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Excellent Class! Helped me so much!

Thanks Teacher James, You’re my favorite teacher from Engvid.

Also, thanks to Mr.E … It always makes me laugh.

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    James’ good sense of humour is an excellent ingredient in his video lessons. He always makes me laugh too.

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      Yep! I agree with you James; spelling is a real problem for students of English. The reason, English is not a phonetic language.

      Interesting tips for overcoming spelling problems.


      Profile photo of Regino Regino

for us it´s hard make a word who end in vowel sound silent, like these words: wipe, rate and many other this kind

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

    Native Spanish speakers have the same problem.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      oh realy

      Profile photo of Ayesha ahmad Ayesha ahmad

Understood…no why-ppe. I loved your explanation. Thanks!

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Great, i got 100. Thank you so much for your efforts to teach us better in english. I like your style, it’s pretty cool…:-)

Profile photo of Adhem Adhem

My score was perfect!! When I was younger, I had joined “Spelling Bee” contest at an English conversation school.
It brings me back. I loved the contest. It was fun and exciting :) Thank you for your great lesson, James and Mr. E :)

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I don’t understand why some people likes to play spelling games. I don’t even treat it as a game.

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tanx James great explanation

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i’ve never enjoyed your lesson….very very difficult to understand.

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    Brother, try again

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    Try again. His lectures are by far the easiest to understand. Moreso, he makes it more interesting with the humor.

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James what the correct word ? Rated or ratted.

Profile photo of Ali--1290@outlook.com Ali--1290@outlook.com

Thank you Mr. James, thank you for your great lessons, I have learned a lot.

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James what is the correct word ? Rated or ratted.

Profile photo of Ali--1290@outlook.com Ali--1290@outlook.com

    Both are correct. Rated comes from rate, and ratted comes from rat.

    Profile photo of bcchagas bcchagas

Just awesome…
Thanks James……

Profile photo of mahmudhimu mahmudhimu

Very useful and clear lesson. I liked that story about short man :) – I’ll keep this in mind! I got 10/10. I would like more lessons about this topic. Thanks a lot.
Good wishes from Lithuania!

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The dictionary says that there is no such word as “whiped”, so the right spelling in the question 4 must be: “whipped cream”.

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thank for your lesson. it’s useful for me, what i need :D

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What does this Spelling 101 means? Is it like reference to S01E01 and means it an introduction to something / first lecture?

Profile photo of halikenator halikenator

Great as usual.Thanks a lot.I got 10 out of 10.

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nice one ……now it will be easy for me to find the difference…..thank u

Profile photo of neethu @22 neethu @22

Hi James, it was the first time i saw your teaching, unfortunately. it was so good for me. thank you and good luck ;)

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I only know this rule after you taught me, this rule is very useful, I applied this rule to do the exercises accordingly and got 100% correct, thank you very very much.

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Dear James, you never stop to sorprised me. Many thanks your teaching, coaching and support for sharing skills.it is a motivation and invitation to keep me learning, wiht 0 excuses!!.see you soon. Kind Regards!

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Thanks, James :)

Profile photo of winnie22 winnie22

Every day I learn more with you james. Thank You.

Profile photo of Genaro Bezerra Genaro Bezerra

I got 8 out of ten… thank you Mr James..
I hope do better after

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Hi James thanks very much for the lesson really enjoyed it. I’m actually quite good at spelling but the bad thing is don’t know the meaning is there any way to memorize the meanings better?

P.S. got 10/10 and note that I’m Korean.
Actually forgot to tell that I used to live in Zambia for 9 years so I’m used to English just that the meanings.
Many Thanks!

Profile photo of Minsoo Minsoo

10 out of 10!

Profile photo of loppolli loppolli

Hi James. I really like your teaching demonstration. It is helpful for me and others. It would be much better if you kept things on the board visible. I have hoped that you will continue your great job with something new.

Best wishes!

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I appreciate you,James! I feel good when I`m watching your video!

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I enjoyd watching this lesson. Especially about the unemployed brother in the basement, it was funny! Thank you for all your lessons!

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I got it! Thanks again….

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    I got 90 out of 100, you!The TVC might not need to surf on this lesson because you were in the US. You practice the language everyday in life.

    Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

9/10 – I hope not to be whipped mercilessly till I get 100% because on the 4th I did it wrong!

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you so much… clear and easy…. We need this kind of lessons so much. These words are simple. we need to learn how to spell complicated words like Psychiatrist!!!

Profile photo of fatimahAM fatimahAM

Thanks for this opportunity to learn English. It’s very easy to follow.

Profile photo of Dorisabel Dorisabel

sir plz conduct a lesson on slang word “ASS”
like – ass kicker & ass kisser etc .

Profile photo of Anmmol Anmmol

10/10 thank you so much

Profile photo of emma.b emma.b

Very usefull rules! Thx!

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Excellent lecture, Explaining it so clearly and not making the listeners bored. Enjoyed the lecture

Thank you.

Profile photo of havirdhara havirdhara

Thank you for the lesson c:

Profile photo of unflo unflo

Thank you,
you are very clear.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Thanks James, I got 100% :)

Profile photo of Ho Tri Thuc Ho Tri Thuc

james you are so inelegant ,thank you i understood the lesson very well

Profile photo of mohamed abd-elrhman mohamed abd-elrhman

Yesterday I answered the quiz after listen the lesson. But little after I thought this is a very important matter and you know what?! Today I repeated the lesson and the truth is in fact this is a very very important lesson, till today, nobody gave me an explanation like that, when the subject is double the consonant letter. For me since the beginning of the EngVid this was the most important lesson, I ever had. THANK YOU EngVid.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

thank you, this is easy method to teaching beginners


Thanks for the explanation, I was a little confused but now I got it, You are very clear.

Profile photo of Ramon Chazulle Ramon Chazulle

That was awesomesauce!!.. Wow.. I am utterly impressed! I always ask myself how to pronoun or write down any word. Now you made yourself so clearly

Profile photo of ivonne villegas ivonne villegas

    awesomesauce that’s a new word to me too, but I learn that just now which is more than the awesome meaning word. i think you don’t need this tutorials because you already in the US and you speak the language in your life there, have a good day.

    Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

100 out of 100)))) yeahhhhhhhhh

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What happened between the two cats..? Ummmmm…:)

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Thank you.
Can you prepare similar lessons about a punctuation? Frequently, I have doubts about double letters (SS, LL, FF) in many English words. I just have a tendency to forgetting if words have e.g. double s or not. I hope that you know a solution of this problem.
Sometimes, that are differences between British, and American versions of English (double or single l in words), but it is not always easy to remember all the rules.

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thank you first test for me i wos 80/100

Profile photo of charaf benamar charaf benamar

hey. thank you man:)

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i like this lesson 100 out of 100 i got it thank you man :)

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Thank you for the lesson it was verry good and clear I got 100/100

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I got 80%. I want more quiz just like this.

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I got 100%. Thanks for everything!

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Great teacher !
Thank you dear.

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Great E-magic Thanks

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Thank you, James, you are the best!

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james you are great , i love your style

Profile photo of MahmoudElmahdy MahmoudElmahdy

thanks james
you’re the best in my openion ..

Profile photo of ahmad abogabal ahmad abogabal

10/10 thank you james

Profile photo of malaikaM malaikaM

I stumbled across this on youtube from another teacher. Glad to found this!

Profile photo of orangespaceinvader25@gmail.com orangespaceinvader25@gmail.com

Thanks for the vid!! You’re a grate teacher! :D

Profile photo of DoggyEnglish DoggyEnglish

you can speak slowly ,please

Profile photo of hoangmai hoangmai

hello James thank you for the best lesson!!! you perfect:)

Profile photo of moon-ai moon-ai

    Hi. What about a cup of tea? My Skype name is magicsasha.

    Profile photo of zeLark zeLark

    hello there
    h r u ?
    if ur go in english its will be great if we practcing with each other

    Profile photo of mohdxo34 mohdxo34

thank you

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thanks a lot.very useful lesson.I am waiting impatiently for your next instructive lessons

Profile photo of Hasan Can Hasan Can

Thank you Mr James! You’re very funny.

Profile photo of huykwi huykwi

thank you Mr. James! i got a perfect score again…so interesting!

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Profile photo of zuni @123 zuni @123

thank you

Profile photo of zuni @123 zuni @123

Thank you Mr. James! :)

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hello, it wont let me take the quiz ?
how may I fix it.

Profile photo of abdulrahman21 abdulrahman21

hey guys Im going to make a whatsaapp group to improve our english, and know each other, If you want to joing us please add me 55 16 99620 0919, thank you

Profile photo of Marx Rodrigues Marx Rodrigues

hi james
1) What is PLS or pictological system?
2) I have heard that we have some formula to create irregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of 123456mehdi 123456mehdi

thank you so much

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I like the way you teach, James! You are funny and you make English easy.
Thank you

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Hello, Professor James please, I want to lesson reported speech

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Thanks a lot, it was interesting and funny explanation.But I have a problem with quizzes,if I click on quiz square,the page suddenly closed.thanks in advance.

Profile photo of moath saad moath saad

    Anybody else having this problem? What browser are you using, moath?

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      Internet Explorer

      Profile photo of moath saad moath saad

got better clarification..

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Tanks James for the explanation

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James, you are the best.
I’m not so much in listening, but i can listen an understand each your word.

Profile photo of ambokari ambokari

Teacher James, thank you for this useful lesson!

Profile photo of mike92 mike92

Nice guy,I like his lessons,and it`s really helped.Thank you!

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thank you Mr.James , it’s very useful rule ,
thanks a lot

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Make me understand eng more and more, Thanks.

Profile photo of SiRi Pui SiRi Pui

Thanks for lessone!

Profile photo of youra85 youra85

Thanks James, I got 10/10

Profile photo of pawanranar pawanranar

Thank you James!, this was wery useful lesson, but what about word “all”, “small”? I understud that second L makes A to a long vowel sound! Did I understud corectly?

Profile photo of martin1977 martin1977

thank you Mr. James. Now i understand with this part. Oh btw, i got 100 in the quiz! Haha :D

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Thank you for throwing light on the English crazy spelling (I don´t agree Spanish spelling is that hard than English, like an student said !!)

Profile photo of thinopar thinopar

a few mistakes but I will try better next time, thanks teacher:)

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James, thanks a lot. Your English class was interesting. I liked.

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Thank you Mr. James … You are fun and useful various means

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Thanks you Mr. James I got 10/10….:)

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Great class!

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Thanks for this class.
Spelling is quite difficult for me.

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Thank you, Mr. James !!
Spelling is my nightmare.
Now I understand this better!

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This is the best ” Instructor ” I’ve ever seen to improve my Language! ;] Thank you Mr. James.

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Hi there . IMO you are a good teacher but i sometimes will be confused what exactly U say because U speak very fast . speak slower if possible.THX

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Thank you Mr James,Your the best teacher i have ever known, you make learning so easy , simple explanations with your pretty smile….your 10/10 .

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Sir I like your teaching, you always deliver good lessons

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thanks a lot
really i understood it

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great!!!!!!!!!! :)

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good work , i got 10,, but i’v another rule about the ‘ing’ form says when the verbe ends by voyal+ consonant we double the the consonant then we add ing ,and when the verb ends by “e” we must omit only this “e” and we add the ing ..is it true in any case??

Profile photo of close alg close alg

I got 100! )) Thank you, Mr. James! I didn’t know this simple helpful rule before))

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Well done sir

Profile photo of Not Yet Not Yet

Thanks sir

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I got 9 from 10

Profile photo of Abu Sattam Abu Sattam

biggest help!

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100 I got it.

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yeah! i did it. Mr. James you did me well. I got ten marks. Hmuaaaa muaa muaa.

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its great man its the best

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now i am the best in the class thanks to you mr james

Profile photo of Thejaspg Thejaspg

good class 1scored 9 out of 10
thanks james

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good class 1scored 9 out of 10
thanks james

Profile photo of rohngoel rohngoel

one wrong answer bcz the hottest weather lol

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thanks for the secret


Lol the fact is: Brazilians CANNOT spell and understand these things completely! But your explanation was great and from now on I’ll try to say it the right way!!!

Profile photo of Rosane Vieira Rosane Vieira

Thanks teacher:)
Your explanation was useful .
I understand now how can and when i do that.
Thank you teacher.
You are awesome .

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Thank you :) Engvid i got 9 out of 10 . and i appreciate to all of teachers here .

Profile photo of martin abiquibil martin abiquibil

I loved this lesson, thanks teacher.

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i get 9 out of 10. thank you teacher that was a helpful lesson

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Awesome james. Thank you so much.

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thank you Mr.james!. got 100, yippie!. you’re so fun in teaching.

Profile photo of juli juli

Hi! I would be interested in a lesson about the school system, for example the differences between college and high-school or university because I’ve looked it up in many dictionaries and they give different meanings. Thanks.

Profile photo of CristinaMiu CristinaMiu

I did 100%

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Profile photo of deeptishree deeptishree

I DID IT! :)

Profile photo of FARELLO FARELLO

Thanks teacher.. You are very funny!

Profile photo of jorgerojas jorgerojas

Thank you,teacher James for your lessons.Your videos are the best videos,which i’ve ever seen!Besides,your lessons are very funny and sooo helpful for making English better!!!

Profile photo of MisterNelsoN MisterNelsoN

Very funny, very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of zeleon zeleon

:D Hey Mr. James you make English seem funny!
=D I really like your videos.

10/10 on my quiz.
Just reviewing for my English exam!

Profile photo of Jennyfer Polanco F Jennyfer Polanco F

    I think he is so funny teacher that make me enjoy learning English.

    Profile photo of Sereyvath leang Sereyvath leang

thanks that actually helped alot

Profile photo of rola123 rola123

Thanks Mr.E and Mr.James, you are awesome!

Profile photo of Lale123 Lale123

i got 5 out of 10 hahahaha i can try next time XD

Profile photo of uri13 uri13

but i learn many thing :) from u James :)

Profile photo of uri13 uri13

Thank You :) James :)

Profile photo of uri13 uri13

Really great work, thank for the lesson

Profile photo of chorauoc chorauoc

it’s become my favorite to learning English.
Awesome teaching !! thank teacher James

Profile photo of Sereyvath leang Sereyvath leang

Thank you James!

Profile photo of MHunter MHunter

Thanks bro

Profile photo of mohammd saifulddin mohammd saifulddin

i know i can do this exercise. Thanks James

Profile photo of khachoangnh khachoangnh

thanks James,I have got 100.

Profile photo of nevien nevien

James you are so humorous explaining the concepts! That’s very very good for me to learn, because I can associate the theory with your funny explanation. Good job and thank you very much!

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    yes you right very useful

    Profile photo of mariwan ibrahim mariwan ibrahim

thank you MR james

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thanks Sir

Profile photo of Peyar Peyar

Thanks got 80%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Awesome lesson,thank you so much.

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thank you for your information

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Thank you for your quality lesson. It’s very helpful for my study!

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Hello James, thank you for this very useful lesson! Best, John

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

it really gives me a kind of rule.
very useful

Profile photo of costuky costuky

You explain very cool. Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Xcder4 Xcder4

good job

Profile photo of mohamed hamza mohamed hamza

I need more about that¡¡..Thanks James¡¡

Profile photo of jmanuelsi jmanuelsi

lovely. this is lesson made easy.
thanks James.

Profile photo of markTerry markTerry

thanks mr. James , i get 7 mark , its bad but i know my wrong and i will try to focus

Profile photo of hossamronaldo4 hossamronaldo4

I got 10/10

Thank you Mr. James

Profile photo of Monaf80 Monaf80

Good explanation. I loved it. The quiz? 10/10.

Profile photo of ksuela ksuela

nice lesson. thank you

Profile photo of jheny081 jheny081

thank you so much,
before going to work. i allways learn a lesson on this website. that helped me a lot in my life and my work.
P/S: i have just learnt english, so my sentence maybe wrong. hopping you guys will correct it for me.
thank you.

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thank you very use ful

Profile photo of mariwan ibrahim mariwan ibrahim

Hey, James, hi. I’d like to say that I’m making(not makking👌) headway on my English. Thank you for your sense of humor because you are very funny while recording videos and I’d like journey to record more videos on grammar. Well done

Profile photo of Abdurakhim Abdurakhim

Oups!! I wrote journey , actually it’s you

Profile photo of Abdurakhim Abdurakhim


Profile photo of Ienaluk Ienaluk

Thanks james 👍🏻

Profile photo of Nooknookku Nooknookku

Thank you ❤

Profile photo of Galsaei Galsaei

i got 80%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

Thanks it was fun. Got 100

Profile photo of mohamedali7795 mohamedali7795

Sir James it was an interesting class…
Mr.E really worked out his ‘MAGIC’~~…
thank you soooo much!

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Very helpful lesson. Thank you :)

Profile photo of Amjad173 Amjad173

Thank you Mr. James

Profile photo of Sospeter Sospeter

Thank you for a good lesson Mr. James :)

Profile photo of andr.mv andr.mv

Actually you are unexpected you are not good beause you are the best

Profile photo of mohammed alaa eldeen mohammed mohammed alaa eldeen mohammed

Excellent lesson,teacher.Many thanks.

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Profile photo of Quvonchbek Quvonchbek

a serious teacher with a hint of fun … you’re lessons are helping me a lot

Profile photo of jane08 jane08

i need 2 time to got 100 ahahha looks ease but aint

Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank yu so much.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

I got 10 out of 10.
thanks you sir for lesson.

Profile photo of krishnakhatri2193 krishnakhatri2193

It was like playing THE GAME.

Profile photo of Dixit Ramani Dixit Ramani

OMG ! i got 100%.Thank you so much, Mr. James.Now i know how to use them clearly.You are fantastic!
Have a nice day !

Profile photo of kkthwe kkthwe

I had 10 out of 10

What a good lesson

Thank you James❤

Profile photo of Hamza alsharu Hamza alsharu

Very good lesson !! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Elvis Elvis

Thank you. I like how you teach.

Profile photo of Cerelia Cerelia

Thank you Jame. Very good lesson!!!

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