/100

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Hı Rebecca thank you for your lesson. I started to watch your videos. İ want to develop my speaking. What should İ Do for İt?

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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Mam i’ve got 90 out of 100. Engvid really helps me to achieve my goals? I’m worried about my english!!😢😢😢

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Great 👍

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Thank u….

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10/10 Thank you, Rebecca!

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Great :) Thank you :)

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9/10, thanks!

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I got 100 thanks for your teaching

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Hi Rebecca,

I just started to see your old videos..

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This is a great lesson for beginners. Thank you.

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I try to answer Questions I get 5 I lost 5. Tu I proud my self I’m doing good

Thank you teacher

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