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Great lesson James, thank you. I didn’t just studied, but I learned a lot. I’m very glad to be the first one to leave a comment here.

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Hello James! If I would like to use EngVid as my language course, in what order should I watch the videos?

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cool lesson!! Thanks a lot James.

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thank you, teacher, for your subject, actually very important for us, But sometimes your video not clear. thank you again

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Dear Prof. Jeams,
Very nice lesson indeed. Thank you, prof James.

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does everyday = daily in meaning? :)

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too advanced lesson! 4/10 fail :(

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    Don’t worry Carlos. Keep studying. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot.

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Thank you very much Sir. I did not know that ‘maybe’ means the same as ‘ perhaps’ or ‘possibly’. I have laerned a lot today. :)

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That was an amazing class! I want to know what is the different between “understand” and “get it”. I hope you can help me!

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I study English everyday.
I want get a extra language as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot James.

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70 without finishing the whole lesson.

Profile photo of Zulu Nerdy Zulu Nerdy

    Maybe if you watch all of it, you’ll get 100! :P

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      I’ll give it another try.

      Profile photo of Zulu Nerdy Zulu Nerdy

Thank you for your great lesson, James :)

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Very helpful video, thanks a lot James.

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great lesson! Thank you very much James…

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Very effective lesson.Thank you very much James for this advanced lesson.I jumbled up a lot with it:)I need to practice a lot.After all “Practice makes perfect”

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thanks for the subtitles it helps me for spellings :)

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thanks mate!

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thanks teacher james ,very helpful video. :)

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i can uderstand you very well and clearly but when i whatch some movie i couldn’t understand maybe 70 percent form the movie’s idea

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Thanks James!

I’m studying almost every day through these EndVid lessons and learning a lot. Maybe one day I may be speaking English fluently with your help and then I will be able to exchange ideas with all of you, Canadians, Americans, Britishes, and all the world.

Excuse me by liking to practice the lesson’s contents here. However, I’m sincerely expressing my feelings and reality with these words.

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thanks for the explanation james :) i got 7, anyway. maybe, i should learn about it again :D was my previous sentence correct ? :D learn or study ? a little bit confusing -_-

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awesome lesson as sometimes I am confused about it also. you give a lot fun and useful thing to me. thank so much teacher.

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Fantastic explanation!

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Awesome video studying lesson. thanks a lot James!

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thanks a lot james that was really helpful lesson

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James is southpaw. Did you know?
P.s. thanks a lot, teacher. I like your lessons. My result is 8/10.

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Hi there! If someone wants to talk to improve English,please contact me via Skype :)) my Skype is ninguem00001

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I wanna have other quizez, WHAT should I do?

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9/10 – My mistake: You can “study” a lot from reading books.

Hello, Mr. James and Mr. E. (I’m your fan James’ [tipsy] buddy… hehe). My name is Paulo and I am studying English (and hopefully learning it well). By the way, thank you so much Mr. James for all your hard work – your videos are fantastic. I am from Brazil, so my native language is Portuguese (Brazilians do not speak Spanish as a second language, most of them do not know Spanish at all. Actually, some Brazilians can understand Spanish because it is quite close, but not enough to speak the language).

In Portuguese, specially in Brazil, there are two words that got different meanings (in a formal way), but Brazilians used to use them in the same situations. I am talking about the words “estudante” and “aluno.” The “estudante” is the person who studies the content of a class (in the classroom or at home or anywhere else): student. The “aluno” is the person that only attend school, but it does not actually mean that that person is studying what he/she is listening to or writing about or watching in the classroom (the mind is far away, only the body remains in the classroom). Some people used to say: “Don’t be an “aluno”, be a student. When you get home, review your notes.”

My question is: Do Americans have a word for those people that are only in the classroom (students that do not read or memorize things but only attend school – sometimes for fun)? Brazilians used to translate “estudante” and “aluno” equally to the word “studant.” Maybe I could say that better like this:

Don’t be an observer, be a student. When you get home, review your notes.
Don’t be a scholar, be a student. When you get home, review your notes.
Don’t be a schoolchild, be a student. When you get home, review your notes.
Don’t be a kid, be a student. When you get home, review your notes.

However, this video clarified my mind and I started to think that that sentence could be expressed this way too: “Don’t be a student, be a learner.” (Still not the same thing, but I think it sounds good… hehe)

Thank you for your time and patience! I really appreciate it!

~ Paulo

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I’m bolivar ,I would like to thank Mr James for his lesson so right now I see the difference between maybe and may be. thank you a lot

Profile photo of felissin bolivar felissin bolivar

Thanks a lot James.

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Muchusimas gracias

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Thanks James!

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Thanks a lot James^^

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Everyday = adj
Every day = adv

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Thank you very much for this interesting video!
It was interesting to learn difference between “learning”and”studying”. It seems like I’m studying at my university only :D
Self-education is the best, yeah…
I may be speaking English better if I practice more.:)

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Cool Teacher! I got 100% Thank you!

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hi teacher it was very great and helpful lesson and thank you for that ,I want to mention one more thing ,Nive dress it really suit you the best

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sorry I would like to say Nice Not Nive

Profile photo of Oussouby94 Oussouby94

Thank youuuuu James!!!Nice lesson as usual ;)

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Hello James. Learning English is so tough that I have to study harder and harder. You showed me a great understandable explanation. I’ll keep watching your videos every day for my everyday study. Thank you and chao.

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    Hi. Excuse me, You have to write “Ciao” and not “Chao”.

    Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

    Add also, chao (chão) means floor or ground in Portuguese. Take care!

    Profile photo of Paulo H. Dos Santos Paulo H. Dos Santos

      Thanks Paulo

      Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

Hi, I maybe learned something from you, but I should study everyday with engvid.

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Hi James, thanks a lot for this site, it’s amazing ! great ! I don’t understand absolutely all words but I understand almost all ! Ive had 100 about test, it’s a good beginning !
Thank you very much mr E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HI, your lesson is amazing thank you¡

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I just got 9 out of 10! :-(

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Hi James , I’m watching ur videos every day and I everyday used to take notes and maybe I have learned sth from u

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Gosh! You’re really increadible! Although I couldn’t passed the quiz for the first time but it was very useful and ..emm.. informatively! Million thanks!

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bunch thinks James for this usful lesson

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10/10 thank you for this useful lesson ‘Sensei’

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Your lesson is interesting. Thank you James.

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8/10 “Every day is like Sunday”
First mistake. Gain knowledge = learn not study ??!
I thought learn = skills and study = knowledge.
Second. Mr. E snoring! Well, maybe is sleeping, it look like, possibly, as it sounds. Again mistake. On Everydays quiz I get 80% that’s ok.

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this is the first lesson I seen in this website then I decided to start and study with you to learn how can I speak English

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My English not strong, I have to learn more by studying every day.Thank you so much for a very good lesson.

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Thank You James, this lesson is awesome.

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Great as always and you are a very elegant man.

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I got 70%, thanks for good lesson,but i’m still confused between “every day and “everyday”.

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thank you prof

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Thank you very much James, I do not understand what the word ‘perhaps’ means

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    thank u so much ! ^big heart^

    Profile photo of sarah-hadi sarah-hadi

thanks JAMES, youre the best!

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You are a great Theacher I’ve learn alot with this class thanks

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thank you, it was a nice class!!!

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Congratulations, James! It was an excellent lesson!

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Thank you James it is a good lesson!!

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

indeed,everyday and every day are confusing .thx

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thank you mr James this is a great lesson

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i got 8/10 but i will try again to get 10/10.

Profile photo of sarah-hadi sarah-hadi

Thanks James, I’m learning with your videos !

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Hello James,

Your lessons are grippingand trully motivatng!
I’m trying to watch you every morning and stay “tuned” all day long.
I’m curious if you could have a lesson about Canadian Engish. I’m moving to Canada soon and would like to know any catchy words to use. (Well, I watch Canadian channels online, but that would be more appealing to hear some tips from my teacher-motivator)
Hope you know some and could share.
Thank you for your time and energy!

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Sir James, All the way, out of the way, go out of (someone) way, (someone) way out of. and other expressions using “way” Thank you

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I like it so thanks james

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How bad I am. I got 6 but I’ll be better next time. Thank you so much Mr James.

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This lesson was very nice! Thank’s a lot.

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I loved this class, what I learned today will be useful for my daily routine studies for the TOEFL exam. Thank you

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It was a smart and useful lesson. Thank you, James.

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useful lesson but i’m still confused about how to use ‘everyday’ and ‘every day’ when i found new sentences relating to those.

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Mr. James i have a question.

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Great lesson!

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Thank you Mr. James. You remind me of my english teacher in high school, he’s as cool as you are. :)

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HAha nice American voice you’re the best English teacher thank you. I have learned a lot from you

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Thank you very much ,Mr.James
I love your lessons ,I feel interesting.
I think I will improve my English so fast:)

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I love the way you explain the lesson
Thank you :D

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its so interesting and useful test .

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Very good lesson James thank you

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Hi, James. Thanks for your brilliant lesson. It says that every day is an adjective but some textbooks and this video
https://www.engvid.com/everyday-or-every-day/ (Adam) say that every day is an adverb of frequency. What’s right?

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i am very impress with mr jame and i personally appreciate him, cause i improve a bit

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thank you james great lesson

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Cool lesson. very good teacher, I LIKED IT A LOT…..THANKS….

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thank you mr james i appreacite it

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Another great lesson! Thank you James : )
I’ve used (everyday) in a wrong way for a long time until today !

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thanks for this lesson, cool James :D

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This lesson is really useful. Nice one)

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You got 10 correct out of 10.
:D .. That was awesome James ! Thanks a lot.

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Sir, I don’t know the difference between “less” & “lesser”. So, if you can make a video on YouTube discussing the differences between them, I would be very thankful to you.

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thanks James..great lesson:)

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James, i really like you… you are so cool! :D

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great lesson.thanks

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Thank you so much.

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this lesson is informative. thanks a lot :)

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Good lesson James. Test result: 9 correct out of 10.

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good lesson 10/10

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Thank You James for your lessons, your pedagogy!

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Thank you :)

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Great lesson James! Thank you so much!

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i am a beginner here, in this site, but thank you Prof. James! maybe i started to learn something about english by thru studying in Engvid!

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10/10!! I love it!!)

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Great lesson!!

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good work :)

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I love this lesson, I learn how to use these confused words. Thanks James

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very useful lesson. Thank you.

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You cannot learn conversation by studying, you have to practice it

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100 You’re the best James!

Profile photo of iseckoe iseckoe

100 Exceedingly useful lesson!

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Thanks a lot james…

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Thanks.But I think this lesseon is difficult for me to learn.

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    every day & everyday , I cann’t tell…

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Fantastic Lesson Dear sir, i really appreciate you for this lesson i really like the way that you teach explain us the lesson really very well.

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I enjoy more and more your lessons. Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot! I am really learning English with your lesson!

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Thanks a lot,Sir.

Profile photo of bellatimor bellatimor

You are my best english teacher ever :D

Profile photo of PeppeSicily PeppeSicily

Help me To learn speaking in english :( Teacher James.

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Thanks Mr James , 10 out of 10 :D , you really help me learn a lot by only watching you .. you make my day like every day !! .. love you

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very nice lesson,James!!!. thank you very much.

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I love to learn english with you James!! You are so Funny and your classes are very much interesting. It really capture my atention….Thank you.

Profile photo of Maritab Maritab

    So do i… He is the best, i guess.

    Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

wow I really did not know these very well!

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Thanks a lot, Mr.James.
Wish you the best!

Profile photo of damon0902 damon0902

thanks a lot. 10/10!

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Awesome as every day. I need to study harder though.
Thanks, Mr. James.

Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

Very good lesson,Sir James. Very useful and I learnt
a lot from it.
Thanks again.

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thanks mr. james ^_^

Profile photo of novitasari novitasari

Now I realize that I have to “learn” English not just “study” it!

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Very helpful, Thank you so much James!

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i have a little confused but i think it’s a good lesson , i Got 80%

anyway thanks a lot

Profile photo of Gehan Adel Gehan Adel

Thank you. I got 9/10. I missed the question “You can learn a lot from reading book”. I though I can study from reading books.

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Thanks James. great explantion…Gbu

Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

You got 9 correct out of 10.

thanks a lot.

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good lesson

Profile photo of sono ariel sono ariel

marrita, I love to learn english with jame too

Profile photo of sono ariel sono ariel

10 of 10 But this lesson was a little bit hard

Profile photo of sinoo sinoo

Got 10 out of 10
I’ve been using these words incorrectly for the past several years!
Thank u for opening our eyes, James

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thank you james i got 9 out of 10 in the quiz

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