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thank you so much.

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    Nice job!

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      Hi Mr.James,

      Thank you so much. I will try to read that this coming weekend. I’ll update you soon..


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      how can i learn how to right in inglish, i did the test, and i did miss no one question.

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        Primeiro de tudo:o verbo escrever não se escreve right (certo,direita), mas sim: write (escrever na forma presente, obs: wrote no passado). English, ao invés de inglish. Além disso, i did miss no one question não soa certo para mim, eu escreveria assim: I didn’t (n’t para indicar negação) miss any (quando você já usou o sentido de negação no começo, não se deve usar “no” mas sim any) questions (use o plural nesse caso).
        É isso aí mano! Não desanime com o inglês, leve seus estudos a sério e lembre-se de se concentrar enquanto estiver aprendendo.:)

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Tanks for every thing , the lesson is wonderful i will look for ward the books .

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    I think you were trying to say “I will look for the books.”

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Thank you in advance for your help

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Thank you very much for this lesson and sugestions. I’m going to read one of those books immediately, maybe “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”, it sounds good.

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Alex,Good saturday!!”
Day after day I’m improve my knowledge in English language and y’all are the responsable fot that.
There’s no word to say how I’m grateful to these team.
I don’t have self-confidence to speak and writing yet.But I’ll be there.
Thank you so much and God bless you and all your family!


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yeah thanks so much

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I got 9\10

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Thank u for the great lesson!! U guys making really good job. God bless Canada and engVid :)

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I will try to read books but I don’t know if they are so easy to understand like these quiz questions

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thanks a lot

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    thanks a lot
    I got 10 of 10!!

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Alex,How nice to hear from you again.I’ve read Edgar Allan Poe in Turkish.It’s really difficult to understand what the writer is trying to say.It’s too complicated.( for me ).To be honest , I don’t want to read it in English.Actually I’m interested in detective stories.I love Sir Arthur C. Doyle.Thanks a lot for the lesson.You are always useful.We see you as a real, sincere friend.Take care and good luck.

Profile photo of daffodile daffodile

    Thanks for taking the time to compose this response.

    Poe is definitely challenging, which is why I advised using the Penguin Reader edition in the video. It’s nice to hear that there’s another Conan Doyle fan!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.Thanks again.

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I got 10/10. Very interesting lesson

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Hello Alex. How are you? Thanks you so much!!
I am form Brazil and I live in Belo Horizonte. This class help me learn to improve my english. Some day i hope know Canada. I need improve my English. Have a nice weekend! See you some day

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    I’ve met students from Belo Horizonte, as well as from Fortaleza and Recife. They all sound like beautiful places.

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      Alex, you are a very, very nice human being! I always wish all the best to you and the EngVid team!

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Thank you. Good lesson.

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Pretty Good this lesson. Thank you so much !

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There are also audiobooks, and you can listen to them for free (not only in English) — just go to librivox.org . And of course, you can record yourself while reading any book in your native language and send the audio to them, so that someone can listen to a book in a foreign language, at least from his perspective. It’s pretty nice idea. :)

Profile photo of morfik morfik

    I forgot to mention — there is also an html version of book, so you can see what lector is reading, and you can learn faster. :)

    Profile photo of morfik morfik

    Good stuff! I wasn’t aware of librivox.org.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Thanks ! I will check that out :)

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    Thanks for the info!

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it,s really a useful lesson. however, do you think paper book is better or E-book to improve reading English

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10/10!!!! I´m thoroughly grateful!!! LOL

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It was so useful and I got the full mark :D .. I am a good girl ^_^ … thanks a lot :)

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Thank you Alex!!!!!!!
That was very useful.

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I got 7 correct out of 10. I was confused a little. BTW I’m interested in Conan Doyle. I remind the Japanese anime “Detective Conan.” Conan(hero) isn’t his real name. It is from Conan Doyle. Thank you for your recommendation and lesson, Alex :)

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    I’ve heard of Detective Conan. I’ll have to check out a few episodes some time!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Sounds great :D I’m glad to hear that from you. Thank you, Alex.

      Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thank you very much teacher alex. As always your lessons are very good. =)

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Hi teacher I have question what mean your last word nevermore?

Profile photo of zina918 zina918

    It just means “never,” or “never again.” It’s from a famous Edgar Allan Poe poem called “The Raven.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Thank you very much for your reply

      Profile photo of zina918 zina918

Thanks alot

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I got 10/10. Thank you so much. The lesson is pretty good!

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Thank you for your test.
I want to brash up my Englsh.

Profile photo of Hitoshi Sugimoto Hitoshi Sugimoto

i got 9/10 thank you so much, teacher

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Thanks. That was great

Profile photo of sa.sa sa.sa

thanks Alex, and i think it’ll not be bad if u make a lesson about “what movies should i watch?” too. :)

i prefer to improve my English by watching movies rather than reading books, but in fact most of movies speak too native and fast…

anyway, thanks a lot for all your great lessons.

Profile photo of Dado Dado

    That’s not a bad idea. I’ll keep it in mind for a future lesson.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you very much.

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It was wonderful to listen to the lesson and advice regarding reading books. Could u please recommend some movies that can help learn English Speaking? Thnx

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Thank you so much :)

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I got 8/10 :(
i was expecting atleast 9!!

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Thank you very much teacher your lessons are very good.

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10/10 :D

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thank you :)

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Hi, I don’t understand “Nevermore”, teacher

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thanks .. i got 10\10

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Hello Alex! Thank you very much for your suggestions. I’d like to recommend students my favorite books:
To kill a mockingbird – Li Harper
The pet sematary – Stephen King
Salem’s lot – Stephen King
The Best American Short Stories Of The Century

Actually, this is all that I have read by now :) but these are great books!

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Congratulations! Excelent!!

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thanks so much 10/10

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thank you for this lesson .

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thanks = W =

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Great lesson!!! Are the Mario Puzo’s novels for upper-intermediate or advanced students?

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very great video new words for me . I love read stories books. but unexpected I got 9/10 that was close to the horizon .

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hi guys nice to meet people have the same desire to learn the global language for communication in different purposes . I want practice my English speaking, making friends in Skype this is my nickname ateyahunter.

Profile photo of atiyyah atiyyah

that’s awesome, thank youso much.
i have been wondering What should i read

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got 10/10 thanks sir ji….

Profile photo of Asadzaman Asadzaman

Is there any website to download free books?

Profile photo of soulboy4ever soulboy4ever

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Santo Lara Santo Lara

It’s great to see so many people getting high quiz scores.

Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks teacher :)

Profile photo of SooRa SooRa

hi Alex I was what I was looking for but I couldn’t find the links you pointed out thanks for your great job

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In’s very interesting, a good job. I like this lesson. Good luck!

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Great, So helpful.
I’m going to watch the others lessons.
Thanks a lot.

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thanks Alex

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Thank you so much! this is great!

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I got 10 correct out of 10!!
Thank you Alex~!!!

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It’s interesting… Gonna recommend this site to my friends



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It is good way to memorise words, thank u!

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    9/10 :)

    Profile photo of chemini chemini

thanks a lot alex

Profile photo of Josepepito Josepepito

I GOT 10 :)

Profile photo of NADA SOUBH NADA SOUBH

Thank You Alex. Test passed 10/10, but two times, I must guessed. Like I see, I must work out much.

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

recently I read books ‘Harry Potter”series.
it`s so interesting to me, but so hard clearly understand.
I`ll read that books.
Thank you for your lesson and recommandation.

Profile photo of Jinhun Jinhun

10/10 but it was an accident. Thank you Alex You make the world better!

Profile photo of Umar77 Umar77

Hi everybody, I have a good offer too to improve yourself. If you like the Harry Potter book series in your own language, You will love it in Eglish as an audiobook. That’s what I listen nowadays. It’s great. Read by Jim Dale. (from piratebay.se you can reach it)

Profile photo of NikolLea NikolLea

Thank you very much for a wonderful lecture!

Profile photo of rossosita rossosita

I’m greatly appreciate your help,
The reading book is exactly the thing that might bring me on the higher level in my english knownledge..moreover, I’m jsut a poor student who have no opportunity to go abroad and practice language with native speakers, but books, how you said are accessible! Might be the way to go!

Profile photo of Firefly Firefly

Good lesson, Alex. Thanks!!

Profile photo of claudio77 claudio77

hi alex and evry one listen my voice!iwork as a teacher-persain litrectur.who and how can help me to get better my languge.thanks alex for kindly traching !!

Profile photo of hasany hasany

After reading all the comments, I feel I may learn and improve my English speaking in the future. According to my score I just had, I think I just had gotten lucky to get an easy test for starting the lesson. Thank you for being easy on me.

Profile photo of transeng transeng

Thank you so much for your suggestions teacher,thanks for the links too:)

Profile photo of Rhea Rhea

i got 10/10 thumb for up.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

good job ;-)

Profile photo of jaromiko jaromiko

thank you very helpful

Profile photo of nasserharb nasserharb

Thanks, Alex!
I was searching a good english book and you helped me a lot.

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Thank you Alex =)

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Profile photo of Adnan416 Adnan416

Thank you so much!!!

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i hope so

Profile photo of mhmad twaami king mhmad twaami king

I am vey happy with this start.

Profile photo of Lopesdias Lopesdias

I got 10/10. I´ve only read two books in my life but I´ve read them several times; they are: flowers for algernon and freak the mighty. they are good and easy to practice english and very entertaining, amusing.

Profile photo of ricart100 ricart100

I’ve got 10 out 10.Thank you,Alex.

Profile photo of EngKoo EngKoo

please Can you wwrite the names of books

Profile photo of Night Queen Night Queen

100% :-P for a first time

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Many Thanks! This class was totally cool. Nice!

Profile photo of leonardof33 leonardof33

got ten. haha. thank you!

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Hello sir thanks I got 10/10 I have one question please explain difference between doozy and dicy thanks again

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thanks Alex

Profile photo of elmo3alem elmo3alem

Nice way to learn, thank you.

Profile photo of xiaoclement xiaoclement

thks professor!!!

Profile photo of danlb2 danlb2

Hello Alex. First of all thanks for your brilliant lesson! These two writers whose books you suggested to read I like very much! But could I ask you something? Although I have a very low level of my English, the adapted Penguin books (even for an advance level)are very easy to read for me. On the other hand it’s slightly difficult to read original literature. Especially British one. What have I got to choose? What helps more? And another question. Some of my friends say that I shouldn’t read the classic books because some words and expressions are obsolete or rarely used nowadays and it hardly could improve my every day vocabulary. What do you think about it? Thank you.

Profile photo of Xana Xana

Great lesson, thanks for sharing it Alex.

Profile photo of Konigxtiger Konigxtiger

Thanks,Alex. I’ve got good tips about books you mentioned. Actually, I’m one of a student who difficult to find a book which is good for learning English. I’m looking forward to meeting wonderful books.

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wow…. 10/10

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Thank You!!!

Profile photo of arandasergio arandasergio

Thank you

Profile photo of dinanwinardo dinanwinardo

100 thank you Alex . I really like your classes

Profile photo of nando08 nando08

Hi, great job! Your videos are excellent!
I have trouble pronouncing the words spur and spare properly, I mean, I think I pronounce equal the two words. Could you give a tip?
I’m Spanish and we have only 5 vowels, I guess that’s why I have this problem!
Thanks in advance

Profile photo of rmerinogarcia rmerinogarcia

    Don’t complain about vowels in Spanish language. That is the version of RAE. In Spain we speak with a lot of sounds that RAE don’t want to add to your phonetic rules because of american speakers.
    thoroughly = záaralii / thorough = záara ( ‘z’ sound, not ‘s’ “líquida’ )
    RAE is a mess. They are going to destroy the Castllian because political issues. Don’t worry. Spain rules, as always.

    Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

great lesson 100

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Many thanks
I got 9/10

Profile photo of Liza18 Liza18

Hi Alex! I am Adriano! Great videos. Good sugestions. It is always very nice the way you explain your ideas. Very clear as well. Well, Alex let me tell you one thing: I’ve been working in an interesting project here in Brazil. I really would like to let you know about it. Could you please send me an e-mail: adsaugo@gmail.com so then I could explain you better about it. Thanks. Have a nice day.

Profile photo of adsaugo adsaugo

Thank you so much Alex.

Profile photo of Joseph74 Joseph74

Hi, Alex! Your lesson was wonderful . Thank you for it. I’m interested in reading books and I have a question for you. What adapted book should I read? A book which is for my level or a book which is for level that is higher than mine?

Profile photo of bayanavatar bayanavatar

Thank you Alex, it was really helpful. I don’t like any criminals or detective stories but I understand what you mean.

Profile photo of TaraM TaraM

Thank you Alex for your lesson i got 10/10.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

This is my first time in here and i like it thank you Alex your job is the most important job on the work keep it up :D

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I really love your teaching stile, you are an amazing teacher, Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of hatemalghamdi hatemalghamdi

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Yudhisthira Yudhisthira

thanks alex see you then

Profile photo of lovera lovera

thanks to advise those books!

Profile photo of damianogalvani86 damianogalvani86

perfect score again.. such a useful and beneficial learning video;D

Profile photo of abribashful abribashful

10/10?? I can’t believe my result! Haha, it’s been a long time didn’t get perfect result.

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

And now I’m going to read “The call of the wild”, my first real english book!
I’m proud to do this.
Thanks to you and EngVid.com

Profile photo of Ste! Ste!

Thanks Alex for your recomendation. I’ve studied english for more than 10 years and still have difficulties to learn very well, pronunciation is my weakness I recognize that is hard especially for me because I came to America when I was in my thirties years but the only thing that i can do is studying every day and thanks god I found this interesting engvid.com web site where i can study easely and get a good tips. one more time thanks so much Alex.

Profile photo of obuendia47 obuendia47

Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

    My lovely book is Wine for Dummies.

    Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Alex, thank you for great lesson and interesting quiz!

Profile photo of vlelena vlelena

you guys are the best teacher on the web

Profile photo of grdsinclair grdsinclair

    teachers (S)

    Profile photo of grdsinclair grdsinclair

100% fantastic :)) thank you for teaching!

Profile photo of Emilia Emilia

Hurray! 10/10 in 45 seconds !

Profile photo of serhatsezer serhatsezer

I don’t know if only these story books can improve my english, cause I really like reading some historical analysis,which book should I choose to read

Profile photo of Jason Ma Jason Ma

thank you.

Profile photo of sepidehappy sepidehappy

Thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of Eatala Eatala

I noticed that the two books are in British-English, Is there any American-English books like those !?
Or it will be the same !

Note: I’m preparing for TOEFL exam.

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great video. Thank you :)

Profile photo of schos schos

thank you

Profile photo of bahram170 bahram170

thank you.10/10

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Thank you Alex! You speak absolutely clearly for me:)

Profile photo of Alexander G-st Alexander G-st

thanx for the lesson and vocab
i love reading Arthur conan doyle books but i don’t know much about the other writer. sidney sheldon is also a very good writer.

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Profile photo of navid.dolatabadi navid.dolatabadi

Thank you very much for this lesson.
What kinds of book should we study to improve our legal vocabulary?

Profile photo of salehzoi salehzoi

10/10 :) .. thank you Sir for all of your efforts

Profile photo of liona liona

tks, i got 10/10.

Profile photo of thuyhuongln thuyhuongln


Dear Alex,
Can you suggest me a criterion for the level of the books I should choose to read? (I hope that sentence is not a murder). I mean, I’ve just finished reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (couldn’t find any e-book for your two recommendations) and it was very easy for me. Only a few new words were in it. Should I be able to pick up a few words in every page or something else? Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of tallpen tallpen

Thank you Alex, it’s great!

Profile photo of Endre Endre

Woohh, I can’t believe this. 10/10. That’s amazing. Thanks Mr Alex

Profile photo of lala229 lala229

Hi Alex Thank for teach me about this lesson . If you have a free time .I want to learn about TOEIC because I will test TOEIC exam next year :))

Profile photo of chompoofaii chompoofaii

thank you so much.

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Thanks!I got 10/10 you have given an awesome lesson. Thanks once again.

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Thank you alex for this video lesson .really İt helped me.I solved all exam and have got 10/10.But I have big problem.At the moment when ı was learning vocabulary ,I remember all word but after time ,I dont remember most of them.How can I memorize english word.

Profile photo of kyzersoze kyzersoze

10/10 your pronunciation is perfect for beginers and intermediates, thanks

Profile photo of Alvaroapi Alvaroapi

Hello! I’m from Romania! I’ve just found your channel and I like how are structured your lessons,your pronounce,your good explanations and the quiz ideea..I was searching for tests like that since last summer(year 2013).For this reason, now I’m going to watch another lesson of yours…So,thank you for the lesson!I choose the right answer at all questions. Even I was thinking this week to read a book in english but I didn’t knew what choice I should make.

Profile photo of AleAle96 AleAle96

    Hello! Have you read any of the books that Alex recommended? I haven’t picked one yet. Any recommendation?

    Profile photo of Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos.

Hi! I just wanted to thank you Alex, for this great advice. I’ve been improving my english since i watched your lessons for the very first time. You’re a great teacher. I’m going to watch another lesson right now. Regards!

Profile photo of Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos.

Hi Sir Alex! I would like to ask for suggestions on how to get a high score in the English part of the GRE Exam, mostly the vocabulary part. Thank you!

Profile photo of oalsnah20 oalsnah20

I’m glad to know a useful website!
Thank you.

Profile photo of hihihi hihihi

Thank you Mr Alex. That’s really help me out to improve my English.

Profile photo of simon2014 simon2014

Thanks anyway, I more likely to enjoy this video. Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal In Bohemia http://www.youtube.com/user/MySam55

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – The complete Sherlock Holmes

Profile photo of Paperback5 Paperback5

Thank you very much for your job!

Profile photo of snowwhite87 snowwhite87

Alex,i thought that consult means to make fun of someone .

Profile photo of primous primous

Hi Alex, I have a grammar question.
can I say: I love watch the sun disappearing behind the horizon or I love to watch….

Profile photo of atiffalfo atiffalfo

I got 9/10! Thanks Alex.I understood all of your explanations.

Profile photo of YuriMachado YuriMachado

Thanks Alex, you are excellent…All your videos very interesting.

Profile photo of maderamcarlos maderamcarlos

My favorit professor is Emma, but this presentation is strong as a support for students;
and your choice of books is good. Many thanks.

Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

really learning from you guys!!! thank you so much.

Profile photo of jesselle jesselle

Great as always, Alex! Many thaks!

Profile photo of Liliya Lebedeva Liliya Lebedeva

Hi Alex I visited Canada some years ago, I stayed in Vancouver, I loved the place and the people. They are friendly like us (Brazilians). You’re a great teacher, thanks!

Profile photo of Sirlei Barbosa Sirlei Barbosa

Great lessons and teachers.
I get motivated day by day learning from here.

Thank’s guys

Profile photo of danny14 danny14

Thanks so much Alex 10/10.I would like to learn more from you.You’re great Teacher.

Profile photo of Mitha Mitha

i’ll keep it in my mind. thank teacher

Profile photo of bizhan bizhan

Thank you Alex.It was the 100%. Veru useful lesson.

Profile photo of Natasha Gold Natasha Gold

Thanks for your lesson

Profile photo of fjavierperezg fjavierperezg

really great….thanks

Profile photo of natalya.nancy natalya.nancy

thanks for the lesson, i would like more lessons like this one to learn more interesting words, your explanation was great as always

Profile photo of AndersonBanquet AndersonBanquet

90/10 I can do better.

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

thanks for your helping team of engvid. i think many people’s should got have opportunity to advice and mention to improve English language even me i get those chance to study very well . eventually many thanks all related in this browser and our teachers engvid .

Profile photo of asha a.mohamed asha a.mohamed

10/10 , thank you, Alex ^^

Profile photo of Loloxchan Loloxchan

I got 10/10 LOL.Great lesson ! Great teacher !

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Thank you Alex, you have really attractive pronunciation !

Profile photo of Syuzanna Syuzanna

10/10, without seeing the video. I just wanted to assess the level, at which I am presently.

Profile photo of Raheel Babar Raheel Babar

thx alot alex :)

Profile photo of Mohammed95.95 Mohammed95.95

I advice you also to read Oxford Bookworms Library books!

It really helped me to improve my english, thanks to this, I earned a lot of vocabulary! :)

Profile photo of mariedel59 mariedel59

Ty very much.

Profile photo of Lusine1971 Lusine1971

thank you Alex

Profile photo of rachid.rachid rachid.rachid

What about “50 Shades of Grey”? A lot of modern slang and…

Profile photo of AnnaAlex AnnaAlex

Thanks! I understood thoroughly ^^

Profile photo of JuanPablo01 JuanPablo01

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Alex

Profile photo of robbert71 robbert71

Thx Mr Alex, The Video is awesome as usual. I just have a question : when you know you are ready to read a book as those you suggested? because i don’t want to come across with too many misunderstanding words then end up with a massive disappointment.

Profile photo of LoulyOnline LoulyOnline

I got it :)

Profile photo of anarox anarox

10/10 Thanks!

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Excellent for me 10/10
Thank you.

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10/10)) Thanks a lot for Alex – your language is aurally simple for me.

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thanks for this video

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Thank you very much .

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Thank you.

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thanks sir\

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I got 10/10…Helpful tips. Thank you

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Thanks Mr James you are a great teacher I learned a lot from you

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Thank you Alex

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Thank you very mach Alex.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

i want to improve my information in speech.

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I learned a lot in this class, thank u very much…

Profile photo of joseinlovewithronie joseinlovewithronie

Hello Alex, thanks for this splendid lesson. I’m going immediately to the library to bye E.A.Poe’s tales.
Otherwise about the quiz, it’s a little more easy to a french student to succed, because all the words are included in the dictionary (or approximatively) except thoroughly, soil and forge.
Thanks for all, yours advices “connect with me” (?) at the perfect time !

Profile photo of Nevadoum Nevadoum

Thank you Alex! I got 10/10. My challenge is pronunciation and speaking.

Profile photo of Moniquin Moniquin

Many thanks

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10 out of 10….Thanks Alex, you’re helping me a whole lot!!!!

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thanks a lot

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Hi Teacher Alex I would like to thank you for those you thought me new important words.I would like to speak English because it’s worldwide languge.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

So cute i got 9, Thanks Alex.

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i got 9/10 thanks a lot here is my skype ID lompoabdou someone who want to practice english with me thanks beforehand

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nice I got 8 to 10…

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First of all, thank you for excellent lesson. If you interested, Ukrainian language has twelve synonyms to horizon. And now I am in trouble through explanation for you :D The most popular these four: obriy, horyzont, kraynebo, neboskhyl (in Latin letters for you). I hope you’ll like it :)

By the way, I’ve got 10/10

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Excelent teacher.. I understand you all that you said,

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for your recommendations. Mostly, I read Penguin Readers advanced level books. They are really great for English learners. But nowadays, I have began to read books from originals, such as “Ali and Nino” by Kurban Said and “Wuthering heights” by Emily Bronte. To say the truth, “Ali and Nino” has a lot of eastern words which can be a little bit difficult for the person who doesn’t know these words. And by the way, I have read “The hound of Baskervilles” by Conan Doyle and “Misery” by Stephen King. They are perfect. What is good for detective stories is that a person is curious to find out what will happen at the end of the story. That’s why you keep reading the book.

Kind Regards,

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    I jues want konw how to got 6.5 point in the ielts

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Oh yeah, 10/10 :D

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I`ve searched the problem thoroughly
Awe Alex

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I just joined this portal,so have not any experience with learning process,I will comment later,

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Thank you Alex it is very important Lesson.

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My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. He is an American novelist.
His novels are romantic, mystery and easy to read for ESL and understand … Although, most of his novels made into movies, like:
1.Спеши любить / Памятная прогулка / A Walk To Remember (2002)
2. Дневник памяти / The Notebook (2004)
3. Дорогой Джон / Dear John (2010)
4. Последняя песня / The Last Song) (2010)
5. Выбор / The Choice ( 2016 )

I like “The Notebook “. If you going to read this book, then read ” The Wedding”. You will love it <3

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10 out of 10. :D Thanks Alex. You’re a good teacher.

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Thanks a lot of Alex, with your help I have done a lot of today, I learnt a lot of workds and just for few minutes I get them, it’s 9/10 which 90%, but I’m sure it could be better!

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As ever, terrific!!!

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It´s a good exercise Alex.
Congrat friend.

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Thanks a lot for your recommendation on reading penguin books. They are freely available to borrow in my local library. These books are so helpful for learning the language. I found your video on youtube, and I am so grateful your video is still accessible even today. I got 9 out of 10.

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I found myself interesting in these kind of books
Any recommendation of certain book ?
Thank you Alex

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Great lesson,
although i think you can as well forge a sword! :D

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Thanks Alex. Its been helpfull all the videos & suggestions from you all..

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Thanks Alex .

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Thank you very much alex, my english it has improve with this new words, and I am going to check the books you talked about.

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Thanks Mr. Alex, you’re so amazing!

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Very good lesson! Thanks

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thanks a lot teacher Alex

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HI Alex! Thanks a lot! Also a website that is good to read books for free online is readinenglish.com as the books are sorted by difficulty, and tranlations are helping :)

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thank u i got 10 :)

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Thank you sir.. those books will be helpful .. more power..

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Thanks Alex, I´ve got a hundred points!

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Hi Alex, it has been my first video with you, and I feel very happy. Thank you!!!

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Impeccable ! Alex, have you got a site where you can teach particular lesson ? Thank you.
Alex, avez-vous un site privé comme professeur ?

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thank you!

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uhuuu 10/10!!

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9 out of 10
Thanks Alex for this helpful video

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I like your lessons so much. Thanks Alex

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I got 100 points

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Thanks for helpful lessons.

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Thank you, Alex!!

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9/10 Cool )! I have seen your video at the firt time and I Liked it very much! No doubt to subscribe you!)

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Thanks for the tips!

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Thank very much for you suggestion. I will one of those books or all of them as soon as I get aplenty of time.
Once again thank a lot ,

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I would suggest to bring sort of more lessons relevant to real life of people in Canada ..Thanks in advance Alex

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nice lecture

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I got 10 . Thanks for your helpful lesson .

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Yeeeeeeees i got 10

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My problem is that I can’t read also I can’t pronounce Weeping right now I hope you can understand me Alex sir

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You suggest two Authors that I love!

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I got 8/10 is my pleasure

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Thank you very much Mr. Alex.

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Hello,I am very interested in your way of teaching of Harry potter’S story and if the whole story of Harry potter were in site I would be immense surprized.
Thank you so much

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I got 8/10… next time I will try harder

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thank you from Kurdistan !

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