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All roads lead 2 Rome but one road leads 2 the truth


    Our sister Eichi from Pakistan her mom is too ill[ Cancer ]
    we oughtta help her and pray for her mother
    and stand with her in her[ Tribulation and distress ]
    I ask Allah the supplication 4 ur mother o’Eichi


    you’re engvid’s watchman :D


      Thx O’zahra


Vnl ty Mr/Alex


    You are pushing ahead beside all odds! My congratulations for being the first for … time. I’ve already lost in scoring… Could you remind me? To push on the game!


      our pleasure
      Ty kindly
      best wishes


Great teacher Alex thank you for this really dynamic lesson


Good going kotoz!
Most of the first


    Ty kindly o’Sayeed


Teacher Alex i’ve answered wrong the question Number 7 but there wasn’t the phrasal “push out” in the explanation of your lesson…….What’s the catch?? :-)


    Me neither…. 9/10:(


      Nataanna have you stumbled upon the same question as well ??……the Number 7 i mean


        Yes, I did the same mistake as you.


          Which means we just have to wait that teacher Alex let us know why so many students failed to answer question 7 correctly……


          After KOTOZ explanation, it’s clear it was a trick, and we were trapped. Thank you Alex, Kotoz for making us think.


          Yes i think so too…..I also think that it’s impossible to get a 10 out of 10 with an teacher Alex’s quiz because of his hidden booby traps :-)
          Kotoz has been very insightful…Thanks to everyone


          Ty pretty much 4 ur kind words,,,,


        you push someone out the door, someone you don’t like you push away
        that is figuratively.
        out of [—–]


          Yes it’s True..It must be so.
          I didn’t think about It before….Thank you kotoz


          Thank you again


          U r always wlc


    It’s so clear


I have not understand. Why wrong in answering away in place of out.
“She didn’t have a chance. She was pushed away/out of the group”.

Will you explain it?


    I’ve also got that wrong kkk what if this it was a mistake in that question?


    you push someone out the door, someone you don’t like you push away
    that is figuratively.
    out of [—–]


Thank you, Alex! Push ahead with such useful lessons!

Michael Zelenko

please Translate TO Persian :
tulips have grown in my bathtub.
Do you know, where the water stops.
Where the tulips grown?


    chi neveshti?


      hala omadi be man gir bedi ! age baladi tarjomeh kon .in yek shere.


        shaeresh kiye?


          sareh sokoot ke alan Washington dare zandegi mikone


          then translate it for me please .


Thank u Alex. Why is it ronge to choose push a way in question number 7?

Thanks again


    you push someone out the door, someone you don’t like you push away
    that is figuratively.
    out of [—–]


Come on… you did not teach in this lesson about “push out”… I failed question 7?


push back Appeared twice in the lesson but push out none

Carlos Alberto Psi

100 % ! You are a great teacher !


Thank you Alex.


    Hello Zahra; I just want to remind you that we are here to improve our english, by writing and speaking English, NOT PERSIAN. So please write ENGLISH. Thank you.


      AND And if I’m not wrong, you’re an english teacher. So it’s easier for you to use english language. So let us learn from you dear teacher!!


        Asab nadariha! Ye fekri behalesh bokon…
        1.negaran nabash ba comente farsi engelisit zaeef nemishe!
        2.man alaki doost dashtam ye khorshidi, setareyee, chizi kenare profilam bashe, to chera bavar kardi moalemam!
        3.inaro farsi neveshtam chon hamvatani nakhastam digaran motavajeh beshan chi migim!
        4.amoo joon farad nari biroon taraghe bazi, kheili khatarnake! Ye moghe mibini daneshmande mamlekat ke shoma bashi khodaee nakarde balaee saresh miad!
        5.lotfan javab nadeh chon kheili comment hast ta in paeen bekham biam bayaad azhans begiram. Vaghtesham nadaram albate
        6.az barani ke mibarad lezat bebarid! Ya hagh


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          engVid Moderator

          Zahra….I am another people ….I am knowing you …but I have to hide your secret …. you are teacher or you are a English lover ….I just wanna to be active here..thank a lot …God bless you


        Hi nkh! Where are 4 5 3? Did someone eat them as in Alex`s lesson about 789 (7 ate 9). Watch the video to get the gist: https://www.engvid.com/learn-english-with-5-jokes/
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        See you.


Thanks Teacher! But what’s the difference between “push ahead” and “push on” ?


    push on like encourage or progress
    To continue


hi everybody,i would say i don’t push myself out of this forum but many circumstances was pushing me arround and prevent me pushing ahead with watching engVid and i am pushing back against these troubles and will push past them because i don’t want to push anyone away in this sites so i am pushing for more videos with excellent lessons and i hope they won’t be pushed back to post so i promise to push on watching engVid. thanks Alex.


    OMG! It has been donkey’s ears since your last comment! I’m glad to see you again! So impressive return! I have nothing to add! Anyone could push past your bright words.


      hi nataanna , thank you for your concern but i have to ask you about the meaning of ‘ donkey ears’ even i think it’s an idiom and i know that you like them a lot .


        It means for a long time, as long as donkey’s ears. I don’t like idioms, I try to study them…
        Have a nice evening


          thank you for your infortion but i would say even you tell me you don’t like idioms, i’ve remarked that you use them a lot and you know a lot of them and i admire that because i like them and i want to learn more and more of them.


          Thanks, both of you, SKIKDA and NATAANNA.
          I really admire your messages where I got more,
          talking a formal way.

          Abdishakur Abdi

          i appreciate that Abdushkur Abdi.


9/10. Slipped on the number 7 like the others :)


Hi Alex. I got 9 out of 10 on the quiz. I’m glad because I made only one mistake. See you next time! PUSH ON!

Júlio César L Sousa

    Boa Noite


      Boa noite!

      Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks Alex, Very interesting !

Oi…Tiago tudo bom ?!
I think that the diference… when you push ahead is against something or some others. Insted… push on is no against anyone !!
It could be ?


    thanks! yes it makes sense! push ahead when there are people against… when there are contrary circunstances… while push on it simply means keep going no matter the problems


Thanks Alex, useful lesson I didn´t know the usage of push with p.v I am new in this web page, my Enlish level is not as good as I want, I don´t know if you give personal classes beside these videos and stuff if so please let me know, I am interested on a good teacher, actually I am taking English classes here in Mexico but my teachers are not good, some of them have the same level as I do… Please let me know if you can teach me :D


Thanks Alex. Your explanation is very clear.
Best teacher:)


Always the same question, when you study a topic then you may have other possibilities to figure out your duties with the new topic, it’s the case of the question 7, who would tell me that there is a small difference between “away” and “out”, I didn’t think about other phrasal verbs, only in these ones we have seen in this lesson, but it doesn’t matter, we should learn from our mistakes. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex, as always a very interesting lesson.


Thank you,Alex. So interesting lesson!


nice lesson


Hi Alex

I don’t get the number 7 in the quiz. It shoulda
said ?:She was pushed away. Why pushed out? Thanks for your comment.


I didn’t know most of these phrasal verbs, some of them weren’t so easily understandable.
Thanks Alex!


    easily understandable?


The expressiong I learnd with this chapter is really nice. Thanks Alex!

Avid Ahn

Thanks, Alex
I got 90% in a quiz, and pushed ahead watching engvid lessons as well

Abdishakur Abdi

Great!!! I have found this helpful website that provides me with interesting knowledge in English. Thank you very much.

Quynh Anh

Thank you so much

Seng Nu Pan

Thanks sir this really was helpful.


Teacher,thanks for your effective presentation.I scored 10 out of 10.Be blessed.


almost confused with PUSH someone/something BACK, and PUSH BACK someone/something. Really interesting but what strategies, apart from use them while talking, do you recommend to learn phrasal verbs.


I do the quiz two-time and in both, I got 90%. I know the phrase is not correct but I try to push on and do much better than now I know I have to push myself ahead and keep going to be good


Appreciated the way of presentation and guidance.

Ahmad Sulaiman Naseer

It is helping me lot

Thank you


You explain each item clearly, for that I prefer your explanation than other teacher. I don’t push on, I need pushing ahead. Congrats


Phrasal verbs are really important to learn, thanks Alex for posting this video. I hope you do more videos like this one.


As always, brilliant.
Also, I want to ask all of the people out there who want to chat with me through skype plz let me know. My account is Trollergamer exactly. Love


funny, thank you :)

Jeff Qiu

I got 08 .☺ Your way of teaching is cool alex . Keep it going and thanks!


Hi Alex! You’re wearing a nice t shirt! Final Fantasy 7! Learning with you is so fun that I’ll push on learning English on this site!


It was a very good class!! I loved it. Thank you very much


Alex, thank you very much You has a different English class . I didn’t realice the English speakers use the word Push in different occasion, for Spanish people in not very polite.

Ricardo Pizarro

Thankyou..it was perfect

Maryam feili

This lesson is great, thank you, Sir. Although the question no 7 is a little bit tricky though haha


I think if you want to use the the word “away” in number 7 question you should change the statement to “away from the group” I dont know the rule. Just sharing. :)


Good lesson as usual. Merci Alex. Je continue à aller de l’avant (….push on, ….push ahead).


Great! There’s a lot of information, I need to push on studying phrasal verbs.

You got 9 correct out of 10.


This is really useful lesson,also helpful to understand while speaking.I appreciate you Mr.Alex , Push on :)

bakhtiyar ali

Hi Alex. I want your answer for this question
The tea is too hot to drink, ………?
is or isn’t it ?


9/10 i think it`s normal, thanks for the lesson




Hello teacher! I didn’t understand the question number 7. The answer is it correct?


great teacher


He is great teacher. His accent is very clear.Thank you Alex


Thanks for this wonderful lesson! It’s really helpful.


Thanks you have a great body language


8/10 …. I don’t quit, I need to push on !!;-)


thank you teacher
Keep pushing on


Thanks. My level is 80


Thank you ALEX


Thanks Alex.


Thanks Alex, the first time I won 60 points, but the second I was pushing on and I got 100 points.


I’ve got 90(. What’s the catch? I thought. Ha! The catch was push out! Well done! I like it!


Thanks, professor Alex. You’re great!
And May the 4th be with you.


thanks Alex i really appreciate your videos i got 9 from 10 because i was confused with the #7


Thanks to your lesson Mr. Alex, my English is becoming advanced from start to now.


I push on my English lesson and I am happy for this good lesson.
Merci Alex pour cette excellente leçon. je suis moins présent sur le site depuis que j’ai découvert BBC Learning English mais je vous retrouve toujour avec plaisir.


    Hi.I’m new here.


Thanks Alex. Don’t let people push you around. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.


Thank you Alex


Awesome lesson! As always thanks Alex!

Jonathas Wilhem

I got 10/10!!!


Thank You Alex , push ahead with your absolutely incredible lessons.


It was very useful, thanks a lot


Thanks for the useful lesson Teacher Alex.
Keep pushing on making more English lesson
I truly like learning from you

parnid nps

Thanks Mr. Alex!


The lesson was nice, but I would like to how how you measure, I had 3 wrongs question in 10 and you said I got 60 ?????


We need to push forward the date.
Does It have any sense?


Hello Alex

I got 5/10


Hi, the “push out” phrasal verb is not in the video, it is missing.

Kind regards!

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