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hi adam, im from indonesia.
thanks for another great lesson.
hi, can you explain about the use of “Kind of” and “Sort Of”
thanks in advance!

Saiful Anwar

      thanks nadia :)

      Saiful Anwar

    Hi Anwar,

    Nadia had kindly put up a link below.

    In brief, these two expressions are similar to “like”, meaning something is like something, but not exactly, or in a certain way, but not completely.

    I kind of like pizza. this means sometimes, but not always.

    It’s a TV, sort of, but you can use it to secure your house too. This means it’s similar to a TV, but isn’t one excatly.

    Hope this helps.


      thanks sir :)

      Saiful Anwar

thanks! You’re the best grammar teacher!

carlos 2138

i got 100. Thank you for the teaching. Keep up the good work, you’re my fav teacher here. ^^


Can we use other quantifiers?
“I am very/extremely/really tired that I might pass out? ”

Thank you!


    Hi Nabil,

    You can use these, but without the ‘that’.

    The so-adj.-that is its own structure.


      Hi Adam help me, My quiz is very bad. I got it two correct I´m so confused.

      manuel hernandez

    You can say I’m so tired, or
    I’m very tired, or
    I’m extremely/completely exhausted .

    Exhausted means (very tired).
    You may not say “I’m very exhausted”
    and also you can’t say “I’m extremely tired”


Thank you for your great lesson, Adam :)


Thank you very much for the lesson, as usual very interesting but I’m in doubt about one question of the test. In question 4 where says which of the following is not gramatically correct it seems to me there’s a mitake. I was taught that we can leave out the relative pronoun if the the subjects are different but we can’t omit it if the subjects are the same. For instance: the book (that) everybody is reading is really interesting. In this case we have two different subjects: the book and everybody, so we can leave out the relative pronoun, but for example taking the sentence of the test: Bill is so upset with Hillary he wants a divorce. According to what I was taught, I think we should not omit the word “that” because they are the same subjects: Bill and he.
I hope you can clear up my doubt and thanks in advance (Y).


    In my opinion the cases are not similar.In your example “that” is a pronoun and it introduces a relative clause. In Adam’s example “that” is a conjunction and it introduces a subordinate clause, and it can be dropped.
    This is what I think.


      Yes, you’re right. The cases aren’t the same, thanks for letting me know (Y).


    Hi Dick95,

    Although Engread makes a good point, the main issue is that in the quiz sentence, the ‘that’ is very clearly understood. In most cases when the ‘that’ is clearly understood, it is generally acceptable to omit it. A grammar teacher might advise against doing this simply to make sure that you don’t make errors.

    For example, if you had other modifiers between the clauses, such that the so…that construction might be lost, then include the that to help the reader:

    Bill is so upset with Hillary for meeting her ex-boyfriend for a coffee without telling him that that he wants a divorce.

    Does this help?


      Thanks for the explanation. Now I know that in some cases if that is omitted from purpose clauses with “can, could”, the idea of purpose may disappear. A sentence such us: He took my shoes so that I couldn’t leave the house, would normally mean “He took my shoes to prevent me leaving”, but He took my shoes so I couldn’t leave the house, would normally mean “He took my shoes; therefore I wasn’t able to leave”.


        Good examples :)


          Hello Teacher Adam,
          I really enjoy watching your grammar lessons and they help me to clarify some confusion. I have a question from a student who studies in a private linguistics junior high in Taiwan. Her school teacher taught the class the usage of such…that / so…that

          It was such a boring movie that we all nodded off.
          = It was so boring a movie that we all nodded off.

          I have asked among teachers at our cram school and friends from the UK. None of them thought the second sentence makes any sense. As for me, I don’t even know where to find a relevant explaination. I hope you can read my message and kindly help me with the doubt! Thank you!

          JoJo Wang

thank you.


thanks teacher adam i got 33% it means 3 out of 9


Thanks Adam.


Thanks! I find it little difficult. I think at first I need to go through clause!


Hi! I’m new and I Got 44%, really bad. Thanks a lot for this lesson.


thank you so much


I got 56( I need will come back to lesson and understanding it better.


    I got the same score. I guess we must come back and listen again to the video.

    Fabio Camilo

      what the trouble ?


      I think the same=) Good luck)


    The same with me, it was quite challenging lesson for me. Hope I can clarify it after watching the lesson one more time.
    Good luck guys!
    And of course thank you Adam, for such an important topic!


      Thank you=) Good luck you too=)


I wanted to improve my English so that I came to engvid .
You’re so amazing adam, so I enjoy watching your videos.
Learning a new language is a big challenge and it’s so useful that you would catch up with it .
Are my sentences correct ??


    yes ur sentences are correct!

    Saiful Anwar

    Hi Abood,

    Thank you. Just in the first sentence, you don’t need the ‘that’. The second clause is the result of the first. Otherwise, you can say “I came to Engvid so that I could improve my English”. In this case, the so that introduces a purpose.

    Hope this helps.


thank you! you are so good teacher that is interesting watch your class.

Ana Valenca

Thank you Adam!! I think this lesson is so useful that I could improve my english with this. (It is correct?).


    Hi Glorietta.

    Just change the last word (this) to it. :)


Thank you so much, Adam. Your lessons are so great that I keep watching and doing quizzes. But in this quiz, I don’t understand question 3, ” Which of the following is “so” by itself NOT used for?”. Is it because I don’t understand it well or it lacks something after “used for”?


    The word order is different because it’s a question! It’s the same as saying “‘So’ by itself is NOT used for one of the following things. Which one is it?”

    engVid Moderator

      That’s great. I got it. Thank you so much :)


Thank you Adam gotta go over it so I can get a better mark.


Thank you so much Adam, as usual you are so down to earth that everything you explain to us is very clear. By the way I’d like to ask you something that gets me confuse it is when do I have to use for followed with gerunding verb or to followed with infinitive one. For example for purposing or to purpose.


    Hi Carlos,

    Generally, follow ‘for’ with a noun (gerund) and ‘to’ with a verb. Think of a gerund as an activity.

    Thank you for giving me advice.–in this case I can’t use ‘to’ because there is no place for a verb.

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind, though.


plz plz help me
i want to write good essay and sentence structure is my biggest problem .
how can i improve my sentence structure..
plz plz help i am at breaking point.


Thank you Adam.:)


Thank you so much!

Le Truc

Thanks Adam


    how are you going ?


      I’m doing well Azoom. Thanks :)


Excellent lesson Adam! Your classes are awesome!!!


I’ve got 100. The lesson is interesting and helpful. Thank you Adam!


    but can u explain? to me this lesson


      Watch it again Hassan. It will come ;)


Very useful lesson.Thank you Adam

chababi hakim

Who lives in US or Canada, and knows English and Russian very well,please help me to translate the following sentences:
In the car/в машине
1 опусти сиденье
2 открой багажник
3 дворники не работают
4 машина глохнет
5 нажми на газ
6 мы можем выехать задним ходом
7 приоткрой свое окно
8 колесо спускает
9 надо налить бензина(надо заправиться)
10 не поднимай противосолнечный козырек
11 воткни заднюю передачу
12 не хлопай дверью
13 не могу открыть капот
14 машина вся трясется
15 машина вся гремит
16 езжай помедленнее
17 аккумулятор сел
18 запаска есть?
19 вытряхни коврик
20 включи первую передачу
21 поставь на нейтралку
22 поставь на ручник

Thank you very much/большое спасибо.


    Did you try google translator?
    1 Lower the seat
    2 to open the trunk
    3 wipers do not work
    4 car stalls
    5 Click on the gas
    6 we can go backwards
    7 Open your my window
    8 pulls the wheel
    9 have to pour gasoline (must fill)
    10 Do not lay the sun visor
    11 Plug the reverse gear
    12 did not slam the door
    13 I can not open the hood
    14 whole car shakes
    15 car all rattles
    16 Ride slowly
    17 Battery villages
    18 spare wheel is?
    19 Shake mat
    20 engage first gear
    21 put into neutral
    22 put on the handbrake


      I’m sorry roshavbg, even I see many mistakes there. I need real North American English.


        But thank you at any rate.


Moderator, please help me! Somebody in this forum sending trojans and worms, so I can’t come in the Engvid by one of my browsers. Pleaaaase!


    Hi Katrin,
    I think you are a fabulous student. I’d like to be in touch with you on Skype. Do you have any Skype account and would you like that I call you on Skype?
    If your answer is yes, please tell me your account.
    Thanks in advance.


      Sorry, I’m not ready yet! Thanks.


    Hi Katrin,

    I’m not sure how they can do this. Is your anti-virus up to date?


      Thank you Adam, I just reset my Windows. I don’t use antivirus. I can improove my laptope if something wrong.


Thanks for ongoing useful lesson. It’s not like to know about everything in English when I follow your job.everytime I have something useful get you.


    this is good, like me .


I’ m SO ashamed with my score on the quiz, that I’ll not say nothing more about the subject. See you next week Adam.

Jorge Pedroso

    OK Jorge :)

    I trust you’ll do better soon and let us know.


Excuse me my teacher.
you wrote–> I worked overtime this week so that I could take time off next week.
why you wrote could take time and you didnt write can take time???
thank you.
please explain


    hmmm… excellent question Mosaadgeo.

    I could have written ‘can’ here as well. I wrote could because it is just an idea, a hypothetical. I haven’t asked my boss yet if he will allow it.

    I should have been a little more clear here.

    I hope this answer helps. :)


      thank u, i got it.
      appreciate your interest


Thanks very much,I enjoy learning English through your lessons.


T,Adam,if you do not mind I need you to put all the three choices in question number 5 in sentences so that i can figure out how i can use them correctly without making mistakes.Besides, try to solve the wrong choice in question number 4.Furthermore,in the lesson you used the word hard. Bill worked so hard. Hard there was used as an adverb not an adjective.Is that right? In addition,we can omit the relative pronoun if the subjec is already mentioned. Is that correct? moreover,in case there are different subjects in a sentence. What about the relative pronoun that then? Omit it or leave it.Anyway,i hope everything is clear enough to understand it.Thank you for everything you have done for us.I am really making a great progress in these lessons.I am waiting for your answer.


    Hi Mohammed,

    I wrote this earlier to someone, so I’ll just copy and paste it here again:
    the main issue is that in question 4, the ‘that’ is very clearly understood. In most cases when the ‘that’ is clearly understood, it is generally acceptable to omit it. A grammar teacher might advise against doing this simply to make sure that you don’t make errors.

    For example, if you had other modifiers between the clauses, such that the so…that construction might be lost, then include the that to help the reader:

    Bill is so upset with Hillary for meeting her ex-boyfriend for a coffee without telling him that that he wants a divorce.

    hard can be an adjective or an adverb. In this sample, it is an adverb, yes.

    With relative pronouns, you can omit them if they are not the subject, but not all of them. ‘that’ is easy to omit. Others, like when, where, any pronoun with a preposition (to whom, in which, etc.) cannot be omitted. I’ll make a video about this topic soon.

    To agree ( Jane likes cats. So do I.)
    As a conjunction to show result (I came to work late, so my boss fired me.)
    As a quantifier, like “very” (I am so sleepy right now.)

    Does this help?


thank u Adam I’m successful


I got 78.


Hello Adam
It is a castrophe . I got 56% and this is the first time I get a so bad score .
May you help me understand some of your questions and answers .
In question 3 , I can’t get correctly the turn of phrase ‘ which of the following is “so” by it self NOT used for ? ‘ Could you use another turn of phrase to explain the meaning or does the phrase is correct or maybe am I more tired than usual this morning ?
For my other wrong answers , Reviewing the quiz , it seems that I am way off with the fairies today .
Thank you Adam and carry on .


    Hi Tsamp,

    How’s this:

    The word ‘so’ can be used on its own (without ‘that’)in some cases. In which of the following cases can ‘so’ not be used on its own?

    Does this help?


New here, great lesson and great teacher, learn more from him than all those years in the U.S. And I try hard believe me!


    hi. are you a native english speaker? i saw that you are american. could you help me to fix my sentence if correct. engvid teachers could’nt response. sorry for my english hahaha. i’m a filipino
    i love american people i love america. i hope i can get there and become American Citizen. hahaha

    Joseph Anthony

      Hi Joseph, unfortunately I’m not a native English speaker but I would glad to help you if I can, I think Adam is a great teacher and he for sure would answer your questions. I’m Colombian-American, most of my life I lived in Colombia so my English is not as good as my Spanish. I love Filipino people and I wish you the best in your learning process.


    Welcome Veteran :)


      Thank you Adam. Love your videos, and you make me laugh a lot.


Hi Adam! Great lessons and great site. I’m glad I found it.

May I have a few questions.

1. What actually is an adverb? Dictionaries state it modifies a verb, an adjective, another verb or a sentence. I’ve noticed however it is used in some wider meaning, often in English textbooks, also by you in this video, I think.

2. Regarding “active verbs”, I’d like to make sure, are the following sentences incorrect?

“Jill was that sweet to her boss so that she would be promoted”

or even

“Jill was so sweet to her boss so that she would be promoted”

I mean grammatically.

3. Which of these are correct:

“What actually is an adverb?”
“What actually an adverb is?”
“What is an adverb actually?”

The “modifier position in a sentence” thing confuses me often. I’ve watched you lesson on this subject, but still not always sure. So I’d like to ask:

4. Which of these are correct:

“I used to have many friends, now I only have one”
“I used to have many friends, now I have only one”

Thank you.


    Hi Tomek,

    1. An adverb does modify other adverbs, verbs and adjectives, yes. It also shows a relationship between two clauses (adverb clause and independent clause), such as time, reason, contrast, etc. You can also have adverbial phrases that answer questions like where, and when about sentences (i went to the store–to the store is an adverbial showing where)

    2. Regarding “active verbs”, I’d like to make sure, are the following sentences incorrect?

    “Jill was that sweet to her boss so that she would be promoted”– technically correct if ‘that’ means in a known way (to the listener, as a referent).

    or even

    “Jill was so sweet to her boss so that she would be promoted” – also ok. different uses of ‘so’

    3. Which of these are correct:

    “What actually is an adverb?” ok
    “What actually an adverb is?”nope
    “What is an adverb actually?”ok
    subtle differences between 1st and 3rd, but in your meaning, I’d go with the first.

    4. Which of these are correct:

    “I used to have many friends, now I have only one”– this is correct because the only has to single out the one 9friend not the sole possession you have.

    I hope this helps a little.


      Adam, thank you very much for your comprehensive answer, it is very helpful.
      I’m just a bit confused of the idea, that in a sentence like:

      I’ve drunk so much coffee today

      “so much” is modifying the verb. That’s the source of my question #1. Thanks again.


        Actually, in your example, so much is modifying coffee. It’s a quantifying adverb.


wow 33 :( i really have to watch this vidio many times :/


thanks my teacher

haider j touma

Could you please help me to improve my English,
in a ordered manner or which lesson should I start first and how to go further?


    That’s a tough question Apurvamonal. There is no correct way. I would recommend building up the vocab, then go to parts of speech, learn the verb tenses, clauses, sentences, and then the finer details as you need them.


Thank you very much. your explanation was so clear that I can use them correctly.


Thank you so much ..it so helpful…..


Hey folks, i am so happy to find EngVid that i will watch all videos kkk. Thanks.


Thank you

Noe Jung Ho

Thank you Adam.It’s so hard for me.


Good job again. I’m always learning something here.


HI¡¡Thanks, It´s a good lesson, but I have some doubts, for example in the sentence ” I am so tired that I might pass out” It is rght? I thought “Might was the like the past tense of must, Is it more proper “could”?????


    Hi Kykio,

    Might means a possibility. Must is a necessity. They are two different words. Also, most modals don’t have a past tense form (will-would, can-could,have-had). Some people think that might is the past of may, but it’s not really.

    Does this help?


thank you so much MR.ADAM ,
GOD bless u.

noura ibrahim moustafa

I have a big problem with grammar, what happen with me?


    Don’t worry Hanhyephuc. I also had a problem with it once upon a time. :)

    It’ll come to you.Just keep practicing.


Thank you, Adam!


So so helful lesson. Thanks Mr. Adam


Thank you.


What a great lesson! Thank u, Adam!


Hi Sir Adam, i’m a filipino. i really appreciate that there’s an engvid website. you guys help a lot of people. anyway, . . . please help me to understand the difference between infer and imply. thanks in advance

Joseph Anthony

    Hi Joseph,

    These two words work together. If I imply something, then you need to infer it.

    Imply means to suggest something without actually saying it directly. In other words, you say one thing, but you mean something else, or extra. The person you say it to will infer that extra meaning.

    If I tell you I’m hungry, but I have no money on me, I am implying that I want you to lend me money. You infer that I want you to lend me money.

    Does this help?


Thank you Adam,this lesson sound me a little dificult,but I’m going to try undestand it again and again.


i find some difficulties to understand this lesson but i will repeat it until i know their uses


this lesson is so hard that i faild many times in it


Hi dear Adam, can you explain to us how to express tones in english( falling and rising tones)?


    Hi Arpine,

    That’s a good question. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to answer with typed words. ;)

    I will try to make a lesson about it.


thanks a lot, Adam! useful lesson!i have a question.in the sentence “Bill worked so hard that he had to be promoted” can we infer that he was promoted?thanks in advance.

anton m

    Hi Anton,

    You can infer that he deserved to be. There is nothing here to suggest he was. Maybe the boss promoted his nephew instead ;)


      thanks a lot!

      anton m

Hi Adam when i see English movies and study English i hear that native speaker (Americans and Canadiens) pronoun “CAN” and “CAN’T” really really same, so i alway hear it is “CAN”. Can you help me separate them? thanks


    Hi Lai,

    To tell you the truth, sometimes even we can’t distinguish. in these cases, we ask the speaker CAN or CAN’T? Ask the speaker to enunciate (stress each sound).

    Not a great answer, but that’s how it is :)


this lesson is very important and fantastic

alhassan selim

Great lesson Adam thanks a lot.
I’m bad in english, so I need your lesson :)


I’ve got 56 I will try again, Thanks for teaching…


Hi, Adam, I have always pronounced the indefinite article “a” like a schwa, /ə/, but you sometimes pronounced it /eɪ/..why? :-) Thank you


    Hi Campanilla,

    Good ears :)

    Sometimes we say |ei| to emphasize the noun that it goes with. If you notice, we also have a little bit bigger gap between the a and the noun that follows it.

    Does this help?


      Yes! thank you very much, Adam. I’m looking forward to your next lesson


hello guys i am back , so that i am thankful Adam that’s is so important lesson was terrific .i am here from now on


God bless you, Adam. Thank you for this lesson, I was confused using of these ones.


i was confuse in using them but no more.
Thank you Adam.


Very complicated lesson



Chau Le

Great and cufusing lesson, But I got it




    I’ll see what can do Ravinath :)


I’m learning a lot! thank you very much!


Hi u r the best teacher i realy like u very much

Armaghan wafa

It was so difficult that I had to think twice before answering the questions


This lesson is really complicated, but it also benefits me a lot.
Thank you, Adam.


nice lesson


thank you very much!


Very interesting! Thank you Adam. I like your lessons so much that I’m always waiting for a new one.


Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask a question.
In the following sentence, we should use “are located” or “locate”? Which one is right?
“Tropical rainforests are located near the equator.”
If the correct one is “are located” could you tell me why, please?


    Sorry, one more question.
    “In order to solve this problem, the local authority…”
    Can I change it to “For this problem, the local authority… “? Use ‘for’, is it ok?


      Hi Sophie,

      “Tropical rainforests are located near the equator.” — this is a passive. The rainforests can’t do the active verb locate, so they are located there by nature.
      When we give information about something that occurs naturally, we usually use the passive.

      Second: if you are going to describe an action to solve the problem, then you need ‘to’.

      There are many solutions for this problem.

      Does this help?


        So the sentence should be “To this problem, the local authority…” right?


          Actually, no. I meant something like ” To deal with this problem, …” But to be honest, I wouldn’t start the sentence this way to begin with. I would say ” the local authority offered several options to deal with this problem/ solutions for this problem.” Putting it after the action will make it easier to read.


thanks Adam :))))


Such a great teacher!!!
I’ve got 10!


    I’m sorry, 100 :)


Hi Adam! Thank You for Your lessons.
I’m a greener here and in english too)), so I don’t know how shall I leave requests about other themes. May I asking You to show us the lesson, about difference between “on”, “of” and “by”.
It’s dificult for me, because in Ukraine, are only next meanings of them:
1. “on” – we use only when describing something “on horizontal or vertical surfaces” (on a table, on the roof, on the trees, etc.)
2. “of” – is the “participle” in my language, and phrase “of”+ word, in ukrainian, always answers a questions: “by whom?” “by what?”
3. “by” – is almost the same in translation for me, and I have confusion when I studing english.
I will be grateful for this!

Ihor Zherebko

    Hi Ihor,

    This is the problem with prepositions. They have many uses and can be joined with specific words to create even more uses.

    I’ll try to come up with a good lesson for this :)


      Great, thank You!

      Ihor Zherebko

you are my favorite teacher.


Nice lesson. Adam thank you!:)


Hola los interesados que quieran practicar su ingles via skype, sepan que nos estamos reuniendo con un grupo de amigos de Brazil y Mexico, si quieren practicar también pueden agregarme en skype como marco.guiza


Hi Adam,

Thank you for the lesson. I have a question.
Can I write?
“I am working overtime this week so that I can take time off next week”


    Hi Gurunath,

    Yes, you can. Another person asked me about this. I used could as a hypothetical, meaning that it’s just an idea, I haven’t asked my boss yet if it’s ok.

    I’ll be more clear next time. :0


      Thank you.


Thanks! I find it little difficult.
I have to learn and practice.


This lesson was so complicated (that) I didn’t understand at the beginning and still I am trying to understand the last one

It is not only a comment but also a question.Is it a correct sentence and is “that” necessary?


    Hi Black.

    yes, it’s good :)

    And you can omit the ‘that’ (it is necessary, but does not necessarily have to be written).


muchas gracias eres muy buen profesor


    Thank you for the lesson


Thank you Adam


Thank you everybody. know it was a difficult lesson, but all it takes is practice. Keep up the good work :)


Above all I must thank to you because of your this lesson. But I want to learn another thing. As far as I have remembered you, there was another video that you had explained SO and BEACUSE. I wanted to watch it again but I couldn’t find that video. did you delete it? Regards


I am sorry I have written _ you_ wrongly. (….remembered you …..


Please Adam I would like to know the difference between “in the end” and “at the end”. Also, I hear a lot the word “anyways” here in the U.S. is that the correct form or is it “anyway”? without the s? Thank you.


    Hi Veteran,

    At the end usually means when it is finished (at the end of the movie the character dies.)

    In the end usually means finally (in the end we decided to go to a movie instead.)

    Anyways is acceptable, though technically, anyway is “more” correct :)


      OH! I got it, thank you Adam


Thank so much Adam. Hey!!! I use “so” …….so much instead very much .Okay? But I got 67%. It’s so few that I think that I still don’t fully understand. Really? So I have to try my best. Cheer me up. Thank you Adam.


    :) CP

    Your comment makes me think that you do understand ;)


Thank you so much,adam.
I got only 56%, I am so upset that I want to
come back to listen sgain。


    By all means Leoguo :)


thanks adm

hisham kasem

Tks so much!


explain about 9 question please professor


Hi, Adam!
Thank’s for good lesson!
By the way, could U explain me, what does “adverb clause” stand for? Is it a complex sentence? My dictionaries don’t have such phrase to translate.
Thank U in advance :)


P.S. I also have a question about the 2nd quiz statement. How can we use “Felix loves his girlfriend so much, so he is thinking of proposing”? I thought we should use “so that” in such cases.


    Hi Exotist,

    Firstly, an adverb clause is a dependent clause that shows a relationship between itself and the independent clause (Although Tom likes Linda, he will never ask her out on date because he thinks she will refuse — two adverb clauses here: although Tom like Linda, and because he thinks.

    The Felix loves his girlfriend so much – fact
    (so) he is thinking of proposing – result based on that fact.

    Does this help?


Can you,please,explain using definite article in the part “all the boys”?I am confused bacause all rules concerning articles say that we shouldn’t use any article if we have the word “all”.
Thank you.

Liana P

    Hi Liana,

    Remember that all refers to the total. But first we need to know what that total is, to identify it – All (of) the boys.

    I eat pizza all the time.
    Of all the girls in the class, Jane is the smartest.

    Does this help?


Thanks so much Adam that you shared us a wonderful lesson.

is it right?


my question is not related to the topic but could you explain to me why do we use verb -ing after “to”?
thank you :)


    Hi 0101,

    Generally speaking, when we have an -ing after a “to” it is a gerund. Also, the to is a preposition, not an infinitive to.

    So… the -ing is the object to the preposotion to.

    Does this help?


really hate grammer, so difficult that i can’t catch it exactly.7 out of 9,too bad scores.but anyway, thanks Adam,like your pronounciation.

Eric Chan

Work smart as Jill, not hard as Bill so that you will get promoted :) I hope this is correct.
Greetings! I have joined this virtual class since yesterday.


    Hi Haliota,

    Two ways to write this:
    work as smart as Jill, not as hard as Bill so that…


    Work smart as Jill does, not hard as Bill does…

    Welcome :)


Thank you so much for all your efforts.
My question is: when we omit (that), should we put a full stop at the end of the first clause or not necessary?


Thanks a lot Adam! I hope to learn English fast so That I could get better position in my company! :-)


Thank you, lesson is so difficult that I got only 44%.

Abdul Qayum

Thank you.I suspected but wasn’t sure.
Thanx again!!!

Liana P

Hi I am a French student and I learnt a lot of things during this lesson.Thank you so much Adam ;best regards.


would you , please, help me understand the differences between these three examples below:
carbon and oxygen react to form carbon di oxide.
carbon and oxygen react forming carbon di oxide.
carbon and oxygen react for forming carbon di oxide.

i guess in examples 2 and 3 gerund has ben used. Are they same???if not, why not??

Can all of three examples be rewritten as;
Carbon and Oxygen react and form carbon di oxide.
Please explain.
By the way i would rather want you to make a video
concerning gerund.infinitive and participle..
thank you,


Hi Adam!! I saw your class and I liked very much! congratulations !!


Thank you Adam! I got 67


Hi Adam,
Even though you’re such a great teacher, it’s quite confused for me. I’ve watched the video four times, but now I think I’ve got it. I’ve done the test three times and at first I got 7,8 out of 10, secondly better and finally 10! But I’m not so confident. I think practice is the key of the success. Please look at that sentence: I set my mobile to high volume so that I could hear it. Is that correct?


Hi, Adam!
I have a question about your example with Bill.
The sentance ” Bill worked so hard that he had to be promoted”.
Is it possible to understand like : he worked hard, but they did not promoted him?
Because as I understood from the lesson – this sentence has positive result – Bill did not leave any chance to his boss, he have to be promoted. But if i want to say that even that he worked hard – boss ignored him – can i use the same sentance?


Hi Adam,
I watched your videos really I liked so much! Really amazing! congratulations.
Would you mind if you send me your personal e-mail address.

Hussein Abdillahi

Thanks for this lesson, Alan!

This was one of the most difficult lessons that I have attended in engVid, so difficult that I committed some mistakes in the quiz, so I need to watch it again so that I can become a good English speaker in the future.

Fabio Cicerre

Thanks Adam,but could you explain to me what’s going on (I meant in QUESTION (2 & 5)) I can n’t figure out the matter? in these Questions .


I am Arifin, come from Indonesia. I am disable person. My disability types is low vision. This video is so difficult for me to unnderstand the material on the white board because I co not see clearlyy. Would you like to have some solutions?


    Thank you for letting us know! I’ll look into what changes we can make. Would it help if the teachers used thicker markers or wrote the words bigger? Does it make a difference if it’s dark letters on a white board or white letters on a dark board?

    engVid Moderator

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i see it three times and i cant understand very well pofffffffffffff


you there..?


i would like to learn more english…i have lack in my Grammar..plz


whether so….that… is like to too…..to…. or not?


Ohhh..!! that’s a bad result.. need to study more.. :(

abraham richard

Thank you SO much. What SO usefull lesson!


This Is Prasanth from India.Thank You Mr.Adam,you Have enlighten so many Lives across the World.I have seen Improvements in My english after watching your videos.
I wish i could be you Mr.Adam

Prasanth VG

I watched this so wonderful video many times so that I can understand it.That’s so useful everyone who need to improve their English that They should watched it frequently.

saeed manzari3

Very good lesson Adam so I can use this word in my writing.


Great lesson !!!


Hello, Adam! Although I’m a newcomer here, I’ve already appreciated your lessons, for I really like your manner (calm, confident, with a strong wish to make us understand =)), as well as the content. Thank you. My question concerns punctuation related to this topic. In the “first” sentenses (result) we undoubtedly have a comma. Does it appear in the rest of them when we eliminate ‘that’? Many thanks in advance.


I’m a newcomer here .Your lessons really help me out .
i got 8 correct out of 9.


I did not understand the lesson. I will be watching the video later. Thanks a lot.


Oops ! I got 3.3 out of 9
And i don’t know why

Ahmed Al Hossainy

that was Great mR.Adam… after I watched the lesson twice, I got 9 out of 9, thank you so much


So helpful lesson! In the quiz I had only two mistakes, but I’ll repeat the lesson.
Thanks a lot Adam!


Plz I want to pass ECL exam of DLI I need help

Ali Jassim

Hi Adam.I am so sad because my computer can not load your videos although I need them now.What should I do????

zeinab sadat

Thanks! I have to work on this patr of grammar more.

Romanova Vera

Thank you so much!
Nice lesson!
I love it!

Thy Matta

thanks you so much, I am so excited about this lesson so that I would watch it many times


thank you Mr Adam. It’s very useful for me. It helps me a lot!


I got 33/100,so what should i do to get higher sccore?;)


Hi teacher,

Could you please PLEASE explain me why i can not use no active verbs with ‘so that ( purpose) ‘
For example if i say: She has a candle so that she can see in the dark … is it wrong? Why?
Thanks ¡¡


Sir Adam,I am a little confused to no.1 question.What is the used of “so behind”in a sentence?Can you please elaborate it?Thank you,sir.


Hi Adam.
great teacher! love how you explain English lessons.


Very useful lesson. Thank u so much sir..
If u dont mind, it will be a great help if could explain the differences among Regarding, related to, with respect to & On behalf of.. I am getting confused of these….


Sadly.. I got only 3


thanks mr. adam . but I have a question !!
What is the difference between (so) and (too).
thanks again>>


I got confused with question #5. I thought I could not use two “so” in one sentence because it is redundant. Thank you for the lesson Teacher Adam.


I find this lesson so hard

Emad Daoowd

what does ( active verb ) mean ?

Emad Daoowd

Hi Adam, is the paragraph below correct?
I’m so happy that I found this website, so I can take more lessons so that I get better with my writting.
Thank you!


Hi Adam I wanted to ask you, do you have any lessons about Subordinators, embaded clause, verb phrase nounphrase? etc I confused with this .


I need to pay attention so that I can learn much more english.
I like your english class so much that I speed a lot of time watching you.
I want to travel to Canada, so I need to learn very well english.
You like me so much!

thank Adam!


Hi! Thank you VERY MUCH for this and the others videos! You are excellent!
Could you talk more about how tou use the verb tenses properly when using SO THAT?
Thank you!



I watched the video so that I could get a good score in this quizz.(Is this sentence right?) Thank you


Dear Adam!I am so impressed on your lessons,that i finally decided to express my heartfelt thanks to you.
I have been studying English for 2 years and i have never been satisfied with my knowledge.
Looking at my problem, my teacher recommended me a lot of education programs,including your web site.
So i have been using Engvid.com since this spring to improve my English skills.
I found it the most understandable and useful.
I always pay attention to your advices : work hard,listen carefully,read English books.
Yes,I do,I will,I promise!
Thank you ( merci beaucoup,спасибо )!
Excuse me for my mistakes…
Yours faithfully


Hiii Adam!
I like your all lessons but this one is difficult for me to understand. I got 4 out of 9. Can u make it bit easier.


Hello, Mr. Adam. This lesson is great and you give a clear explanation. Thanks a lot. I got it.


I’m forever grateful for learning from you amazing teacher

thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks a lot


Thanks, Adam!
I got 89 out of 90. :)
I have 1 question, though. In question #2, is the sentence ” Felix loves his girlfriend so much, so he is thinking of proposing.”, really correct? I saw that it’s correct, but it sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Many thanks! :)


more power adam. by the way thank you for the great lesson again. i got 3


Oh Gosh!!! Adam, I understand you perfectly, but I’m dissapointed myself with my results in quiz!!! I have a very seriuosly problem…I not let to think in Spanish…Really is a hard problem, What can I do?


Hello MR.Adam your lessons are excellent and thanks


Hi Adam,
I couldn’t understand 4th question. I am confused with “upset”.

*Bill is upset with Hillary so that he wants a divorce.
*Bill is upset with Hillary, so he wants a divorce.

I choosed second one and the test says that first one is true.

I couldn’t understand that how “upset” is active verb here. Please help me to understand that.

Thank you very much. I love your lessons by the way :)


Jill studies regularly so (that) she can beat the boys.

It seems to me that without “that” we can
treat a clause like a result and purpose at the same time. So, it’s up to you. Am I right?

Yury B

Hi Senem we can’t use 1-st example because “so that” is an adverb clause marker and that’s why we have an adverb clause that must be regarded to active verb (“is” isn’t an active verb).

Yury B

    Thank you very much Yury. That’s all clear right now :)


Thank you


4. When using “so that”, the independent clause should have an active verb.
“Bill is upset with Hillary so that he wants to divorce” , the “wants” isn’t an active verb?


Thank you :)


Hi Adam, I have a question. I can not understand why in this case: “Look,you definitely watch too much TV -If I were you I wouldn’t watch SO! much TV” is better than If I were you I would’nt watch TOO! much TV:-) Please, explain it to me. My teacher said the first one is correct SO much not TOO much. And what about THAT much?


thank you


I got 33/100 :(
Somebody help me please, I thought I understood it


Hi, Adam! Pretty good lesson! I got 7 out of 9. The first mistake I had, I think it’s right the correction. Though, the options in the question number 5 are really confusing, because of the commas, so I thought none of the answers were right (but they were,kind of awful!) .


Hi adam,thanks for helping us


Hi Adam, I like your lessons much, I search about how to use ‘that’ in your before videos. I could not see it.can you help me how to use them in writing mostly?sometimes we use it as a helping verb, sometimes subject…


I mean after ‘that’ we use helping verb, subject..


It is sad. I think that i fully understand this lesson, but i pass the quiz by 44 points. Whatever, thank you very much, i will be try to study hard.


got 6/9..:( In 2nd Ques…why we used so much so..???


hey Adam how are you doing?, i hope you’re good. i don’t know if you will read it, but this express my feeling about engvid.com ok. first of all, I’d like to say that no english school here in brazil, at least the ones i had contact to, prepare us, teach us like you the teachers from engvid.com do. i have been seeing people(students) just like me that stay amazed how much we learn with your classes. i say by myself, i’ve just finished a english course down here in brazil and i tell you from the bottom of my heart, sometimes i feel that i know nothing in english, because at engvid i’m still learning a lot of things that they didn’t taught me,and i’m already finished my course!!!,do you believe that?. Anyway, the very first time i saw the engvid’s video, it was one of yours, and i loved it, i thank you teachers and engvid.com’s crew for helping us with the language barrier, thanks a lot. Be sure many students like me are getting lots of improvment with your classes. thank you all from engvid.com . bye!!!!


Hello Adam
I am from Pakistan. Sir your lecture regarding So or So that is very value able. I completely got it. Dear sir can you please elaborate the Difference between “We” or “US” where we put this word in sentences.


I Adam, I really love your lessons, I found so many difficulties using so that as a purpose, even now I still have so many doubts. I’ve got only 6 in the quiz. But I am sure that I will manage it. So thanks a lot.


could you explain more about the following question?!
thanks so much!
Which of the following is NOT grammatically correct?

*Bill is so upset with Hillary he wants a divorce.
**Bill is upset with Hillary so that he wants a divorce.
***Bill is upset with Hillary, so he wants a divorce.
****Bill loves Hillary so much he wants her to stay.


    i mean about wrong sentence!


Dear adam,
I would really appreciate if you gave me an example so that I grasp the following topic:
“So that” must only be used when the independent clause contains an active”
I thank you in advance


Hi Adam,
First of all thank you for all the videos. I find them so helpfull. Let me please have a question regarding this lesson. In the sentence, “I worked overtime this week so that I could take time off next week”, could I use to be able to instead of so that? If yes, what the difference is, if there is any?
Thank you!

Endre Zoltan

Thanks teacher, easy to understand


Thank you Mr Adam for your effort during lesson time. I was interested with your lesson, So I will continue to see your lesson.


Hi, Adam . I want to say you thank you for your lessons . It is very helpful for foreign people ho leave her in America.
I want to wish you many good people in your live .


Hello Adam.
Is it appropriate to use “so” (conjuction) in formal writing?
For example: the product was verified twice, so the probability of finding a failure is very low.


% 33 :(


can one say the sentence “Bill worked hard so that he would be promoted” in this way “Bill worked hard to be promoted”.


Hi, Adam!


Hi Adam,
Using SO THAT to express purpose, is my example correct?

“I try to wake up earlier these days so that I can be more productive.”

Is the use of a be verb on my second clause ok?

Than you in advance :)

Bru Junges

Thanks for great lesson!


I like your lessons , thanks a lot .


I am learning a lot. Thank you and have a blessed day.


Thanks. I got 6 out of 9, so I should watch the video again, Adam.


thank you I didn’t before what the different among them


Hi Mr.Adam I am so happy because you save me . The day after is my important exam . Wish me luck! I love your teaching,too.


it’s a bitchin lesson!!




Hey Adam, Thanks a lot for all your videos, you are helping me very much.
I have a question for you, please.
Soooo, I do a lot of long meetings with a lot of people, sooo I speak in public very often. Sooo, every time I finish a phrase or do a pause, after that pause I always start my sentence with a sooo again. Sooo I don’t know what to get rid of that. Any tips to correct this bad habit? Any video about it?
Thanks in advance.


*how to get rid of




Hi Adam!
I have a question, what would the difference be in these two sentences:

I gave Sam my address so that he can contact me.
I gave Sam my address so that he could contact me.


We’ve planted the bush in the middle of the garden so that it is always in the sun.
We’ve planted the bush in the middle of the garden so that it was always in the sun.



Thank you very much Mr. Adam.


It’s a great video. Thanks a lot.


a great teaching session Adam.thanks for it;however, although i got it right but i must admit i do not understand what the stem of the question 3 means.
Also, i am sure i need to listen to your lecture again as i am not quite clear.
thanks again


teacher im from mexico im studying but now i have to undestand this grammar of a lesson the gramar ir




Incredible Lesson!


8 put of 9.
seems I have learnt sth.
tnx Adam


It was a so important lesson (that) I watched three times. Thanks so much Adam!

Henrique Alves

Hi Adam.
Thank you for this video, it was really useful because now I know how to use these grammar structures. I needed a video like this.
I don’t know if my grammar is ok but I’m learning.
Greetings from Mexico.

Ozy Galeana

Hi Adam
I just want to thank you for all this amazing work.


Sir I have one doubt please answer it.
Your sentence: Jill studies regularly so that she can beat the boys.
My doubt: Jill is studying regularly so that she can beat the boys.is this sentence correct?(you said we need an active verb so we relate” so that” to it)
Please do reply sir

And Thankyou so much

Taniya Thakkar

Sir please reply to above doubt, I would be very thankful.
On google in various sites.
They have also written like
Eg: she is too angry so that she would not talk with him. Is this correct as you said we cannot use “be” form i.e. is after she when we are using so that?
Please reply is this sentence correct?

Thankyou so much for the amazing lesson! Sir

Taniya Thakkar
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