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It was an interesting lesson and a bit difficult for me. As usual, I was satisfied, of course.
Thanks Adam.


mine date 16 Nov2021 from Kazakhstan
thank for your efforts and for sharing your knowledge, Adam


Knowledge not included in the lesson is required to answer half of the questions in the test. Pretty unexpected. Waiting for a lesson on phrasal verbs with ‘pull’.


i need to study again,


Great lesson Adam.
Thank you so much!!


10/10 Adam,appropriate all your efforts to help people in English you’re doin a great job and also running up our knowledge

Lone Wolf3826

Hello teacher You didnt talk about run on and run by so I get 7 out of 10


what’s the most common among these ones:
i realized
i’ve got it
i’d run across


9/10 thank you, Adam!


I confused phrasal verbs it is too difficult


Hi Adam, what I’m asking has nothing to do with this lesson , but , please , tell me it the same . Mary says : ” I like swimming and I hate cycling ” , Ann answers ” So do I ” . The next day Mary says ” I like cycling a lot ” so Ann answers ” but didn’t you say you hate cycling ? ” . My question is : is it right to use this negative structure to express bewilderment , to contradict , to ask for an explanation ? In my language it is right , but actually I don’t know whether it is right in English too . Thanks :)


    Hi Elena,

    Yes, it’s fine to use a negative structure in this case. Think of a tag question:

    You said you hated cycling, didn’t you?

    Same thing.

    Hope this helps.


Comprehensible and useful lesson as usual. I ran across some handy expressions that I didn’t know. Thanks , Adam!


Adam , excuse me , another doubt : If I say : ” You don’t give Spanish lessons , why ? “, it means I’m asking you about the reason you don’t give Spanish lessons . If I say ” Why don’t you give Spanish lessons ?”, I’m inviting you to give Spanish lessons . My question is : can this second sentence also have the first meaning ? or better, as I think yes , my question is : what gets me to tell one meaning from the other is only the context and the intonation , as the sentence is correct for both meanings ? or is it better to use the first structure to express the first meaning?


    You don’t give Spanish lessons , why ? — in this case you begin with a declaration, which suggests that there is some “hidden” reason you don’t give Spanish lessons. It can come across as meaning that you have something against Spanish lessons, or teaching, or….

    Why don’t you give Spanish lessons? This can be an invitation or a simple, straightforward question as to why.

    The first question is only used when speaking, so, yes, the intonation will help you understand it. Grammatically, it would be a sentence (with a period)and then a question (i.e., two separate sentences).

    Hope this helps.


It’s a very interesting and great lesson for me. I will also see your other lessons. Thank you so much, Adam.


and now I’m rereading , I’m doubting I wrote the first part of my question well . Maybe it was better : Is (or are ?) only the context and the intonation what gets me to tell one meaning from the other , as the sentence is correct for both meanings ? ….
Be patient :)


Thanks, Adam. great lesson.


Thank you,Adam.
It was very interesting and useful lesson for me.


9/10 :) These verbs are easier than others.

I have a question. Is it ok to say “I have to run off, the movie starts in 20 min?

Ginny M

    Hi Ginny,

    Yes, that’s a casual way to say go. :)


very good


Thank you for your lesson Adam, it is really useful) don`t you mind to write the variants of explonations on the desk next time, please)


    Hi Yamich,

    On the desk? Not sure what you mean.


8/10, love this lesson. Thank you!


    hello my name is ayman I am 24 years old can we practice English together if you have time


it was a great lesson thanks for your tips I learned a lot


yesterday I ran into my friend in the store and we ran through some ideas that we have dicided to study it in our project.


Thank you Adam. It’s a big pleasure to listen your lessons to me.

Roman Matveev

Hi Adam!

I have been watching you on Youtube already for years, and I like your lessons. However, I have one objection regarding your lessons on phrasal verbs. You never indicate whether the phrasal verbs are separable, non-separable or optional (with respect to the preposition). It is especially true for your lesson on SIZE UP, RAT OUT which I find very important.



    Hi Pedja,

    Usually the example sentences would indicate that, but you’re right. I’ll make a note of that next time.


      Thank you very much for your answer! I thought you would never answer…


Hi Adam , excume me for being a little :) nagging , may I ask you a lesson about the pronunciation of “can” an “can’t” ? because sometimes , especially when who is speaking is American or Canadian , I can’t distinguish an affermative can from a negative one


    Don’t worry Elena. Sometimes native speakers can’t hear the difference either. We usually ask: can or can’T, with emphasis on the T. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask. If you can’t ask, wait for more information to infer the right one.


great lesson


Thank you, Adam, but there are a lot of questions that are not in the lesson.


Thank you everyone. The quiz has been updated. :)


    Hard luck. I was hoping for an update of the video.


Yes these help , thanks a lot , Adam :)


What is the correct answer to question no. 10?
Is it run on to or run up to?
I believe there is a mistake,because if I type:run up to , I don’t get the points!


I think there is a mistake at the last question. Should be “up”, right? Becauss they were approching quickly. But system says its actually “on”


Hi, Adam.
What about “run by”.
I ran across this f.v. many times in books and tv shows.


very sweat Adam


“I ran out of information” Does this relate to the first phrase


Thanks a ton, Adam


Hi Adam, I finished the quiz, but No. 10 I don’t understand. I choose “run up”, but my answer considered wrong.
And the note said: Run up to: go to quickly, I think the explanation matched my answer.


Hi, Adam. I didn’t get why my answer for q.10 (UP)was considered wrong. On the other hand, “option ON” was taken for ‘right'(???). Ex.: …the kids ran UP to me so fast…


Not fair! I answered in the last one pretty much correctly, but the quiz said I was wrong… ? How come?
My option was “the kids ran up to me”. Isn’t that what is supposed to be right?


9/10! Good! The last question maybe have the wrong answer. Adam, pls check it!

Jerry Gu

    why is the answer of last question is on?

    Mohamed Ahmed50

Thank you. I got 7 of 10. It was really confusing.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for this great episode!

One question about #10.

10. When I arrived at the airport, the kids ran ____ to me so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to see them coming.

– into
– on
– up
– down

It says that correct answer is “on”, but in explanation we can see the “run up to”:

run up to: go to quickly

Could you please check it out?

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