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WooW, very nice video, i learn a new thing as everytime, thank you very much teacher

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    I’m happy to hear that you learned something new!

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      Thank you :)

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        This class is awesome! Congrats teacher!

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      Yes, I also learn some new things everyday. I will open http://www.engvig.com each morning, good website, hope more better everyday. Thanks every teacher.

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      Thank you so much for this video , i learnt something new and so useful , just i have one question about the quiz , i have some doubts about the question number 4 , there are two verbs : i hate “to put” why the answer is i hate put and not i hate putting , i think when two verbs come successively the second one will be in present continuous . And thank you very much teacher!

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Thank you Alex, good lesson…

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Thank you very much Alex, very useful lesson !
Best regards, from Argentina.

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its a little bit confusing but we can putted up with it

thanks teacher

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    I think ‘we can put up …’ ( not putted )

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      yeah you are right bro, thanx ^_^

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Thank. Now I have clearly understanding of 4 phrasal verbs with put

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It’s very good to learn several word phrases everyday. thanks. I understand the lessons quite well except the sentence from 4:28 to 4:33: “so if you go to….” I can not catch the word coming after “to”. can anyone tell me what it is?

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    You can watch this video on Youtube and open the subtitle. It helps me actually understand what was Alex talking about. :)

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I don’t like some of my high school classmates, but I usually had to put up with them! No choice… Hopefully I am not at that time anymore

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You’r a good teacher, Alex ! It’s a terrific lesson ! I get used with you !

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Thanks, Alex!

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Excellent explanation

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Many thanks . Can I say put up wuith coast of life .

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    yes you can.Put up with everything and everyone as Alex indicated

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Excellent. Happy teachers day.

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I’ve learnt them very well.When you teach, everything is easy.The real problem is there are lots of phrasal verbs and I probably forget or get confused them.By the way I have to put up with my headmasters.Thanks, Alex.God will be by your side.

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Thanks Alex. Quiz 100%. :)

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wow, it fantastice

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Well sir , I got 6/10.I am so poor what should i do to improve my english

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    practice makes perfect

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    My friend! You should start to stop thinking bad about yourself! You aren’t poor! You are already rich! Remember Obama’s campaign quote: yes, we can! (Laugh)

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Thanks Alex:), you always speak slowly and very clear and i like that. So i got 10,I am so happy right now!!! :)

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    Spot On, you got everything correct,Happy learning.

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Hello Alex sir,Thank you for your lesson.May I ask you a question? What are the meanings and usages of necessarily(Av) and necessarily not(Av)?Good luck with your teaching!

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    “If you want to make it best,you should necessarily add some good points.”
    It’s an adverb of noun necessary : inevitable(can’t avoid,ignore),it is compulsive..
    :It is necessary to show you in front of media.But for that you don’t necessarily wear good clothes.”

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      Thanks for your appreciable help.It’s made me understand.Good luck with your english!

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Thank you Alex. It’s very interesting.

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Good! It’s the proof of you are a good teacher.

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thanks Alex i got what you teach

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    Hi, Artur! I wonder if English is your native language?

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really you are great man ..but i wanna ask you about something !!
I can understand what you say and something in movies .. but i cannot speak english with speaker s this languages and this thing make me sad .. i want your opinion (if i will be better in near future and hooow )
thank you

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really useful thanks a lot:D

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thanks youré a great english teacher this lesson is very useful

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Alex, thank’s a lot. While explaining the lesson was quite easy, but the quiz stressed my confidence a little )

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Hi Alex, I send you a warm greeting from Mexico city. I got 100 point in only 20 seconds, You have a nice way of teach, learn is too easy with your technics.

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Thanx Alex for the perfect explaining. Most of the learners are facing difficulties in putting words in order to get a correct sentence in English, Despite all the words you have mentioned are easy, it’s a little difficult putting them in order and understand what they really mean but, among your explaining and the time everything will become easier in the future….

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    That’s the idea. You can’t just watch the video and stop your learning there. The quiz helps too, and after that you should try experimenting with your own examples.

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Great lesson with wonderful explanation

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Thanks Alex.

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Thanks Alex.They are everyday useful phrasal verbs.I am hungry for more, as everyone else.Many thanks

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I got 10 out of ten, thank you teacher for your clear explanation, greeting from el salvador.

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Thanks Alex!!

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Thank you Alex I have 10.

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    With all due respect, you look really beautiful.
    Greetings from Mexico.

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Nice and easy…Thanks, Alex!

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Very nice, thanks !

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Alex, can U explain me how to use word “though” in end of a sentence when it has to be used….. I often do not understand when it has to be used. Thank U.

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it`s cold today,i put on my jaket.
7 correct out of 10 ㅜ. real cold in my heart.
thanks teacher Alex~

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Useful lesson. Thank a lot Alex.

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    Photography is not clear and red writing invisible

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hi alex,thank you very much for give me a good education.

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    “for giving me a good education” would have been
    more appropriate. good luck.

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      i am so sorry

      Profile photo of ninaa ninaa

        you learn from your mistakes. Remember the more mistakes you make, the more you learn. there’s nothing to be sorry for or ashamed of in learning a Language.

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Another good lesson. Thanks
The video lectures,provided by engvid,help a lot to philologists,linguisticians and semanticists.
Those who are really mean to what others are saying,are there words really reflect what they think,what the relationship between language and thinking , between meaning and words,for those engvid is an excellent site to start their odyssey.That’s all. :)

Hi Alex,i have a little problem with being.I have go through your lesson on “being and been”. But i still have a doubt.
Besides tenses,being is used with “temorary behaviour” like..You are being aggrresive.
But people sometimes use being like this
“Being cool is quite different from geeks who is blessed with high IQ but low EQ and underdeveloped social skills.Sparking attractions or being the life and soul of the party,that is precisely what being cool is about.”
being ???

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    oh..typo !! It’s “…..who are blessed…”

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Please Alex would you explain us the same phrasal verb put with : about, away, forward, through, etc
Phrasal verb scare me. Do you speak French ? That is “ma bête noire! ”
I think that is most difficul thing in English.
Thank you vey much kind regards

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I got a 90 cause of not gerunding a noun ha ha.

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plz explain transformation of sentences

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there are some other verbs using ‘put’ which are as follows put off – postpone or avoid someone by saying some excuse intentially, put down -write down,put out-extinguish, there are certain verbs which consists of the same meaning of the verb put up with-cope with,bear with. thanks master for having taken such a class like this

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sir could you please clear the doubt i have,the doubt is about clauses- the book being made or the pancakes being made or the hydraulic motors being manufactured or someone being arrested how should these above given sentences be understood? what are the meaning of the sentences?

Profile photo of niyas143 niyas143

    The book which is being made.
    The pancakes that are being made.
    The hydraulic motors that are being manufactured.
    Someone whom is being arrested.

    As you noticed all are relative(adjective) clauses which have been converted into participle clauses.
    ‘Being + past participle’ can be used in the same way as a continuous passive relative clause.
    Hopefully,it helps you.

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      thanks bro ,for having shared the information regarding my doubts,as you wished the doubts have been able clear. thanks buddy

      Profile photo of niyas143 niyas143

Hey Alex, I had 10/10 lol… that means you r a great and I understood completely.

Thanx a lot

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very excellent , thank you teacher.

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Hello Alex, I´m a new user of enVid, and I have to tell you that your explanations are clear and great, and I´m going to continue watching all your videos to improve my language. I really surprised myself because I understand your class, I did the quizz and I got a 9, I think it is good! :) well we will see what happen next, ´cause I ´ll tell you about my improvement. See you then!

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Thank you sir Alex for your all great lessons.they are very good and useful. would you please answer my one question.


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Thank you sir..

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I got 90% only. I got confused with Put together & putting together. huhuhu

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Thank you very much Alex. Very good lesson !

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Thanks teacher! Nice lesson!

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Thank you Mr. Alex

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Short, useful and perfect like always. thankssssssssss Alex.

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Thank you Alex,

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I got 10 on 10
I’m happy.
Dear Sir Alex would you please answer my question whch is mentioned above?

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Thanks a lot Alex, good job man :)

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Let’s practice English together
SKYPE: sas.skype.speak

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Thanks a lot from Kazakhstan

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Thx a lot Alex

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the video is showing, server refused the connection, please help me

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    Your country’s government has banned free access to videos from YouTube. That is where we host our videos.

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    hi awali.u have to use youtube by using 4everproxy.com to watch the videos.I do it as well ;)

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Thanks for the wonderful lesson

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Is it CORRECT to say

I don’t know how to PUT TOGETHER the computer ???????????????


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    I don’t know how to put the computer away..

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I made 100 :) thanks for all lessons. You are great EngVid :)

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Thanks, I made 100!

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I’m putting together now witn my thoughts…

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thank you so much.i like the way you transmit the message….i get it at first and i don’t need an other explanation ….great job

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Hi Alex. Would you tell me if ‘Put sth away’ is an equivalent of ‘Tidy sth up’ and also ‘sort sth out’ ? Thanks.

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Hi sir, I want to speak fluently in english, is there any group so that i can speak with them.

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Thank you Alex, you are good teacher!

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nice and easy thanks i got 90

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thank you alex.


Hi Alex thanks for those ph verbs,i could use put up to explain my feelings to a boy :D

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Thanks Alex.” If you want a rainbow. You gotta put up with the rain.”:(

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I just registered. .,,
What the next step pls

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    You could upload a profile picture!

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Very good Class!! tnanks. What s mean “up to you”.

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Thank you Alex I learn something new

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I love to speak English) but I hate putting words together to make a sentence. Nice to meet you, all beloved English.com

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amazing..thanx …. i got 10

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thank u my dear teacher

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thanks for the valuable knowledge teacher…:)

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Thanks, Alex! Could you devote more lessons about phrasal verbs? Thanks again.

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Thank you for your good lesson.

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i love your video.

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nice, thanks a lot

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whay i can not access to the video??? is not longer available? thanks

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    Hi! What exactly happens when you try to watch the video? Can you see any other Youtube videos?

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Thank you , Alex,for interesting lesson and quiz.

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Thank you Alex

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10/10 thanks alot.

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Thank you very much

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Thanks you bro…

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Now I can learn English very well!! Thanks Alex!!

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Thanks Alex.
Best regards, from VietNam.

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Thamks Alex,good lesson.

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O/ thanks! good lesson..!I like your lessons, you explain clearly!bye!

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It’s very useful to me,thanks Alex.
When I learned the lesson,I’d like to copy the example sentences and quiz on my notebook,or try to think some new sentences use the phrases .I can review them in my free time.

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thank you alex you are good taether

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it is very useful to me becous when i laering english i don’t understan anithing now thank you Alex

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Thank you very much Alex. Congratulations for your lesson!!

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Thank you so much, you talk very clear and that’s great for me because I understand all you say

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yes; here is my lovely 10/10 :p ; thanks Sir for your efforts

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Thanks a lot! I understood every single word when you were speaking :) (I hope that my comment is correct) I’m sorry if it’s not :/

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I am learning a lot of things here. Thank you teachers!

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I’ really happy to have 100 points for your quiz. I learnt a lot of things today.

Thank you so much teacher.

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100 You got 10 correct out of 10.
said pc.
thanks alex..

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it was very useful thanks as always,

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A very wonderful teaching,Alex.You`re sharpening me for TOEFL.I have got 100.

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I got 10/10.thank you Alex

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I got 100%!

Thank you Alex!

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You’re awesome, generous teacher. Simply i am deeply inspired from you Sir Alex!

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Thank you Mr.Alex.. I learned a lot and got 10/10 =D

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot. Very intersting and useful video
take care

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Alex congratulations teacher, you’re the best teacher that i’ve already seen!
i’m improving my english everyday with your tips and your incredible patience!

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those phrases are popular in USA,thanks for explaining them Alex.

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hey Alex,im interested in taking the toeic.could u make videos about this topic.i have seen many videos about toefl,the thing is im not a profesional i mean i dont have a collegue degree so i think it would be pointless for me to take the toefl.more videos about toeic would b helpful for me.thank u sir

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wow thank you very much you are such a great teacher and go on with your classes,they are really usefuls

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super sir ..can u take a lesson on prepositions especially on “of,for,in,on “……pls sir

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It is useful to learn English through your video.
Thank you,Alex.

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In short, the explainaion is so clear
thank for your intentions alot

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i got 10 out of 10 thanking so much sir. i am very happy. this lesson is very useful

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got it.thanks teacher

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Great Lesson!!.. Thanks

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thank you for your lesson!

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i am very pleased to watch your videos, because i have learnt many things as never expected . thank you sir , i pay tribute to all the teachers on engvid .

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sir, i got one question what does it “mean”stand for? and what are uses of it? please explain . thanks

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Thanks very much for all videos. They’re very useful and nice. Thanks very much.

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Thank you Alex
Your video very helpful to increase my english ability

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Hello Alex,
Your vido is wirly very, very good. I got 10/10. See you !Hannah

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thank you teacher ,but there are a matter again: put off until = postpone to

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this lesson is very practical for me!thanks Alex!!!

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Thanks Alex.

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Thank you Alex

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The answers is Number 1 and 6 “Put up or put in” Mr. Alex ? you said “put up” is same meaning with “to tolerate” in your lesson. I answered put up is false, why Mr. Alex ?

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Thanks Alex. Your lessons are always helpful for me:):)

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100% Thank you so much Alex !!!

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i got 10/10…thank Alex,put up with,put on,put away,put together..your lesson is really easy to remember!

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Put together tests!

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10/10..,, the lesson is very easy to comprehend…..Thank you!

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thanks so much Alex!

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10/10 it was really good and useful video txs ALEX

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Thanks Alex ~!

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I’m very happy with this
thank you very much for your help

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Very useful lesson. Thank you.

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Thank you, teacher Alex for making this lesson so great! I know now how to use these 4 phrasal verbs more accurately ;) engvid is now my favorite hang out. You guys doing so great! I love your way of teaching, it’s fantastically instructive, fun and very informative. I definitely recommend this site to all my friends. ;)

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Hi Alex I enjoy all lessons but i have too much to lerning in english. I am braziliam and portuguese languege is very diferent of english.

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This is a wonderful lesson Alex. Thank you so much.

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great lesson Alex, many thanks for your class.

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Thanks a lot!

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thank you so much

Profile photo of vkachan69 vkachan69

“Put up” is a new phrasal verb to me. Thanks again Alex

Profile photo of leonelvargas leonelvargas

Hi Alex! I’m Serena. A new student who comes from Taiwan. This was my first time to watch your video. It’s really useful. Your teaching skills are very clear so that I got 100 points of this quiz. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful application platform. Thanks again :)

Profile photo of Serenayouii Serenayouii

Hi, Alex. I have a question. Well, the word etc. How to pronounce it right? As far as i know, perhaps i am mistaken, it would be correct to say – [ɪtˈsetrə]. But if i able to hear you right on your videos, you always say it differently.. if i am not mistaken,you pronounce it like {ik’setra}. Could you please throw some light on it?) thanks

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I don’t like one of the Supervisors at work, she pushes us a lot to to more and more work every day, unfortunately, I have to put up with her if I want to keep my job.

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thnak u so much sir

Profile photo of sachin jain sachin jain

I can’t put up with working for the company that I’m engaged in now. I’am hopeing to become a teacher who can teach English to many people like to be a teacher like you ^^.

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    There are some typo so I would like to cancel the comment.

    Profile photo of Tonylee0219 Tonylee0219

      I can delete it for you if you want, but don’t worry too much about typos! It’s just a comment, not an essay :)

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Thank you so much,Teacher Alex.

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Hi, Alex. I’m so grateful to you for useful lessons. This one was amazing. The quiz helps in understanding as well. I watch your at least two video every day. And it helps me so much to improve my English. Have a good one and take care)))

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Thank you very much Alex! It was too useful!

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thank u sir adam ,i really get it of this mean.

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Thanks you so much, Alex for teaching me these important phrasal verbs, keep it up ¡¡

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Hi people, hi Alex!
A doubt: I did not understand why the correct answer for the question 5 is ¨put on¨ :(
Thank you!!!

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Thank you.

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Thank Alex…

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    Thank you

    Profile photo of ydv.anuj290 ydv.anuj290

Thank You very much.
good way of teaching.
quiet, with some sort of humour.
i just wish it to be more alive, with for example some moving picters, flash could help with it (special programm).
waiting for more advanced lessons)

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Thanks Mr. Alex!

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