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easy quiz

Profile photo of ahmedalameer94 ahmedalameer94

    thanks soo much mr. adam,but am wondering how we pronounce two litter in one word for example
    jugged the gg sound in this word we should pronounce it gg or long g ? i hope you understand my question
    thanks again and take care ^_^

    Profile photo of BOB FAISAL BOB FAISAL

      Hi Bob,

      Generally speaking, when you see a double consonant like gg, pronounce it as you would a hard form of that consonant. For gg,pronounce it like a hard g, as in gun. jogged- the j and g are soft and hard respectively.

      In lesson, lessen, and listen, the s sounds the same.

      Does that help?

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

        hi teacher Adam, how sound words ending in “sts”, like:


        Profile photo of AlfredMz AlfredMz

        It is very helpful, thanks dear teacher.

        Profile photo of Bah Hady Bodie Bah Hady Bodie

        that’s very good enough

        Profile photo of Yahya Hasan Yahya Hasan

    These words are very frequently we are using,but need to pronounce on right way

    Profile photo of kunasahoo kunasahoo

    Hello Dear Adam,

    You are good. One problem i can not see your writing properly.

    Sheper Ahmed

    Profile photo of Sheper Ahmed Sheper Ahmed

      I want to learn english. Also i want to do IELTS but i am very weak in Englsih. Could help me.

      Sheper Ahmed

      Profile photo of Sheper Ahmed Sheper Ahmed

        Hi Sheper,

        Have you tried watching on full screen? that usually makes it easier to see.

        As for IELTS, build your vocab- read, read, read. Once you have a good vocab, all the other elements will become easier.

        Let me know if you have specific issues though. Maybe I can help.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Sir can you tell me posted how to pronounce superstition?

    Profile photo of Soomroshahnawaz767@gmail.com Soomroshahnawaz767@gmail.com

I have a question: which one is the correct sentence: God bless you or God blesses you. and why. thanks for your help.

Profile photo of johnseven johnseven

    Hi John.

    It’s God bless you. The idea is that I wish blessings for you, so (may) God bless you.

    Does that help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    God Bless you.

    Profile photo of fatehazka fatehazka

Very important lesson, Mr. Adam. A lot of people that learn English don’t know those different sounds of |ed| here in Brazil.

Profile photo of Fernando Fernando

    I agree with you. This lesson is very helpful.
    Thanks Mr. Adam.

    Profile photo of 25mom

yes,I’m agree too.

Profile photo of chiming chiming

In reality, people usually speak fluenly and pronounce ‘ed’ very fast. It’s difficult to hear it. The lesson is very good. Thanks Mr. Adams very much. :)

Profile photo of Nhan95 Nhan95

Interesting lesson, thank you teacher….

Profile photo of clalonu clalonu

It is difficult for me How do I know t d id

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

    Hi Ukrit,

    It’s a matter of practice- the more you listen to native English, the more you’ll be able to hear the different sounds.

    Say out loud: I want to.
    I wanted to.
    The extra syllable in the second sentence might make all the difference in the context of a speech.

    Watch the video a few times until you can hear the differences clearly.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I sorry I cann’t understand all what you said

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

    My suggestion is to have a translate software or dictionary and use it every time. Expand your vocabulary day by day then you will be good. Good luck!

    Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

It’s great and very helpful! Thank you very much Adam

Profile photo of DatLelx DatLelx

now it’s everything so easy!!!!I should know it before..thanks

Profile photo of Cristina... Cristina...

I was confused a little. But your lesson was helpful and interesting. Thank you Adam :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Could u make a video on how to pronounce “u” and “u:”? and is there a rule when they are pronounced ? for example, “boot” is “bu:t” but “book” is “buk”

Profile photo of icetroid icetroid

    Hi Icedtroid,

    There isn’t a rule to apply to all words, I’m afraid. However, a good dictionary will include a phonetic spelling of words. You can check individual words to know which way to pronounce these two letters.

    Hope that helps a little.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks got only 50%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

    Don´t worry Abdul!!! Pronunciation is difficult to master. Practice makes the difference.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Indeed :)

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

Good job, Man!

Profile photo of AlexSem AlexSem

7/10. I founded that I haven’t ended has I began. The last three were wronged.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thanks a lot Mr.Adam…this lesson was very helpful for me.
God bless


thank you mr.adam
this lesson was benefit to me

Profile photo of maya maya

I liked this rule of thumb. No doubt that it will help my pronunciation of words ending in -ed. Thanks Adam.

Profile photo of Luiz Alberto Luiz Alberto

The past form of (find) is (found) not (founded) … what do you mean when you say (founded)

Profile photo of Salma1995 Salma1995

    Salma, the word founded – it’s past participle of the word “found”, the synonym of the word “establish”

    Profile photo of AlexSem AlexSem

    Yes, completely true, an awful mistake I made. I only thought about that immediately after I post it. Anyway I am still learning, so I make many mistakes.

    Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

    I want to ask the same question , but about why fined ?

    Profile photo of khalesym khalesym

    Hi Salma,

    Alex is correct. To found means to establish something. We use it especially with institutions (like schools, NGOs, etc.). It can also mean started, in the same contexts.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thought that it was easy, not much. Must more training. Thanks Adam

Profile photo of Arshad.M Arshad.M

Very cool. This is my first day


It is a little bit confused to me .
thanks Adam

Profile photo of asala asala

not as easy as I thought ,I gonna do it again , thanks Adam

Profile photo of jean-pierre jean-pierre

When I was study english , my teacher said ” when the verb end in ‘ed ‘ in the past tense , it pronounce always like ‘ t ‘ ” . Now I know there is different depend on the last letter in the word .
Thank you adam .

Profile photo of AmaniAljabri AmaniAljabri

wow 10/10 :D that mean I understood the lesson ;)
Thank’s for you advice Adam I really appreciate it! I’ll be on touch so you can see the progress ;).

Profile photo of Emanuela Emanuela

Thank you for lesson!

Profile photo of Kate709 Kate709

Excelent explanation.
I got a %100

Profile photo of lanietoc lanietoc

thank you so much .

Profile photo of mohamed Al alwany mohamed Al alwany

I’ve scored 9/10…. not too bad.
Sometimes I’ve been in serious trouble when I’m speaking someone because a bunch of words getting out my mouth pronounced badly. So, that’s a great lesson I’ll practice a lot to catch it in my mind.
Best regards Adam!

Profile photo of alexmatos1980 alexmatos1980

Very useful lesson…thanks

Profile photo of FGuerreroL FGuerreroL

I got 60 but I thought it was all done.

Profile photo of mahanengvid mahanengvid

Very difficult for my tongue, but very helpful
Thanks Adam

Profile photo of Letizzia Letizzia

I don’t understand one thing. Could you explaine me please why we use “founded” with “ed”

Profile photo of vseiden vseiden

    I think it is regular verb found…

    Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

    Sorry!!!!!!! It is my mistake…..I should be very considerate

    Profile photo of vseiden vseiden

    Hi Vseiden,

    Just to make sure, to found means to establish, or start, especially with things such as institutions and such.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hey,guys! Iam first time here. I have a question. At this sentence: “I let my frends speak more than I” what must I use- I or ME at second part it. Thanks…

Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

    Hi vovchick. I think you should use “…more than I do.” as “…more than I speak.” But actually I’m not sure if you can shorten it for just “…I.” This I or ME thing is quite confusing for me too.

    Profile photo of Katya Katya

      Oh,Thank You!!! I think I got it)

      Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

    I let my friends to speak more than myself.

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    Hi Vovchick,

    Katya is right. You are comparing verbs so need a verb in the second clause. …more that I do. And yes, you can shorten it to I, but that seems uncomfortable for most people, which is why you’ll often hear the incorrect ‘me’ ending.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam,Thank you for this lesson.it was easy. I got 10/10. How will we pronounce the ‘ed’ when the word ends with a vowel sound?

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

    Hi Hilasou,

    Good question. Because nothing impedes (slows down, is an obstacle to) the tongue, we end the word with a ‘d’ sound. That being said, there are not many words that end with -ed that have a vowel before them, but:

    shoed (shod) the horse
    shooed away the birds
    freed the prisoner
    dyed the shirt

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you for the lesson! :) I was wrong just the answer 9th. I replied, ‘d’ instead of ‘t’.

Profile photo of dorycam dorycam

It’S SO EASY.. Do u have something more difficult than those words?

Profile photo of somboon somboon

our government have blocked youtube and I cant see Your videos… so may be goodbye Adam!!!

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    It was my provider but. So I can see You now! Excuse me for the trouble!

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

      I’m glad you’re back Katrin :)

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

        I’ve expected the joke from you Adam. But for me it was not really funny at the time.

        Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

thanks adam! i apreciate you class :)

Profile photo of inge.aurora inge.aurora

How can I learn the lesson ? Tell me please .

Profile photo of Zhaoyi57 Zhaoyi57

    Hi Zhaoyi,

    You can watch the videos again a few times. You can also ask questions here.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Great lesson thank you Adam :)

Profile photo of Tr4him Tr4him

Letter w and h i don’t know. I’m very lovely with this page.

Profile photo of kongkea kongkea

    Yes, you are lovely Kongkea :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you very much teacher Adam.

Profile photo of kualalumpur kualalumpur

Would you think that video was hard?
I got 90 though, I have a important question for you
And I need you to answer that.

I’ve heard the pronunciation of WANTED sometimes is like
Why happens that Mr. Adam?
I do hope you help me by writing about this.
Thanks and good luck.

Profile photo of LuisMoreno LuisMoreno

    Hi Luis,

    Think about Spanish ( I assume that’s your mother tongue. I apologize if I’m mistaken). If you speak Spanish very fast, some of the syllables in your words will mix into other syllables or disappear completely. The same thing happens in English (and every language for that matter). It’s a little bit laziness, and a little bit of a taking for granted that the listener will understand you even when you take shortcuts. Wanid is wanted without the trouble of an extra clicking of the tongue for the ‘t’. That’s all.
    think also of ‘want to’; many native speakers will say ‘wanna’ instead. Same idea.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

It’s a wonderful lesson. More to be done.

Profile photo of ibaddo79 ibaddo79

    Always more to be done Ibaddo. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very good video. Thanks Adam for all these useful videos.They realy help me.
I want to suggest you to do a video for LOOK LIKE and LOOK AS IF. That’s something I’ve been wondering lately.However, I haven’t found anything related to that topic on the web.

Profile photo of boy17 boy17

    I’ll see what I can do Boy17 :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

It was great for me!!

Profile photo of JobaFurquim JobaFurquim

Also the verbs end in ( ch – sh – gh ) the (ed) ending pronounced as (t) in them

Profile photo of Salma1995 Salma1995

    You’re right Salma. Good point. I forgot to mention these :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Thank you so much Adam for this lesson , Yes Salma you are right that’s why I wondered why I get 90 points in quiz I made a mistake in ‘Laughed’ , anyway Thank you all !

    Profile photo of lepat5on lepat5on

I appreciate your efforts Mr.Adem

Profile photo of Salma1995 Salma1995

Nice. I want moreee Thanks for your help

Profile photo of Leviatan Leviatan

I’d like to ask what does “Jump off the page ” mean. I was watching a movie and there was this guy that wanted to be accepted at Harvard but he had to do something that the principal was requesting.
And what does “pop” in slang mean. Sometimes in Rap music they say “I like the way you pop…”

Profile photo of henry19 henry19

    To “jump off the page” is to stand out, to be extraordinary or vivid. A really well-written story might have people in it that “jump off the page” — you can see them as real live humans, not just words on paper. But it is used more metaphorically as well.

    “Pop” is probably the dance style.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Hi Henry,

    The principal wanted the kid to be amazing. He wanted a story that wasn’t bland and boring. he wanted the story to be special and make the reader feel like he was there. (that Vegas story was really good ;) )

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi, Mr.Adam. It’s been a long time no see! (I was busy for my semester study.)
Have a question about the word “jog”, which way is correct to say “I’m going to jogging?”, “I’m going to jog?”, “I went there for jogging?”, “I went there for jogged?”
Best regards!

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

    Hi Bianlei,

    I hope you did well in your studies ;)

    Jog — jogged — jogging.

    I jog three times a week.
    I love to jog.
    I love jogging.
    I went jogging with my friend.
    I went there to jog.
    I went there for a jog.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Good lesson, adam. I need pay attention in the next.

Profile photo of Ivo Crifar Ivo Crifar

Thank you Adam for the lesson. It was a nice review for me.

Profile photo of Katya Katya

Interesting lesson on pronunciation Adam. What I like most about it was the useful tips on how to pronounce the past tense marker. However,as you know, there is much more to it that meets the eye.

What would help a lot to pronounce correctly the past tense marker “-ed” – I think – is knowing the distinction between voiced and voiceless sounds. But that’s a topic for another pronunciation Video-lesson.

Thanks again Adam. Have a great weekend!!!

Profile photo of Regino Regino

    . . . talking about correctness Adam . . . did I use the expression “there is much more to it that meets the eye” correctly?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi Regino,

      Firstly, yes you did use the expression correctly. Except this is about hearing more than seeing, so it’s not as simple as all that. :)

      You’re right about the voiced and unvoiced, though this is a huge topic that extends far beyond -ed endings. I’ll see if I can come up with a lesson on it though.

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

100/100 again :)

Profile photo of jessie mccarthy jessie mccarthy

    Hi jessie, i would like practicing eng with you, if you feel interested, pls add skype : buitiennhat
    hope to see you soon
    good weekend.

    Profile photo of buitiennhat buitiennhat

thanks so much Mr Adam

Profile photo of sabrina amam sabrina amam

Hi Adam! Please tell Me when I must use DO. For instance: I (DO) let my friends to speak. So when You must use DO before verb? Thank You very much!

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    It is used to put more enphasis on something:

    Teacher: You do not pay attention to me Alice.
    Alice: But Mr. I DO pay attention to you.

    Hope this may help Katrin.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Thank You Regino, I know about that, but I wanted to know more!!! Adam one more question: which word to use – “I must be very CAUTIOUS(CAREFUL) in using that word!”( in the case where I can insult a person and it might be dangerous for me ).

      Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

        Hi Katrin,

        Regino pointed out one answer correctly, so I’ll leave that alone. Another reason to use ‘do’ in a sentence is to emphasize an affirmative (as opposed to a negative):
        A: You don’t love me any more.
        B: I do love you, it’s just that … ;)

        As for the next question, both cautiuos and careful are correct, though careful is more commonly used. Cautious might sound a little bookish.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

          That is clear now! Thank you Adam.

          Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

great lesson.

Profile photo of tn90 tn90

such a difficult lesson :(
bytheway, thx adam

Profile photo of gegiajiardiawan gegiajiardiawan

Thanks very much Adam! :)

Profile photo of byte byte

thank for the lesson

Profile photo of doctorteves doctorteves

thanks so much it’s so helpful

Profile photo of shaabanelokdi shaabanelokdi

thank for the lesson

Profile photo of francisco Ortiz francisco Ortiz

Good lesson

Profile photo of Jorgo Jorgo


Profile photo of kotina kotina

thanks adam

Profile photo of hpdtc hpdtc

thanks adam cool Quiz !!!

Profile photo of scyzor5 scyzor5

Thanks for your class

Profile photo of Fernanditop Fernanditop

Thank you,adam!
I’m come from China.
I’ve saw many of your video that was copied from a friend,now I want to see online in this website of “www.engvid.com”,but I can’t see any video,can you tell me why?
Thank you one more time.

Profile photo of szasia szasia

    Our videos are all on Youtube, which is blocked in China…so I suggest asking your friend for their secrets!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Wish I could help Szasia.

    Not sure what the rules are in China. Hope you find a solution soon.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi! Szasia at that time i,m also in china for my master degree in 安徽(合肥),i suggest you to download a VPN and install that in your computer then you can use Youtube easily for any help you can message me in my qq number 1486491813.

    Profile photo of Bah Hady Bodie Bah Hady Bodie

the lessons was very helpfull,
thanks a lot teacher..

Profile photo of Jefferson Quintero Jefferson Quintero

i want to say thank to all of the teachers in engvid.com . i am very happy when i can do these test correct out of ten .

Profile photo of savith sahara savith sahara


Profile photo of Ozzie Ozzie

Every glimpse of the Moon – is it romantic or is it nonsense? Thank You Adam!!!

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    Excuse me Adam,one more question! Is that sentence OK? — Now, after staying alone, without you, I understand that I loved you so much!

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    I need more Katrin. It might be very romantic, or it might be total nonsense. I prefer to think the former.

    The sentence in the next box is correct :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      That is nice. Thank You.

      Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

Hi Mr. Adam,
I am really happy to find your website and I’d like to thank you for your lessons and your explanation in easy way

Profile photo of Amooneh Amooneh

Thank you.

Profile photo of Pong Pong

Not easy! Thanks!

Profile photo of Charlinho Charlinho

Thank you teacher, really it’s a useful 3 minutes

Profile photo of Adam Adam

very useful lesson … thank a lot Adam !!!!

Profile photo of DaZun DaZun

it is not so easy.I need to practice! thank you very much teacher adam.

Profile photo of jhonatas jhonatas

Thanks Mr Adam

Profile photo of Zubia Khan Zubia Khan

Thanks Adam :D

Profile photo of Miramis Miramis

Thanks for this lesson. Pronunciation is very important in English.

Profile photo of gtraina gtraina

i just got 80 . it’s not good . but i dont understand that laughed is/ t/

Profile photo of linky linky

I got 100

Profile photo of NIck 24 NIck 24

Thank you.

Profile photo of vophuonghoang1612 vophuonghoang1612

Hi I’m new.the lesson is very helpful…thanks a lot

Profile photo of mini111 mini111

We missed you Adam! Being taught by other teachers isn’t enough ,there are forever the missing part … your passion of teaching :)
I am willingly waiting your new lesson as always ! (p.s Am I writing good ? With my own words yes :))

Profile photo of Emanuela Emanuela

    Yes Emanuela, you are writing very well. :)

    …and, thank you. I appreciate it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks to you very much!!! ( tell me something when you feel so much the language and you want to write so much but you stopped and you even don’t know from where to start – what do you call this ? what happen to me ? what should I do ? )

      Profile photo of Emanuela Emanuela

Thanks everyone. Good questions and points made here. :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you mr adam

Profile photo of sebisloc123 sebisloc123

I got 9/10.Not bad.isn’t it? :)

Profile photo of Drogba Drogba

    I am 15. I got 10/10 :D

    Profile photo of Ayla Cavad Ayla Cavad

hi adam thanhs very much for you lessons and efforts you make to help us learning english ,
may i ask you what is the difference between
such …a/an
such as
and such that

Profile photo of fathy elmalt fathy elmalt

Thanks ,Adam

Profile photo of gracezhong gracezhong

Hi in ma book ur a good teacher

Profile photo of Amaresh Amaresh

You got 8 correct out of 10.
:)I didn’t even know the most verbs:). Thank you for the lesson! I’m very happy that I found engVid !

Profile photo of MMurad. MMurad.

Thank’s mister Adam.

Profile photo of Wafita Wafita

Thank a million for this lesson Adam.

Best Regards

Profile photo of goncalvesjfet goncalvesjfet

It is useful. Thanks Adam.

Profile photo of wines wines

thank u Adam I was confused about it but now it’s clear to me, also I have got 10\10 .again thank u & as I always say keep on.

Profile photo of Jasmine1601 Jasmine1601

hi Adam :) may I ask 1 question? What about the words ending with s, sh, ch ?

Profile photo of gemini1906 gemini1906

I got a 90%

Profile photo of mohammed alshamsi mohammed alshamsi

I got 100. Yeahhhhhh

Profile photo of Evermore Evermore

Thanks, Adam, I got 10/10. You helped me to understand some things :D

Profile photo of JhazMiranda JhazMiranda

The most wonderful thing about your lessons, is that I’m learning how to teach my own students…sometimes as teachers, we know all these things, but it’s hard to teach them to others in a better way.
Many Thx, Adam!!

Profile photo of Danichu Danichu

Hi Adam, are there a kind of list or a page on internet which include all the regular verbs making the difference between “d” “id” “”t? Maybe it could be a good way to practice, at least for me. Thank you, I love your lessons :D

Profile photo of Nalli Nalli

I got 100 :)
You’re an awesome teacher, you are.

Thank you so much, Adam.

Profile photo of Adill M Adill M

Hello Mr Adam ! Thank you very much !!! Now I know to speak ED . In test I got 10 correct out of 10 ! THANKS

Profile photo of Margaret170803 Margaret170803

Very useful to me ,Thanks ,Adam !

Profile photo of Saint-Wu Saint-Wu

Thank you!

Profile photo of Freekingisme Freekingisme

I want to know what the soft g and the hard g means?

Profile photo of Freekingisme Freekingisme

thanx! very useful!!! i’ve cleared my mind!!!

Profile photo of nori.maki nori.maki

It’s easy but I sill don’t correct in quiz. I may have to practise more than. Thank you teacher ^^

Profile photo of sewad555 sewad555

Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi


Profile photo of artimiz007 artimiz007

thank you Mr adam.
my phonetics teacher thought us that:
after voiceless sound “ed” pronounced /t/ except the “t” sound
and after voiced sound we pronounce “ed” as /d/ except the “d” sound
and the two exceptions “t”&”d” the “ed” pronounced after them /id/ i think that what you explained in the video but in simple,easy way so thaaaaaank very much

Profile photo of samra23 samra23

good video lessons

Profile photo of uyi60 uyi60

8 of 10 humm not bad

Profile photo of haloom haloom

I’m new and I’m 7 out of 10. Need to practice, practice, practice….

Thanks Adam for the tips.

Profile photo of Jemarie Jemarie

thank you so much!!!!!

Profile photo of Angelina Angelina

These 3 past sounds are important and then the only other pronunciation problems that are good to be aware of are the sounds of long and short vowels. That’s it. The rest of English pronunciation is too complicated!

Profile photo of Maldives14 Maldives14

WOW your video is always useful when speaking English!

Profile photo of uinxsa uinxsa

Hi teacher, this is the first that I write you, well it’s very hard to me to see the difference when I am listening them or when I want to pronounce them, I learned for example if they fihish in vocal like e in deleted, I could say id,but the rest not really, it’s hard to make the difference when a person is talking in past, maybe to listen the context, that’s I think about this topic.

Profile photo of dupernatural dupernatural

yes this topic is very interesting!!!

Profile photo of planetloco planetloco

thank you Mr adam.

Profile photo of frai tarek frai tarek

thanks Adam it’s very usefull to learnt.

Profile photo of masitarizal masitarizal

I got 8/10.I need more practice.It’s really useful and learning for me in speaking English.I’m not fluent in English but I really want to learn so I can be a good English speaker someday..Thank you Mr.Adam! God bless you!

Profile photo of susanpulido susanpulido

I got 8 out of 10. I will try to do it better. Thank you Adam.

Profile photo of gvardiola gvardiola

Hello, so.. If the word ends in “sh” like refurbish… the “ed” sound will be “t”? Am I right?

Profile photo of Carlos Quesada L Carlos Quesada L

Thank you very much,it really helps.

Profile photo of Shaoheng Li Shaoheng Li

Thank you very much for your wonderful lesson.
Could you please answer my confusing question: For example in the phrase ” laughed out loud”.
My teacher teaches me about liason but is it awkward to link the ending /t/ of laughed to the word out. Thank you for your thought on this.

Profile photo of Proudtobemyself Proudtobemyself

I am new here in this lesson but realy aprechietable to your lesson

Profile photo of Daisy Rahman Daisy Rahman

Thank you, Adam! I GET enjoy listening your lessons!

Profile photo of bush663 bush663

Are the same rules applied when you use speak in British English ??

Profile photo of mimo.vox mimo.vox

Thank you very much Adam. I finally understand how to pronounce past endings. All your lessons are wonderful. Greatings from Argentina!!

Profile photo of vani2014 vani2014

hi Adam, this video really helpful for me but i have a problem could u pls tell me in which category words ‘pleaed’, ‘ vivaed’ come.
thank u !

Profile photo of neha m neha m

Thanks you so much. I’m clear. Good explanation.

Profile photo of sana na sana na

thanks adam for your great lesson i think i can spill the d sound very well now
keep going your are great

Profile photo of amroo 046 amroo 046

Thanks a lot
please I learned that if the last sound before -ed is voiceless like \t-s\ i will say the ed as t like missed it becomes \mIst\
why i say here wanted as d not t.

Profile photo of wef Islam wef Islam

Hi teacher Adam. Thanks for sharing your thoughts to us. More power.

Profile photo of Noraisa Noraisa

Thanks you very much sir.

Profile photo of Manoj Mote Manoj Mote

Hi Adm I am sorry but i thing the word find is regular verb so we can’t say founded because found is the past form of the verb find as you mentioned in the sound of ed as / id / .
thank you

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    hey Samo, I think you are mixing up two words. Adam used the word found which is not the past of find. To found means to establish. So therefor we can say founded as the past of found, too :)

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Hi,teacher I got 9 correct out of 10.I would like to tell you that your presentation made me improved and enjoyed in English. Thank you so much.

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Dear Alex, Thanks you so much.

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Dear Alex, I have a habit of using
” Really” more often . Can you please take some class on alternative words can be used in place of Really . Thanks a lot

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thank you.

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hi Adam , u didn tak abot verbs such as searched , washed or breathed . what are the pronunciations of these verbs ? /t/ or /d/ at the end ????

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    Hi. /t/ .

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hi , I didn receive any answers .

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Thanks, Adam for your advice.

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thanku so much adam sir i was very hlpful for me once again thanku..can u teach whenever we using AS in english sentence.. it has been too confusing

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Hi Adam. Thanks a lot for your lessons. I really appreciate it. This part has been one of the harder part of English for me but with your explanation I think I got it.

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Hi Adam, i didn’t understand all what you said, how to know when the if the sound is T or d ??

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this rule is for all words???

Profile photo of augustohenrique14 augustohenrique14

please what about

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Thank’s Mr. Adam
I have a question, how can i know that this word (Packed), the d in it should be like (t)
It’s hard a little

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Thanks Teacher Adam.

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Hi Adam
please tell me how to pronounce words ending in k and having ed in last.e.g.crooked.Also specifically I find it difficult whenever I pronounce the past form of ask i.e. asked .like in this sentence “I asked him yesterday”

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Hi. Very clear and easy lesson . What about the blends of voiceless sounds e.g. : pr, pl, gr ….etc.

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Very good it was easy quiz! !!!!! Thanks adam

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Really helpful, I got 9/10. Need more practices.

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It’s difficult to me to speak “managed”, ‘fired”, “halved” and “jogged”. I think there is trouble in my tounge.

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What is the pronunciation of New and Knew in american english.

Profile photo of Akanksha solanki Akanksha solanki

    They’re pronounced the same way: /njuː/

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Yes! Now I understood. Thanks Adam

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Thank You very much sir .please developped we fount it adjectif also or it’s no more than verb?!

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Thanks Mr.Adam.

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why lauhed is t sound not d sound

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    I think it is because laugh is pronounced “laf”. I failed at that question too.

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merci beaucouo it is thank you in French

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Profile photo of mouradking mouradking

Adam, when i read, i can understand the english, watching the videos here on engvid, i understand too, but when i gonna talk with my wife, for example, my mind goes blank. I know, i need to read more, and watching more videos, but i want to know, How am i start the study? have any order of this videos?

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i passed with flying colours !!!

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thanks for good lesson!

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I do understand how to use, but I still need time to hold it in my head, as I see.
It’s not very easy to remember or feel where I should use -d ot -t ending.
Thank you, Adam.

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Hi Adam,
I have been going through your videos and they are very helpful.
I would like to know-
While introducing myself , can i say, This is Alex. I heard that i should introduce myself as I am Alex or My name is Alex. Can you please clarify?

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Thanks DUDE!

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Thank you a lot.

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hi teacher ..
I am wondering about the other letters .
what I mean is you spoke about the ed ending of the word for g,r,s,v,l,m and n will be (D) sound .the x,k,p and f (t) sound and the t and d (id) sound . what about the others letters ?
hope you understand me
thank you

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Almost 10 points. 9 to be more accurate.

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Difficult! Very difficult! Have to learn and hear a lot! Anyway thank you.

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    Practice makes perfect, go on.

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Adam thank you so much, you are the best.

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i really like how you explain all…next time will be better for me—im sorry

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I really like how you explain all. By the way it is useful lesson. Thumbs up!

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thank you very much mr. Adam.. this is my firs time learn english lesson by internet.. this is very helpful. i want to ask, in ypur lesson about vocabulary, you teach that don’t translate english to another language… i don’t understand… because if i don’t know the meaning in indonesian language how can i get the sentence?

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Thanks San!

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I couldn’t understand Why this is ” |t| ”
9. Say the sentence out loud: The comic was so funny, we all laughed out loud.
What does the –ed ending in laughed sound like?

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what about the ending “sh, ch, th”

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I couldnt believe that I got 100 scores. Thanks Adam it makes me better to pronounce them.

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Thank you very much Mr. Adam.It’s a useful lesson.
Can I Know Why we say (laughed)|t|sound?

Profile photo of Abeer Yassin Abeer Yassin

Hi Adam.Is word “wicked” an exception ( it doesn’t sound “wickt”)?
P.S. Did I write this sentence correctly( Is correct “Is word” or ” Is the word” ?

Profile photo of Oleg123 Oleg123

I got 10 in the test and the question is what does mean “flipped burgers” , could you describe this using different words.(Many of the managers at McDonald’s flipped burgers when they started working there)the sentence was in the test.
P.S. Did I write this sentence correctly?

Profile photo of Oleg123 Oleg123

    When you cook hamburgers, you flip them – i. e., turn them over (here’s a video). “Flipping burgers” can mean working at a fast food place in general. It can even be a noun: “burger flipper”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Engvid Moderator or Adam, could you answer my first question about word “wicked” ( Is this an exception”)( it doesn’t sound “wickt”)

Profile photo of Oleg123 Oleg123

it was good exam
it worked with me because in Arabic language we learn how the letter voices come out.
its depending on breathing and ….etc.

it was good :)

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Hello, Teacher Adam

Can I ask a question,please?
Why does the -ed ending of LAUGHED sound like |t|??

Thank you, Teacher^_^

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I got 8/10 . thank you so much my dear Adam for this important lesson

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I am happy with my 8/10, but i am frustrated with me too, because, even this it be an easy topic, i make mistakes always. But thank you very much for your support Teacher Adam

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Not so bad and not so good lesson . It might be better if words would had some situations, because i needed some translate in my language, but it was truly useful Mr Adam. Thanks.

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very good

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not good ….ed/t ..ch .sh .ss else…where ??????

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thanks for the lesson!

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Thank you, teacher very much.
but how could i pronounce if the verb ending with ed ending other letter than those ones you told.

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thanks adam!

Profile photo of tam97 tam97

Also another tip to identify it is using the pattern of voice and voiceless. If one word ends with a voiceless sound, we use T, if ends with voice sound is D and the termination on T or D to the ID.
Is that correct Adamn?

Profile photo of NikkiVergez NikkiVergez

Thank you for the lesson!
I want to ask about synonym of ‘bits of knowledge’.
There are 4 the choice namely :
a. portions of material
b. bits of evidence
c. pieces of data
d. facts of news
Actually, which one may be best rephrased as?
I’m sorry for asking this question, because I got confused with this question.

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thank you .i have got 100 marks .thank you so much

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I’ve got 9/10 thank you very much, it’s my first lesson I enjoy a lot

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high, I got 9 but I didn`t know that gh ending before ed make it also also pronounce like t
I thought only t or d ending does

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thanks a lot mr Adam

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Hi Alex, Please make a video on words ending with -ed that have nothing with the past tense, like “high-heeled” or “open-toed”, “cold-blooded”, etc.

Profile photo of alijava alijava

Oops, Adam. I wrote your name wrongly.

Profile photo of alijava alijava


Profile photo of yanjun123 yanjun123

Hard to go through all the comments, so excuse me if I am doubling an already answered one.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be a fourth group where the -ed syllable actually gets very clear pronunciation. Even though the words would belong to the |t| group (along with ‘fixed’), I noticed they lean more towards the |id| (‘wanted’) group. The two words that come to mind are: naked and wicked. Do you agree?

[It would be great if you could introduce weekly/fortnightly AMA sessions on youtube, guys]

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+ crooked

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