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Thank you sir,That was so cool :)

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    Thanks a lot!

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    soo good for me

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    love those jokesssssssss

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      yeaaaah that is soo funny

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      me too :)

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    Hahaha .. I’ll wear sunglasses .. Cause you’re soooo bright sir :)lol

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Alex…. You really made me laugh!…. Thanks million for your time :)

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Haha ! thank you for this lesson

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It was a great idea to give such a lesson. The quizz is also useful. Many thanks!

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    Any time! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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      If I click on Leave a Comment, it won’t work, so I can merely reply to comments. (Have I used merely correctly?)
      Anyway, why did the blond woman stare at a carton of orange juice? Because it said concentrate on it.

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      Why didn’t the shark swallow the clown fish. Alex, would it be wrong if I say, why didn’t the shark swallowed the clown fish?

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      Hi Alex, it was funny lesson. I have another joke…Why the bicycle can’t stand on its own? – becouse it’s 2 tired.

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        Hello Jacek, I am stealing your joke, very funny, too.


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    I’m from Oradea too… the WORLD is so small

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Thank you, Alex. This is a very good and interesting way to make an English lesson funnier. I’m definitely going to use it :)

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Some jokes were funny ;) keep this up I learn a lot with this lesson

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    Yeah, I know they weren’t all super funny, but I hope you enjoyed at least a few of them.

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Hi Alex,
just to be sure: ‘can’t’ is a contraction of ‘cannot’. You wrote ‘can not’ on the blackboard.

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That Was also good joke, Its a nice lesson that has make me laugh much and I am gonna apply it to a party soon. and Teacher Alex please make some lesson on “let” complete uses

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I loved more backgraoud’s music. very funny.

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thanks Alex, even if when I was hearing this jokes from you I’m saying : am I supposed to laugh here?!

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    That’s the appropriate reaction!

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Thanks Alex

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Very nice jokes Alex! I just loved this lesson! You are right, it’s necessary to be in a advanced level to understand jokes in English! I’d like more lessons with jokes!

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    I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks so much.

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Thank you, Alex.I enjoyed it and suggested video shows Specialized terminology government

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you’re really nice person I wish you were my teacher !

and I liked all the jokes and I understand them .

plus if someone tell me these jokes at a party I would be their best friends :)

Love to all From ” Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ” :)

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    I’m glad you found them funny! I’m sure your friends would too.

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Lovely jokes,thank you sir

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Great lesson, I think is the best one!

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    That’s nice to hear. Thanks!

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      Alex thaks for making us smile.Keep up bro ;)

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hahaha it’s really funny

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Thanks a lot
Skeleton had no body to go with him was very funny.
But, I couldn’t understand some answers in quiz.
Why the longest sentence is ‘I do’?
please teach me…..

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    When people get married, they are asked: “Do you take _____________ to be your husband/wife?” To answer, you have to say “I do.” This is a sentence.

    “Sentence” has a double meaning. If you are a criminal and go to jail, you have to serve “a sentence.” Your sentence can be 5 years, 10 years, etc. It’s a joke because of this double meaning: marriage can be like prison.

    I hope this helped!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      sir, I think that double meaning words also know as double entendra.
      is it right

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      and now i’m just laughing after getting the explanation. But my friend did even hardly, not because of the joke, yet my belated catch-up. Does it funny too, Alex?

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      oh,it’s the fucking greatest joke ever ! thanks alex.

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      Now it is really more clear for me. “What is the longest sentence?” you mean in the joke.
      Thanks for lesson…

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very amusing lesson. thanks Alex

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Thanks a lot,Alex,a interesting lesson

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It’s funny answers, but i didn’t understand the last answer?
where is the double meaning here!

& thanx Alex *_*

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thank you Alex . We’ve the same jokes in Arabic any way I liked the lesson so much .

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Thank you, Alex. You’re such a nice guy and a wonderful teacher. I can’t wait your next lesson. Greetings from sunny Cracow, PL

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    Enjoy the weather! I haven’t been back to Poland in over 18 years.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Nowadays Poland is changing but still many things need to be fixed. On the other hand, 18 years is a lot of time and I think that you will be positively surprised visiting us next time.

      Profile photo of ronniepl ronniepl

The best one was “a prison sentence” of course! :D

Profile photo of ronniepl ronniepl

It was really funny,:)and made me laugh.I’d like more lessons with jokes

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Thanks for expaining of double-meaning words ) As for humor, well, it’s weird, in my opinion :)))

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thank you sir,
I like it so so much

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Alex, I liked your jokes, especially the last one!
“I really really recommend that you use these at a party if you want no friends”

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    They’re bad jokes, but I think some people will find them cute.

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Hi Alex,
I liked this lesson so much, It was so FUNNY :)

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Thanks sir it was wonderful lesson

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Hey, Alex. I’m from Brazil and I have to tell you that I’m amazed by this website. I’ts helping me a lot.
I didn’t laught about the jokes,but the way you told them was very funny and I could learned a lot.


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    I’m happy that you got something out of it.

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wow !! thats so good :)

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Hi Alex! Is this a correct joke? When anyone asks you if the chair is left and I reply “yes, that is right”!

Profile photo of elimbm61 elimbm61

    Haha. That’s not too bad. I’d probably tell it like this:

    “Are there any chairs left?”
    “No, they’re all on the right.” or “No, they’re right.”

    “Yes, that’s right” works too. I like it!

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It was great … sorry It was bright!!! jaja!
thank so much!!! Alex,

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thanks Mr. Alex. I’m really funny when learn E in this page.

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sir i am from Pakistan. Your this lecture was very interesting and informative.I will attend your lectures regularly.thanx

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    I’m happy to hear that!

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Great class.You’re interesting.=)

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i like it so much :)

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why you didn’t reply my comment ? wast that bad ?
This is not fair I know I act like a Little Girl here but I need and I want some reaction!

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    Love and some hate because I’m angry to All
    From “Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia”

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Really really awesome lesson, very funny and I learned a lot from it….thanks so much…and I hope you can do more lessons with jokes…

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    Due to the positive response to this video, I just may have to do that.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

that’s a funny way to learn. thanks, I really enjoyed the last one.

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Good lesson!

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Please tell us more jokes, guess and puns. Thank you very much

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not so funny but i really enjoined them. they helped me somehow to understand different meanings for a word which i wasn’t know before.
thanks Alex

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    That’s the whole point! I’m glad you understood!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

you are very good teacher and l love the way that you teach

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hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so funny 789

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thanks alex it’s very funny i enjoyed very well

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I like the ones with the skeleton and sunglasses…. beside that you never know who is following your lessons so have a pair of sunglasses at hand :)

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    I’ll make sure to remember that. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

It was a great delight! Alex you realy have a talent for comedy!!!

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Thanks a lot Alex ! I had much fun watching that video :)

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so cute jokes .. i like it
and i love this lesson becuse

100 i got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you

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Thanks) Your lessons are very useful and funny!

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    I appreciate that. Thank you.

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u r the best :D

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    Hey aida ,, i want to improve my english , can i talk too on skype my account is rahaf.chirs2

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this really helped me :)

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This video is a most enjoyable one and it’s good to learn in conjunction with laughing!

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Hey Alex, I really enjoyed the jokes… Thanks so much…

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    No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Very good insight the way you teach that !

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Alex,7 ate 9 is funny.

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Thank you for such an original video! I enjoyed it a lot.

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thanks alex

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I will be frank with you I have benefited greatly from his website and your style in a very interesting
Thank you so much :)

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    If you will be Frank, I will be Jack.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex
Nice jokes
Listen to this,
What do you call a man lying down at front door of your house?

Profile photo of rilomo rilomo

    Okay, I really like this one. I’m going to use it in real life. Haha.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

What do you call a vehicle that has 2 flat tires on one side?
Carline, ” Car lean “

Profile photo of rilomo rilomo

Very good teacher!

Profile photo of runnerrj runnerrj

Thanx, nice method to teach

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Thnx Alex! I really enjoyed this class a lot… I had so much fun! :D I’m going to use some jokes with my sts, if you don’t mind!

Profile photo of yaninaanahi yaninaanahi

    Go for it!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex, thanks for sharing… these jokes are very useful to teach English to students because we can work grammar rules in a fun way. I’ll use them in my classes. See you!

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Thnx Alex, they were funny!

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Hallo, Alex! you have a comedy talent!It was real delight to see this video!Can you please to answer one question Does engvid have subtitles? I sometimes see subtitels , but sometimes i dont see.. it is very usefull, but wy not always? thank you!!!

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Thank you.

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funny jokes….very good teacher

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Nice joke Mr. Alex… but i’m getting confused about six afraid to seven. tell me more,sir.

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thank you Alex

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Thanks Alex

learning with jokes, i enjoy it ;-))

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thanks Alex

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It’s so nice using fun in english

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good teacher
i’ve got 100%
I love English

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I really like this method. Thanks so much for your help.

Question; how do you used the word ” ought to” in the sentence??

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hahaha very fanny and very useful thanks

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Ha! very funny. Thanks for the lesson

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that was the better vídeo class I´ve seen until now.

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– What is the difference between an American and God?
– God does NOT think he is an American …

– What is the difference between summers and winters in Canada?
– People wear their parkas half unzipped in the summer …

Profile photo of sabbatical sabbatical

    I would say that the last one doesn’t correspond to the Canadian reality, at least in Ontario :) it’s vice versa. I saw many people here who were wearing their parkas unzipped in the winter :)

    Profile photo of haliota haliota

I love this kind of jokes. Very good is for example the one in Harry Potter book and movie: “How do you feel, Georgie?” – “Saintlike”…”Saintlike. You see…I’m holy. Holey, Fred, get it?” :D

Profile photo of pafran pafran

    No sorry..:explain!!

    Profile photo of love12 love12

Or if you know jokes about viola players, this one is one of the kind: “Why is a violist like a terrorist? – They both screw up Boeings.”

Profile photo of pafran pafran

Thanks for the last one, that was the only one I didn’t understand, and thanks for the funny one’s, (weird background noises)

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This is a best site I ever seen. (which is learned english )

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Great! Thank you

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when i will learn English properly. i will be Great help to you.

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Thanks a lot Alex, I like this lesson

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    Hallo!Morningsunl,I’m also a chinese!!!!

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Alex… Hope you get the chance to reply… I did not understan quite well the lesson on : therefore,thus and all that jazz…. could u please do it for me?

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you are good teacher alex, love to learn english like this :)

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you are the best thank you

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Alex it was great. heheheheheh

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Hi Alex ! First of all thanks for the great lesson ,it was very nice and funny as well, and I’ll do the same to learn more about your brilliant idea:)

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Very good Alex!

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Teacher, you saved my day, thanks:)
The one I liked better was those about the skeleton, very funny:):):)

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Thank you, it’s so funny

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Thanks a lot.

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That was really interesting. Is there more jocks that we can learn again??

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thanks a lot! and break your leg))

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wow, what a funny lesson ! thanks

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good teacher

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Alex, thanks a lot! These jokes made me laugh. I enjoy the “678” one. It was really unpredictably for me.

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Could you tell us more jokes?

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I love the jokes. They make me think :) cool lesson :)

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mr alex thx really cool lesson and wonderful idea all the jokes understood I like 7 ate 9 hhhhhhh i will remind it for my kids in futur
you are the best

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that was an excellent idea. Learning with jokes.

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my favourite joke is “why was six afraid of seven?” haha it’s so hilarious!

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Hey Alex thanx for the jokes.I have got for you :D
Why does the mushroom go to the party?
Coz : he is fungi haha :D

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how can i see videos?it’s not warkin.

Profile photo of shaikhah93 shaikhah93

    Let’s see if we can fix this! Does the video even show up on this page? Can you see other Youtube videos?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you sir, you’re so bright!

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Alex that was a very pleasent lesson! Thank you! Keep going!

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No it doesn’t show also I can’t see other videos

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It was a very funny lesson!!

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its good. thank you so much.

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it was a good lesson. thanks a lot

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that was a great lesson.thank u

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Great lesson, thanks.

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Hi Alex, it was funny lesson ! Using it as excercise, I tried to find an answer for every joke and write it down before you gave it. Of course I used a pause button in the video for my thinking :) These are my answers: 1.He wants to be happier. 2.Because seven is bigger. 3.Because the floor would be wet if it drank. 4.Because he doesn’t want to be blinded by his studetns’ knowledge. 5.No idea. I didn’t know the term contractions. Thanks a lot, more similar lessons would be fine. Regards, Dave

Profile photo of dako dako

    * wrote
    But I’m not sure if my second sentence has good grammar, there are many verbs :)

    Profile photo of dako dako

    good answers and funny too

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i have full score

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thanks Alex, I like to watch stand up comedy and I hate it when is don’t get the joke. it is hard part of the second language

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thans u so much mr.Alex I enjoyed with ur lesson

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Very funny. Thank you!

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very well it looks funny i am sorry

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How funny, thanks for video !

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that’s funny

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I really enjoyed it.
The best way to teach vocabulary that I have ever seen.
Lot’s of thanks!

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Thank you teacher alix

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that was nice

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haha I got 10 correct out of 10…Why? The quiz didn’t have choices…especially from No. 6 to No. 10. But I understood the jokes. I liked the skeleton and sunglasses jokes. Thank you for your funny lessons :D
I had fun !

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Hy teacher ! I really love your classes . I am improve my sel day by day with ENGVID . Thank you for your nice and perfect work .

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Although i am not an englishman those jokes were realy funny – my favourite one is with a skeleton … Thank you Alex.

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Thanks! Very nice!

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Thanks Alex. Joking is one of the ways you can get in touch with everyday words. Besides rhythm, fluency and vocabulary. Keep going on it please!

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Many thanks Alex. I will learn technices from you. I think I have to… Because I am teacher too.

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Hi Alex!The lesson was so cool. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. And the way you presented the lesson was awesome…

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Although all of them were well worn,your facial expression with deep silence begining to occur after the jokes made me laugh so freaking hard. Keep on recording such enjoyable videos. Thanks.

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Alex this lesson was soooo funy!! I love all the joke and what I loved most is that I could understand 95% of them without needing explanations!!! How cool :D

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Alex I love that lesson because I understand everything. Thanks

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LOL XD i love it. I’m gonna try to use it in my class on sunday yaaaay. Thanks Alex u r so cooooooool :D

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they all made me laugh!

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Great video !
Jokes are for me the most difficult part to understand !
Thank you !

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    Your comment is waiting to be approved by engVid.

    Good whatever time of day applies. I would like to become acquainted with to you, for a commonunication in English language, a language I know badly, but if you not against, I will be glad :)

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LOL!!! I love this page!!

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Thanks Sir Alex, I got 100%

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thnx mr alex :)

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I like 7-8-9, and ground beef. Do you think it works for little children?

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The number 5 in the Quiz is so funyyyyyyyyy

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Thanks a lot Mr Alex.I love the way you teach :)

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I got a nice and funny class in this morning, thanks a lot Alex.
have a wonderful weekend.lol

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hhhhh i like this lesson … 10/10 :)

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Good , funny and also useful idea .
I’ll use it with my friends ~ :)
Thank you ~~

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    Sounds like a plan!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

It’s funny…..


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Really it’s a good way to learn english

Profile photo of rahaf11 rahaf11

– Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to class?
– Because her students were so bright.
– …
– …
– (My friends were dumb)

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Best lesson ever! In spite of all the jokes were bad, these are the best ones!

Profile photo of buyeromanya buyeromanya

thanks for effort

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nice , thank you

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I thought the skeleton didn’t go to the party only because he didn’t have anything to wear! Not a nice guess…

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I liked all of them thanks teacher alex

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The extra jokes in the quiz was a great idea!!!I REALLY ENJOYED THIS LESSON!

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Thank you. You made very good lesson and subsequent quiz. I am sorry I can’t make equally good joke on how good it was. :)

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the jokes are very good thank you.

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Very nice jokes!!!!!!

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Hello Alex
I could not find any lesson.Which is describe these three words. pain-sore-hurt. Thanks

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So good, really nice teacher.

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I didn´t know you were so funny!

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Hi Alex, I just want to thank you, because the wonderful way you teach. By the way I love jokes!! ha ha ha :)

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That’s a very funny class! Tnx Alex!!

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Thanx a lot…

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I love jokes. Another one: A patient told the doctor that he had become a horse. The doctor replied that he could cure him, but it would come at a price. So our patient said that money wasn’t an issue because he had won the Grand National.

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Alex, those were real cool.

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Great!Thank you!Your lesson makes me smile!:))

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It’was amazing, thanks teacher! Hugs.

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I got 100% great for me and his good pronunciation

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This lesson brought back to me a chestnut:
Your mum is so poor she even can’t pay attention.

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    Okay, that’s pretty good.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    I am crying from laughing… Fantastyczne!!!

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good job :)

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Great ! Thank you Alex ! I liked your lesson a lot !

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Jajaja nice jokes.

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Mr Alex
I got 100%

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MR. Alex

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awesome! i enjoyed this video is good the way how you taught comprehension congrats and yes that’s really helpful thank you…

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Hi! it was the funneist lesson that I have seen yet.

Thank you so much.

god(ALLAH) bless you!

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that was very nice. I loved it.

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Very nice! 10/10 rsrs

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Is very nice

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hahahaha…..it’s coooooooooooooooollll.

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thanks sir it was very funny and very benefit

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I am very happy it was so easy I had 10/10

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The lesson is very useful and funny ( weird ) hahaha I really like the way you explain things, all your lessons are helpful, I enjoy :D thank you Alex

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This was a really funny lesson. Thanks Alex!

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HAHAHA, I liked it : )

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perfect , great

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perfect , great

Profile photo of amir.shayanifard amir.shayanifard

i really enjoyed from that vid. thank you =]

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Can you explain?

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    It mean:The man’s knee is “L”,It’s bended.

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I advice you to see it .Its so funy

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Doctor I have a problem of double personality. No problem. Come to see me and we’ll speak the four of the matter.

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