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Thank you, Rebecca! You are very good teacher!!!

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    Dear Ms Redecca,






    Parmjit (L.L.B Hons)


    Ali Said

    Dear madam,
    thank you for your remarkable teaching,
    please madam i want you to help with these expressions,and how to use them.is sold here,is never done,is done here. please madam iwant know wheather,present cont, or past tense

    mohammed alhassan

Thanks a lot!!!

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very nice lesson


Dear Ms. Rebecca,

How to differentiate regular verb and irregular verb.



    It’s a little bit backwards. You can know the difference between a regular and irregular verb from the ending. Regular verbs add -ed or just -d in the past tense form but irregular verbs take other forms.

    For example, regular verbs:
    brush – brushed, jump – jumped, dance – danced

    Irregular verbs, see – saw, go – went, put – put, break – broke

    Hope this helps. All the best to you!

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      Thank you so much Rebecca I will follow you everywhere and everytime.I think, teach of requires the ability as much as to learn.

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      hey rebecca can i say i have been teaching him for last two years

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        I do think So! because we use have been to mention the thing we did before and still carrying! overall, have been shows past+present! hope you understood :)

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      good lesson Rebecca.

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Thanks, Rebecca! This topic is very important. I have been studied a lot and I particulary think that hardest part is a memorise all regular and irregular verbs.
A strong hug for you

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gud lesson rebeeca,
is this is the only use of present perfect tense i mean have you ever…..?


    No, this is just one way to start using the present perfect tense easily and immediately.
    Like any tense in English, you can use the present perfect in positive or affirmative sentences, in negative sentences, or in questions such as the ones I have spoken about in the lesson.

    For example,

    Positive – I have lived here for 5 years.
    Negative – I have not finished my homework.
    Question – Have you done the laundry yet?

    Please refer to a grammar book for a full explanation. All the best to you.

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2 tell u the truth,it’s 1 of the enjoyable n profitable English tenses in my book!8/8
P.S.Would u like 2 answer 2 our Questions off n on?!I’ve sent some significant questions 2 u in ur last videos n in fact I’ve need the correct answers but till now …!!
I think u have not enough tima 2 check the comments…..
Do u mind 2 ask somebody else answers 2 them n we get our answers eventually??
tx in advance,mam!

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    Hi Fatima

    Like all the engvid teachers, I work full-time in addition to the work here. We all try our best to answer questions whenever we can. My best wishes to you, Fatima.

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Good lesson, thank you a lot.


Thank you Rebecca. You’re so nice teacher. My regards for You. Lily from Brazil


thank you ,you are the best teacher ,i have not seen someone like you.


Thank you a a lot.
I hope that I can improve myself with your lesson.


Thank you Rebecca for the class. It is a subject we really used a lot in conversations and sometimes we do not know how to use. I am from Brazil, but i live in the USA, so for me it is great learn more useful questions and answers with the present perfect. Thank you!!! :)


Rebecca all what I know I can thank to you.


Oh, now I understand. Thank you so much!

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Thank you a lot

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Thank you Rebecca! I’ve never though that way to learn present perfect and it was really helpful. I really like your smile and of course your lessons. I hope you can keep doing EngVid for us. Thanks again :)


thank you Rebecca.

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Hi Rebecca,
Thank for your lesson.
could you tell me which one is correct?
He’s just went out.or
He’s just gone out.


    The second one. However there are two ways to show that an action was complete a few minutes earlier by using just.In American English, people use just with the past but in British English, people use have just with the past participle instead. I mean you can use either just + past or have + just + past participle. In this case you can say: He’s just gone out ( He has just gone out) or He just went out.

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    jeffer123 has given you the correct answer. Thank you jeffer123!
    My best wishes to you and to twee for asking the question.

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your explanation is very easy.i learned a lot from you

nashat anwar

Thang u Rebecca,
Can u explain the all condition of the perfect tens , please ..
Thang u again ..


Hi Rebecca, just a question: why you use to Brazil instead of in when he answer I’ve been to Bazil, we could use I’ve been in Brazil…
Thanks in advance.


    “I’ve been to Brazil” generally means you have visited that place. “To” is the correct preposition to use when talking about having been somewhere.

    It’s like:
    I’ve been to a Moody Blues concert.

    This also means you have attended the event.

    People will understand if you use the preposition “in Brazil”, but “to Brazil” is the correct version.

    My best wishes to you, Pedro.

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      ma’am ,according to your video the last sentence , I’ve been to Brazil.what is my Q. that he went to Brazil now he returned back….Don’t he need to tell that sentence in either simple past or past perfect because the time and action both finished.


wow this is fantastic

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thank you very much teacher Rebecca,you know i’m not good speaking English, i wan’t to improve to speak in English.where do i start?


8/8 thanks for the lesson :D!


thank you so much Rebecca,i’m Jonathan Guevarra,currently working in K.S.A here in Riyadh.after my worked finish every night i’m always watching your lessons. because, i want to improve to speak in English.especially how use in correct grammar.your immediately response will highly appreciate thank you!


    Thanks for your feedback Jonathan. There are so many ways to improve your English skills, indirectly and directly. Indirectly, you can try to read, listen, write, speak and study as much English as possible whenever you have a chance. The direct way is to work with a private teacher or join a class where you will not only have a chance to speak but also to be corrected and to understand the rules and practices of correct English. Actually, engvid is like having several private teachers giving you mini lessons on various important aspects of speaking English. I wish you all the best, Jonathan.

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      Thanks for your advice! I’m not also good in English.

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thank u very much Rebecca, good luck with your life, so long n’ good byeeee.


thanks Rebecca

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Hi. Rebecca. I’m a teacher . I’d like to thank you for your interesting lesson and the way you teach .Really i came across your lesson which admired me a lot .I hope you good luck .

Abdul Hameed Mustafa

    Thanks for your feedback, Abdul. It’s always a pleasure to hear from a fellow teacher. I wish you and your students all the best.

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Thanks Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca

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Thank You, Rebecca.

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Have you ever done well all the answers? Yes I have, but it is the first time I have done it.
Is correct this expresion?
Thanks for your reply.

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    It would be better to ask:

    Have you ever got all the answers right?

    Have you ever done very well on the test?

    My best wishes to you.

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      Thanks a lot for the reply and the corrections. Is wonderful watching eng.Vid videos and to be sure you are going to read our questions ….. and reply its. Take care


Thank you, it was realy helpful.


    so useful

    Ahmad M.Moghaddas

Thank you for your time I understand the lessen

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hi Rebecca, doubts about present perfect, never more.Thank you!


Thank you very much. You were fantastic!!


I appreciate your hard work and effort. I wish you good luck and a

great life. Thank you for your significant lesson.

Wiating for the other helpful lessons.

Many thanks.

Saad Alsubaie

thanks a lot Rebeca, this is a very important lesson….

odir blanco

Thank you it was realy helpful


Thanks for such beautiful lesson

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It’s an interesting lesson, thank you Rebeca

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Thanks, Rebecca.


exelent exercise, thanks !!!

leo lizard

Rebecca you are great teacher, thank you and of course to the great website.


thank u a lot teacher.


Thanks for this lesson

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thanks ever much


Thank you
I’m very happy to listen to

bassam kayyali

thanks you have good and slow talking style…nice teacher

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the best english teacher ever! thank you so much!

Muhammad Ihsan

Hi Rebecca.I’d like to thank you for your lectures and I apreciate your efforts .Really ,I’m a teacher of English Language .So I find your method in teaching seems successful and very easy .Thanks alot again and I hope you good , good luck with your mass students . Waiting your reply .

Abdul Hameed Mustafa

    Always nice to hear from a fellow teacher. All the best to you and your students, Abdul.

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you are very nice teacher,, i have ever been thought by any one….
i would be highly be appreciated if you teach us slowly….


MAM,u know how to teach students.


    Thanks, Rupesh, you know how to give a compliment and make someone feel good.

    My best wishes to you, Rupesh.

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I noticed that we must learn the irregular verbs in order to speak present perfect tense correctly. Don’t disregard the past participle form of Verbs.

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    Yes, that’s true, but you can also form the present perfect with the regular verbs:

    Have you finished your homework?
    Have you brushed your teeth?
    Have you washed your hands?

    These are all regular verbs. Knowing the third form of the past participles of irregular verbs allows you to also use the irregular verbs in conversation, which is very helpful.

    My best wishes to you.

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Thank you so much Rebecca!!!

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thank you very much you really helps me..


hi everyone, I love to practice speaking English n I have Skype username: jonnitam
Contact me if u need.Thanks a lot :D

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    Hello :)

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    mine is “triana1969@gmail.com” on skype I’d like to practice as well

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U Got my word Thanks

All D best


Hurrrrrrrrrraayyyyyyyyy……….Ma’am RABECA .. I have gotten 8 out of 8 …i am so happy to learn english by your site engvid….. u r my most favorite Teacher in this site …… clapping for me …..:):):) c yaa …

sana syed

    Good job, Sana! I knew you could do it. All the best to you.

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Thanks so much.


Thank you very much


Thanks Rebecca very much

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    Clear as a bell? Wow, thanks for your feedback, Carlos and my best wishes to you.

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Thanks Rebecca !!! really I appreciate your effort, Let me recommend to all people all this web site contents at 100%.


Great ! thanks for the quiz questions.

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Please I can’t access to the quiz, some one can help me!

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Thank you, Rebecca! You are very good teacher!!!


Thank you very much indeed! I would like to ask you to make a video explaining the inversion with negative adverbs.

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Hi madam,
Thank you for your class. Can we ask, Have you ever been in tokyo?


    The correct question would be:

    Have you ever been to Tokyo?

    My best wishes to you.

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Hi madam,
Thank you for your class once again. If Marcelo answerd, “I had been to Brazil” Is it wrong or right?


Your class was great! I´m loving engVid! thanks a lot. Federico


thank you.you are good teacher.easy to undertsand


many thanks madam for ur effort to help us


Thank you so much, it was helpful


Mrs Rebecca u are a really nice teacher,thanks a lot for ur so interesting lessons

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    hellooo, nice to meet u here!

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Thank you very much for delivering a good lecture. Your way of teaching is very good. You speak very clearly which is helpful to understand for those student whose mother tung is not English.

muhammad ahmed qureshi

thank you very much!!!!! nice axcent! nice way of expression, readable face……


really rebecca she is so great

nasir uddin

hello miss
your lesson is very important . and llearn that thing befor but i did get but now i almost get it thank you miss


Thank you
It is good lesson
Have you ever heard that you are amazing teacher?


thanks for your time. it was very interesting to me. but it was very less.


Thank you Rebecca, actually you are very good teacher, I thank you again for your nice lesson!!

Tamene Mideksa

thx rebbeca for this lesson , it was make me confused before but now i get it , a big hug for u :D thank u so much


Thanks to all of you for watching and sending us feedback. It means a lot to us and motivates us to continue. Thank you all. Please share our engvid link with others who are learning English. Thanks again.

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Hi Rebecca. Your explanations was very elucidative. Thank you.

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Very helpful website! Keep up the good work Teachers.

Thank you very much.


thank u Rebicca for lesson i will foeget never gone and been he is gone in brazil and when he cam back he said me i been in brazil
is that correct ? thank u so mutch

nidam brahim

    Right. when he is away, you can say:
    He has gone to Brazil.

    When he returns, he can say:
    I have been to Brazil.

    My best wishes to you.

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thank your Rebecca

nidam brahim

Hi Rebecca thank you very much .


Hi, rebecca
You are the best, i wish you the best.
sorry if I have grammar mistakes.
I noticed you wrote on the board “he is gone”?? it isn’t “present perfect”, where is the “has”?

I’m little confused..


    It isn’t he is but he’s. He has.


will, first of all i want to thank you for the lesson, i have some difficulties with English tenses ,now i have my own teachers , god bless you all


Thank you for the lesson


i like to videos thank you very much teacher Ronnie ur activity very nice teching


you are a great teacher, Rebecca

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Thank you,you helped me to walk one
feet front.


I had dinner and wanna carry some food home, can I say “Could I have the food as a parcel?” then mention the food items.
Is this sentence correct?

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I have a question…. Do we always have to use (To) on this case…(Have you ever been TO tokyo)… Is it wrong this way (Have you ever been IN tokyo)?

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    have you ever been to Tokyo sounds better.


=) I already read the answer to this question…Thanks for your video

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Great lesson!!!

What’s difference between 2 sentences below, both are correct?

I’ve been to Brazil
I went to Brazil


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    yes both are correct.


Ms. Rebecca I watched some of your videos and its very interesting to listen. I have a job right now and I have a little problem with my grammar. Is there a subject here that’s focus on writing? I just want you to leave me an assignment to study and write my understanding in that particular subject.


Thank you very much for this lesson.
I have some essay and letter . I would like to check essay and letter whether writing strategy/grammar is correct or not.

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its a good lesson…muchos gracias Rebecca… it helps to improve my grammar

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Hi rebecca i realy intristing with yor lesson

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would you like to explain about simple present prefect and present prefect continuous tense, past prefect tense and past prefect continuous tense?. I knew that James has told about it, but i could not understand his explanation. I’d rather you than him. Because you talked slowly and clearly. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

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Thanks alot Rebecca . i like u
u r a good teacher


its a nice lesson, thank you!


thanks you teacher could give the meaning of play off


Rebecca the way that you teach is very confortable, easy and soft.


Hi Rebecca I want to congratulate you for being one of the best teachers, I am Mexican I have many years living in USA and trying to learn the English language and it was impossible to learn it but by chance found a vidio where you were talking and I was surprised, that most fifty percent of what you were talking I understood and I said wow this is the perfect teacher I need, once again congratulate you rebecca for being an excellent teacher bye.

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    Thank you for your kind comments, Alberto. I wish you all the best in the future.

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Woww,,, Its very helpful with it method i can express my native sound and keep it video or press control D to bookmar this side Engvid is the best :D



Thank you for free lesson you gave us
and I hope it will take increasin for my life peter


It’s very Nice. Thank Rebecca….

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thanks for your help ;) my response will be well because ı will learn lots of think ..see you next time …but your quiz is very easy please can be hard… :)

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Dear Teacher Rebeca,
I would like to registered to engvid class. How can I do that?


    Look at the top right corner of the page and there should be a link to register on the site!

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Hi Rebecca you are to much good your speaking style also good and every one can understand so easily and i am your fan thank you for teach us.

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Can you explaine please verb+ ing or to…


Thank a lot, very clear !

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Hi Rebecca,thankful your lesson now I understand better Present Perfect, thanks a lot :)you’re great!

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Thank you!

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Thank you a lot

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Thank you very much Rabecca. I really like the way you explained the material to audience. I can get the points that you are delivering out


First of All i want to thank you, very intresting. I want to know when we can use present perfect and the difference between present parfect and past simple also past perfect ? i confuse between them every time specially past perfect and present perfect. Thank’s

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hi teacher this was very useful but give me information about how to improve our understanding in reading

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irregular verb is very tough to learn to me but thank this video is very helpful.


u r very great

altaf baloch

Hi Rebecca, you’re the best teacher I’ve had. Thanks a lot for your wonderful lessons. My best regards.

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thank you so much i understand this lesson


Great lesson, it was very enlightening for me.
Tank you.

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Yes, I got full mark.
good lesson


Great lesson. It was very helpful.

Very helpful website!

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GREETINGS FROM PHILIPPINES AND UAE!… WOW, dashing lessons with a dashing teacher Ms. Rebecca:) I enjoyed myself watching EngVid, how i wish i could speak english as smart as you guys:)Anyhow, I have shared your website to my colleagues and friends, they are vey thankful and happy because it really helps a lot. They are now certified EngVid addict!:) More power to your career Ms. Rebecca!


    Thank you kindly for sharing engvid with your friends. We really appreciate it and wish you all the very best with your English, wherever you may be.

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you’ve been very clear…thanks!


Hi rebecca, thank you very much for your clear explanations. However I have one question. In the example: He’s gone to Brazil. The abreviation He’s means He is gone or He has gone???
I’m looking forward to your response


What is the difference?

I have lived in India.
I have been in India.



    I have lived in India.

    This means that you stayed there for some length of time.

    I have been to India.

    This means that you visited India, probably for a short time.

    All the best to you, Rinku.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      this is correct question and it’s really perfect explanation. as I know that I had lived there for a definite period to use “had”. But if we had gone to a visit then we use present perfect tense have/ has + V3. could I understand correctly. My best wishes to you, Rebeca.

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wow! i now know the difference between gone and been. thanks to you Rebecca


thanks ms. rebecca


hi,have u ever been to malaysia?haha,great lesson,thx ms.rebecca.

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    I’ve been to Malaysia. I like Taman Negara!

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this is what i am looking for it is really helpful thanks rebecca great teacher ever…

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Thank’s a lot Mrs. Rebecca. Thanks a lot, great explanations.


Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson. It is really effective to learn variety tenses.

Amazing Yebin

Hello Rebecca, thanks a lot.


Hey mam thank u very much for your lessons I have leant a lot bt I still have a problem in tenses


I scored 8 out of 8 after attending this lesson. Thanks a lot.


My thanks to all of you for sharing your comments and questions with us.

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thanks Robecca

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Hi I’m one Hemasiri 54 years old male from Sri Lanka. I have just now watched your video on”Have you ever”. It is very clear and I understood everything very clearly. Thank you very much for your free service. It is indeed a great help to learners in the far corners in the world who are interested to learn language. All the best!


I Have never ever watched such a good explanation like that… Thank’s a million, Rebecca!

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hi there, I am so glad to learn from you.. your manner of teaching is very clear.. I love the way you use to teach .. keep it up


hi there … if I say for example : Marcelo went to Brazil.
is that wrong or correct?

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thanks a lot..


Rebecca is the best teacher

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Is it correct to say: if u saw him, give me a call


thank you rebeca

Hanen AYED

Thank you my teacher I could anderstand nearly all your speak ,but my understand is slowly with people,its empress
For me.thank you I wil try my best all the time


Thanx Rebecca

I scored 8 out of 8

Abdul Qayum

Hi Mrs. Rebeca,What is going on?
I´m a Brazilian, I´m english student. I´ll back to study for juts 03 months ago(since february) with a friend of mine that is teach me. I liked this website, your classes had been very important for me during the week when I arrive at home an access the internet.
Very good, Thank you so much!!

Aerton Carlos F. de Araujo

thank you so much!and now ,with you the english is very intresting


I thank you for your kind lesson and I would like to ask you a question that is-
Have you ever been to Nepal ?


Thanks Rebecca, your lessons so great!!
I have 1 question for you: can I say “have you ever been in France?”? and what difference between “have you ever been to … and have you ever been in” ? Thank you!

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Thank you for your kind help


i follow your program, it’s fantastic.


thanks :-)

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Excellent lesson, thank you Rebeca


WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! This site is best.You teachers are really doing good job specailly you Rebecca. I am getting alot.I have made a special diary for noting your material.May you always be happy.Come here We have a number of best english institues.I welcome you in Pakistannnnnnnnnn.TAKE CARE


I feel obliged to thank you so much for the great progress that I`ve been achieving at your incomparable classes.

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Dear teacher, may you explain to me why I understand your speeches easier than american native one ? Do you speak slower or it is an accent matter ?

Profile photo of riclazz riclazz

Thank you so much. I have gotten a lot of infromation from this website. I want to go neer you guys. I mean if you teach at some school in U.S. please contact with me ,because I want to be a student at this school. Right now I’m looking for a good school to study. Thanks


hi,rebecoa i m very imperesed by your teachig but i have oe problem is that i can not speak very weel and fluantly so said that we should go to the attend english classes but i cann’t do this so please suggest me what i can do to speak english very quickly.i know all the tenses but i can do togather the words and but i cann’t speak so help me


I am so grateful for you …


thank you for teaching us a simple and understandable english. wish u good luck


My scored 8 out of 8 , I’m happy to learn from you as a very good teacher.
Many thanks Ms. Rebecca.


hello rebecca in this video can u tell me why we dont say “he went to brasil” instead of “he has gone to brazil”


hi Rebeca. congratulations for your easy way to teach english. by the way,what means TOEFL,TOEIC and IELTS? I wish all the best for you.


Thank you a lot, You are really a great teacher. I’m so thankful for your lessons. God bless you !


your lesson helped me a lot


realy very useful
thank you


Very important lesson.


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Share knowledge is one of the best thing in life.

Thank you and all your team.

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Great help! Thanks.

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thx so much

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alot of thanks

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Hello Professor Rebecca !
I would like to thank you very much for what you are doing. You are making a considerable and an invaluable effort. Please could you, please, give us a lesson about the differences between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous.
King regards.

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Hi teacher, the clase was spectacular


Hei, can someone help me, what of this 2 sentences is correct
1 I had work for a large company
2 I worked for a large company..


    in the 1 sentence
    1 I had worked not just “work” for a large company


hi rebacca I hope you doing well
so a want to past toefle teste bau a don’t know what a have to know as lecons
and what a will have on the test
so can you explein me
what should I do


Thanhs a lot.

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hi Hello Rebecca!your lesson helped me a lot.and i have a clarification that how to report the past happens to the third person? for example in present tense, my friend asking me ‘are you watching movie’ how could i report the question to the third person
which of the following is correct:
1.yesterday my friend asked me that, i was watching movie
2.yesterday my friend asked me that, are you watching movie?


thanks a lot my best teacher
I love you :)

Hassan Al Eid

it was a great leason i ve watched ever.the way u were teaching really i impressed.

raz baloch

Hi Rebecca!
Wow! You did a deadly work for present perfect. Thanks :)


I have watched mini English learners on YouTube,but you are the best.really like how you make every thing so Easy to understand.really really happy to found your lessons.


Thank you Rebbeca, i am really excited , you are a genuis


Dear Rebecca,
You are such a caring and intelligent person,
My English is not so bad but I am learning a lot from you gentlemen and ladies(teachers)and I am grateful.Thank you very much.


Thanks Rebecca,you’re a great teacher .doing very well .God bless you .My best wishes to you .:)


Rebeca you are the most amazing teacher and love your all english lessons.Thank you


Great help. Thank you

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why you don’t come to Iraq to learn the teachers here how to teach English.I have really enjoined your lesson .

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Your explanation is something else, you really focus on the topic that students have more difficultes. Especially for Brazilians that don´t have these structures, congrats! If i go to Canada someday a 100% sure that´ll study in your school…


Thnak you , Rebecca. I learned it from you and I understand it better than before.


Thank you for your lesson.it has been great to learn these words and it definitely will help one improve his english.


You may say,I’m a dreamer,but I’m not the only one.10 of 10.God bless you.


teacher rebica :)
i know that present perfect is a verb or action happened in the past and the results of this action is still going on in the present time ….so how did you say that marcelo have gone to brasil while he is speacking to his friend maybe but not in brasil ?? i mean please answer me … am so confused about it


you´re my best teacher, thank you so much

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Dear Rebecca,
what the different if i put
Have you finished your homework?/Did you finish you homework? Do you finished your homework?


Dear Rebecca,
what the different if i put
Have you finished your homework?/Did you finish you homework? Do you finished your homework?


thank you very much.it was really good lesson.
best whishes.


Thanks Rebecca. I have passed quizz. Message for me:100You got 8 correct out of 8.

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I love your English classes because I’m a brazilian student, and I’m going to be graduated as a teacher, and the videos show me everything I need to be a good teacher. I have no difficulties anymore.
Thank you very much.


Thank you it was clear and easy


Dear teacher,Thank you so much you are wonderful teacher.


rebeeca have you ever been nepal?


what is the difference between following sentences
1) i have been there in mumbai for 2 days
2) i was there in mumbai for 2 days
3) or as u said in above lecture”i been in mumbai for 2 days
…which of the above is correct..are they mean same..
if not what’s the difference..please reply on my mail id


thanks for you thecher!


hi rebeeca this is a very useful lesson you made me happy for understanding this lesson i want you focus on present and past perfect because it’s very confusing me… keep up


what different between . have you read that book ? and have you ever read that book ?


Many thanks for your time.

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Dear Mrs.Rebecca

I’m Muaz Al- Haris . What sould I do if i’m from Indonesia and have a friend there. Then i go to Qatar , so i have an email event my friend in Indonesia. So went i chat with my friend in Indonesia what i say if he said “hi Muaz long time no see. So what i would respond.

Muaz Al - Haris

i need a lesson for the slang holy sheet and other kind of shits

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Thank you very much, Rebecca!

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Thank you That was very enjoyable and and useful but there teachers here are so stupid i mean in Iraq..


i do love to follow your class

medoune galsen

Gr8..I’m watching ur videos since long, and all the teachers are very good. But Rebecca and Alex r really doing a great Job. They work hard and come up with very informative and good lessons.
Thanks from Pakistan!


“Have you ever really loved a woman?” – Bryan Adams

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hello ! I have never seen like that perfact lesson. you are great and you will be great to give us like that good lessons . I got alot of points about present perfact . actualy that is best job . keep it up .tnxxxxxx teacher.


Thanks Rebacca you’re a great teacher. Always your Explanations was very well.God bless you.Have a wonderful new year.


Ma’am your lessons were good. My question is which is correct?
I work for Cambridge school or I am working in Cambridge school.


thankx alot ms rebecca


thank you the best rebecca for this lesson,you are very honorable person


iam learn more you lessons guua es very import but i need more learn iam the first time en your lesson is very good tanks you so much

lopez maria

thank you again rebecca

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rebecca u are perfect

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Thanks Rebecca for this lesson .
Can we say : we’ve been in Bresil or at Bresil?


Dear Rebecca,
You are one of the best English teachers that I’ve ever known.
Thank you and best wishes,


These videos are really useful. But quizzes are so simple!! always 100


Hi Rebecca, I’m from Brazil.
I agree with you when you said that present perfect makes studests nervous.
Thank you very much for this lesson. I watched this video twice and I found your tips useful, because I didn’t know that EVEN (in Have you ever…) meant “even once in your life”, and the difference between “is gone” and “have been”. It changes the idea I had in my mind about this topic.
Thank you very much, you’re such a nice teacher. I hope you post more helpful videos like this one.
Thank you.

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Thank you so much for teaching me the meanings about have ever been to a place .

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I’m totally confused, and this tense really driving me crazy.
I don’t know when to use present perfect or past tense when talking about things I did in the past.
Could you correct this please?
“I’ve graduated from ….. In 2011 and after that I went to army and I finished past month.”

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Thanks Rebbeca!

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Thank you

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mam,if someone questions me
who ate chocolates?
then what should be my answer
Is it i didn’t eat or i had not eaten?
if the question is who ate chocolates,last night?
then what should be my answer then?

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Hello again Robecca thank you so much for your good lessons please I have a question ! what’s the difference between I have lived in Canada for Two years an ; I have been living in canada for two years !and thank you again.

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thank you so much

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Thanks Rebecca. What exactly is the difference in the following two sentences!.
1. Have you washed your hands?
2. Did you wash your hands?

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Yeahhh I got 100 % in this case. Thanks Rebecca.

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wooow >>it was a great lesson thank u so much :)

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Thanks Rebecca! It’s a really good way to begin to use present perfect.

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Excellent explanation as always. Thanks Rebecca.

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I like the way you teach.

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Thank you, Rebecca! You are a great teacher.
Have you ever known this? Just kidding. Surely you know this already.

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Thanks a lot mam,you are the best teacher for me,once again thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooot!

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7/8 Thanks a lot Ms Rebecca.
I’ve been in Campodia

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i got 100 out of 100

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hi Rebecca
I’m writing abut question one ,is right have you ever been TO Austrlia or have ever been IN Ausrtrlia

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Hi Rebecca is this correct .

1 . I haven’t seen you in a long time.

2. Have you received the checks I order for you?

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Thanks Rebecca, You have been helpfully

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Actually there is no words to thank u and I got 100 :)

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Sorry my bad there is no word :(

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One more time Rebecca shows off his gift who god gave to her.Congratulations Rebecca!

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    I wrong the Possessive Pronoun above;the corect is “Shows off HER gift”.I am so sorry by the mistake.

    Profile photo of Edilson Edilson

Thanks for your lesson

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Hi Rebbeca, could you please help me with this? I’ve found the letter you were looking for. or I’ve found the letter you have been looking for. Which one is correct and why? Or both can be used? I am finding this unintelligible. Thank you

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Thanks for good lesson. I gave wrong answer on quiz, from now on I’ll know how is Present Perfect used in this sentence ” I have eaten Indian food ” .

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thank u…………….its good to learn english

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Hello Mr.Shas! This is selvi! The difference between the two sentences are, Have you washed your hands? this means that you ask in present perfect tense.For example, if u r going to eat now, and the second one is Did you wash your hands?this means that u ask in past tense,which means that, did you wash your hands yesterday? or in the Morning, or every action finished in the last minute. Thank you sir! Gud luck to you! Have a great day!

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Thanks you very much for your excellent lessons, I learnt a lot with you

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thanks a lot Rebecca again,

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i ‘ve never been to abroad , so i hope someday i can go abroad with my husband and the rest of people in my family . to travel all over around the world . i think . it is interesting for us to explore anything.

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Thank you very much Ms Rebecca, yor are my favorite teacher, got 100%.

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Thank you very much Rebecca! very useful lesson.

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Many thanks Rebeca;
Now I’m sure that I will improve My English with your lessons !

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Ahhhh I gat a 100%….

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Ahhhh I`ve gotten 100%…

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Thank you Rebeca you are the best teacher.

I got 100.

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Good lesson, Rebecca. Thank of lot!

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Rebecca your lessons are most interesting!

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Thank you very much for your valuable learning video. I got 8 out of 8. Your way of teaching is really very good. I understood completely. Again thanks for it.

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Thank you so much for your lesson.
It is very useful subject.
See you until next time.

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thank you , I have problem with irregular verbs. It take a time to learn them

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Thanks for this very useful lesson. I’ve never thought this can be more fun and easy to learn compare to a boring text book. Cheers!

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irregular verbs are my nightmare
especially some of them
lie- lay- lain
fly -flew-flown
grow- grew-grown

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thank you madam for your excellent video lecture.

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A really useful teaching indeed. Thanks

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thank you…it’s a really great lesson…

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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can I use these two answers when someone asks me ‘where have you been?’ with different situations of course

1. I have been at home ( means I wasn’t at home before and now I’m at home)
2. I have been at home ( means I before I was at home but now I’m not. now I’m with someone who asks me ‘where have you been?)

Thanks. I really need the answer.

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Hi all , I am a beginner and I want you that all the to please help in writing english , specially regarding preposition , placement of preposition and phrasal verb too

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Thank you, I like the clear way that you explain every class. blessing..

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Thank you ….I got 8 correct out of 8……”Have you ever …………………… ?” uses to ask about the life experience…..

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Dear Rebecca,
I got 8 correct out of 8. No more fear. Thanks.
Best Regards.

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Thank You Rebecca

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thank you, dear Rebecca!

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I don’t know how to pronoun the verb ending by “ed” in ENGLISH. I would like the teacher teach me pronoun them.

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Very nice lesson and teacher! Thanks a lot Rebecca!

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Hi Rebecca thanks again for another useful lesson. I understand pretty much of the whole lesson but there was something got me confused and I hope you can answer me. When you were explaining the phase of “long time no see”, you used “someone” instead of anyone. Although I know “someone” is definitely correct but the reason I’m confused is because I remember on your other lesson, you said “someone” is used in positive form and”anyone” is used in negative form and in questions. I know English is full of exceptions. Is this one of them? I really hope you can understand what I’m trying to say here as I know my question may be a little confusing. Thank you!

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Waouhhhhh I had never understood English so easily , you re wonderful Prof Rebecca
Thank you!

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Thank you Rebecca,it’s easily learn with you.

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This video is excellent.
It help me very much. Thank you.

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i want ask about s in the question
where,s Marcelo
thank you

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Thank you very much, your lesson was great, best regards from México.

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Thank you so much, teacher! For explanations like this one you are one of my favourite teachers. See you, then.

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Thank you Rebbeca, brilliant

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Hello Rebbeca,
Please help me choosing correct sentence:

Paul is very tired. He has worked very hard.


Paul is very tired. He has been working very hard.

Thanks a lot!

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I HATE THE irregular verbs. Becouse I can’t remember thats are too difficolt words. So 38%. (((

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HI,REBECCA.thanks alot. it’s very clearly.

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I got 8 correct out of 8
thank you Rebecca
I need some tips for the misspelling words

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Hi Rebecca, thanks a lot. you´re great.

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Thank you so much

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What I want to say. Its perfect. Thank you very much.

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Thanks Rebecca no bad.

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Thank you so much for such a good lesson, Rebecca) Your explanation is very clear)

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Rebecca, your lessons are very clear, thank you.

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Rebeca thanks a lot, you are a good teacher!!!

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Thank you, dear Rebecca!

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I believed that I have asssimilated this lesson and, thanks to the quizz, I learned again your perfect lesson. Thank you.

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Thank you Rebecca :)

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thank u Rebecca love you:)

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Thank you Rebeca

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Thanks, Rebecca. Good lesson. I got 100

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Perfect score. Thank you Rebecca.

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    Thank yoy so much, Rebecca).

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You great teatcher, Rebecca. I visited Canada this year. There is an amazing friendly people. Thanks.

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Excellent video-lesson a little too much for learning
thanks anyway

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Thank you Rebecca

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Rebecca!good video!

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Rebecca! I had to take the test over again because I have to get 100%!

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Thank you very much,for the way you are explained the lesson, it was very understandable and simple meantime I got eight correct out of eight.

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You got 8 correct out of 8.

thanks a lot…

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Thank you Rebecca. Is it possible to receive also the transcripts of your lessons?
I’m a teacher in Italy and it would help me a lot to have the lesson’s transcript instead of stopping the video and writing your explanations and examples.
Thank you and hope to read you real soon.
Chetta Rella
Thank you.

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thank you

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thanks Rebecca

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thank you Rebecca

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i got 100. *O*
thank you teacher rbc.

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Thanks Ms. Rebecca!

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Dear Rebecca
there are some signs for present perfect including ever, never. just, so far and …
could you please collect them in a single video?
it can be helpful to compare the usage position
thank you

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Excellent lesson mam.it’s really helps me a lot.

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thank u so much!

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Its to late for me to realize that one..

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It was a good explanation. Thanks Rebecca

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