James, thanks a bunch for this lesson. Your tips are acceptable not for foreign language learners but for everyday life and conversations.
I like your t-shirt. It suits you so much! Did you buy it because of an attractive color?
I’ve notices also your bracelets. Tell more about them, please.

Zhanna Maltseva

Hy James! good lesson, thanks.
Your watch is rare, we don’t see this all the time!
Is it a present? Why do you use this kind of watch? Are you passionate for this?
And by the way your tee-shirt has colors that suit you well! see you soon ;)


Hi, James your lessons are great, I like so much because your class, goes direct to the objective of speaking and listening in English, which really is excellent advice on the concept of small talk and stop to translate in mine mind


Hi James, your classes are delicious, I’ll practice, sorry for my poor English, but I will survive!

Maria Magdala

Thanks for small talk tips I love to stay in touch.


Wow!! cool! I like this tips, very helpful


Allah willing I am looking forward to watching all ur lessons during the next 70 days


Hi James i loved the lesson.
I really love your watch, that’s what we
v don’t see most of the time. l also love the shirt you are wherein. Thanks for your advice on small talk,it was wonderful. Thanks today is my first time being here so I am not quiet familiar with this website

Ifechineke Godwin

    Welcome to engVid, Ifechineke!

    We have many years of videos to watch! You can search for videos by level, topic, and teacher using the English Lesson Finder. Some lessons also come with downloadable resources, like lists of words.

    All our teachers are on YouTube, and there are playlists for different levels and topics. And if you want to know whenever a new lesson is uploaded, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    If you have any questions, just ask! Have fun ?️

    engVid Moderator

Thank you!! You are a great teacher!


Hello and thanks for helping me improve my English.You have helped me a lot (god bless you for helping millions) and that watch fits your appearance! Where did you get it?
Your bracelet looks fascinating? Do you like it and why?


Hi James,
Thnank you for this lesson.
I liked your t-shirt, this is my favorite color.
By the way, why do you prefer a pocket watch than wrist watch?


Hi James,

Why are you wearing a withe shirt under your polo -shirt?



Hi James,

Thanks for your tips on small talk.
I like your beautiful beaded bracelet and pocket watch. I’m wondering if it’s just for decoration or if there is something meaningful?



Ohhh great James!, thank you so much for your tips and recommendations for short talks!..I´m sorry that you have to leave us..mmm I wonder if your bracelet have some like a meaning for you, maybe the colour blue it is significant?..I ask you because I love the braceletes too, In my country youth wears a lot; for instance ( I´m not so young right now jaja) but I ever wear a green, yellow and red bracelet, due to I love so much reggae music..Let´s keep in touch soon, bye!


i´ts a great lesson. thanks, james.. you’re amazing. I’ll keep in mind all your recommendations. a hug from colombia!


100000000000 likes for your lessons. Thank you :D


Thank you very much Mr.James, as good lesson as every other of yours.


Hey man, thanks a lot for your decent lesson. I have really enjoyed. You have good-looking microphone, where did you get it? Is it expensive thing right now?


Hello Mr.James. I’m new to this website and watched some videos on your site. They were awesome and made me happy. however, I like to start with u a small talk…. So, Mr James where do live? Your look so smart…I think u have a beautiful smile and an attractive talking style. But I don’t like your T-shirt because it has a pale color. But don’t be angry with me because I want to practice small talk with people. Because I don’t have anyone to talk to in English. However, your lesson is the best. Thank u, Mr. James.


Hey, Mr. James, I really like you pocket watch. Do you collect them or is it just a present from someone maybe?

As always, thanks a lot for the lesson.

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