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In my country, companies often want to hire people with experience in the workplace. It’s hard to understand how someone can be experienced without getting a job. In fact, this dilemma can shed light on the minds. This means that your expectations should be low in terms of money, especially if you are applying for your first job. You should focus on what kind of opportunities you will get with this job, how much you will improve and what kind of qualities you will have. Of course it takes time and effort. This process will eventually give you a better position in the company, which means better salary. Everything is built on trust. The company should trust you, and you should trust the company. If this trusting relationship is built in a healthy way, you can have all things you deserve. Everything begins and ends with you. Some tactics can be useful in a match However, if you are not good, none of them will work or their effects will be limited. Therefore, you should be confident about yourself, be patient, and put all your effort into the work. Then, you can see how good things come to you.

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    hey yoselin i hope that you fine, actually i wanna practice English with someone to improve myself in speaking skills. so if you interested about that send me on instagram > id_riss_44… and thank you, have a good day


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