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What should you do if you feel like yawning in public?

What should you say after you sneeze in a public situation?

From a cultural viewpoint, what should you do after your shower and before going to work?

What should you do when you go to the bank?

You stepped on someone's foot in the subway. What do you say?

You would like someone to open the door for you since your hands are full of packages. What should you say?

An office colleague gives you a present you don't like for your birthday. What should you say?

How should you shake hands?

How much space should you maintain while speaking to a woman you just met at a conference?

You enter the meeting room, and others are also entering after you. What should you do?

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Hi rebecca thanks for the lesson.Can you please add some videos about letter writing regarding various subjects.:)

Thursday, October 10th 2013

    100% :d

    Wednesday, November 27th 2013



      Monday, February 24th 2014

Hi, I have seen than that you are using ‘would ‘in several times rather than requesting. Actually i would like to know that usage.Thank you

Thursday, October 10th 2013

About good manners you can add : Never talk politics and definitively about the country that you visit. Of course no religion also

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Thank you.

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Hi, I also think manners are good point to communicate with people. Thank you for your great lesson :)

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Great, great Rebecca, this is a fantastic class you have taught us and is very useful.
Thank you so much for it.
Aclésio from Brazil

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Thanks a lot!

Thursday, October 10th 2013

After you take a shower you must use towel before using deodorant .do you agree with me,teacher Rebecca?

Thursday, October 10th 2013

    I agree with you.You cant use deodorant directly
    .You have to follow the order after showering

    Friday, October 11th 2013

Thank you for these perfect idea :)

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Thank you very much <3

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Thanks teacher REBECA, 7/10 lesson very useful

Thursday, October 10th 2013



Thursday, October 10th 2013

thank you.these questions are more important for us.because these are be used in our talks.that is why we prefer these a lot.we must know in which cases we must use of them.

Thursday, October 10th 2013

Today’s good manner’s class good .These may seems simple words there are very useful in our life stytle .Thank you

Thursday, October 10th 2013

One of the best video lessons.
It’s very useful.










Friday, October 11th 2013

    Don´t worry about that, people like us who aren´t native speakers get nervous very easy because we don´t like to make mistakes when we speak, but remember: Mistakes are our friends, we have to make mistakes to improve our english. My advice would be: don´t try to speak quickly.

    Friday, October 11th 2013

    From your writing, it seems like your English is quite good, so don’t worry too much. Be warm, be friendly, be genuine. The most important difference may be your accent, so please do speak slowly so people can understand you clearly. Canadians are known for being polite, and so are Indians, so keep the points I have mentioned in mind in social or business situations. I wish you a lot of success.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013

    Hello Sonu, I understand you probabily do this to call attention with the capital letters, but after a video of good and bad manners, I think you should not do that :) Success in your conversation :)

    Sunday, October 27th 2013

Thsnk you Ma’m .

Friday, October 11th 2013

Many thanks. Please could explain when use be being

Friday, October 11th 2013

Very clear and important lesson, thank you

Friday, October 11th 2013

i really enjoyed this video & it was so useful so thank you a lot & i wish you can help us with more great videos ^^

Friday, October 11th 2013

Thank you for the lesson but I think everyone should do these things in every where

Friday, October 11th 2013

    I agree with you and they do in many parts of the world. All the best to you.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013

      Ma’mm Rebecca My english is very week and i not a confident person.once i applied for the job and they called me back and just disconnect the call because i cn’t answer them :( this website is very helpful for me :(

      Thursday, January 16th 2014

    I differ with you Rawan, for example in India people shit and pee in the street and it is normal behavior for them but we consider those habits bad and disgusting. So these things ” in my opinion” aren’t standard but relative.

    Tuesday, November 5th 2013

      actually, i agree with you to some extent as i am also an Indian and every Indian is not like that what do you think about Indians. shitting, peeing or spiting at any kind of public place is considred as a really very bad habit.I never do that and those who do are not educated people and if they are educated people that they have no moral values.these kind of people can be seen everywhere aeound the world, not only in India.
      and how many times i have seen those who do that kind of things on public places(which is very often)than i always let them remember a good behaviour..
      and if possible, call the authority.
      so please, remember one thing that places or a specific religion or group of persons are not bad, what bad is their thinkings, and everyone is not a bad thinker.
      have a good day. :)

      Saturday, February 28th 2015


Friday, October 11th 2013

    I’m glad this video teaches you valuable lessons and that you enjoyed learning them.

    All the best to you!

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013

I got 8/10 .. :D

thank you very much for the lesson Rebecca!

Friday, October 11th 2013

That’s vrey usefull information. In my country we have a bit diffrent rules. So thanks Rebecca for a great lesson!

Friday, October 11th 2013

Thank You very much
Please If You can I need a lesson about Phrases (participial, gerund and infinitive phrases)
Thank You ^^

Friday, October 11th 2013

Thank you for your good lesson

Friday, October 11th 2013

You are a nice person.I like your teaching.Thanks a lot.

Friday, October 11th 2013

I ‘m very unfortunate i got 90. I missed one which is deodorant or perfume

Friday, October 11th 2013

Thanks you very much

Saturday, October 12th 2013

What a helpful lesson! Thank you so much.

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Thank you for your the lesson!

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Good lesson. Almost a guide to good manners.
Thank you

Saturday, October 12th 2013

thank you for this class

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Thank you, Rebecca.. I’m doing all these manners, you are 100% right. I got 10/10 in your Quiz.

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Hi Rebecca. Of course I totally agree with you about good manners. But are you sure those are only the English speaking societies’ privilege? Don’t you think that good manners are most of the time the long legacy of generations of parents and ancestors and not a question of language. Civilized behavior come from the old countries like England, France, Spain, Italy etc and also from some Asian countries like China, India or Japan. Of course, the rules can be very different according to countries but one can say that in Europe the politeness criteria are about the same despite the many different languages spoken in those countries. I can assure you that most of people do not smell bad like if they were just out a barn and they yawn very discreetly. Indeed, you can bump into some very unpleasant persons whether they speak English or not. I met some in France, my country, or in England and in the European countries I visited but also in the US and even in Canada (I just know a little Toronto – the airport), Gander – the airport and Niagara Falls – I’ve not found the airport yet ;).
This said I’m delighted with your lessons.

Saturday, October 12th 2013

    I agree!!

    Sunday, October 13th 2013

    I totally agree with you! :)

    Sunday, October 13th 2013

    It is just a topic for an English lesson…

    Monday, October 14th 2013

    Please see my general comments below. Thanks for your input in any case.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013


Saturday, October 12th 2013

our teacher teach good lesson and i am happy from my teacher

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Thank you teacher, Jesus bless you!

Saturday, October 12th 2013

Thank you Rebecca for your lesson. :)

Sunday, October 13th 2013

Thanks for your Lesson…. Great

Sunday, October 13th 2013

10/10 Thanks for all you lessons!

Sunday, October 13th 2013

    “your” Sorry!

    Sunday, October 13th 2013


Sunday, October 13th 2013

Useful lesson for all people in the world!

Sunday, October 13th 2013

This is the most important lesson. And I really titter on some answers when I was answering the question. :)

Sunday, October 13th 2013

    Hi BianLei!!! How are you? I think there is someone problem with the Skype. So, I think it’s possible to talk by hangout from google. What do you think? Try to find me there. If you have gmail, is very easy. Did you put new photos in your blog? See you and take care! ;)

    Thursday, October 24th 2013

      Haha, I’m good as usual. Thanks. I’m not using Skype neither. Google Hnagouts is a good idea~ See you on Hangouts then

      Friday, October 25th 2013

      I tried to search by your name but there is so many people had same name as you.

      Friday, October 25th 2013


Monday, October 14th 2013


Monday, October 14th 2013

thanks, now i can expect the same attitude from others.

Monday, October 14th 2013

Rebecca first of all thank you to speak so clearly: if every english speaker were like you I’d understand almost every single word…
Secondly, I’m Italian and I see the unwritten rules are quite similar, just obvious in some sense, maybe except for the rule number 10.
I don’t know why, but sometimes (not always)we have messy lines with people going lateral and ahead as well.
But the other is very same…

Tuesday, October 15th 2013

hi guys

Tuesday, October 15th 2013

One day when I opened the door to my car to get my client to see a property, she told me she was married 15 years and her husband, never opened the car door for her.
Thanks for the beautiful lesson.

Tuesday, October 15th 2013

Thank you Rebecca for your lovely and useful lesson

Wednesday, October 16th 2013

To all who have written on the subject, yes, all countries have rules regarding manners and many of these formal or informal expectations may be similar to the ones I have explained in the lesson. I just wanted to make it clear what was expected in North America, mostly. Thanks for all your comments and for giving us cross-cultural insights into your own cultures as well.

Wednesday, October 16th 2013

oh..my..correct 7 out of 10.
I`ll be the polite person ㅜ.
Thank you Rebecca teaching for us~

Wednesday, October 16th 2013

Thank you! very funny quiz =)

Thursday, October 17th 2013

Thank you, Ms. Rebecca ! 10 correct out 10. But it’s natural to be like this. It means 7 years from home, school – house. Unfortunately, english language is not native for all of us ! :-) All your lessons are very valuables, thank you again.

Thursday, October 17th 2013


Saturday, October 19th 2013

Thank you :-)

Saturday, October 19th 2013

Thanks Rebecca. I believe some societies are much more advanced in expressing and showing politeness than English speaking societies. Regarding body odor I tend not to agree with you. I have actually lived in a English speaking country for quite a while and noticed that native citizens don’t observe the rule of body odor as presented by yourself. Moreover people usually have a stereotype about natives of that country. By and large that stereotype seems to be correct.
(May I kindly request you to comment on my English )

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Really helpful lesson
Thank you very much ^^

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Thank you very much Rebecca. This is very useful lesson. I really admire most of your lessons, and I learn from you more and more everyday.

Sunday, October 20th 2013

hi rebbeca thank you very much . i like you way theaching .i undestand all your lessons .i have some problems in writing and speaking what should i do ?

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Hello Rebecca, thank you for this lesson, it was very useful. This was my first class with you and I consider it very nice.

Thursday, October 24th 2013

really use full teacher

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Hi Rebecca, would show me or teach me about linkers and connectors. I still have some doubts.
like how to used it and when.

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Hi Rebecca! I’m here again!!! haha… Excelent class! I got 9 out of 10! Tks! Bye!

Thursday, October 24th 2013

Hi Rebecca, thank you for your lesson. I heard you say expressions like ‘quite different’ or ‘rather rude. Could you explain in a lesson the difference between “quite”, “rather”, “fairly” and “pretty”? Thanks in advance and best regards.

Thursday, October 24th 2013

    They all mean the same thing! The differences are very slight. “Quite” and “rather” are a little more common in British English, and “pretty” is more casual (you wouldn’t use it in an essay), but they mean the same thing.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013

Thanks so much!!! This lesson and the test are really great!

Friday, October 25th 2013

great lesson. very useful. that’s very importante when we are living in a different culture. thanks a lot Rebecca.

Saturday, October 26th 2013


Saturday, October 26th 2013


Sunday, October 27th 2013

Thank you very much for that useful lesson.

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

very clear and useful lessons

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

thanhks rebecca! This video is very useful:)

Friday, November 1st 2013

Hi Rebecca

That is a fantastic thin realize that you share your comment in this space with us.
All you have said in this video we use to say here in Brazil.

Saturday, November 9th 2013

Thanks 90%

Friday, November 15th 2013

Thank you teacher. I really like all topics that you make on your video lessons. It not only teach me about culture but also help me improve my listening skill. Thank so much.

Monday, November 25th 2013

Now I know thank you very much

Friday, December 6th 2013

it was very helpfull, even in vocabulary like the word to yawn, i is a new verb to me, so thank so much my lady

Monday, December 9th 2013

Thanks…. :D

Monday, December 16th 2013

heloooo i like to improve my English language especially on speaking .so aim looking for a person who can practice with me on Skype or yahoo my skype account is zerai.ge@skype.com pls i have more passionate to improve English so lets do something

Tuesday, December 24th 2013

    Mine is triana1969@gmail.com from Colombia South America, I’d like to practice too, as you know “practice makes perfect”

    Saturday, September 23rd 2017

thank you!

Monday, January 6th 2014

thank you Rebecca! it was a great lecture!

Friday, January 10th 2014

Good lesson, thank you:) a lot of this kind of manners are also used in my country.

Wednesday, January 29th 2014

Thank you Rebecca.

Wednesday, February 19th 2014


    Monday, March 2nd 2015

thank you Rebecca

Thursday, February 27th 2014

why not”too bad”?

Sunday, March 2nd 2014

i did it again and…….100!

Sunday, March 2nd 2014

thank you so very much.

Sunday, April 6th 2014

Thank you so much!
Let me learn more and more

Sunday, April 13th 2014

Thank you very much. It’s a useful lesson
take care

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

got 10/10
Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Friday, May 2nd 2014

Thank you

Saturday, May 3rd 2014

This lessen is good for me. Thank you so much.

Monday, May 12th 2014

Thank you so much Rebecca.. God bless u more..
I’m from the Philippines but currently in Thailand.

Thursday, June 26th 2014

Thank you, teacher!

Friday, July 11th 2014

Thank you for the lesson. These are very useful tips in business situations. I’m also interested to know what we should be careful about when speaking opinions in business meetings in English-speaking culture. There are differences about rules in each culture.

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

Great,thanks for the knowledge.

Wednesday, July 30th 2014

Thanks Rebecca. From the culture point of view, we are completely submerged in your teaching.

Thursday, July 31st 2014

Thanks every day I learn , God Bless you

Monday, August 11th 2014

Thanks, Rebecca! Your English is quite easy to understand!)

Wednesday, August 13th 2014

thanks, hehehe! I do understand what u say althought I not yet focus clearly lol but The point is high

Friday, September 12th 2014

Thanks Rebecca for your lesson . It was wonderful :)
I have learned very useful tips that me or anyone needs in daily life .
hope you all the best Rebecca . Please … would you give us a lesson about passive voice with all its situations . It would be a fantastic lesson :)
My regards

Thursday, September 25th 2014

it is a matter of baseball ,rules of american football . graduation party , house warming , jewish holiday ,arab or middle east , bachelor party . let him know before you go his house . your friend or neighbor . call her on the phone. arab calendar .cold softdrink with ice cubs they serve in the restaurant. can of soda. six pack . dont be late in the meeting .

Sunday, October 5th 2014

In Brazil, when we meet a person (formal and informal ocasions) who was introduced for other one (a friend in comon), we usually kiss ech other on the faces. But there is no problem if you don’t do that. Otherwise, if you start a conversation and indroduce yourself (a flert) we just shake our hands.
The last advice (about body odor) is very important for people who lives in cold coutries and come to Brazil (or other hot coutries), because most of the year it’s too hot and foreigns sometimes smell not god.

Sunday, November 2nd 2014

That’s so funny quiz! Thank you a lot:)))

Wednesday, November 5th 2014

Great! after almost 14 years, I have accquired how to pronouce “yawn” from you, Rebecca. In my country, many non-native EL teachers only focus on writting & grammer other than speaking skill. I can easily sharpen my skills while absorbing all lessons here, engvid.com. Speciall appreciation for all of you.

Friday, November 7th 2014

it was good lesson about English and culture both
very interesting

Thursday, December 25th 2014

Thank you very much for you lesson.I got 100 :)

Friday, December 26th 2014

my first lesson… u are a very good teacher thanks a lot …

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015

Thanks teacher .I always watch your video.

Monday, February 9th 2015

There are the same good manners in Colombia :)

Wednesday, February 18th 2015

Thank You Rebbeca,
exelente advice!

Sunday, February 22nd 2015

THX Dear Rebbeca :)

Monday, March 2nd 2015

Dear Rebecca,
It is always useful to recall the good manners.
Best regards.

Wednesday, March 4th 2015

Excellent lesson!

Tuesday, March 10th 2015

Great! please I wonder if you can tell me what is the difference between the verb “tell” and the verb “say”. Thanks in advance

Thursday, March 12th 2015

rebecca my quiz:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

Wednesday, April 8th 2015

Thank you for good lesson :)

Sunday, April 12th 2015

thank you for a good lesson.:)

Saturday, May 2nd 2015

thank you for a great lesson…I enjoy the way you teach

Thursday, July 2nd 2015

Thank you so much Rebacca. I will remember this lesson.

Tuesday, August 4th 2015

Thank you so much Rebecca. This is very nice lesson.

Wednesday, August 5th 2015

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, October 7th 2015

It’s a very useful session,and thanks Rebecca.

Thursday, December 17th 2015

Hello my dear professor Rebecca. Thanks for this amazing lesson. I agree with you in everything… actually, the first time that i saw this lesson i didn’t have time to copy something in my notebook because i was hurry… but in my country some of these manners people do… personally i’ve been doing all that you are recommended and the true is that i can see the change immediately in the behavior of people.


Thursday, December 17th 2015

Thank you rebbeca is very useful I got 100%

Sunday, January 10th 2016

Thank you very much

Sunday, January 17th 2016

Thank you so much :)

Sunday, January 24th 2016

Good Manners and Right Conduct best subject during my primary school. I have got good grades on it. When I took this quiz even without listening the lecture of Teacher Rebecca. 10/10.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Tuesday, February 9th 2016

Thank you Rebecca.
In Germany there are nearly the same rules.
But the topic of sneezing is a little bit bigger.

About saying “Gesundheit”, a german wish to get healthy after someone sneezed.

Adolph Knigge, the writer of “Über den Umgang mit Menschen” (On Human Relations), a book of the treatise on the fundamental principles of human relations…
He said that you don’t have to say “Gesundheit”, you have to ignore sneezing because it is a little and unimportent incident and the one who sneezed feels uncomfortable enough and you don’t have reveal or make a big deal out of it.
In case you sneezed you can excuse for it because you have frightened someone around of you.

Pro or better: the public usage of “Gesundheit”.
Many people ignore the Knigge-idea because it feels cold and careless to leave an unwell person alone.
Sneezing is a thing that nobody can control.
And maybe someone is ill or is getting ill or has an allergy,
thats not a thing someone has to excuse for it. ;)

For most people sneezing is embarrassing or they feel a bit uncomfortable because of the noise of it. Normally they won’t sneeze and wants to be healthy :).
So in Germany we give wishes to get healthy and we say “Gesundheit”.
It shows that you care about the other.
If you do not say it, people can think you don’t care about them.

How to use “Gesundheit”.

– Say it always to your friends and family ( in an appropriate volume at the current situation )
– If someone wishes you “Gesundheit”, you have to thank for it ;)

“Gesundheit” for Strangers:

Case 1:
If someone speaks to a crowd and sneezes:
In this point the Knigge-solution will be a good option.
The speaker will excuse for it and continues to talk.
Nobody have to replay “Gesundheit” because they shouldn’t be intrusive or interrupt his speech.
Maybe the people who stands very close to the speaker can say “Gesundheit” quietly.
But don’t expect an answer, they have to do their job or they don’t realised you.
If you where the speaker and you recognized someone who said “Gesundheit”, smile and nod to the person thankfully.

Case 2:
If you where in a crowd, meeting, concert or something like that:
All people where listening to some music or speech, you also can handle it Knigge-like.
Only if someone very close sneezed, you can say “Gesundheit”.
If you sneezed you can quitly excuse for it to your neighbors but i bet you got back a “Gesundheit” ;).

Case 3:
If someone talks to you and sneezes:
That one will excuses for it but try to say “Gesundheit” before they can apology.
You show that the health is more important than the apology and the person don’t have to excuse for it :).
If you see that someone sneezes successively, wait till they are ready ;).

Case 4:
If someone sneezes in a public room or train or subway:
If the person is in a square of a view meters you can say “Gesundheit” it’s not obtrusive.
If you sneezed you don’t have to apology. Everyone knows it was not intended ;).

Case 5 ( funny ):
If someone meters away sneezed extrem loud, you don’t see this one but you heard the sneeze, you can also shout “Gesundheit”. Maybe the one thanks that same loud way but didn’t see you, that will a funny moment for all. But realise: that kind of doing “Gesundheit” is unduly for some people. But funny anyway :D.
( even in case 1 it could be funny if the last man of the crowd wishes extreme loud “Gesundheit” :D )

Pardon or not Pardon:
If you sneeze realy quit you don’t have to apology.
If you sneeze normal you can apology in very closely and filled rooms ( elevator ).
If you sneeze while you talking to someone you can apology.
If you sneeze very loud, lost control of your body, totally freak-out, rip clothes of people, transform in a sneezemachine and smashes the whole world… Than you realy have to apology.
But in 90% you got back a “Gesundheit” ;)

The End.

Regards from Germany :)


When you should not sneeze! [ fantasymode : on ]
-When you bite of your food
-When you diving
-When you are a man and you are peeing
-When you try to hold a fart
-When you still sneeze
-When you burp
-When you puke after you sneezed while you burp
-When you pet a Tiger
-When a Tiger pets you

Sunday, March 6th 2016

    I love this comment. Thank you for teaching us about “Gesundheit” today :)

    Tuesday, March 8th 2016


Sunday, March 6th 2016

Although same in the Middle East would like to say thank you for ur efforts

Sunday, March 20th 2016

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Watsapp, Viber , or imo

Tuesday, March 22nd 2016

thank you

Sunday, November 13th 2016

Hi, Excellent teacher, thank you so much.

Tuesday, January 24th 2017

Thank you Rebecca.
In this lesson, some tips are obvius, but it is good remember them.
See you.

Monday, February 13th 2017

100% … Thanks Rebecca

Tuesday, February 21st 2017

Thank you! This will be useful – and surprising – for many students of mine.

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

Excellent teacher

Tuesday, April 4th 2017

Thank you Rebecca , I am very happy to learn by you. Very easy to understand the lessons from you.
That is the normally and nice habits which should be reflected in all our life.
It is very nice and polite lesson , hope all people will follow .
Thank again, I got full mark.

Wednesday, April 12th 2017

Thank you Rebecca, that’s awesome.

Sunday, July 23rd 2017

Thank you so much Rebecca.Could you please elaborate on this lesson.

Thursday, August 24th 2017

Good to know those ways of behavior, this way one learn from other culture.

Saturday, September 23rd 2017

I like “keep the distance” story, thank you, Rebecca.

Thursday, October 19th 2017

I got 100% D. Thank you very much Rebecca. This video has been very helpful! Could I ask you a question? Do you have any video about body signs?

Thursday, November 2nd 2017

Nice lesson, thank you.

Monday, December 25th 2017

You got 10 correct out of 10.thanks…

Sunday, April 15th 2018

Thanks Rebecca.

Sunday, April 22nd 2018

Very helpful video

Saturday, July 21st 2018


Wednesday, November 21st 2018

Very useful, thank you!!

Sunday, February 3rd 2019

Hi Rebecca your English classes are very interesting.

Monday, May 6th 2019

10/10, thanks a lot, Rebecca!! Very useful lesson!!

Monday, March 23rd 2020

Thank you Rebeca, yogur clase was very crear

Monday, May 4th 2020

I’ am so sorry I write wrong, Rebecca is with two c not with one c.

Monday, May 4th 2020

I got 90/100.
Thank you.

Monday, August 3rd 2020

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