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Thank you very much for your teaching us.

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    thank for teaching me


    You are an amazing teacher!


thank you, I´m new learning eng..

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Thank !!!I am beginner in english I love this exercices


    So glad you enjoyed the exercise.

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      thank you mam i can understood difference between your and you’re

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        Man? Did you really say it to a woman? Really girl?

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I am just starting to learn english i wish that this site will really help me a lot.. Thanks to all the teacher here..:)

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    yeah,its very helps us to improve our english language.


thank! enjoy…!

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Thanks very much all teachers and which person make this site
this very very help full for us again thanks

Manzoor Ahmad

    Thanks so much for acknowledging the great work put in by Josh, the creator of the engVid website. This was his brainchild and now so many students have benefited.

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      Thank you so much


    Hello rebecca,
    I love all your lessons that you’ve provided. Thanks
    what’s the difference between weren’t and wasn’t

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      We would use these verbs in the following way:

      I wasn’t hungry.
      He wasn’t hungry.
      She wasn’t hungry.
      It (the cat) wasn’t hungry.

      You weren’t hungry.
      We weren’t hungry.
      They weren’t hungry.

      Hope this helps.

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thank you


Thank you very much and much appreciated.

There is a good online English lesson and learning to much.

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You’re a really good teacher.I like your voice and your way of teaching.

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    That’s sweet. Thanks:)

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Where I were before to find this wonderful site?
Only I can say Thanks to every teacher for this help!!

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    It’s our pleasure to help you.

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Thank you so much.

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Thanks to our teachers Rebecca ad Valen


hello teacher, thank for you help

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    You’re welcome.

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I appreciate your great efforts done and will be done . And thank you very much for the simple way of teaching and the clear and understandable english language and i think this is the way english should be taught ( using simple explanations and also attractive ways ) thank you very much teachers James / Rebeeca/ Valen / Alex and all of you


    You’re very welcome. So glad the lessons are helping you.

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Hello Rebecca!
I’ve found this site a few month ago so I’ve used it for improvement my English. I think I have intermediate level.
But there are some things that I don’t understand :(
For example I don’t understand the difference between “shall -should-will-would” – in which cases we have to use this words?
And the same with “can-could-to be able to-ought to”.
Could you explain this thems in your next lessons?
Thank you!

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it down in our ideas for future lessons.

    In the meantime, you could consult a good grammar book like Basic Grammar in Use
    by Raymond Murphy. The explanations there will definitely help you.

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      Thank you very much! :)


    thank you soooooooo much


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Thank you very very much!!!


    Thanks, Rafael.

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Hello teacher,
I’m vietnamese. your lesson is helpful to me. You are greate!


    Thank you kindly.

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Thank very much !!!!


    You’re welcome, Elizabeth. Glad the lessons help you.

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Useful lesson from great teacher, thank you very much.

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    Thanks very much. All the best with your English.

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Hi there. Thank you for clarrifying the difference of the two words and there uses. I have a favor to ask. Do you or can you do online chat so that I may know on what part of the sentence I’m missing or needs some improvements.

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    I have sent you a separate email about this.

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i m from losangles, your lesson is very usefull thanks teacher

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    Hey Jaideep

    Welcome to engvid. Glad we could help you.

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thanks engvid very much!

nguyen van lam

    Our pleasure to help you. Please tell your friends so we can keep offering more lessons!

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very nice thank you


    Welcome! My best to you, too.

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Thank you very much for clear that

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Glad I could help to clarify this point.

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Thanks a million Rebecca. You are a good teacher and your method in teaching is so good.

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    Thank you for your kind feedback.

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Dear Professor Rebecca,
I was seeing your videos a few days ago. In my opinion these ones are very good. I have to take the TOEFL by September 26. What do you recommend me in order to improve my English?
Best regards,

Yosvany Lopez Alvarez

    The TOEFL is a challenging exam of Academic English. There are several skills you need in order to get a high score: not only reading, writing, listening and speaking but also grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation as well as note-taking, skimming, scanning, summarizing, citing and synthesizing. Time management is also important.

    If possible, find an experienced teacher or join a good TOEFL preparation class in order to learn specific techniques to score well on each section of the exam.

    Work from a good guidebook, such as Delta’s or Barron’s. Complete as many practice tests as possible and analyze your responses to see where you need additional practice.

    Learn how to answer both of the writing tasks very well and also master the correct approach for the six speaking responses. You have more control in these areas.

    Also, check my TOEFL website for all kinds of tips and strategies.

    All the best to you on Sept 26!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Thanks in advance for your feedback, I am sure that it will be very good for me.

      Yosvany Lopez Alvarez

Thanks my great teacher you made my day

safola max

My pleasure! Thanks, you made mine too!

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very nice thank you

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hello sir/mam
my name is ramu from India. i’m a graduate. i’m making mistake while speaking ENglish and losing my confident. i’m feeling embarrasse. u r requested to give some tips for speaking English confidently. please help…


    Be positive, do your best, study the right ways to speak….never feel ashamed while trying to improve. You can learn from each mistake. Perhaps you could find an English-speaking friend or teacher to help you with conversational English. My best wishes to you, Ramu.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    hey ramu.. am also india n having probs wid eng.. keep in touch we wil discus

    prashanth jai telangana

thank you so much madam rebecca for all the lossens there because of them i dont have any problems in grammer my name is imen and iam from algeria , and blive me you are the most great teacher i have ever seen , i mean you give such amaizing lossen and the way you talk it help people learn good but actualy i have a littel problem and i hop you can help me

the sweet algeriane girl

    How can I help you?

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Hi Rebecca,

I know maybe this is not the right place to ask you about this because it doesn’t have to do with “you’re and your” but I don’t know where I can ask you about a lot of things that I can’t differentiate like “It’s important TO me or It’s important FOR me” or the fact of using the verb in infinitive or in gerund (ing) when I’m using it to start a sentence like in “BEING an English student or TO BE an English student”. What I really would like to know is if there’s any significant differences in the meaning or if there’s a specific situation in which I should use one or the other one. Thanks for this wonderful site. I wish I had found it before. Congratulations!


Profile photo of gloria gloria

    “It’s important to me that my friends remember my birthday.”

    We use this when we are talking about how something makes us feel.

    “It’s important for me to take my medicine on time.”

    We use this when we are talking about something that is necessary for us to do.

    All the best!

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hi i was saw your video and i would like to learn how to speak english to the other person thank you


Rebecca I like how you explain your class.


Thank you Rebeca!. I love your class.


you’re the best teacher!


thankyou for your teaching ,this made my summer valuable. you are the best.


Congratulations for such great lesson!

I have one question though: I didn’t understand what you say at 3:18. I think it’s something like: “Your SA is fantastic!” What is SA?

Thank you in advance!

Greetings from Brazil! =)


    It’s not SA, it’s “essay”. This is a paper you write, for an exam or for university, for example. It can be a few paragraphs or many pages long. A piece of writing about a subject.

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this very helpful to us!!thank you!

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Thanks for Excellent Lesson.


OMG, I wrote “favourite” instead of “favorite”=) I would fail my TOEFL exam=)

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thanks for you lesson i did lern from you


thanks for you lesson i did lern from you


i understood the difference between you’re and you.thanks for it.but am always confuse when i am write this sentence.when i am chatting with someone.

1.tell me about yours ??
2. tell me about you?
which one is correct ??
1st one is correct or 2nd one is correct??
i think 1 one is correct but i am still confuse about it…
please mam clear me to write something


Hi, i am thirty one years old,I am having problem with spelling, pronouncing, and braking up words in syllable. do you have any websafe you can recommen me to please,
Thank you.


Thanks teacher! My score only 75 but thnks you help to teach i like your way for teach!


thank’s Rebecca, the quiz is very easy, and my score was 100.00, i can learn a lot of grammar from engvid.

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Thank’s for your good explanation. It’s help me so much. God bless you.


Thank you so much for your teaching this lesson.


Thanks for your explanations!!!


Thank you very very much
for your teaching


Thank you very much? I enjoy to learn with you.


Madam i must say your teaching is very effective…Thanks to you & your whole engvid team…

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Thank you so much for your leason. I’m not English speaker, but it help me a lot of yr leason. I like it. thank you again.


good explanation!


thanks all the teachers specially you.You teach in such a polite way thanks


Dear Rebecca,
Thanks lot for your kind explanation, great job.

Mahendra from SriLanka


It was a nice class. Thank you Rebecca. You’re great.


I like the lessons, but I would like the teachers to please speak more slowly, because these lessons are for beginning students and sometimes I don’t understand the pronunciation. Many times I just hear the teachers mumble.
Thank you very much for these lessons.


I like your voice and I like your way of teaching. Thanks Rebecca.


Thank you so much teacher.


thanks madam/ this confused words help me allot

renje sherpa

thank you many more rebecca,you’re a nice and beatiful teacher for me

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thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks :D you are the best teacher eveeeeer !!! i was so confuse to use your and you’re. but after your lesson it become esear


thank you mss rebecca! i enjoying this website so much

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Thanks because are u the best teacher
iam your studient
Thank you

Adnan from Afghanistan

“is you’re leaving with your parents”
thank you teacher

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thanks my beautful and nice teacher rebbecca i got 100% on your given quiz,I can not do this if without you

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Rebecca you’re a kind person. your way of teaching english is pretty good. I’m your fan.


thank you in your lesson video now i’m not confused.about it and this is really help full and its clear in my mind.and now i’m confident.


Thanks a ton! That was really helpful, I just bookmarked your website url.


hi.. thank you vry much …
can you do online chat so that i may know my mistakes or what type of improvement i require..


hi mam,
you’re comming to my home with your student
your teaching style is very good.

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Thanks a lot for teaching in a wonderful way .

Mandeep Singh

Thanks Rebecca,You’re my favorite teacher because you have a good and easy style to learn English for beginners.

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Thanks for your teaching.


I love your class, you’re the best!!!!


TKS Rebecca,
You’re so kind to teacher English.
Have great new Year.
Lily from Brazil


thank you teacher i have learnt lot of new things and techniques after using this website its useful for new English learners


thanks a lot!!!


!Wow!, it’s amazing. I love your pronunciation. I understand all you say. It’s clear, direct and very, very explicative. Thanks a lot.

Levis Cenac

that’s very kind of you


Thank alot


Thank a lot

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hi how are you I am from Azerbaijan




Hi Rebbeca
Your lesson is wonderful.I’ll, she’s, She was etc.All of them you can make pronounce . thank you


I got perfect score in your quiz, and I’m so glad I found you here Rebecca, you can teach very well. Direct to the point ;) I so love it!


Once again, you’re the best. Thanks very much to Madam


Excellent lesson.I have got 8 correct out of 8.Not too bad.Thank you so much teachers.All the best to you Rebecca.




Thank you so much.

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Thank you so mach

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Hmmmmmm,the best to know for identified the words in English,it’s just to know some vocabulary and doing too much practice.

Anderson Celestin

Hello Rebecca !
I want to ask you is it possible to download the videos from website ?
Many Thanks in advance :)

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How can I pronounce “close” in these two sentences? “Can you close the door please! I’m sitting close to him.” Thanks for an awesome lesson!


Hi madam Rebecca,
Is it true that You’re it comes after it verb
for example: you’re playing football.
and your it comes after it noun
for example: He is riding your car.
This’s right -I want a quick reply,please.
and thank for lesson.

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please, a quick reply.

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Thanks a lot,..very good explanation

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Thanks a lot for your lesson. You are very good teacher.


finally i got a full mark
rebecca ^_^ thanks for making the english language easy for us :)

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It was very eazy for me.

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you ,re my favourite teacher in your class.

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I really love this…..

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Hi Rebecca,
your lessons are always very helpful. Thanks a lot, you’re a great teacher
take care

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You’re a good teacher.I love the way you teach your lessons.You’re in the right profession.Thank you!

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I got correct eight out of eight!

Thanks Rebecca!

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Thank you for this lesson.

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You’re my favorite teacher. I can understand your lesson well.

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You’re helping me to learn english Rebecca. I just can say “Thanks a lot”.

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thanks for your lesson its very help to learn more

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i got 8

Profile photo of aminoor125 aminoor125

Dear Madam/Sir,

How to improve to speak in English?

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VERI VERI greate lesson !!! Thenk a lOOOOT you’re for thise lesson !!! )

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thank you very much for this exercise.

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very impressive rebeca ….thank you for that very important lesson…i now know how to use the two words…keep up the good word madam …

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Dear Rebecca,
With your lessons on the site you’re my favourite teacher.
Yours sincerely.

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I got 100 percent.
Well Rebecca I have a question
Are you latin? or Do you have latino descent?

I enjoyed today’s lesson. Thank you so much for teaching new things. bye

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    You’re welcome!

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Thank you Rebecca.

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thank you rebacca
i m having problem in arrangement of sentences can upload a lecture on it

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Thank you so much.
Your lesson has been helpfull

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thank you so much madam for your lessons

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Thank you so much

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Hello, your videos help me every day, you’re fantastic! But can I ask what does it mean “to pick your nose in public”?

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thank so much

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Hi, Rebecca. You’re good, and your video is also good.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you very much. -)

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Wow that’s great, like always I got 80 out of 80.

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Rebecca, you’re a very kind teacher with your kindly manner. Is that phrase correct? Thanks a lot!

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I got 8/8! A lesson very useful! Thanks Rebecca!

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Hi Rebecca, it’s a pleasure to see your videos, i always learn something new with you. Thanks for helping us to improve our English. I know I have a long way to go for learning English very well, but little by little I’ll be able to archive it.by for now

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“I will beat you with a thorny stick” Will that help me to improve my english?

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You got 8 correct out of 8.

thank you so much.

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I can’t find the video lesson , who can tell me how to do with it . thank you so much .

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    All of our videos are hosted on YouTube. You seem to be posting from China, where YouTube is blocked. You may have to use Tor Browser or a VPN.

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Thanks a lot

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This is amazing

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It was good for me.Thank you

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Thank you!

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Very good, Thanks!

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