Dear james,
iam fine and u? I have confuse in belive,trust,hope. those all words are same or not? please send your advice.

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      hy im pakistani plz help me how i iimprove my english


        Tahir bhai just listen for minimum 1 hour in a day… inshAllah ap jaldi seakh jaoo gey… like me im also from pak so im practising since 1 month..:)


          i m pakistani help me how can i improve english.
          plz plz plz help me




    You can believe (or not believe) in God, Trust (or not) people and hope for the best. These examples might help you to understand meaning of these words. Best regards. Natalie.

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      hi natalie… i like the way you answer…

      Cherry pink

      nice one natalie..:)

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        Please, words such as BELIEVE, TRUST and Hope are very similar and we can use them depending on a situation. When we say we BELIEVE, then we are almost sure in something that we haven’t seen. When we say trust, we expect someone will do something for us-keep a secret or else, so they are people to whom we can trust. Finaly when we say hope, also we expect something will happen, and that is also some form of expectation. So, BELIEVE-we don’t expect anything, just we have opinion, TRUST is a FAITH in someone, and HOPE-we expect something.
        Examples: I BELIEVE in God; I trust you! I hope I’ll get the best mark on tomorrow’s test. Faith is similar to Trust. Hahaha, how complicated. . .


          hi merlin …i loved the way you explained the meaning and difference between BELIEVE, TRUST and Hope ….


          gud one


          It’s really super. Your explienation method is good. Thanks


        me too like the way you answering the question.


      The best explanation man can imagine.

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      I do want to improve my english skills by chatting or speaking by English. Do anyone want to do that, please contact with me, skype add: diu.bui88

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    Hi James,
    My name is krishna,As far as i am concerned to it,there is a relation between “believe” and “trust” where as “hope” means ‘to want something to happen’.here i can help in defining them and can give some examples.
    BELIEVE=to feel sure that somebody is telling the truth.eg:- i believe they have moved to italy.
    in every sentence there is subject and predicate.in the above example subject is I(noun,pronoun).
    TRUST=to believe somebody is good,honest etc. eg:- i do not trust that dog, it looks dangerous.


    you know my friend if you hope something that is mean you wish it but if you beleve something then you feel that is true if you trust something you feel in safe from others


    hi :) I wanna improve my english to, how can ı do it :( ?


      Hi moonlin, Can I chat to you or use email, I think that is a good way to improve our English

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    no these words are different.
    1.the word believe represent “the truth,means you have find the truth about something”.
    2.the word hope represent “that you are hoping for something” hope means that there are the things which not in your hand.
    3.trust represent that you have believe in something.
    note: the believe and trust were meant same thing but are quite different in use.

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he is professional))))))))))))




great man

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Hello Sir
I have a problem.When I watched movie I am facing a problem of listening a contraction word like I’ve, We’ll , I’d.What can i do that I could Listen Properly.Please Give Some Advice.
Thank You


Hello Sir
I am from India.
I have a problem.When I watched movie I am facing a problem of listening a contraction word like I’ve, We’ll , I’d.What can i do that I could Listen Properly.Please Give Some Advice.
Thank You



    rosa m deoca

i am frm pakistan your english is really fluent,thnx for the lesson

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howdy james . i hope you r alright . i have been watching your lessons since i got this website . i mean it was a coincidence which occured three months ago when i was searching for english lessons . anyways this lesson is exceptionally well and i comprehended it thoroughly . i am a high school student from pakistan and i together with friends use to interact in english language . none of us has experienced any kind of face to face interaction with native english speaker yet. do you think it is helpful for us to interact in english despite having any native english speaker . and what does it mean ” put me in” i heard it in chipmunks movie


i prefer tim hortons :D
nice class you are a master!!!


Dear Jamemes,
I want to speak a good English.

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Dear James,
you are fabulous, I can hear English very well but my problem is connecting words and speaking well.

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thanks james it is good for me , but i think i have to learn hard to make conversation because i do not have native speaker so it is diffcult for me . i used simple words for speak but iam not sure if the other person i take to him will understand me , so iam not trust in myself until now .

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    i understand your situation,its hard to practice English if you dont have native speaker..:(

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      hello,glad to see u kapwa ko hehehe where u at?tc…hope to hear from u


      i agree



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    hello reham we’re from the same country and we face the same problem so we can get connected just to practice our english :) accent :) if u love to :)

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Cool lesson I loved it thanks prof James

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why can’t I change my profile??? I cant even see it! plz help

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    violetkat, we are currently changing the profile system. It should be all fixed in the next couple of days!

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      The system is all fixed now, violetkat! You can update your profile, upload a picture, or look at other users’ profiles by clicking on their pictures next to the comments.

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        hello director PLZ help me I can’t even sign up I want to make an account for me in this web site…help help


I love you lesson about using articles, but I noticed one error you made.

You wrote: use “the” when “everyone knows what your talking about” It should be: when everyone knows what you’re (you are) talking about.


    You are correct. Bad teacher! BAD! I am going to beat him. But that is a different, older lesson that you are referring to.

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Thank you James for the lesson. I must say that those are very useful rules, suggestions and tips, you gave us, but you forgot to mention the most important invention: the Internet :) You could also practice your English with native speakers by chatting with them via Skype for example, you know it also supports a voice chat ;) Of course that those suggestions would also apply to this kind of conversation, since nobody would speak with you for nothing.

Btw, I found out that the best way to meet somebody to chat with is a forums, where you already share similar opinions. (e.g. gaming forums or forums dedicated for gardening)

Best regards from Czech Republic.
Have a nice day.


    You’re right, Crypton. Great name, btw.
    James doesn’t use the net much, and likes talking with people in real life. But your method would work well, too — as long as you get the conversation off the forum and onto Skype / phone as soon as possible.

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      Maybe, it would be good idea to add forum to EngVig, so registered users could talk and improve their English. How do you think, engVid? :-)

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        I’m not engVid, but I think it will be cool!

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        I hope that Engvid will creat room for every learner can chat voice. Because that will help people can have chance practice more (don’t everyone have see and say with foreigner).


          I agree with all of you guys. I think there should be a chatting room on this web site


        HI NATALIE
        i want to improve my english by speak with other student so we can have attractive and fun learning
        if you find this interesting i hope you join me in skype toufiktitou4

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      hello sir how can i call you on skype …… plz do tell me … i am raina from india ……

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Hey James! Look good in your shirt!))


James, you always give us quality lessons on various topics a lot of English learners are curious about. I really appreciate it.
This video was also very helpful, real, and down to earth. It encouraged me to want to practice English right away.
Again, thanks for your insightful tips and I hope everything is going well with you!


hi i wouid like learn gnglish

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thank u james this is good lesson realy

moha ali

where is james . why he doesn’t respond me


Dear James,
I love the way you teach us.thanks

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thank you James lots of helping lesson
good for you


thank you Mr James this lesson is important
I improve my English to listen your lessons and repeat thank you other time

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i wouLd Like to improve my speak english…


your lesson is very useful. But I watch it in beginning part. I think it quite fast to the beginner. And it quite long too, it hard to me to concentrate till the end of the video.
Sorry if I have some complain, but I come from Vietnam- learning listening skills at here is a bit of difficult.


Thx James for awesome information

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    hi can i like to contact with you
    and speak with you on yahoo messenger or skip messenger

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Thank you very much, it was very useful for me.

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Dear Sir,
I’m from Sri Lanka and I’m really glade to you for your lessons really I love it. I’m following your lessons to be a good english speaker. Thanks a lot


Proficiency students also need lessons!


hi james
thank you for the lesson
fist of all you missed the word REVERT.
second of all, you are tried to PERVERT the studens by showing them three big asses during the end of the lesson, so please change the shape of the W, make them acute.
sorry to be rude


Sir you the best english teacher i ever had in my life.I have seen your every lesson & i have really improved my english.
Thank you very much.
I will love to see more new videos…
You are simply the best.

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Hi from Georgia.
I’m very content with your videos, I’ll be able to increase my knowledge and skills by means of useful lessons. Regards! Nino.


hi professor james..u are excellent teacher, ur pronounciation and speaking skills are so different compared to others…i would like to ask.. how could improve my speaking skill?..coz, im always hesitate the words that im going to use if it is correct or not…and i would like to learn to speak fast..plz give me a tips on that.


As the Teacher said is very important to speak with a native Speaker, Is there some native or not who would like to speak with me through skype: english.chat.for.practice. I’ll be waiting for you. ;)



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      Great! I would like practice through Skype too.

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      is really great to understand English I’m business student in university i hope all the people that watch this video can work harder to understand talk and writing any help I’m available to u guys


      hey,what is your skype?add me please..ugiwarrior

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        Hello, I’m looking for someone to practice english conversation.

        You can find me on skype by beto.roberto.geronimo

        Best wishes!

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      hello heavenly could you add me too please on your skype. thanks in advance
      skype Id:



    hey intermediate could I have conversation with you for skype because I need to practice.

    I wait your answer…

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    i really want to practice so i would like to practice with you
    my skype is: leonarditoul

    or try with my mail: ocus_leo@hotmail

    tanhk you so much

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Great teacher, we need practice…. if someone want to speak with me on skype: english.chat.for.practice


Thank you for good lesson.


I have a question for you all. Maybe we could join forces and start to talk through skype .. Is there anyone here who wants to?
My English is weak, but this is not a problem for me to meet someone new. My mail is jarpe24@o2.pl I’m Polish.


thank you for teaching .has this site dvd for all clips?

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    We don’t have a DVD yet. We are thinking about offering this. You think it is a good idea?

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    To make a DVD clip and copy them to DVD will take some time, of course, teachers wont do this but..You can download them and copy to DVD, it is easy.


Mr E, or dear James ;)
Can you please make a video of “Connect with or connect to?”
This is confusing…


very interesting!!that really helped me!!


i ve been watching your videos consecutively.
great videos with interesting infos.
you re an enthusiastic lecturer and has an unique way to transfer your knowledge to learners.
i learn not only English grammar and facts but also presentation skill. it’s really cool.
thank you, James xD

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    that’s really very good lecture all of us.


    :) Hi Petite

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Hi thank you very much for the lesson.Im from morroco i have a difficulty in english conversations but good at writing exams.Please give me an advice.


!! WoW ! it’s so fresh English lesson!
I’m Korean. I’m not good at English. I was so depressed, But now I expect my Future!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! see u tomorrow~! ^^

Core Y

hi sir


Hi James , By the way you Rock !! i understand everythings and ways that you used metaphors for, and how to conversate fluently , that really helped me to do well with my conversation and pronunciation , Best wishes from Egypt

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    Yes. with you James I learn what you teach and also from only your speaking fast and using expressions that after some time I will understand.

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      sorry my correct skype account is:



thank u james

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i like his lessons

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James. My skill in English is very basic. You can say rudimentary also. I live in Seoul, South Korea. In my job there are some american and canadian coleague. I like to speak conversation with them to start, but I do not know. Can I also use this “starbuck” method in office place?

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    Yes. you can do it. I work in a hotel in Los Angeles. When I came here I could not speak much but now it is easier. Look something that American person is doing or has on table etc and you can start to talk about that. good luck.

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hi james sit ! its afshan….i am very thankful to you for infomative lectures


sir you are great…………


hii Mr.James I really thank you for this lesson.My problem is that I understand what people says very well and I can write or express something in English but the problem still I can’t talk to the others and feel confortable. So if I started a conversation trust me i’ll be stupide like I never learn English. can you help me and give me some advices???


hi teacher
I hope you help me because i like your lesson but i live in yemen and i have alot of work so i can not do your advises could you give me another advises which i can by them improve my language


sharedtalk . com
livemocha . com

These two sites you´ll find people who are looking for conversation with someone, no matter if you are shy or you feel ackward … improving with people who are improving as well it´s a great idea… They want what you want, aren´t they?
I hope this helps!!!
By the way Engvid, Congratulation!!!!! This is f**king great!!!!

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    Thanks, sergioss! I’m happy to see you commenting on so many lessons. Let us know if you have any suggestions for how we can improve.

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This video has convinced me that you are the best English teacher on the planet!

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    hey my skype is (( ibrahim.mohamed646 )) need to practice with you :)

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I am elctronic engineer working inindia.I am worried about english conversation skills .Kindly help me.I am waiting for your reply.I mentioned my mail id above.

dnyaneshwar gaikwad

hi James , Idon t understand what do you say because you speak to fasate and I am new in Canada so I like if you can teache me slowly ok ,bye


Amazing and wonderful
thanks a lot


you are very great




i love james… he is so funny..

Phyo Phyo

James, you’re a great actor, thanks for a wonderful lesson

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Great lesson, thank you very much James! I could understand most of what you said eventhough you were speaking so fast..YAY ME!

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I want to prepare my english grammar.


Great effort
Thanks James

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I would like to know about websites to free correction my writings.
if possible let me know.


    I love this kind of websites free too, they help my a lot.


Hi, all teacher
I am really appreciate all of you so much that all you teaching wil help to improve my english. Thanks


your are the best!!!


I always laugh every lesson you teach
You make me laugh and you teach English very well, either.
Thank u so much

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a good teacher realy we are lucky.


I would like to improve my writting

Ek Sivhap

i can understand english language but can’t speak well. i have doubt in using had.

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thank u

Profile photo of aravindkumar aravindkumar

it’s very free and easy method to stydy English well:)


sorry,I wanted to write study,not stydy:(


Hi James,

You should speak slower in your vidéos please because some of us are beginners and it’s really hard to get it all you’re telling .. Else, it’s very a great site, super lessons and advices ! Thanks.


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thanks James, your videos are a great tool to learn the language and other many things.
it was really good to find this web.

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I am so happy that found you:)


i wish learning english in fast time


Hi, I’m a student from Poland. I loved this video, as much as I love learning foreign languages. You seem really professional. And the K.I.S.S. method is simple, fun and effective. Thanks :*


Hi james its a really good lesson, if we wanna improve our way to speak we must leave the shy aside & i was wondering if you guys have any lesson bout contractions its kind of hard to listen on them when you are watching or listen music i know its a short term that everybody use it


Please help me…I want to improve my english conversation…please;;;;;

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Please hepl me . Iwant to improve my english conversation
I have a lot of idea in French but I can’t translate ell the time


your lessons are very good and helped me to learn more and more.


SERGIOSS thanks alot

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i like your lesson

Aamir khan

i hope to improve my skills in speaking english language because this will help alot me in finding a job


Thank you :)

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thans anyway about all your Effort to teach us but i have face awtiting thesis statement
could you help me with it please

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I want to speak english fluently but my problem is most of the times i get stuck for words and also i think may be i am gramaticaly wrong then i stop myself to speak.plzzzzzzzz help me

irfaan bashir

hi James, your lesson was perfect, but the only thing is that you were speak so fast, am thinking to request u to reply the lesson, cause I really need it, it’s ma biggest problem, thanks a lot

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Dear james really you are alovely and wise english teacher i love your lessons it is very helpful.would you recomend me how i improve my speaking really it is mt problem i dontknow how and what ,i start to study to improve my speaking .with my great respect


Hi, I realy find this site helpful to every individual who wants to improve their english conversation skills. I’m enjoying reading those comments.. Keep up the good works guys..


Hi, James
could you pls speak a bit slowly?
it is so good but I can’t catch the words.


hi james i m from pakistan plz giude me how i speak english easily and start conversation


hi, james i m from pakistan plz giude me how i speak in english easily


what’s going on! i actually have 4 year learning such as language so i really wish to all the people whom are learning: to do not stop to work hard!

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I real love your teaching Jeams.keep going

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thank you kindly.I like this lesson and your teaching style so much.

Ngoc Nguyen


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thanx great teacher


thanks to your class that it’s so funny
but too fast for me
Please slowly speaking a little


Thank you for sharing with us all those important things:)
Jiinny is right, if you speak slowly, we will understand more form you.


Your way of teaching is very energetic.

Rashmi shrestha

Hi I am greetung my teacher actually I am supporter you skills ok welcom my heart


Very good

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God bless you.
When I grow up I want to be likeyou.


Thanks… and also your style i mean which you are making by hand with sound nice keep it up… take bye..

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Hi your agreat teacher. I always listen your teach. thank you verry much!


why this lesson haven’t a quiz?

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why this lesson d0esn’t have a quiz?

Profile photo of pearljam pearljam

Hi Jims i while not see your video and English conversion i hope increasingly see your video .


this lesson is very useful for many students who are learning english language including me as well.

I really think so that it sounds bored for Native when we go to talk to them with a stupid question LIKE i’m learning , i’m blah blah… like you said


I love lessons of James!

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thanks god.. may God bless U…Mr. James..


After watching this video, I felt like i wanted to go to Canada to meet sir James of engvid so he could help me out with my conversational problem.

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heloo sir. i have aproblome when i memorize the english words after 3 days agian that is going from my mind what should ido


Why you are talking fast?
It is difficult to understand what did say ..
just I have this problem..:(
however,you are very good teacher..

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    yes he is a very good teacher, and I think that speking fast is better. In the start is very dificult, but I like so much.


thank you so mutch JAMES


thank so much l live in a small hilltribe village in north of thailand so is very difficult to meet native speakers but i’ll try hard -__-


Hello James,
This lesson give me the will to go in tourist places to find native english speakers this week-end even if my english is not very good, I will try.

I don’t know how to thank you


Hello , i am from Morocco, my english is not doing very well , therfore i made effort in order to improve it.the problem is : i confront dificulties when i wanna use prepositions


hi it was very nice experience i m so glad to learn english wthi you and i’would be gratful if you kindly make other business english cours on vedio to learn more and more and to have a good knowledge about world affairs;
thanks a lot for all teachers and big kiss for you and i would be greatful if you kindly answear me as soon as possible thanks again;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

khawla tunisia

hey james, can you please give a lecture on “when to use the word ->’while’ “

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Dear James thanks for the lesson.Your lessons help me very much.

Gohar Sargsyan

hey james! you are doing great. your teaching style is interesting. could u please help me by giving a lesson on following:

how and when to use the following sentence in conversation?
“would you mind…”

awaiting your response.


give the way to speak clear english


Hai!!! you are so cool. I’m so glad to learn from you. You are really great teacher . Thanks a lot


Dear James
Although you are a excellent teacher I think you joke a lot when you are teaching. You should kid less and teach more. You should behaves like Alex. So I can understand better because we are foreign people. Think about it!


James, u really fascinate me….u r my favorite teacher….but i also like the other teachers….well, i’m from Egypt and i kinda cant travel to native speaking countries…but really watching u gives me hope…thx a loooooot


thank you ..
i am from Saudi.
i want speak English


This is really helpful , Go ahead
Best wishes from Egypt


James i like your classes because you dont speak slow you speak like you speak normally and i like that because we learn more fast. thanks and take care

Profile photo of geoleela geoleela

    hello, I love that he speak very fast too, I like so much.


Dear james, can you explain the different use of like shopping/ like to ahop; the infinite and the gerund


Interesting!!! Thank you James… God bless your website!

Cherry pink

hey james

i love your lesson.i really appreciate it.In my opnion,
you are the best.you are the good one.
keep going on plese


interesting thank you


Hi, I saw today one of your video and i liked it a lot.
It´s difficult for me to practice my english with foreing people. Would you mind to be my friend in facebook or skype. I really want to keep in touch with you. is it possible? See you :)

Profile photo of lulis lulis

hi teacher james, your videos are really interesting, i have learned a lot, i want to improve my english skills, I WOULD LIKE YOU TO HELP ME, SOONER I’LL HAVE A “PET” EXAMINATION AND REALLY WANT TO PASS IT, I’M VERRY WORRY ABOUT IT, PLEAS GIVE ME SOME TIPS.THANKS A LOT.


Hi James. I really like your way of teaching. You are really funny and cool. I laugh pretty often… and I like studying with you.
I like you also becouse it seems that you know what is really important in conversation and where we (students) have the biggest problems…one of that is (you are right) that we do not have the courage (and knowledge how) to speak with somebody. To be honest – I have this problem also in my language…
so…thank you. and sorry for my bad english.


hi james i just love ur metord of teaching i lived in pakistan and it’a tough for me to stand here as a good speaker u gave me a confidace thank you so much for helping me out


hi james i did know more abt the ilets test can u plz share some tips to pass it out


Thanks for teach me, it´s very good to learn english. I can understand a lot of he say. It´s amaicing.


Hi. I am live in Canada right now. Your video is really useful. I think quite many times about this problem. It’s really difficult to make friend with Canadian when you a a quite people. I’m use to hesitale .:((


dear jeems
how are you? you are a good teacher in this subject and then i went to speak language


I recommend talking to native speakers by Skype. You may meet them on language learning community sides.

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that is nice……………:


finaly i find this website today,this is the first time,it’s realy helpfull for me to learn..thank’ you engVid


Hi! James,keep it up you must be an excellent teacher.I like to watch your videos here.

Mary Jane Mondigo

Hi James! Very nice lesson! Sometimes I get discouraged because I don´t have native speakers to practice with… But, Yes we can! We can learn English here in Engvid. Thank you for your help!

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hi i’m loudi frm algeria i want to learn english influently i’ve problem in speaking i want to speak english very well and to be able to make conversation easally plz i need ur help 4 that plz help me with
best respectes


HI James i am Hassam from Pakistan your lesson is really useful to me thanks


wow!That was wonderful,wasn’t it?


Cool man you are. I like your video too much thanks.


i can not see the video i only can listen the theacher… what happen :S


hi friends. I want to watch video english conversation. Please tell me the website which had a videos and audio facility for english learners. This is my mail ID you can send it to my mail also. saravaanan83 @ yahoo . com


hi james you are a good teacher

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Hai James,My name Yosep from Indonesia, I like your English teaching Method, very creative and easy to use, thank a lot, God Bless you

iyus yosep

thanks alot very good ideas to start speaking with native speaker


very good u are pro

Profile photo of mohammedfikry mohammedfikry

many thanks for all .i learn from you and i can……………..i need your help more

nguon sarith

i’m from Laos for my English my problem is speaking and writing, especially when i talk with foreign, what should i do if i want to speak and writing well.


u r the best teacher bro


hi i want improve my english language please help me

rzgar abid

You´re funny, James. I like your videos very much.

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hi, i really having confusion about could be and can be, how should i use it ? can you help me out,Please ???


Hi James,

If I were not a man, I would fall in love with you !!
Thks so much for your lessons. I thought I was the funniest guy in this world, but I was wrong… Just you speak a bit fast for me, but that improves my understanding, I’m convinced !
Please, keep teaching until the end of Humanity.


hi.. James sir.. i have seen your video about how to write effective essay. its really help ful but can u provide me a sample essay for me plzz…

Profile photo of surabhi surabhi

hi everry one


Please, help me to find a site for writing skills which can help me to correct my mistakes. Also, anything for toefl iBT test preparation of course free.


I love the way you r explaining the lesson thank you Mr. James..


hi jame i like ur lactures ! i wanna b English master like u lolz am i able to b ?

Profile photo of flola6 flola6

Great video, video very funny. it would be really nice if make video on will/would. My english not so good. and will/would not easy.


I want to learn English


you are amazing


Thanks for your exciting lessons and take care


James you’re so hilarious, i really appreciate your advise. I think i can apply it to my students here in the Philippines.


thank you soooooooooooo much… you can’t imagine how much you are helping me … thank you

Profile photo of donamino donamino

hi james you know hindi

Profile photo of mohit singhal mohit singhal

Hi James, I am sooooo glad I found thisweb site. I had to call my friend girl and haveher to see your video. I when back to school ( college). I am writing an essay. I did’nt knowwhere t start. James your tip on the video help alot. THANKS i LOVE YOU


I’m so happy to learn from these helpful lesson, but I could not find some grammar lessons I need, so would you mind tell me how to find them? Thank!

Empir Nara

James, thank you so much. Your method is good, teaching English laced with comedy.


Hi James… Really you are highly energetic and enthusiastic. I love your style of teaching. Excellent.

Profile photo of sanspriya84 sanspriya84

Thank you for your leasson that interest and usful


I like the way you explain, and the way you advice as well. To me this is the best way to lean a language …

Keep up the wonderful job


Hello James.

Hello James!
I would like to say thanks for your help. The classes are excellent.

Profile photo of ebrmussi ebrmussi

hi; thanks james iguess that your tips are very important couse i have several mistaks that lead to writting an essay or a paragraph from time to so my pronounciation is good but i wish my english would be very improved


Hallo james ! i am ignatius from timor leste…i realy dont know how to make my connversation skills became a good conversation? i very need your help…thanks,,,

ignatius un

hi my question is that we can make a fluent speaker?


That was awesome!


Hello every one

Profile photo of said22 said22

first let me in brief thank everyone and hope to interact our different cultures among us .


If your conversation is not good, you will have a name different from James.


Hi James,

About a year ago i have this urge to improve my English and what i did is i signed on a chat room and look for English people to have this conversation. At first, we do our conversation the typical way which is typing and asks them to correct it (grammatically) then i’ll ask to level up our conversation by calling each other (thru ym) and will correct me for the pronunciation. Unfortunately, nowadays i can’t find people who wants to have this plain conversation anymore, the longer they chat the stronger they become horny (sorry). Do you know a website where i can have an interaction to white people impromtu without paying… hehe.. thanks a lot. :)

Profile photo of bambiecruz bambiecruz

love to learn more about english conversation.. twas a great help…

Profile photo of zhel zhel

i think that you mr.Jame should slower speak

love angel

hi all pleasure to meet you
i want to improve my language
i hope making friends also
at the end iam glade to be here

Profile photo of mohamed55 mohamed55

thanks more than a loooooot…!

Profile photo of sadeghsafari sadeghsafari


my name’s nisreen , I am from Jordan .

could you please help to improve my english?

Have a nice day .



hii nisreen i can help you to improve ur language :) i’m amr form egypt


i need to improve my english

Profile photo of ranjith74 ranjith74

hi!,i´m from spain and in april i´m going to travel to ireland from an exhange and I need improve my lenguage


great english skills by mr.james


hi,james I am from kharan and I like your teaching staps


very interesting
thank you




it fantastic thank you


that’s the perfect way to improve the language. thanks for your effort


hello everybody please someone of you if you can send me a lesson about tense thank you


thank you James.. I try to snap what you said….

Profile photo of mazin91 mazin91

Hi all guys


Meziane google has everything u should search on it.


Thanks James. You’re awesome. I’ve been having difficulties starting and continuing with my conversations with native English speakers. The tips are really useful. :)


thank u very much teacher 4 ur efforts,,it was very good 4 me.


Hi, James I love your lesson you are nice teacher. all the best for you.


Hi! I really like your video lessons. I’m from Hungary and i want to speak as well as a native-speaker. I’m chatting with a few americans. I heard the best way beside talking is reading.(improve your vocabulary and grammar skills)and listening. Do you agree with that?

peter becs

How to need improve my english
pls tell me


Dear viewrs.
Thos Whow want to improve there speaking i will give advice
try to talk with each other atleast for one hour or 2 try to lesson to the radio and televison news programs these methords will help you alot because i have the evidence to the proof im one person who not study any book of english butt i learn every thing from my self from cricket commentry and i give up school seince long time and i kick off lessening of english now when iam talking pepole apploud me for my conversation which is vary fluently i know this think will show me awkwardly but that’s truth
dont try to stumble go ahead if you guys miss oppuertinety you will be mishap and im not a crooked person i hope that my speach will be croon to you.

khalid Auobi

I really loved this video, and I think it’s quite useful. I’d like to improve my English, but I don’t know how to do it effectively. Could anyone help me? Or give me a helpful advice because I’m completely lost. I’ve tried to learn many ways to increase my vocabulary and improve speaking skills, but I guess it’s not working so. If someone help me, I’ll appreciate it a lot. :)


James you are amazing and your style is professional but what i think that beginners aren’t able to attend your class’s cause you speak very fast and fluently.

at the end you are a great teacher.


Hi Sir James,
Im amazed about this site..Im eager to gain back and practice English lesson again, coz its been almost 4 years since I graduated from college..I noticed that I’m experiencing difficulty in speaking especially during conversations..Im glad that I crossed this site…Godbless you..=)


Great work james, Keep on working. It’s really very helpful to me and people like me.
Thanks a lot.


thank you
iam starting learn English


i am rahul form delhi. i lave every one person.those are very simle and honest me contact no 9013667573 I present job in axis bank me desination is accountant thanks all of them me reading my write thanks rahul suryvanshi

rahul raj

Hi to all.


thanks a lot James ..

Profile photo of anisa28 anisa28

I agree with James, but i´m living in Colombia, here i can´t practice my english because there is not english speakers however I try to practice with my sibling in U.S.A.


Man try to speak gently, some of us can not understand every single word you say :(


hi james .Can i have your skpe id?

Profile photo of biniz biniz

thanks A LOT FOR THESE GREAT LESSONS I feel myself so mush confident when hear you . I hope you the best .



Profile photo of amlalhayat amlalhayat

what’s up man
i know english pretty well but i have problem which is i feel shy to speak to natives and i always fumble with my conversations


thanks alot

Profile photo of sandarela2012 sandarela2012

Nice ! :)

Profile photo of hosni hosni

Hello ,Everyone i want to improve my English Language ,Can you help me ?



Profile photo of crazyyyylee crazyyyylee

hellow sir i am from france , i have learnd english for past one years.but still i cant speak fluently. when i speak to an native american people i am afraid if i am making any grammer mistake , so is ther any method . thank you
for the lesson

Profile photo of tamding8329 tamding8329

thanks a lot. If anyone here want practice English on Skype please send to my email


i want to speak fluence english plz help me…

easha khan

please help me


I want to chat with my friends in english. But i am not fluency.


Hello, Everyone I want to improve my English Language ,Can you help me ?
And also I am new member in the Best learning site engvid.

Profile photo of tahiery tahiery

HI,what’s up?would u please give me some explanation between where are u from?where do u come from and where are u coming from.thank u in advanced.

Jeff JB

hi! I feel very exciting with all lessons in http://www.engvid.vn.The teacher teachs so good, it’s make me undertand learly and i like this. Thanks so much!!!!

nhoc con

Hello:-) Heavenly and others:-)
I am a native speaker but don’t know all the idioms:(
I am not english teacher but will help with basic english conversation. plz email me Imspclguy @ yahoo . com thanks:-)


I don’t have Skype:-(


i want to improve my english.actually i m unable o speak english not even simple conversation .plz help me out.


i want to ask about vocab…
how can I make my vocabulary becomes more and better?

Jefry Rouky

hey man your amazing I like your teach way


i want to improve my english plz help me sir


sir how skype help us to improve our english plz give me ans as soon as possible


I really want to improve my self in speaking and writing in english, everytime I start speaking in English something will tell me that i am not good in Englise/i have less confidence in speaking english i am always scared to make mistakes.


Aya, don`t scare, be relaxed and confident in English. Speak and wright with mistakes!


to correct my mistake in previous message: “don`t be scared”. It`s right


i want to improve my language i find it difficult to communicate to others in english i want to speak fluent english can u help me


i’m amal from cairo , egypt .. i want to learn english . but i don’t know how i can start , my knowledge a bout English is zero data .. my husband hosam who helped me to write to you . can anyone create a plan online to learn your language and write and speak it by daily lessons .and i will make a great visit & tour to him in pharoanic Cairo , pyramids , hurghada .. would you ?


Xin chao (This is the way to greet in Vietnamese),
You know it’s hard to open mind, or something like I really wanna do that but when I speak with the foreigners-native English speakers, our conversation can’t last long as I want, I seem to be stuck in asking them about s.th, I mean it’s like I forgot everything that I guess I need to ask when talk to them.. so how can I solve this problem? I guess I’m kind of passive..


good evening sir

plz can you tell me how i can english improve
send me suggestion my email id

gourav goyal

Hello, I am a new student

Profile photo of khurshid1707 khurshid1707

i can not talk english.plz help me?




Not really a great lesson but thanks anyway for the efford.


IT was very helpful! thankyou alot!

Profile photo of annie1995 annie1995

hey james,
this is tom , I really like the way you teach. thanks a lot for helping in regard of understanding of English language.May God bless u.
tom samuel

tom samuel

Thank you so much for this program ,actually i am preparing my TOEFL test ,i think with http://www.engvid .com i will be at the top and then scorea 110 for my score.

osier Frantz

Hi,…sir i am Amir Najeeb Abbasi from Murree.
i am also facing same problem to speaking english and conversation to native also.
your explinition is so good,


Hi James. U r teaching well but u r speaking very quickly.Please speak slowly


Hello James. I lived in KSA & i am studying English i want to contact with native speakers but i have faced problem i want to improve my English


it’s a real pleasure to take your lesson’s thanks a lot

michelle gulli

hy guys…am anna. i’m from jakarta. my english is very basic but i wanna to be master like you all, can you guide me please…
thanks alot


hello sir this is rohit sir can you help me
how to improve my english conversation please help me sir please….

rohit pandey

hy how can m improve my speaking level


my speaking level is so week i cant speak?and my prononciation is also so week i feel so ashmed when i speak english to some one:(


Oh, Dear! It’s another awesome one!
But why we don’t have any quiz at this video. :D
Thanks James. What I got from your presentation not only great content with funny behavior, but I can make EngVid to become my favourite channel after I throw away all of media facilities. :D

Profile photo of binhluu binhluu

I am little bit ok with english but how can i improve myself of speaking english like a native speaker…..


well u could start reading articles and listening to the radio and watch tv channels it might help . ^_^

free libyan

Hi James,

I am from Cambodia, I live in Siem Reap, I just want you to tell me how to make conversation about tell me about yourself? Because I don’t know how to make it. Because my English is not so good. If the interview ask I am easy to answer his question. If he ask tell me about myself I don’t know how to reply to him.

Thanks for your understand.

Wish you all the best,


I am Muhammad Paras from Pakistan. I want to improve my english. On 6th Nov , I am going to have SLEP test but i dont how much about it. I am not too good in english. Is there any steps for improving english, if yes then please share.Thanks

Muhammad Paras

Hi my self Rahul I also want to improve English any site or any option to improve my english


Great job!


Hi , Ifrome kurdistan ,Iwant to speak English .can you help me?


Iam a Indian i can understand u r English but i cant speak vary wall please help me?


Hi James,
You are an excellent teacher as well as an actor. I like the fact that you are funny in delivering the lessons.


Hello, if anyone wanna practise english with me via skype, please add mine. My skype : idoders
Let’s practise together, more practise more better

Profile photo of id0ders id0ders

    Are you a native speaker?
    Where are you from?


Hi James,
I’m a TESOL-Teacher in Germany. I got different students whom I’m trying to teach to speak more fluently.
Thank you for your useful video, I liked it a lot! I like your charme and sense of humour! I think, it’s just as important to use these in teaching!;)
Well, I’ve been looking for a while at different resources and haven’t found much for improving student’s English in a simple, strategic way. Most of my students are lower intermediate and find it hard to speak up in class.
What could you recommend or suggest?

I would really appreciate your advice!

kind regards,



hello, i want to improve my english speak ?! how!!


Hi everyone and goodbaye


    Oh nooo! Where are you going? Come back soon…

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

need to speak daily English with you classmate


Mr James is the best teacher of the world. Thanks so much for your lessons.

Profile photo of dossymkhan dossymkhan

thank u it was sooo helpful


I’m sai kyaw from Myanmar.I wanna improve my English skill.So please give me some advise how can i do for improve my English skill.


I’m in India, looking for a native English speaker to improve my spoken language without spending money. Is it possible??????.

Profile photo of sigk2011 sigk2011

Hi all I wanna improve my speaking skill , any suggestion


hello i want to improve my english , m doing btec.when the teacher teach to us thn i dnt understand n i feel shame please help n suggest so how can improve my language ….

yatin raheja

hello sir, m getting ready to take toeic exam.i need ur help in improving my skills in speaking. thank u.

Profile photo of ahla1991 ahla1991

yatin raheja..
i have a tip for you, must try it. ok

1: now a days any one is cell texting so use to text in english.
2: use to stay and speak english in front of a mirror and observe you face & body language.
do it for months and you will be guru


i would like to learn english? and i would like to talk it very well


I would like to learn english too


plz i also want to improv ma english so help me


I am a student who wants to improve his english.
I think, The best way to learn English is to be get familiar with it. Example : to go abroad
But I dont want/cant afford to go abroad. So i created a forum about learning english.

You can;

* share everything all about English
* help members or get help by them
* do live chat with all members or only friends.
* join groups and discuss all about your favorites

Come and Let’s learn english together…

All the best,


Hi, I have just moved to united states and applied for a job. One of the interviewer has sent me a note saying “I hope I can welcome to you in our company”. What does this mean? I am having hard time interpreting this. Any native American English speaker out here to help me. Thanks


Sorry there is no “to” in the note. Its “I hope I can welcome you in our company”


hello sir,I want improve my English in all level(writing,speaking)other.you have a skype classes.


hey bro, german people speak awful :D

Profile photo of luanle luanle

Hi James, i have a question
If is hard for us to find a native spekers to talk, we can talk with other english students in our level, right. I supposed that we can improve our english as well.

Profile photo of daniloomar daniloomar

Dear Mr. James,

I hope your doing well, I really appreciate that you help us all in English language. I’m from Afghanistan I want to take TOEFL test. I would appreciate your advice.

Profile photo of Samimi Samimi

it’s very helpful video.

Profile photo of jacquelinerichard jacquelinerichard

hi, i hope i can find a native speaker but really i can’t find one on my country what shall i do?

Profile photo of ahmedabbas ahmedabbas

Dear James, thanks a lot! :)

Profile photo of nadinka nadinka

Hi Mr Jame
I am so happy to hear your lesson but sometimes many words that i can`t understand please just me some advice how i understand them ^^God blessed you Mr james

Profile photo of thennek24 thennek24

    You have to listen more and more, and more, my friend ;)

    Profile photo of dobart dobart

hello. I am from Russia.
I want to find a companion for me in Skype, thus I want to improve my English-speaking skills.
Who is want to help me?
Please!Let’s go to Skype. My login is sad-marat!Add bro!

Profile photo of marchisalatoviy marchisalatoviy

Thanks :)

Profile photo of houdah

Thanks :)

Profile photo of houdah

I have to say that not every german speaks like Schwarzenegger. (I know, Schwarzenegger come from Austria) :P

Profile photo of dobart dobart

I love the way you explained how to start a conversation and an advantage for me i am alrady in canada so i can find some native people not some a lot but i am really thankful to you.

Profile photo of zaigham zaigham

Hello mr. James sir good day to you..
I am Cora from Philippines & I would love to learn english speaking, I want to become a fluently english speaker & I need your 101.1% help, I used to have broken english, I think I only have more than 10 good english words, my problem are I am a sloooooooooooow learner, understanding & I am not a good listener too, when I am seriously listen to the speaker or watching to your video something just came up & bothering my mind, I have Bf his a black American, everytime we chat i rather to type than to talk face to face, cause he speak to fast & slang thou i tell him to speak a little more slowly so i can understand him, but i still can’t.. i want to learn to speak english & to listen good before he come over for a visit, I’m scared he might kick my ass if i could not understand the way he talk to me..

Profile photo of pbagwasan pbagwasan

James, I love you. Thank you.

Profile photo of alibaba3 alibaba3

hi, I want to Improve my spoken English is there anyone who can talk to me on Skype ?

Profile photo of Sunny1214 Sunny1214

    hi Sunny1214..I’m also looking for someone who can talk to me..please do send me a email on amolfb@ovi.com

    Profile photo of sysadm sysadm

Thank You !!!

Profile photo of rodrigoafonso rodrigoafonso

Hi James,
thanks for your lesson.

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

how can i downloaded video in iran your siat is filter ,can u help me?

Profile photo of elnazb elnazb

    Our videos are all hosted on Youtube, which is blocked in Iran — you’ll have to use a VPN, proxy, or the Tor browser.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Many thanks for your effort, I really believe it is a useful tool for studying and an entertaining way to improve our English level.

Profile photo of crestschools14 crestschools14

Hi Sir james,
You are the best sir james. :) who will help me? because my English not so good. I need to practice my english, my job is all about for communication skills, im a foodserver, i want to apply on cruise. I NEED YOUR HELP TO PRACTICE MY COMMUNICATION SKILL TO THE GUEST :(

Profile photo of kennethreyes kennethreyes

hey sir james i hope you are better but iam in big confusing where is your vocablory tricks so we learn in seconds

Profile photo of meryem uzerli meryem uzerli

Hi James, very interesting, I’m gonna try it. I hope I can. By the way thanks and more power.

Profile photo of Noraisa Noraisa

Dear James,i am very happy when i watch your video,please help me to learn English very well beacuse i need learn to me jop thanks

Profile photo of awad73 awad73

Hi James,it was very helpfull lesson)Thank you very mach for your advice)

Profile photo of Albert770 Albert770

james thank u

Profile photo of chayma chayma

thanks for the lesson)

Profile photo of Aigerim1995 Aigerim1995

it is good skill

Profile photo of naasir naasir

Very informative! Thank you for the lessons> im willing to learn more from you.

Profile photo of ava aseron ava aseron

sir from where i can get English video sir i have problem that how to create influency in speaking English

Profile photo of usmanshah usmanshah

someone to practice?

Profile photo of Undomie Undomie

    hi i looking for someone to practice too …

    Profile photo of Asma Khaled Asma Khaled

Hello! I am Anand. I want to improve my English.
I hope we learn together. Please find me on Skype – anand.andy10

Thanks in advance. ;)

Profile photo of Anand Anand

Thank you, James!!

Profile photo of stepanx27 stepanx27

like James!

Profile photo of BobbyChen BobbyChen

Great lesson James!

Profile photo of brc75 brc75

Excellent class. Would anyone like to practice English in Skype?
my id: wagner_patriots

Profile photo of waguinose waguinose

Mr. James, congratulations you are a great teacher!

Profile photo of TiagoPereira TiagoPereira

hi, i am surprised, really this videos are very good, but i need someone for practice and try to speak a little better, please if anyone here than can help you, tell me please, i can teach you spanish ^_^

Profile photo of OskrOrtiz OskrOrtiz

need anyone to make conversation on sky be at mohamed.moha593 or messenger at m.me/mido.afify numb 01288279552

Profile photo of mohamed afify mohamed afify

For improving our skills in a conversation we ought to be select and sincere, keying in and keeping it, that was I have understood besides we have to speak with native speakers and compare their language features. We have also interested in the culture, leisure, and sport to make more practice the English conversations. Thanks a lot, teacher James, as always very interesting explanation and performance.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thanks James, you should sell this video to Starbucks :D

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

I didn’t get the KISS thing completely. But I’ve got the spirit of the class. Thank you.

Profile photo of macprivera macprivera


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

fabulous ,thank you dear James

Profile photo of alharth alharth

太棒了 thanks

Profile photo of rueipeng rueipeng

hi dear
I want learn how to speak English

Profile photo of abdul2211 abdul2211

Thanks a lot James

Profile photo of Shahez khan Shahez khan
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