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    thanks adam very good lesson


      Yep! I agree with you, it was a great lesson.


        I’m much more interested in getting my ideas acrossed than sounding like a native speaker.

        In the end, communication is what matters.

        What do you think about it?



    I like it! Please try to make some more videos about pronunciation! it helps a lot:)


Thank you,but when we will be able to speak English?


    Hi Al1964ok,

    To tell you the truth, it all depends on you. The more you practice and work, the faster it’ll come.


      thank you. My friends often laugh at my pronunciatioon. They said I pronouned bad. I’m really sad. Thanks for your video. It’s really helpful.


      Thanks !!


      It is said that theory and practice go hand in hand, but it is the putting into practice what really makes the difference.

      Practice makes perfect!!!



it was inchresting.hhhhhhh


I’m in love with you, Adam! HAHA
P.S.: I loved the video, thank you :]


    You are right! He is a lovely teacher! :)


      and you’re a lovely student!


        FRENCH PEOPLE!!!

        Yazeed Alsahafi

thank you Adam, as always your videos are very helpful ! and also thanks for recommend us websites such as ted.com. Could you please recommend us a website, app or forums where we can find native speakers or english students from all around the world to talk and chat with them so we can improve our skills ???


    Hi Xavier,

    I’m sure if you Google it you’ll find something. I haven’t had much personal experience with this, so can’t say for sure. I will keep my eye out for these things and let you know.


      Hi Adam,

      Thanks so much for such fantastic lesson.
      From your reply to Xavier, you wrote: “I will keep my eye out for these things and let you know.” Here I have got a query about using the phrase of “keep my eye out for something” and “keep my eye on something for someone”. Are these 2 phrase different in meaning? Under what kind of context can I use them properly and respectively? I know this video has been posted for quite a long time. Hopefully, I wont be too late and really hope you will read this message. Once again, thank you for your teaching.

      Looking forward to your kind reply.


    a lot of time have passed, but if you still need site for speaking with people around the world. there it is https://www.gospeaky.com I personally use this site and I find it quite helpful.


Hey Adam, thank you so much for your explanation. I like and respect your way of teaching!!! It’s really simple, plain and understandable for everyone! I just wanna ask you for the 2nd and, perhaps, the 3rd part of this video. Because to pronounce like a native speaker is my last barrier in order to achieve my goal. THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME, ADAM.


    Hi Supershaq,

    I’ll get to it ASAP :)


Thankss a lot Adam
I really need this lessons

thanks you


Does it works even for british accent? Please answer me becuase I want to learn british pronunciation


    Hi Konigxtiger,

    Yes, it works for all languages actually. The ideas are the same everywhere–it’s just a matter of adjusting them to the language you want. You’ll have to listen to British native speakers and figure out where they squeeze and blend their words. Of course they pronounce different words differently, so that will affect the connections. It’s all about practice and training the ear.


      I wish more lesson like this from you. :( You are the best teacher I’ve ever known. Simple but very detailed.


thank you adam ! my first problem in english is the pronunciation via native speakers .

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Great teacher (Adam)

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Thanks!!!. Can you make a video to teach us about pronouncing ed in the end of verb….???


    Hi Tannguyen,

    Good idea. I will get on that soon. :)


How do you do?
How du do? :)




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That video was incredible! Thanks.


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Totally agree with you Adam, good pronunciation it takes a lot of time and practice + patience. By the way, I confuse pronunciation of these two words: patience and patient.
Thank you for your tips

Jesús R.

    Hi Goodman,

    These are pretty straightforward:
    patience- ends with a hard ‘s’ sound, while patient, ends with a soft ‘t’ sound.
    Hope that helps


that is exactly what i want
linked sound
thank you adam

abo abdou

very good help, but understand more a British than an American

Hector Flores

    Hi hector,

    It’s just a matter of adjustment. Pay attention to how words are linked in either form nd you’ll see the ideas are the same.


Hey! I got 10 of 10. I know that there is no quiz to this lesson. But I entirely taked in a new knowledge from your explanation. And I believe that every (ev’ry) person can quickly improve his pronunciation by more PRACTISING and by LISTENING to native speakers. =)


I would add three things to the video:
1. Adam, you mentioned the dʒ sound (d+y), but you forgot to add also important sound — tʃ (t+y), which you can often hear when people say “what you” or “that you”.


2. The next thing is silent “t” in words like “internet”, “interview”, “center”, etc. I’ve noticed that you pronounced “t” in the word “internet”. And I’m thinking about the word you wrote on the board — “interesting”. It also has “nt”, but I don’t recall if someone ever said this word without “t”. :)


3. Also it’s very important to know what a “flap t” is. For instance, when the letter “t” is between two vowels. Adam, you pronounced it in the phrase “not at all”, even twice. :)


Adam, you didn’t pronounce “r” in “comfortable”, but Americans in the states do it. They also shorten the word to three syllables, so they say it like this: [‘kʌmf dəɹ bəl] , and I also do it in this way, but you know, I’m mostly interested in American pronunciation, so I hear it all the time, and I got used to it. :)



    Nice tips Morfik. To be honest though, I could spend hours on this topic. It wouldn’t work too well on this site.
    Mostly, it’s the ideas. After all, different accents and regions will come into play here, but it’s about learning to train the ears to pick apart the linked sounds.


      nice reply Adam. Fair enough


thanks you adam


I also wanted to ask about the difference between “besides” and “anyway”? After you told me I made that mistake, I went to ask google this question, and I found some things to discuss about. First of all, two links:


There are some examples:

•They didn’t have any trainers in my size, and [besides/anyway] I’d already decided I’d rather save the money.
•I need the money. And [besides/anyway], when I agree to do something, I do it.
•I don’t want to go to the cinema with him! [Besides/Anyway], I’ve already seen this film.
•Mother certainly won’t let him stay with her and [besides/anyway] he wouldn’t.

The question was: which one should be used in the statements above. The answer was:

“Both are possible in all your sentences with virtually the same meaning – suggesting that what went before is not important.”

I know that the two words are used when you want to add something to your previous thought, but I see them in this way:

Let’s say that we are talking about a problem, and you’re trying to explain me the thing that I don’t get. After an hour, you would give up, and I would say “I still don’t get it. Anyway, thanks for help.”. You were trying, but you’ve failed, so that’s why I would use “anyway”. :)

Now “besides”. Reading your previous comment, I wondered — why didn’t I use the “btw” shortcut? I should’ve used it, and now it’s obvious to me. Anyway, this doesn’t matter now. In the example with problem to be solved, I said I would use “anyway”, but I wouldn’t use “besides” there. Would you agree? In my mind “besides” and “anyway” mean “in addition to something mentioned before”, but now I’m not sure if I can use it in not related topics. So, if we go back to previous comment, I used “besides” to show that in addition to what I wrote in that comment, I wanted to thank you for the hint you gave me in the other comment.

The other thing is: if you look at the four examples I gave, and if you agree that we can use either one of the two words, so when you would preffer to use “besides” and “anyway”?


    I wouldn’t necessarily agree that they’re interchangeable. In my mind, ‘anyway’ means, forget what came before, or despite what came before, it doesn’t really matter.’besides’ I would use to mean in addition to, or consequently.
    They didn’t have any trainers in my size, and anyway, I’d already decided I’d rather save the money.
    •I need the money. Besides, when I agree to do something, I do it.
    •I don’t want to go to the cinema with him! Besides, I’ve already seen this film. (here I might use anyway to deflect emphasis from the fact that I don’t want to go with him)
    •Mother certainly won’t let him stay with her and he wouldn’t anyway.

    Notice that in the last one I moved it to the end of the sentence; you can’t do that with besides. Here it means ‘in any case’.


      I know exactly what you mean. I would even move the “anyway” in the last example. So, I don’t know what actually was wrong in that comment. Anyway, I think the two words have exactly the same meaning to me. :)


        make your own video sir! Get a life instead debating with a great teacher. I don’t even have an idea why are you here just to suggest your unnecessary opinion. If you are a great speaker you can explain what you’ve desire in a short simple and detailed note. Your COMMENTS ARE LONGER THAT I WOULD THINK YOU WANT TO MAKE MOVIE!


Thank you for your lesson.


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Hello Adam , Thank you for the lesson !

I need your help with something , what is right one between these 2 sentences ?
1- At a certain point in our lives , we all have been obsessed with an Anime character

2- At a certain point in our lives , we have all been obsessed with an Anime character

thanks in advance


    Hi AhmadElsayed92
    I would use “we all have been obsessed”
    But do not take me as a reference
    I am learning English too

    Jesús R.

    I think It doesn’t matter, but I prefer “we all”.


    it sounds better saying “we all”


    Hi Ahmad,

    With all due respect to the others that commented on your question, I would go with we have all been…in a more informal style. Firstly, it allows for the contraction (we’ve all been…). secondly, if we take ‘we all’ as the complete subject, it allows us to break the verb into aux and main.
    That being said, both are correct.


Thank you adam.Your lesson is very helpful.
I study hard !


helpful lesson.. thank you sir


What’s the first website he recommended?
Sounds like ‘tvset.com’? but it’s not. Could someone tell me? thanks.


    I think it’s ted.com…


    Janilza is right, it is ted.com


why in the word “interesting” you wrote it “in chre sting”.. for me sounds more like “in tre sting”.. any thought.. I speak spanish by the way…


    Hi Karl0z,

    It depends where you live. In Canada, I think you would here chr rather than tre. In the US it might be different in different regions.


As always, very useful! Thanks a lot, Adam.


Thanks a million Adam it’s so very useful video but pleas in the end of you video u told us about a website to listen to with native speakers but i can’t catch it’s name at all please write it to me :) thx

Neat Man

    He said ted.com! It’s a site with educational talks about all kinds of things. There are also transcripts for each talk to make it easier to follow along.

    engVid Moderator

      Thanx a million ;)

      Neat Man

that is very interesting lesson for me. Thanks


Extremely good lesson. well, sir Adam’s lessons are always very good and very useful.
The you teach is awesome really awesome.





    “they are to meet” – means ” they are due to meet” or “they will meet”(because they scheduled this before)


    Hi Sonu,

    In this construction, the ‘are to’ suggests that they have already made plans and are scheduled to meet somewhere (and I assume at a particular time as well). It basically means supposed to.
    “I am to meet my new roommate tomorrow”. I am supposed to meet him tomorrow. It’s not a very common construction, but it generally follows this rule.

    Hope that helps.




Please add Quiz for this lesson.


    Hi Dhiraj1,

    It’s a little irrelevant to have a paper quiz for a pronunciation lesson. If you have any particular question, though, I might be able to spell out something.


Thanks so much teacher Adam!
It was so interesting and useful for me. Thanks for broad explanation.


Thank you Adam!

Carolina xoxoxoxo

Dear Adam. Thank you for that interesting lesson. It will really help me to improve my listening and understanding skills of native speakers accents. There are some useful tips in this lesson. Now, I have a question : is the accent that’s really important when speaking a language, or, is it the quality (correct vocabulary and so on) of the language that really matters? Thank you. Keep up the good lessons!


    Good question Medusa,

    I’d say both. It doesn’t matter how good your command of the English is if the person you are speaking with can’t understand you because of your accent. I met a few Irish and British people in my travels who spoke perfect English to me, but I had no idea what they were saying :)


Very nice attitude, Thanks :)




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Int..chre..sting lesson!!!!




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Thanks for the tips Adam.

Sirlei Barbosa

Hi Adam thank you for the lesson! Plese explain me why in English they say for example(The general practitioner’s surgery hours are from 09:00 to( 14:00.(hundred )Thank you!

Abdel Said

    Hi Abdel,

    The 14:00 is 2:00 on the 24-hour clock. It is used to make sure you don’t mistake a.m. and p.m. It also saves on ink ;)


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fatima ismail

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good tips!Thank you, Adam


I have two more questions:

1. I noticed that when someone puts the letter “a” before a noun, it sometimes sounds differently. I’m not sure if something affects the sound but normally people pronounce it as /ɑː/ (I think) but sometimes they make /eɪ/ sound. I don’t know what I should think about this. Could it be that people just interchange them?

2. This is about the word “me”. People usually pronounce it like /mi/ , but I have some songs in which it’s pronounced more like /meɪ/ . I have a guy who sang the same song twice — once in album version and the second one was a live performance, and the pronunciation was different in each of those two cases. So, /mi/ or /meɪ/ should I choose, or maybe both are acceptable?


    1. have you heard ‘the’ as ee and a? ee is like ey for the ‘a’– used for emphasis (in the case of ‘a’ to emphasize one. in the case of ‘the’ to emphasize the one and only, the ___est of whatever).

    2. not really sure. might be a regional accent.


      I found a perfect song, you can listen to it to be sure. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZnZgtZluvw

      I thought it’s an American band, but it turns out that it’s actually Canadian. :) But I also heard a few times the same “me” from American singers.


Ok, just one more. :)

There’s a word “month”, and its plural form is “months”. I heard once that people should pronounce unvoiced “th” in month, but in the “months”, people can pronounce it just by using “t” sound. So, is that possible to shorten “ths” cluster to just “ts” in any word that have it, or is it just in this one?

I’ve also notticed other thing, for example words like “already” or “alright”. Is it ok to drop the “l” when the next letter is “r”? I know that people do it in those two words, so what do you think?


    people try to mouth the ths but it’s an awkward shaping and sound so people let it go at the ts sound. try saying 5/6 (five sixths) or 3/100 (three one hundredths) :)

    I think it’s common to drop the l when next to an r. unless it’s after the r and followed by a vowel sound; curl up. (kure.lup)


      I know what you mean, it’s called “dark L sound” or something like that, and the sound isn’t written even in IPA. Anyway, I know the feature. :)


Actually, I have another question, I know, I know, too many, but I really love this topic. :) Adam, you said that when one word ends with the same consonant that the other word begins, we should drop the first one, but what if the first word ends with “t” or “d” and the second one starts with voiced or unvoiced “th”?


    “can you heat this up for me?”
    can you hea thi sup…?
    although the th might come across as a soft d sound.
    old theater… old theater.
    lol. I’ll have to listen to myself speak and get back to you ;)


Thanks for the tips teacher.


good one again..!! respect.!!


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    Thanks to you !!! Lucky to be here watching your lessons , you make it so simple and so easy and I love it … Awesome & Adorable


Hi! Adam your lesson is really informative. Do you have any video of phonetic .i need to know that suppose im conforming your name how would i do? Adam A as an Apple d as a doll a as an axe m as a man .what is this thing called and what is a proper way to say it .plz let me know it will be helpful for me .thanks


Hi Adam. Thank you very much for the time you took to answer our questions.
It shows how kind and respectful you are. I really appreciate.


wow! so yes! is a very good lesson! Thank you!

Iliescu Cornel

I would propose that in parallel to make DVDs with these lessons, at a reasonable price!

Iliescu Cornel

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I really like your explanations about pronunciation. Could you explain how to say word ‘vegetable’ because I have all the time problem with this word :( . Thanks in advice.


Adam—-Sorry my mistakes. In “not at all” the second t is pronounce like |t| or |r|.


Eder Cordeiro dos Santos

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i am going these days to learn english in right way,i admirede to this kind of lessons,so could you please to download several lessons about same topic of sounding of native speaker with examples like you presented.
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Skype ID Iftixar17 ..—->If you want to improve your speaking level like me ,you can add me at skype for talking.


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hi.i enjoy your method for teaching english. i study english for 4 years in iran language institute .and try hard.i learn many things.but have a little problem speaking english and understanding tv series conversation.what do you suggest me to do in order to become perfect.i consider taking a toefl exam.


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i always have problem with “ght”. for example taught, bought, bough, tight
how can i pronounce them? is there some rule?


    ‘G’ remains silent in such cases.
    we pronounce-
    “Taught” as – “Tot”
    “Bought” as – “Bot”
    “Tight” as – “Tiet”
    Hope it helps :)


You’re a very good teacher, Adam! Thank you! :)

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Wow.. Mr. Adam , it is first time for me to notice that .. thats why sometimes when I watched the movie I don’t get them will,
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Thanks a ton, jade ! I being an Indian, speak Hindi most of the time. And I have Indian accent to my English. I plan to join an American or an England University in future. So, is it better to speak their accent (I can listen/understand well)? Or will it be fine with my accent ? I am having trouble adjusting my tongue.


    “Jade”(HaHaHa) I mean, Adam ! Oh, I was crazy. I saw Jade’s video then saw yours and….you know…messed it a bit…


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best teacher ever! thanks Adam :D can i ask you to do lesson with simply words like: happy, black, fundraising and duck.. some teachers ( not english) spell happy as hepi# and black as blek# also in Yorkshire people say dUck not dAck,i never heard English said hepi# and blek# please help me and explain to people how they should spell all those words. TY :D


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Hi Adam,thanks a lot.
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    That’s strange. Can you see any other Youtube videos?

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Dear Adam, I heard you speaking “emphasize”, is this also squeeze letters,because it sounds like “in fe size”?


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Very useful video! We don’t teach connected speech in Russia.We always use English textbooks, but they are expecially boring right.They’re filled with big along grammar explanations their failed with fake conversations that aren’t real at all.We learning unnatural English, etc.Thanks again!

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I download some your leason. Unfortunately I cannot access some of your files. I ‘m really wanted to learn English under your supervision.
Unfortunately, due to financial problems I can’t make preparing files that are not free anymore. I would be honored if I get guidance on this issue.
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BTW !!! Thank you so muuuuuuch (not squeezing but emphasising ;D )…


Thanks! I really enjoy your lecture. I wish i could get more fluence at English with your video!

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thanks alot mr adam its very useful lesson and thanks for all teachers in this amazing website

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Dear Adam! Thank you very much for your lessons! I have a question about pronunciation. I’ve often heard when native Americans say “as you…” or “bless you…” it sounds like “azh you..” and “blesh you…”. Are there any rules for this or might it be a regional specific? Thanks in advance!


I saw this vedio 5 times and everythime I just repeat after you Adam and now I feel I started to have headache from myself :D

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As for me, Adam’s pronunciation is the best of all the tutors’ here.


    I think they are all great :) I like the way James and Rebecca give information, too. And Benjamin. They are all good professionals. But I like the way Adam explains everything. Even elementary level students understand him well and gain hope that they actually can learn this language successfully. I like this about him.


Thank you so much Adam, you are really a good teacher! I have took a lot of English classes in different countries, and this is the first time that a Teacher talk about these pronunciation tips. THANK YOU. I found you ;)


I think lesson is very to hard to pronoun and follow you. Some words in this lesson, i could do, but some are difficult to make my tou


I think lesson is very to hard to pronoun and follow you. Some words in this lesson, i could do, but some are difficult to make my tongue perfectly like native speakers


Thanks for the lesson! I really like how you’re teaching! Go ahead! :)


Thanks very nice lesson really


thank you but i wanna know how to make interview in a language school . please answer.

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Hi, This is a good lesson. Thank you so much. It’s help me to improve my skill. BTW i want more video from this lesson.


i like this lesson coz i used to pronounce in the wrong way but now i gonna try ,great job


thank you adam i’m intersted you are my best teacher
thank you


The way you teach it’s amazing!
Thank you so much for this great lesson!

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I love this video. i hope to make more videos about Pronunciation >thank you ^_^


Dear sir, Adam, thanks a lot for giving us your precious time. but sir I am a bit confused about it, because you have a good knowledge of English therefore you have taught this all to us, I am a student,as such i find difficult to which words should be squeezed, because most of dictionaries don’t tell us like that. There just given all syllables of words . I have got a dictionary of Oxford Advanced Learner and Contemporary Longman Dictionary but there has not been given a piece of advice that what words native speakers squeeze in their daily conversation. so sir please give me some pieces of advice about it. How can I know that what syllables should be squeezed? I will be waiting for your reply sir.


And sir to understand how many syllables that are being pronounced by the native speakers? is also difficult for me. What should I do ? What kind of videos should I watch?


Thanks a bunch, Adam! … You are really on of my favourite teachers I’ve ever had ! … Your methodology, voice, examples, etc. are excellent ! … I take my hat off to you! … On the other hand, I got 7 out of 9: I’m very happy, because this is one of the English grammar issues I’ve always had more problems to understand, but I feel I understood much better!… My best wishes and greetings from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America! G’day, my dear teacher and virtual classmates !


very good lesson
Thank you


thank you……. this is the first vid for me

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In TE resting = In CH resting

Adam, does it work always?

e.g. Po TE nt – in Oxford D. the “te” in this case sounds like “t” (or may be I’m wrong).

Thanks in advance.

Kira Geller

Thank you.


Hello professor Adam
Your lessons have helped me to improve my english skills. They are very interesting!


Hi if someone want to practice pronunciation by skype send me a e-mail Im interesting too we can practice toguether my email is johanny.lima


    Hello I wanna practice too, please skype is diegomachado.w1


hi thank you that was really interesting but i still have some difficulties when the word contains st what should i do ?


hahahah i literally smile over there when u said what do u do, i was repeating behind you and when u smiled i smiled too as you are looking at me,,, that is like i m sitting in a live classromm, thank u so much Adam hahahah wah do u de… ;-)

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Thank you Adam


First of all Thank you for teaching about pronuntiation By the way, it is useful for me. Keep in touch until comment. Thumbs Up!


Hi, I really liked the video but I have doubt I do not know if you can clirify to me… is abou the difference among shift, switch and change thanks


hi there , GOD bless you bro , I have just a small question ,how I can practice ? or whats the best way for practicing English ?
Thanks and have a nice time.


Dear Adam,
It is a great lesson again, but some people say that in IELTS speaking test, accent is not acceptable, a person should speak in English in his or her own language accent with correct pronunciation. Is it true? I don’t agree.


The most helpful lesson!


It was a good class. Thank you teacher, you and James are the best teachers.


It was a pleasure thing to get your inchresting class.

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Lovely….,.am definitely seeing good results already!?


it was really helpful.Thank you so much Adam.


Hi Adam, this is my first comment here. I have to tell you that because of you I love English more. I watch your video every day and really enjoy learning English. I hope one day I can meet you and talk to you as a native speaker.Thank you so much for inspiring people learning English :)

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I like this lesson too. Thanks Adam. You’re my favorite teacher. :)


Thanks sir . your lessons are so useful for me because i can’t afford coaching classes. Thanks engvid.


Sir , how can i improve my pronunciation in a little facilities of money and guidense . Please give me suggestions


These make listening part more difficult :'(


so,in the case to squeeze words applies for all the words with “tr”, “dr” or there are exceptions?, and what others examples like “tr” or “dr” are there?


Bello Adam.
Where is the Quiz about this lesson?
Thsnk you.


This lesson help me a lot whit link sounds! Thanks Adam!

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Hi ,I got it very interesting .I’m an Ma uni student .I wanna be a linguist soon.thank you.


Thanks Adam. I really like your English lessons. For me it is more important to understand the pronunciation of a native speaker other than to speak.


Thank you Adam, your videos are always helpful!
I use this translation website to translate as I can’t fully get the gist of your video:
Spanish to English https://spanishto-english.com/


Thank you Adam


Where’s the quiz?? I’m addicted to the quiz… hahahahaha
Great video!


Thanks much.Great!

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Thanks a lot,It was too much difficult to me to understand foreign speakers, after this lesson it has become easier to me. I will be very grateful if get more the same types of lesson.



thank you for your lessons are easy to understand and clearness so thanks again friend


thanks Adam


thanks Adam! very good lesson


No quiz? Anyways, thank you for giving this lesson an Native Speaker!
I will be able to speak English as American while I want it.

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Dear Sir, Hope you are fine & healthy have passed so good information may I have your personal Email address some time face with question will ask you please .


thank you Adam, you are so cool.
first I saw a part of this video on instagram and I like it. I don’t know you before however I know engvid. I search all pronuncition videos and find this


Thank you, Adam! Very interesting.


Thank you, Adam!
After study of English for many years I am touching to key of skills to Shakespeare,s language only now. Help me!
The Best Regards for you.


Thank you so much, Adam! I’ll be keeping this video for reference. :D


hey where is the quiz? i cannot find it

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Hi Adam it was very helpful lesson for me. thx


Hi Adam, your videos are really practical, I have two months watching EngVid’s videos and they have been very helpful, I´ve some probelms to understand when somebody speak me in english but I have started to whatch news, movies, and shows in english to try to improve…I would like to whatch a video about the finance or accounting because it would be good to my job. Thanks


Thank you very much, teacher.


Thank you very much
You’re interested

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It’s a very interesting video Adam! , is there a word to say instead of (very interesting) to minimize the use of (very), thank you very much, you see i used very again hhh

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What a great lesson Adam, thanks for the recommendations you gave us in this video, catch you later!


Thank you, Adam! You are one of the best teachers of English.


Thank you !


Hello Adam,

Thank you for the tips. Sorry but I have a personal concern here. I’ve been living in Canada for more than 20 years, but I still cannot get rid of my accent which actually holds myself back from acting. I wonder if you have any tips for accent reduction? Thank you in advance.


Hi! Adam, I have a big question. Which is the right question when you want to ask someone before she/he got married: For how long were you dating before you get married? or How long did you spend as a couple?.

Thanks for your answer and happy holidays.


it costs me to pronúnciate correctly the word Country, I thought it was using the T !!


Hi, TY for your lessons. How can i test for this lesson? where is button on the page? i am a new user


    Many of our pronunciation lessons do not have quizzes! For some topics, the best test is practice.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you for the lesson.


Adam, you’re a very competent person and I’d like to ask you something. I am not sure though that you would read comments here and answer)) Although I really need your opinion to clear one point. IELTS score 5 result indicates that the person has a pre-intermediate level of English precisely, right?


Thanks for the lesson!


It was a great class, teacher. Many thanks from Brazil!!




I watched this video twice on May 19, 2021.


Learning from native teachers is another reality. Better of course! Thanks Adam!

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Please your teaching style is attractive but why not leaving for us PDF

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Adam ,you are a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed and learnt well and I will do all your advises

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