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yeahhhh… 100%

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100% thanks teacher Ronnie :)

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The best phone call I’ve ever received: my wife telling me “nice shooting, Tex!”
Sometimes life can be startling and wonderful.

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Ronnie, i love the way you speak and your sweet pronunciation. This is quite subtle and fascinating topic you`ve picked.) Thank you!

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infertility is a big problem for women and i think every one like to have a baby .

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You are the best Ronnie and I have learned a lot from you thanks a lot

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Hello every one. I haven’t watched this video yet, and I’m not willing to watch it any more. Because I’m a student and this topic has not effectiveness for me. By the way thank you Ronnie.

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    Engvid I’d like to say: thank you a lot to create and handle a website like this, actually Engvid became an important and inseparable part of my life. Now I can speak easier than before enjoy more from studying english.
    شما فوق العاده اید
    It means you’re wonderful but the top sentence is in my own language;persian 😶☺

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    Hey, maybe in this moment is not help you, but some day you will need it. Watch it, it is an interesting lesson.

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      i know its not important to u now but when “u got a slow swimmers than u will knew how its important”

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Knocked up wasn’t said

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thank you very much Ronnie.

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Hey My wife has been preggers for 4 months. It is really excited for me to be a father. Thanks for everything!!

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I enjoyed this lesson Ronnie. Thank you…

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Thanks Ronnie!!Interesting lesson ;)

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Thank a lot Ronnie!

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It’s not my best topic to talk about it but I have understood so many things with this lesson. Thanks a lot teacher Ronnie, good explanation and performance.

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Thanks Ronnie. If you still want to have baby, do let me know, I’ll teach you what to do. my skype ID is svt90034751967

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thanks Ronnie

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SOMEONE said:all the things you pray and ask for–believe that you have …

If you want have a baby Ronnie, this is the best way and I’ll pray with you.

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Awsome 100%

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Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie!
It’s a very interesting and useful lesson.

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I love you Ronnie, this topic is perfect! Thanks!!!

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Thank you

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This a very good website and there are alot of people get benefits without doubt.I even invited my friend to this Web,so I’m entirely grateful for all of

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    This a very good website and there are alot of people get benefits without doubt.I even invited my friend to this Website ,so I’m entirely grateful for all of Engvid staff,God bless you all . But to be frank, i wish to remove some so bad Advertisements which is not suitable for a site like yours. Hope you get what i mean.


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      If you click the “X” in the corner of the ad, you can report it for being inappropriate:

      If you click on the option “Why this ad?” you can also get Google to stop showing it to you.

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        Thank you!

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Hi Ronnie
I am little bit confused to use to be
If some one ask I want you to be happy and cheerfull am little bit confused to understand this word.
please clear

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Extraordinanry personal information, I think, this informtion shouldn´t be on the Internet.
It is very unappropriate.

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Very good! I need to do it more times.
Congratualtions, Ronnie. You are the best!

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Totally it’s my opinion that a lesson like this one shouldn’t be on a website like Engvid. Because there are a wide range of different students with different ages, cultures and etc. It could be better if Ronnie put an article to express that.
It was just my opinion. Pardon me if your opinions aren as the same as mine.

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    And I haven’t watched it but I told my idea according to the title of video and friend’s opinions. Thank you

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    There is a mistake: pardon me if your opinions aren’t as the same as mine

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Hi, Ronnie! It was the first time you were sad while teaching. It`s pity. But we all are your children! We respect and love you. All the best in the coming New Year.

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awesome class Ronnie, and how you always say, we can anytime close the page if we don’t like. Thank you

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Thanks Ronnie…This lesson was great..

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It was good to learn this useful vocabulary. Thank you so much, Ronnie!

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its hard to hear that!!!!! sorry but u the one who feels that is natural .
well thannks Ronnie for this useful and valuable information!

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Love Ronnie. I got 100.(*゚ω゚)ノ !

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Very helpful to improve our command over english

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thanks great teacher Ronnie

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Hats off for you Ronnie .. i can imagine how much courage it demands to make a lesson like this . you`re really wonderful person , and believe me people will always find something about you to talk about don`t care much about them . eventually being infertile doesn`t mean that you can`t have kids at all .. i mean “adoptions” could be a very good alternative .. anyway it was just another wonderful lesson as ever

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I wish i could find her earlier..Great Job ! Got 100%

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Hi everyone I´d like you to watch this movie “When The Bough Breaks”

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…wrong answer 4. I got a 90.

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This lesson is very sad.

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Words are powerless to express my gratitude

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it is so useful
thank you Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie, so clear

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No comments! as It´s a very fragile topic

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Hi Ronnie! You’re awesome! I really learned a lot from you.Thank you so much for being such a cool teacher..

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woooohoooo! i got perfect score! thanks ronnie!

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Hi Ronnie,
I really want you to help us with the way to learn English.What should I learn first?
I am confused. There is a lot teachers and hundred of videos so I do not know where to start.

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Thank you Ronnie! You are doing an amazing job! Not everyone can explain such a sensitive topic good as you! Happy Holidays!

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I love it. You are an incredible teacher.
I have a suggestion. This site could reserve a place for our punctuation in the quiz and to mark the lessons that we have did. I hope that you understand it although my mistakes. I am learning.

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Dear Roonie, that has been a very interesting topic, many people can’t immagine how big the problem is today, unfotunatelly I have been in a infertily clinic with my wife, and I saw a lot of couples Who have infertily problems. So I have learned new words. Thanks a lot Ronnie

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Miss roonie plz teach me your way of teaching is awesome :)

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I’m thankful to engvid.com and of Ronnie taking care of my future.

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Thank you Ronnie. When I don’t want to study I always see your clases because they are so practical to everyday English.

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i love ur teachings Ronnie

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I can’t watch the video.

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that was easiey

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Thank your for this great lesson, Ronnie!
You gave us a bunch of useful phrases and idioms. (:
Have a beautiful day!

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Thank you Ronnie. I feel little bit sorrow from your voice. Cheer up Ronnie. there is a lot of happiness

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Thank you Ronnie

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yes u are best Ronnie and I have learned a lot from u thanks very match i love uuuuuuuuuuu

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Really i would like to Thank you Ronnie! you teach me a lot

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thank you

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Hi Ms. ronnie thanks a lot,

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Those ‘other people’…

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You are the best teacher in the world, for you i watch this videos and i want to learn more and more. Thanks for everything, you are one of the persons that inspires me to learn english.

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thank you Ronnie for this lesson, i think you are a very generous teacher

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Thank you Ronnie:)

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Thank you

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Thanks alot

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thanks for lesson and advice to all people.

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Thank you for the lesson, Ronnie!!!

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thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, love you ❤

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for first time, I got 100. Yeay… I’m happy to know I understand this lesson.

thanks a lot Ronnie.

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Oh, Ronnie, you’re so right about that odd, I might say, rude “OTHER PEOPLE”. I guess people are the same all over the world when it comes to intimate questions……((((( Thanks a lot!

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Dear Ronnie, thank you very much for all your lessons! I really like them and advise my friends, to watch them.
Wish you ALL the best! )))))))

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Hi Ronnie, You are just great, I admire you! I heard you would like to come to Poland. Feel invited – to Warsaw .
BEST Regards

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100 % yeaaah

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Thankyou sooo much..you explaine grate

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Thanks Ronnie☺

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Thanks Ronnie

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interesting, thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks Rony.

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Thanks Ronnie.

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Thanks, Ronnie I learned a lot….!!!

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Thanks Ronnie

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Hi Ronnie I like very much your lessons. I’m infertile too. I was devasted , but now I’m relaxed.I have a step daughter and her daughter is my daughter in law.

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Dear Rony! Your lesson always very inspirational! I love them! You are absolutely unique. Thank you!

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Thanks, Rony! I got 10/10 again!!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie

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Thanks for helping others by sharing and for the lesson Ronnie!!!

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i want to say you Ronnie, thanks for this videos is a great information. it is very easy to understand. i enjoy seeing yours videos. Again thanks you Ronnie

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9/10. Thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson. You are a very good teacher and always teach with jokes,

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Ronnie you are not only a sweet teacher you are also strong and blessing person I never see in my life. God have perpuse for any one life!

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Thank you.very very usufull.I am.watching every day.

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Thanks for this lesson, Ronnie. It is not an easy topic but you handled it pretty well with valuable information. I love the way you explain the lessons and how natural & professional you are. Thanks EngVid for putting all the videos together and give us this amazing website to learn English, excellent job! I love you guys!

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Good vocab lesson.Thanks.

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Good job Ronnie! You brought it off! Congralutation.

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Thanks Ronnie

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Please I need more explanation for she had an abortion

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Thank you Mrs. Ronnie.

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Thank you Ronnie!

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So sad to hear your advice on abortion, Ronnie. :(

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Thank you Ronnie

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