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100/100 thanks Rebecca for the lesson, you are the best, have a good day!

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Many thanks Rebecca, I like you lessons.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca. Conguratulations.

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I got 100 :) cheers! Thank you Rebecca! <3 you!

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I am so happy to find this web.All the best to everyone Works for us.

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Thank you very much, Ms. Rebecca, for helping us with such wonderful tips. I really appreciate your teaching didactics. I got 10 out of 10. See ya!

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Hey, Rebecca?!!

I have joined the site now, and I want to start learning English and be prepared for IELTS Test for academic in June next year.
Where should I start?
What should I learn and be prepared for the test?
Please, guide me and recommend me enough materials and it will be my greatest pleasure.

Lucas from Rwanda.

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Thanks Rebecca for your successful useful wonderful lesson of expressions.

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Thanks, Rebecca! 📚✏

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Got full 💪👍

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good evening &thanke

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Thanks, Rebecca!

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I want to learn more.

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ice video

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Thank you for the nice lesson.

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Thanks Rebbecca and engvid for organizing such a quiz and website for us. got 10 of 10 without hearing lesson. once again thanks a lot.

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Who can help me?.please say me how start quiz

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it´s outstanding lesson.
thank you

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I got 100 :)
Thank you very much for the lesson

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you Rebecca for being so kind!
I really admire you, and I feel that you are very passionate about what you are doing and you do whatever it takes to make us understand and benefit from your lessons.

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Thank you so much for all your help and generosity by teaching us English!!We all appreciate your effort ;)

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All the best in your lessons Mrs Rebecca and merry Christmas.

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Thank you engvid for helping us.
Today i’ve learn a lot.
I’m excited to learn more😊
Thank again.

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The best teacher! Thanks for all! I always learn a lot with your classes!

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Thank you for your lesson and have a great Holiday season. My favorite Teacher is Rebecca and Emma Only! Sorry, but Nobody else.

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Thanks for your lesson. I always watch the videos of engvid. But i can’t speak English, my English is very bad.

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Thank you Rebecca and thank you EngVid

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Thanks for the free lessons.

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I appreciate the way you explain lesson.

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Hello, everybody. I am so happy, because i learned some English expressions. I hope to know more about the culture and formal language. Thanks you, EngVid.

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thanks a lot for your excellent teaching…

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Thank you for this wonderful class
I got 100:)

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I got it

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thanks a lot <3

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Thank you, Rebecca, for your lesson, your kindness and your generosity!

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Thank you Rebecca

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I love you outstanding teaching method

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Great class Rebecca. It was superb

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80 points, because of lack of vocabulary.

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90% yooo… without watching the complete video

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    If you watched the whole video, maybe you would have gotten 100%… 😋

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      I will take care of this from next time

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Thanks a lot Rebecca! Thank you for teaching us and dedicating your time

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I like this one

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100/100 thanks for the lesson

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I got 10 correct out of 10, thanks for your help and being encouraging Rebecca

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Thank you very much Rebecca. I really like your lessons. They are very understanding for me.


i got 70. ^^
thank you teacher rebecca. :D

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Thank you Rebeca. You are a great teacher¡

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This lesson was interesting and will help us to be fluent at the beginning of a conversation.
Thank you Rebecca.

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I’m from thailand!!thank you teacher rebecca.

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I’ve heard it’s not common, but apparently a (secular) alternative to “bless you” in English is “gesundheit” (which literally means “health” in German), since the former came from “God bless you” (attributed to Pope Gregory I, who uttered it in the sixth century during a bubonic plague epidemic). I do wonder, however, if many (native) English speakers perceive “bless you” as having religious connotations (since they omit “God”, but the “blessing” is still in the expression).

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thank you rebecca

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Rebecca you’re an awesome speaker. Thanks so much

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Rebecca you’re an awesome speaker. Thanks so much. Everytime I listen to your videos I learn new things

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very good experience with u

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Thank you Smt. Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca thanks for the lesson I learn new things . unfortunately I get 90% :/

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thank you

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Hi rebecca. Have a good career ahead.

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Yeah, I got 100. Merci madame!

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Thanks for your perfect teaching . Learning English is enjoyable

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Thank You

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Great job. Thank you.

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Thank you for your informative lessons. It helps a lot.

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i’m so happy to know new words with you teacher.
i wish you a lot of success in you job

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It was like usual an interesting lesson. So, I thanks you, Rebecca and wish the best for you.

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Thanks you !! You are an Angel !!!

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Thank you for your lesson Rebecca.It is great.

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thanks for the lesson Rebecca now I know what to say or write in special dates or situations.

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wonderful quiz


Thanks for being a wonderful teacher.
I really admire you mam

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This is my fist time with Rebecca. I loved her video!

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Your classes are excellent Ms Rebecca. Thank you for giving your time to teach.

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U awesome. Thanks so much for your time.

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Thanks a lot!

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Hi Rebecca,
I have got 10 marks.
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful quiz.

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100/100 thanks

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wow!!! i found my way, i love this website, i have got 10 marks, thanks Rebecca for giving your time.

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Fantastic i founded to gate high score, but i did 70/100, so i was conformable, i can say Rebecca is the best one of teachers,


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good reminder!!! thanks!

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I got 100💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

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Rebecca thanks for your generoity.
really i like it your lessons and the way you are explain lessons.

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Hello Mrs Rebecca, first of all thank you for your lessons, it’s a great pleasure to listen to your courses. I have two questions : 1) how to wish for eating ? I always said to my customers : enjoy your meal. 2) when we say in French bon voyage I always translate it in English good trip and going on holidays I translate it French partir en vacances. I hope that I am not wrong. With all my thanks for your help

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Thank you so much for such a wonderful lesson.

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100/100,thank you my teacher rebecca

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Well done! Thanks a lot for your awesome and amazing lessons.

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Thanks,for helping us to learn English

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you.

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It’s really useful website! Great teacher, Ms. Rebeca. Thanks a lot Engvid’s team.

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Thank you Rebecca. I have been listening to your lesson recently.

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