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    Excuseme Ali, did you take the quiz? I searched high and low for it, but I couldn´t find it.

    I did really want to take it right after watching the video, but to my dismay . . .

    Changing a bit the subject, just a word about these two standardized tests, there is much more to them than meet the eye.

    Many thanks for this well-planned lesson Mr. Benn.


      Thanks Regino :)


DJ Khaled rapper salute you .Adam you are the best teacher came to eng vid.com


Thank you, Adam :)


thank you Adam .like the way you teach .and your way of teaching make me feel like i’m going to a good speaker soon .
and yes ,if anyone wants to practice engish with me ,my skype name is”dev.pra”.


    Hi devendra i would like tu practice english with
    you my Skype name es fishtacos17


Adam, thank you so much!

Katerina Krausova

It was really nice and perfect!
I understood all that you mean)
Thanks a lot, Adam!


It is very helpful for the learner who is going to take Ielts exam. THANKS A MILLIONS, ADAM.


I understood that I’d never be able to pass any of those exams. :( But thank you anyway.


    lol. On the contrary,Kingstingtin, this will help you do just that.


It’s very useful. Thank you Adam.


Thanks Adam it was helpful


thank you for your valuable advises and directions

haider j touma

Thank you Adam… You are one of my favorite teacher… (Y)


thank Adam, i know getting higher scores in Ielts is difficult but i will try


You so awsome Adam,Thank you so much.


Thanks Adam. That is really useful. No matter IELTS or any other test.
But i don’t get it. Is it fast speaking?
I thought you speak as usual.
Do you have a video where you speak really fast?
I want to try my understanding=)
thanks again


    Thanks layamblwb,

    It’s not too fast, but fast enough to help you prepare for the tests. I’ll see if I can put up a natural speed video soon.


      Hi everyove! As an advice, Adam, people also can control movie’s speed (make slowly) on your youtube’ channel.
      Thank you Adam for usefull information about exam.


Greeting,Adam according to your lesson that talked about time management you advise that students to know instructions before the test day.On the other hand Emma confirms that students to read them in the test.Please, how can I match between two lessons .
best regards

haider j touma

    Good question Haider,

    What i mean is that you shouldn’t have any surprises on test day. you should know all the instructions for all the sections and question types so that you do not have to waste time reading them and trying to understand them. having said that, you still need to have a quick look to see how many words/numbers you’re allowed for a blank-fill question; whether you need to say if a statement is true, false, not given, or whether the author would agree with the statement by saying yes, no, not given. In regard to these details, you need to have a look, but not necessarily to “read”. Also, some sections’ instruction are always the same, so no need to read them again and again.

    Hope this helps.


      thank you very much for this clarification my teacher,please could I get a test copy includes these instructions? I`m grateful if you can assist me . Another question, could I take IELTS as a simulation on line I mean training test ? please, do you have any advises for me to improve my English and enroll one of university for getting a grant to complete PhD
      best regards

      haider j touma

        sorry universities

        haider j touma

          Hi Haider,

          You can get a lot of information from the official IELTS site, including sample material:

          IELTS is a paper-based test, so there are no simulations really. There are plenty of books with sample tests though.

          As for your English, you need to study everyday, and especially build up a vocabulary. You’ll need that for uni.


Hi Adam. Could you explain to me the secret of letter “S” in the end of verbs in present simple and the secret of “DOES”? I ask you because you’re a native English speaker(and I’d like to see that with the eyes of a native English speaker). Why “DOES”? Why not “DO”?


    Не претендую на роль Адама, но:
    Он”S”, она”S”, оно”S” и кто”S”.
    С “DOES” тоже самое.
    Драгункин Вам в помощь. :)


      Can you explain why?


        Вот это уж – фиг его знает. :) Наверное потому, что исторически так сложилось и это правило. Тоже самое, почему у нас есть склонения по родам и падежам а у них нет?


          I hope Adam will give a hand to us…
          so never mind.


    Of course,that question isn’t about grammar. It’s about understanding and seeing a sentence with the eyes of a native speaker.
    Thank you.


      Hi Katrin :)
      I think I can help you with this. We use ‘does’ when the subject is third person singular, i.e., he, she and it. We use ‘do’ when the subject is I, you, we or they. Simply ‘does’ is for singulars and ‘do’ is for plurals.
      e.g., Does she sing?
      Do they sing?
      In simple present, ‘s’ is added to the verb when the subject is singular. If the subject is plural, then the verb appears as it is.
      e.g., Cat likes milk.
      Cats like milk.
      Hope this helps :)


        here we go again…


          It looks like “I,YOU,WE and THEY” observe the life from one side of the World and in the same time “SHE,HE and IT” from the other one. It’s very interesting, because in the tongues I speak they all have different endings in verbs. Adam, if you have time for me, I want the hardest explanation. I will understand.


          THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


          Hi Katrin,

          Actually, Tiana gave a good answer. In the present simple tense, third person (he, she, it) we always have an ‘s’.
          He plays.
          He is
          It does
          She goes
          Katrin has…
          Michael believes…
          The company produces…
          Canada is…
          My sister’s neighbour’s dog barks. loudly.

          And so on.

          The main things to remember are the tense and person and the number.

          As far as a native speaker’s eye/ear/etc., it’s second nature (most people don’t think about it, it just comes out that way)

          Also remember that in a question or negative form of a sentence, we split the do and the main verb, and the do 9or other helping verb) takes the ‘s’:
          She does not like…
          It was not…
          Has she been to…?

          Sorry I can’t give you something more complicated than that.


          it’s second nature (most people don’t think about it, it just comes out that way)

          VERY STRANGE,VERY!!!(I tried to see in that way)… Thank you Adam.
          Looks like “I AM” plural.


Thanks Adam☺


I did looked at website “writeToTop.com” Adam,It’s so sososo difficult for me. :(


    Hi Lotte,

    Writing is considered by most English learners to be the most difficult of the four skills. Keep trying… it will get easier to get through.

    If there are ways I can improve the site, let me know.



thanks a lot, Adam. It was very useful.


Great explanation


very good tescher


Thanks Adam, Guess what? You are an important person!!!


    Thank you Mizaliz :)


Thank you sir Adam. you are really one of the best.

Would you please post more videos about strategies used in different sections of the IELTS?

Thank you in advance :)



    Will do Elskhawy :)


      Man, you are great :) Thank you in advance for the effort. Wish you best of luck :)


Hi Adam, thanks for your videos, there are very usefull!!
I need to practice my speaking, so I would like to speak with you or someone who want to practice.
I hope hear from you soon.


    Hi Helen,

    You should invite some of your peers here to chat with you. I’m sure there are many who would be happy to.



thanks so much Mr. Adam for your wonderful lessons.
I had planed to register for namcol next year to improve my English and Biology so I really need your help sir. my email address is ndaagrace@gmail.com


thanx !!! Adam i have been watching your videos i like how you explane the lessons :) thank you again


Dear Adam
Eng vid lessons have helped me a lot. i have a question regarding ielts. what about using upper case or lower case letters while filling up answer sheets.
can we use all upper case(CAPITAL) letter to avoid the confusion. i wll be thankful for your suggestions. I am taking ielts in few days


    Hi Nirajdevjoshi,

    I’m afraid not. You need to use upper- and lowercase letters to show you understand proper punctuation. Some answers need to be capitalized and if you do not make the capital clear, you will lose that point.


Thank’s Adam, as always straightforward to the subject; IELTS…. 25 minutes of practical advices.

Jorge Pedroso

Adam thank you very much for your lessons.
Now many things in English have become clear for me.
Can I request you to make a lesson about word “whether” and sentences with it?


    Hi Symon,

    I’ll see what I can do. :)


as far as i am concerned , this is excellent site


thank sow much Adam best teacher

David TjK

thanks very much Adam it is really useful

aram mirza

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. great advices


Thank you adam you are great

ghufran najm

Hi Adam! Thank you so much for your lessons! Could you please explain the difference between the words: to manage, to deal, to handle and to cope with. Their meanings look quite similar.

Andrew Boom

    Hi Andrew,

    In many situations they are similar. However, there are always subtleties.

    To manage to have some control over the situation, while to cope with it, means to tolerate it, or simply to survive it. To deal with and to handle are similar (and actually similar to manage) but have more of the idea that the situation isn’t of my making, but I will try to control it anyway. Handle and deal with are also more about facing something and standing up to it (in case of a bad situation). You can also handle people in terms of manipulating them to get what you want.

    It would be much easier to see the difference in sentences. if you have any particular ones, send them to me and I’ll point out some details.

    Hope this helps.


Hi teacher :)
Can you PLEASE explain me or make a video on ‘how to write compound and complex sentences’? I really need to know them because my teacher asks me to write them in order to get more marks.
Thank you :)


      Hi sir,
      Thank you for your help. Although I can understand the idea of the sentence, it is a bit more unclear to me. The explanation was a bit trickier, Sir. I am waiting for your video explanation. :)
      Thanks again :)


greeting from venezuela


    Greetings from Canada :)


thant you adam, I like your method of teaching.


Adam thank you, you are a great teacher!


hi all,
iam facing problems in reading section i cant make it….pls suggest me some tips to crack the reading section.
thanks in advance


    Which test Gandherahul?


Finding below message in display The server refused the connection. :(


Thanks everyone :)


in ielts reading…….
hi sir,
iam facing difficult in finding out answers


hi i need emprove my english speaking and i nedd you help please


amazing talker :)


Thank you for all tips and suggestions, Adam. I did the IELTS yesterday and it helped a lot (especially the ones about the writing part).


More videos about TOEIC ..Could you do that?,
My students are afraid of the test they think that it’s difficult and when they see engvid it’s easier …


    I’ll see what I can do Saxoaudrey. :)


      Thanks Adam and the team. One of my student came back from TOEIC (old version : only listenning and reading (here in France it’s usual!)) with 950 scored…
      I’mso hapyy for him


        Tell him Congrats from me :)


Thank you for great lesson, it’s inspire me to pass the IELTS test.


wonderful lesson ,thanks


Thanks Adam…


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the lesson. It was a useful. I would like to understand about the max words we need to write in Task 2 in writing section to score good results. You had advised to write at least 350 words however I had people saying we need to strict to max 250. words.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong that there will be reduction in marks when we write more words than required. Also, advice on how to calculate the number of words we have written.



    Hi Divyasrinivasan,

    Be careful with instructions. The 250 words is the MINIMUM, not the maximum. If you can get to 300 you should be ok.


thanks adam, you are the best teacher in this site. You spend time to answer every question from your viewers, even say greetings.. thanks a lot sir..:)


    My pleasure :)


awesome lesson, thanks Adam


Hi. I hope everything is perfect in your side.i found engvid.com recently. Your lessons are more helpful. Great work. I am going to take IELTS exam in next 2 month. i hope you can give me best advises.


    Best advice Iyoqivino: relax :)


      I really fell into love with Adam… You are a great teacher. I always see that you try your best to make the lecture very easy and understandable. Thanks a lot.


Thanks so much.


Thank you .Adam your the best teacher.


Thank you Adam,I like to learn english only with you because you teach very well and your accent is very very nice and clear, again thanks alot.


Thank you Adam you are the bes teacher.


Adam!! This really was helpful, mainly when i close my eyes and clean my mind before a question. This helped me so much in my university tests, for example. thanks


Thank you Adam.. You are the bes teacher


Thank you, Adam. I’m about to take the IELTS, and your presentation gave me lots of confidence!


    Good luck Alex :)


that was useful, thank you Adam, im gonna take the IELTS, next week.

Abdallah Alhabarneh

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i got all the points which you want to explain here , and i have to say you are the best teacher i have ever seen thanks you..

Neeraj Rajput



Thank you adam. I always watch your videos, i find it very constructive and well-elaborated. However, i got a huge problem with my IELTS reading, it takes a long time for me to locate the answers especially multiple choice and T F NG which is time consuming. Plus, when it come to list of headings, it is so confusing and tricky :( . Which way do you recommend is the best tenchnique? To read the questions first or the passage? Could you give some tips how to find the answers easily please?

manilyn bibby


manilyn bibby

Dear Adam
First of all I wanna say “well-done, great!”.
Bye the way, you always refer items to your nice and beautiful collage, EMMA. I like her. I hope you could stole her heart and mind, if not, I just say, do it again, you can.


very useful


Adam, could you please help me how to connect my server to this valuable lesson? As my server is connecting to it. :(

Muhammad Shahrukh

brilliant adam


Hi Mr Adam,
First, thank you a lot for your tips for ours.
Next,:how I can found any reply for my comment, because I am really don’t use this side every day but from time to time or day after day.
After that, the most important that I know every thing about IELTS i know all the structures and style to this exam I interested in general training test but my problem in how catch a suitablemissing words in listening or reading. And in speaking I understand but not every word surly, but when start speak I sometimes miss when using grammar or coherence the sentence. I practiced skills and I listened and watched often video’s and some serial on TV. But still afraid of having high score. Is there any problems in my writing in this comment. What I need more. My test on May.


    Thank you so much I am greeting you and I am happy to see you .
    your way of teaching is very interesting and useful .

    heydar Ali

thanks Adams…


Sorry for the spelling of “Adam” :-)


i have got ma in elt but i don have ielts is there any way paractice on my own and get perfect score in ielts exam in thi site ? I mean tips


You are doing such a great job


hi Adam.could you help me with “gerund”and “to infinitive”?i mean when and why we use them?


I learned a lot about the IELTS sections. Thanks Adam.


Thank you !!!


Sir Adam can’t you help me to improve my skills to learning about English.and other world?Thanks for this lesson Sir Adam.


very usefull information, once again. the best, for me, is the IDEAS BANK, about preparation for this topics BEFORE the test. I will follow this instruction right away. thank U very much, Adam!!


Thank you that was helpful


I like everything!

Andreza Lima

Really great lesson!!Thank you so much Adam for all these very precious precisions.I hope that I am going to have a better score thanks to your help;best regards.


Thank you Adam for your interesting lesson and this lesson especially.
I got sufficient grade to apply for the visa I need to work in Australia. You are partly responsible for this success.
I appreciated your clear speaking and interesting advices you shared (especially in this key lesson).

Good continuation
You can thank Emma that first catched my attention and push me to discover your lesson.
Just for info, I anonymously made a small donation for you 2 because you deserve it.


THANKS A LOOOOOT ADAM!! You are an excellent 24/7 teacher!!


Hi Adam!
thanks for your cooperative lesson, I really appreaciate it !
in the lesson, you have mentioned some steps regarding how to save your time effectively in dealing with writing because we are given huge amount of tasks and left with short limited time !. it is one of the most common problems that we are suffering from !
I would be much grateful if you could provide us more instuctions about this issue
I am looking forward for your feedback

medo ach

Hi Adam, where is the quiz for this section ?


Awesome tips! I’ve been practicing on my exercises using almost all of them! :)
Thank you so much!

João Júnior

Dear .

Would you please advice me how to prepare myself for IELTS exam within 3 months? Please advice.


Thank you very much

wesam suliman

Thanks for your course, Adam. Very usefull.

Franci Soba

Oh thank you so much, but I have a question, how can I know or find the milestones?!


thank u very much


Thanx thanx thanx Mr. Adam it’s a very useful videos to know what is the ILETS test.. Actually my test is on Saturday, I’m a little bit afraid because I didn’t study well, I just wanted to know the test and what is happening there :), no problem if I failed because I want to know my weak points in order to get a good mark in it..thank you one more time for supporting us.

Zainab Awni

Thank you so much Adam, you got a great technique. I would like to see a video explaining something of the IELTS test, for ex. where is locate each question (that’s when I’m listening), how do I know if is above or down. You said something about that, but I would like to know much better this.


Hi, Adam.

I’ve improved my English level a lot since I discovered this website, and you and your colleagues are helping me a lot. I have a question, and I ask you if you can clarify that to me, because I’m taking an English test very soon here in Spain that is very similar to IELTS, and it’s a high-level test of English. I’ve heard a lot of native speakers say “I like to do this”, and all English students are told from the beggining that all verbs after “like” are written in the “ing” form. Eg: I like playing football, very straight-forward. Is there any difference between using one or another form? Or should I just use the “ing” form especially for writtings, in order to avoid loss of points?

Thank you very much indeed in advanced.


Totally agree, the time is frustrating. I remember wasting the first 20 minutes getting the first 14 questions done in my Reading section and I freaked OUT randomly selecting the remaining. Sadly, I got a really bad grade and because this was my first part of the exam I messed the other 3 parts worrying about my score in part 1. Iam going to have my 2nd exam in 2 weeks and already getting nauseous :'(


Please, make a lesson about Participle I & II.

Valery teacher

u r awesome adam.how can i check out my ielts writing task to some experienced teacher like u who will let me find out my problems ..


Thank You Adam. Greeting from Philippines.


It’s perfect and so useful .Thank you very much Mr.Adam ????

Would you give an example for idea bank ( environment, like what?)


actually , I’d like to thank you for the efforts you’re providing .. you have a smooth way to deliver your idea .. I’m so interested in what you’re teaching ..

rami rh



Sir , I want to improve my reading skill for ielts . Could u pls provide me general reading tips

Rajni kapoor

I’m from Tunisia and I just started to learn your courses and I’ve glad to study Adam’s video


One word: Excellent


Thank you Adam !!
I watch the videos this website every day. I’ve improved my English since I visit it! Congratulations for your excelent job!!


Thanks a lot adam , my issue really is the reading one


Hello Adam,

I will take the Ielts in the beginning of 2017 in Brazil, and I am wondering about this writing section.
When I check my composition and I see that I accidentally did a mistake, what can I do to correct it?

Fernanda Ferreira Fernandes

Thank you Adam, you are a great teacher!
I have learned a lot in two weeks from you on You Tube, I daily listen your lessons.
You have such a good excuse, accessible, pleasant calms voice.
I’m happy that I found such a good teacher


hi Adam, i could not see your video lesson. i receive 404-not found error.would you mind giving me a solution?


    Hi! It looks like you’re posting from Iran. Your government, ISP (internet service provider) or phone carrier may be blocking YouTube, where all our videos are hosted. Can you see any other YouTube videos?

    engVid Moderator

Hi Adam, I have just found this site from youtube:) I could watch Emma and your lessons since now. But I really love your lessons and I think they are very useful for us. I would like to take IELTS Exam on February or March 2017. From today I will watch your videos and I will continue your site. Thsnx so much for your kindly sharings. GOOD JOB:)

emilia shenay

Thank you adam,


Thank you very much, Adam. :)


Thanks Adam, this is really the excellent lesson for IELTS test.

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I will get IELTS exam after ten days… your lessons are very important for me…Thanks a lot… Adam

Ramiz Shubbar

hello adam . is there any way or any website so i can do an virtual IELTS exa.

nazek n

Thank you Adam for those helpful tips !


Thank you so much Adam, I have almost all your video lessons and they are so useful for me.


I watched this video in 2014 now watching in 2017 again


Thank you Adam for save my time. This video was very helpfull and usefull more than any book I have ever read. You are a such great teacher.


great videos from you and Emma



Thanks a lot Mr.Adam


Hi, Could you please guide me to where the quizzes is, cause I can’t find’em.


    Hello, friend! I don’t think there is a quiz for this lesson in specific.


Hi Adam, it’s good lesson like you always do justice with all your lecture as per usual plus you seem sort of enthusiastic and taking it much seriously keep in touch with students in this section and answering questions and helping students.I noticed you have more clarity in your speaking. All the best.




Thanks Mr. Adam.


you are the best teacher,i have ever seen


in listening sections,section number, 4 how can i improve this section……..alwayes i get low markin sec 4.
i alwayes try to listen diffrent types of broadcast,show,telicast,news,music,etcetra……..

abtahy juha

These tips are great useful. I could got the good marks if I had learned these when I studied in the University.

Jerry Gu

Thank you Adam . Its great help even if I weren’t taken the test.

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