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Hi Alex. Excellent class, thanks.

Have a good one.

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Got 09. Last question is very true. Super valuable lesson. Thank you so much Alex. You have an admirable way of teaching!

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I got 9/10, you’re a good teacher who was involved in Engvid.com along time. you’re regarded as best teacher in my country that based on amount of the follower on youtube. But I’m a bit confusing about difference betwewn be known as and be regarded/seen as .Thank Alex

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    You used Past Simple Tense in first sentence (was involved). Past Simple expresses activities that happened in the past and are not happening anymore. They are finished. Meaning of your sentence is that Alex is currently NOT involved anymore.

    In this particular case it is better to use Present Perfect Tense: “Teacher who has been involved.” because Present Perfect reflect action that started in the past and is still continuing to the present.

    Now to the question. I don’t see big difference between known vs. regarded. I feel regarded is stronger word then known. For example, Mr. Joe is known to be good physicist, but Einstein is regarded as excellent physicist.

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Parfait Alex comme d’habitude. Merci comme d’habitude.

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Hello teacher Alex, I just want to say that Brazil loves you too, very much indeed. Thank you, peace out!!

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I got 10/10. I learn a lot from EngVid.

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Alex, thanks for this class, was really very instructive and… thanks for remembering about that ‘other guy’ in the example about the human flight pioneers. Best regards!

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Just in case Alex, this is better:
Mrs. Santos Dumont is popularly known in Brazil as the pioneer of human flight.
I really appreciate your class, thank you.

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First of all I gotta say thank you for the helpful lesson, second we “Brazilians” love you too! Last, but not least I got 9/10.

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Got 10/10. Thakns Engvid

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Hi Alex, thanks for the helpful lesson

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Thanks Alex!
However, Santos Dumont is the pioneer of human flight. xD

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Thanks Mr Alex. Happy to see you again.

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Thanks alot it was a great video

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it is very wonderful

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As good as always.

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Great lesson Alex. Thank you.A smile.

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Good way to teach English language

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how are you Alex thanks for this lesson quite useful and I really like how you explain it
Im getting better writing but im still have an errors

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Thank you, teacher…!!

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Thank you my dear Alex!

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Thanks a lot Alex!!!

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I’m Ahmed from Sudan I want someone to chat with him to improve my english language.

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    I new learner if any one want to chat talk to me in Facebook account (Æhmēd Kilāny).

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You are the best Alex

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Excellent class, Alex, but Santos Dumont is the pioneer of human flight. I’m sure you know that…

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Thank you

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thanks a lot ,it is very useful~

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Thanks to you Alex, I improved my English more efficiently!!!

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Thanks a lot. Your being herevis fruitful.

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I’m confused about “prejudiced against” and “involved in” in question 3. Can you explain me more about that?

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this videos was amazing and very helpful, thank you teacher! I got 9/10.

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Alex, thanks for the explanation on the video.
And also thanks for remembering Santos Dumont’s participation in developing human flight procedures.
One question (again!), about the last example:
when you write “Flamethrowers were first used in World War I”, could it also be written “firstly” instead of “first”?
Thanks for the assistance.

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OMG, 9/10! Thank you for this, I’m very happy! :D

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Thanks. It’s a great lesson.

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Hello Teacher, I’m new here.Thanks for the superb lesson. I got 10/10

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Hi lovely class

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firstly, great pleasure for your lessons.
But I have a question.
Emma says “passive sentences are not strong for Academic essay. don’t use passive voice.use active voice.” you teachs passive verbs, advises passive sentence. which one is correct?

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Truly, this is a great lesson to learn how to use this passive structure and has taught different sentences to be used in task 2 in the IELTS test. It is highly recommended.

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I recently started my preparation to ELTs and TOELF, this page is amazing and you’re a great teacher.
Thank you so much! ♥

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Great teacher you are.

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I like it. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Alex, superb class, thanx a lot.

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10/10 cant believe it…thanks its very educational and a great way to learn

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Thanks! You have a such a great accent :)

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Thank you Alex.

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Really I appreciate this program

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great video thanks


I don´t know how to donate

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I Got 10/10 can’t believe it. Thanks, it’s very educational and a great way to learn academic writing.

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Best ever in online

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I got 8/10.

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I got 10/10 yeahhhh!! it’s very helpful

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I’ve got 7 of 10 without studying it.

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Thank you
this lesson is very helpful to me

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hello Alex. befor i see again the vidéo and do the quiz, i real want to say you thanks for your clearly explication.

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Thank you Alex.

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Thank you Alex

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thanks Alex , very helpful yours lessons

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You have a good talent in transmitting knowledge!

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Thanks a lot, dear teacher:)

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I love this class teacher

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One of the Best master-class. Thank you very much. You choose and give material great. 10/10!!!

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Hi Alex, thank you for the lessson, it was very helpful.

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10 out of 10 on the quiz!

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Thanks Alex

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Wow, I got a score of 10. You are a great teacher.

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Two-thumbs up!

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I have got 10/. Thanks a trillion Alex . Make this type of writing related video more.

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Thank you Alex for the amazing explanation about these verbs. I am practicing again since my older exam is not accepted for my phD exam. Anyway, I got 10/10, and I am so thankful for that!! I will keep practicing and improving my English day by day.

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Very good class

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loved the way you teach. thank you alex

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I got 10/10

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thank you Alex.

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Im from Brazil and I loved your explanation

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Many Thanks

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Hey Alex, Is appropriate to write “strong bones are often associated with drinking milk”?

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Thanks Alex

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Thank you Alex, very clear way to teaching!

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Thank you very much Alex, go on^^

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Hello my teacher
thank you for this video because this grammar is considered as advance level for tertiary students

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i got 100 score for the first time of my life !! thanks

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thumbs up

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Hello my teacher,i am hapy to join your teaching sessions.

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Can ask you one question,what is the full meaning of assocaited with.

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    I think that is connected with cause and consequence in understanding the phonenomena or situations. Especially, when we look closely the example in the lecture: Healthy bones are caused by drinking a milk. OR Smoking is often associated with bad cough. These days, Bad cough is associated with coronavirus. I presume it is not important what is going first (cause or consequence) in normal conversation. Only if you work on the scientific research.

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100% excelent, very interested in this english courses

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few complex example should be added on quiz based on tutorial.

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What a Nice lecture! I got perfect score which is associated with the careful attention at the class.

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Thank you alot <3

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I got 100, but anyway I still feel confused about what is close observation and when to use regarded/seen.. Thank you in advance..

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Thanks! very clear!

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I found this site as a very good one. many thanks.

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Hey Alex, I would like to thank you for that class ! I got 10/10.
P.S. I thought you wouldn’t talk about Santos Dumont, he was the first guy to fly on plane hahaha (I’m brazilian).

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The main idea of EngVid which is based on that quality educations should be available for free is amazing and inspiring.

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Thank you so much guys. you are doing great job have a nice day

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Thanks a lot, Alex! I am so happy because I have finally found a tutor that can help me with the academic writting!

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very powerful collection of phrasel verbs, nice and easy attitude

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Thanks, I got 8 out of 10 in quiz

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What’s up Guys!! I’m organizing a WhatsApp group for training English speaking. If one of you is interested send me a message +55 88 998549008.
By for now..!

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I got 7/10

Thank’s Alex

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