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I am supposed to visit engvid every day to learn more. :-) really thank you

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    Thanks for the lesson. I would really appreciate a lesson about the use of the WH- Questions WHAT and WHICH. What’s the difference between them? Thank you in advance for your help…

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hi its the nicer lessons and better presentations.iusually enjoy it


hi :D
thx your lesson. Especially these quiz is so usuful.
i just thought one sentence “What am i supposed to do!!”

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this is really good for those who are like me in that example “Paris is supposed to be beautiful”this conversation is with other person who is not in Paris that’s small doubt


Thank you teacher! It’s really useful for converstion!

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thanks a lot Mr.Alex. i like your lessons


it is a great lesson. Thank you


Very good lessons. thank for your lecture. thank you Alex

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I’d like to watch a lesson about what is the difference between saying “What happens if I don’t give him it” and “What will happen if I don’t give him it”

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it’s simple video that make me happy to learn more about enlish lesson

ben tujuh



thank you teacher, your lessons are very nice.


thanks Alex for the lesson, it was very useful for me.


thanx a lot that was very helpful


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the lesson.

I would appreciate if you could have further example with the past tense as there are supposed to be slightly different nuance, like
I was supposed to do so.

The sentense above implies I didn’t do so, is that correct?


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hi,i am from pakistan,your teaching method is nice.i can,t thankyou enough.

noureen khurshedi

    hi i am from pakistan , when i seen your text about teacher Alex ,i feel very pleasure because i like his lecture .


Thanks for lessons Alex! You’re definitely a good teacher)
Could you please make some lessons on more advanced topics?
You’re Canadian, aren’t you? Do you practicing as a teacher at some ESL courses in Toronto by any chance? I’d be happy to attend your lessons)

George Kronberg

thank you for the lesson alex

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Very very good lesson……

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This was extraordinary Alex.

Thank you so much.

Omar Ventura

I was using these structure like (You suppose to do this work) Right now i learned that i was wrong. So I am supposed to use like that ( You are supposed to do this work) :))) thank you very much ENGvid :))

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Thank you for this lesson useful Alex

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Happy Chinese Day, teachers and fellows here!

Unfortunately, I found the medias on Engvid could not be open with
my IE browser. Whether there’s any additional software or script I
have to install on the IE in order to watching these videos? Thanks a lot!

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    If you can use Chrome or Firefox, that is better, but if you must use IE, please use IE 7 or higher. You need Javascript turned on, and you need the flash plugin in order to watch the lessons. If you can view YouTube, you should be able to watch the lessons here.

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Hi Alex,

It’s great to have you as a teacher. Thanks a lot! :)


hey Alex!!

you are the best teachers thank the subjects :)


i am supposed to study in uk

kashif baloch

hye alex…

thanks for you lesson :) I’m very2 like you lesson…please respond my coment………


hye alex…

thanks for you lesson :) I’m very2 like you lesson…please respond my coment………


hye alex…

thanks for you lesson :) I’m very2 like you lesson…please respond my coment………


hi alex,you are a nice teacher.thank you for your all help.best wishes for you.

noureen khurshedi

thank you Alix

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Hi Alex , Iam Faysal . Iam glad to learn how to use the word ( supposed be ), and i really want to appreciate it you . This is really useful for English learns , and it ‘s more beneficial to them. Thanks for telling us how to make or how to put the word ( supposed be ) in a sentence.
Thanks a lot . bye


thnx alex this is very nice lessons for me and its really useful

thnx fo your time


thanks alex. it’s very useful for me

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hi, alex

thnx for the lesson. i was supposed to get full marks but actually i didnt read the question carefully n this i always do which i am not supposed to do.

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thank you, Mr.Alex

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Thank you so much>>>


Hi Alex,

Thank you, Your explanation’s with examples are simply great. I’m confused with For and to, could you please tell me a good example that can clear my doubt?


Thank u very much for all member, this is very very very useful for me

Faisal R. Nasution

I am very interesting when I listen to your lessons


thanks Alex. this leason is v. diffecult to me, even after asignment can you make more declaration on it.

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Dear Sir Alex,
I watch your every single video lesson. I can’t afford to lose your video lesson to watch. Only one time, watching your video lesson is enough for me to learn topic on English grammar. You teach English grammar very easily. I think you have God-gift. I am supposed to learn English grammar and usage, sentence structure and style and impressive writing through e-mail correspondence with you, but unfortunately I don’t’ have your e-mail address.
Thank you very much,
Your student

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Hi Sir
In that final quiz, why there is no “be” in this sentense?
It is supposed to rain tomorrow.
Is’nt it, It is supposed to be rain tomorrow.

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Hi Sir
In that final quiz, why there is no “be” in this sentense?
It is not supposed to rain tomorrow.
Is’nt it, It is not supposed to be rain tomorrow.

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great lesson….

ariee cathy

hey Alex you know ? your are the beast


    I’m very happy to learning English with Alex.
    Thank you Alex, your are the beast.

    Linda Feng

thank u

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thanks a million.

naz 22

hi sir i am your big fan.good job sir.


hi alex. ur realy good teacher.
but i can’t speak english very well. what should i do ?

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thanks Alex.

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i think your lessons are useful for everyone,i like it


i am watching your videos for the second time and i think it is very interesting


Thanks a lot , that was so useful
I really enjoyed watching your lesson

Abdullah Hamza

thanks Alix

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Thank you very much. You are a good teacher


Thanks for giving a very good explanation

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Alex thanks a lot! All the best, Kristie Miyamoto from Japan

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today I know something else, . . . . am I supposed to speak better than yesterday? Sure!!!! Thanks for teach me and nice test you gave us.

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What is the difference between
‘You are supposed to do something’ and
‘You are allowed to do s.t.’ ?


i like ur good explanation



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thank you very much indeed fo this useful lesson


Hi Alex, firstly I like to thank you for your teaching. I’m from Ecuador and actually I’m living in London where I’m learning English every day with you help. Please, I’d like to ask you a question about the difference between: “other and another”, because the two words have same meaning so I don’t know how and when I can use those words. I’ll wonder wheter you can help me with this doubt. I send you a lot of greetings and I wish you the best luck. Thanks a lot.


its gud and very useful lecture


You have given some useful examples how to use “shpposed to” in the sentence. Thanks a lot.


Congratulations Alex.Your lessons are very good!
Your pronunciation is clear as a bell,it is important for us foreigners, to have so good teacher.Thanks a lot!!!Ilive in Brazil , and I hope to visit your beautiful country in the future.

José Augusto

Thank you so much ,these things are one of the most defficult problems for newcomers


you r ma fv among all teacher


Hi Alex,
Im supposed to watch your lessons every day.I had a doubt what is wrong with DO I SUPPOSED TO WATCH TV TONIGHT?Is it not a correct question.Please explain me.


thanks alot

ahmed elmasry

Thank u for lesson, Alex!
but I have a little quetion! The sentence on the video was “It is supposed to BE sunny tomorrow”. The sentence on the quiz was
“It is not supposed to rain tomorrow”. I want to know if any difference between “to be sunny” and “to rain”(without be). Is it correctly to say “It is not supposed to be rain tomorrow”?

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    I guess, “It is not supposed to be rainy tomorrow” sounds more correctly=)

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hi Alex thanks alot for great teaching and the way u teach is awesome keep it up thanks u r the world best teacher


im supposed to watch this video again. heheh


Thanks to God EngVid exists!


hi, it’s realy useful..


My Dear Sir Alex , i am a really enjoy your lecture , & i always watch your teaching video for make me well in English .


thanks alex..


I would like to ask you something: when I use suppose and when I use supposed to? Please if you can answer me, I’m really confused.


thanks for this lesson!!

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Is this same as ‘should’?

Kristjan from Estonia

thanks Alex this lecture help me alot


Until now I only used this exprssion in the case of number 2(prediction in the future). Now I can use this expression more often.
Thank you.

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thank you very much. Your lesson is useful

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Thanks,Alex this lesson really help me ..


that very nice this video it will help me in a few day thank


thanx alex



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I’m supposed to learn English with you for a long time ! Thanks and regards !

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I’m supposed to watch your lessons as often as I can. Thank you!

Natalie Byron

Dear Alex,
Thank you for teaching us, it’s a great job done by you. I would like to know something more about this topic, usually i get problem in using supposed to in past tense. So please help me to short out my problem.
Thanks and regard,

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Thank you for teaching us. i get problem in English grammar with articles so please help me sir


First of all I loved this video but Alex I gotta a question, could you help me please ?
What is the difference between be supposed to and be expected to, there is some diffrence ’cause in song, movies, interviews they are very similar… thank you

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thanks a lot


Alex, you are supposed to be patiente with all of us !! :-)
You are really ahead of the pack.
Go on in this way.
Angelo -Italy-


Thanks, for all Alex!!! I’m learning a lot. You are my favourite teacher. But the others are really great too.

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Great lesson, thanks a lot Alex, the confusion was in my mind regarding to Be supposed to has been finished. Thanks again.


Thank you Alex again and again.Very useful lesson for me.


thanlks Alex

Randa Awad

thank you teacher for this lesson.so can you explain for me what is the difference between past perfect and past participial

modibo diabate

Thanks it was very useful


thanks alot, i got many things in your lessons. actualy you are very good teacher. keep going.wish u all de best.


omg i got 5/5 thanx to alex ….


Alex, in “I am supposed to see her tonight” is it a sure?? I mean..is he going to visit her tonight?? or is it just plans? thanks

Alex Rodrigues

xie xie …arigato…gracias..al of these means thank you.,


i am supposed to watch a movie together with my friends but i decided to not go with them because i found more interesting watching engvid than to watch movie..thank you for making my day more bliss…


i have a great time with you guys..


thanks for the great Lesson! now I couLd say that my EngLish becomes better than before. thankz engVid!!! :D

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thanks i would like your video,i’m realy enjoyed video.&i got lot;i’m supposed to speak english….

upendra patel

I always watch the vidieo of alex ,which has realy and amazingly improved my english .thanks alex .


Hi Alex, i really like your classes.
but pardon me i have a question..
when i was answering the quiz (question number 4)
i was puzzled between choosing the answer number 1 or number 3,, anyway i chose number 3 but i still don’t know why (did she supposed to go swimming? )is wrong , is it supposed to be ( was she supposed to go swimming ? )
i hope u tell me

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thanks mr. Alex

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what’s the difference between expectation and be suppose to?


thanx !

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Hi Alex,
Can we use suppose to instead of should? I would be really grateful if you answer my question.
Thanks so much.


hi Alex
i’m wondering if we could ask a question like this “do u supposed to fight withe him to resolve your problem ?” i hop you help me on this and thank you .

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hi alex,
i usually hear from my co-workers “i supposed” what is that mean?
tnx n advance


Dear Sir,
thank you for your lesson
i have a question to you ,i can use this (“suppose to”) in past tense? kindly tell me about it more
hopefully waiting your responds

Shameem Navas.P.M

i suppose to learned because in this lesson because this is really clear and easy to understand.




hi alex,
thank you so much for your a delightful lesson.
i need to know another thing that is.
was, were supposed to.. how to use it?

please have a look below the sentence it is correct or incorrect.
Could you let know please?

I was supposed to know how to speaking English.

rAfiQ :D

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I had a lot of problem with this part of grammar (supposed to). Fortunately, It is completely understandable for me now. thank you alex

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it’s really really useful grammar that helped me to understand the use of be supposed to. thank you alex

mina neupane

I am supposed to be good english. Thanks Alex

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Thak you Alex !

Saima 4om Pakistan

hi’ Alex i’m Samreen I watched your lesson be supposed to today and you explained very well but in that lesson you did not explain that how do we use this phrase in quetions? please answer me soon i will be waiting.


Dear Alex, thanks a lot for your awesome lessons!
Can you please make it more clear:
“Be Supposed to do” vs. “Be Supposed to be doing smth”

Thank you!


Con sucks here. Can’t watch video.That’s why
I am not gonna open it here. Well.. that’s what I am supposed to do.

Mi Su

Dear Alex, I can´t thank you enough for this helpful lesson.
Greatings from Peru.


    Please , How can i change this image? because i would like to put my photo, thank you.


thank you very much for your lesson. what do you mean? { hesy} Do you mean hear and say. isn`t it?

sonam Tshewang

First of all, thank you so much for this great lesson.

But I still have a doubt. How do I use “to be supposed to” in a interrogative sentence?

Thank you


I am supposed to improve my English with this lesson.


Thanks for the quiz this is really helpful to fully understand “to be supposed to”

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Alex,thanks a lot!You cover all the bases of English grammar!And I’m supposed to pass a TOEFL exam in few months!))Your lessons on the mark!)The Great teacher of English!)

Any Russia

Woohoo im gd n en! ^.^

******** 5/5 *******

Thaaank you Alex

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thanks alot my teacher


it was very good

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Thanx…i really enjoyed your lessons..


Thanks ALEX..thank you so much


Hi Alex
I want to know if ” Is paris suposed to be beautiful?” equal by ” Has paris to be beautiful?”
I will appretiate if you reply to my quastion.


Hello Alex.

I’ve been studying English in UK since June and i’m always looking for new lessons!! I’d say that it has been really useful to improve my English day by day. Congratulations for the genial ideia!!


Isaias Costa

Isaias Costa

nice .


Thank you :D

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Teacher, i don’t know if already there is a lesson about the using of “at”, “on” and “in”. Could you think about to make one ? In portuguese, they mean the same thing and i’m always mistaking. ¬¬’

Profile photo of Bruno Peçanha Bruno Peçanha

    yes It is, look for it.

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I m not supposed to miss your any lesson;)


thanks sir


When do you use ‘suppose’ instead of ‘supposed’. I totally understood your video with supposed. Is it used as….’suppose we do this or suppose we go shopping etc. Is it used in replace of ‘perhaps’?


    It’s more like “what if”.

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hello… Alex… I like your lessons alot… Actually, I’ve been wondering if you can make a lesson about grammer. I would lik more grammer lessons from you… Thank you~~


Is it’suppose to’ or ‘supposed to’ i’ve seen my friends using’suppose to’ plzz clear it!

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Thanks Alex.

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thank you very much

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I am supposed to say Thanks Teacher.




Thank u so much. I’ve looking for a good video which explain the exact usage of ‘ supposed to’ in ages.U are wonderful and I love all teachers of engvid.


Hi, Im an english teacher as well, and I found your website and your lessons very cool. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Im going to recommend it to my students and peers.

Héctor Rivera

Thanks alex……you halp me a lot.


Thank you ! Your lessons are supposed to be good.

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Thank you, i like your lessons , it is supposed to be perfect


I am really exciting when i listen you


I don’t know Alex wears glass. :)


thank you Alex , i am supposed to answer the quiz correctly tomorrow

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Very Useful & Interesting lesson.

You are supposed to be the best teacher ever.


hello teacher…..i understood the lesson im supposed to go…..even though i wanted to go some where i didn’t go…now can i say that i was supposed to go?is it correct?please help me…..

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hi. that is good. but i didn’t understand that why the sentence of dictionary is wrong?


thanks alot mr alex


thanks alex,,,love the way u teach us..
i’m supposed to meet you one day..:)


Engvid is supposed to be helpful for student who wants study English. Is this correct?^^ Thanks for teaching Alex!

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aash ji

I’m supposed to thank to Alex!

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i’m supposed to take a test but the QUIZ button doesn’t work!
anyway, thanks alex for this interesting topic!

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    Please try again. The quiz was not working in Internet Explorer 9 for a little while, but it should now be fixed!

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Hi,,mr. Alex im supposed to be glad.i never seen like this video before,,,its really Great,,i hope you have more …


i got better idea after reading it, i am supposed to implement all your formuals in the future. Thanks Sir


very useful 1

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it is very useful for everyone. thanx alex


Nice lesson sir.


I am supposed to learn English soon. Thank You Alex


Hello Alex Is there a question form of ” Be supposed to” or not?

Profile photo of dinoalb22 dinoalb22

is there any past future of the suppesed to like
you were not supposed to go there


Hello Alex,
i am supposed to say thanks,your lessons are very useful for me.


Good explanations. Thanks for your lesson about “BE SUPPOSED TO”


I am supposed to have some suggestions from anyone , helping me to delete the words’ log out’ beneath my picture.
Before this lesson, I used ‘ suppose’ referring to likelihood only. Actually , ‘ to be supposed to-v can express many ideas, such as rule, hearsay,arrangement etc., to answer ‘ what are you doing ? Great teachers , you are really building my confidence up gradually through related lessons and quiz. Thank you for your kindness.

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Thanks Alex. Your explanations are really nice. I’m supposed to learn more lessons with engVid.

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i supposed to watch you during my restime because your best when its come in teaching enlish lesson.. great job.. have a nice day..

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i am supposed to be a clever student when you teach me.

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someone can tell me why I can not upload my photo in my profile?

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    Check the size of the image file! If it’s more than 500kB it won’t work.

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Thanks mr. Alex. I supposed to learn English with my friend today.

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Thank you Alex! Nice lesson!

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Thank you Alex!!! I’m supposed to follow your videos!

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Excellent!We are supposed to practice English with a teacher like Alex in order to master it

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Hi, Alex! Thanks!

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hi, Alex. Thank you for your lesson. This lesson was so helpful for me, because I always get confused in using “be suppose to”.
Now, I have a question.
In terms of example No1, can I say “You SHOULD go when the light turns green?”

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Im supposed to be appreciated you alex

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Thanks a lot , i’m supposed to be understanding your lessons !

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how awesome the lesson is! thank you so much.

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good lesson….i am supposed to improve my english…thanks a lot….

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oh, i am missing this lesson

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

thanks alex sir..now i can speak confidently by using supposed to..

Profile photo of ramkumar77665 ramkumar77665

Thanks teacher .. your lessons are supposed to be great.
You are doing a nice job alex and I’m supposed to watch all your lessons .

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

easy explenation. ths

Profile photo of oanacristea oanacristea

I’m supposed to become a very good English speaker with your help.Thank you! :)

Profile photo of IzabelaMaria IzabelaMaria

May I know, any difference meaning between “suppose” and “be supposed to” ?

Profile photo of lukito lukito

I learned this class couples months ago, but I don’t use a lot. i am forgetting. thanks for your video that reminds of me.

Profile photo of Jason Jason

great Master Alex!

Profile photo of mescal mescal

Thank you Alex. I learned very much. As you said, we used to of “supposed to” in Rule, Expectation, Plan and Common idea about something.

Profile photo of saeed saeed

Super class!

Profile photo of claudinahso claudinahso

    I mean super lesson!

    Profile photo of claudinahso claudinahso

I found the error through your lesson about ‘be suppose to’> i got it and enjoyed! THANKS

Profile photo of thapa82 thapa82

Thanks a lot!! I got 5 out of 5, but I am supossed not to be such a good pupil

Profile photo of angupo8 angupo8

Very good! Thks!

Profile photo of lucasnakano lucasnakano

thank you very much Alex and engvid..

Profile photo of @guzel @guzel

thanks a lot

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One more good lesson. thank you.

Profile photo of tacagero tacagero

i am supposed to quit my university tomorrow.

Profile photo of ...Lucifer... ...Lucifer...

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of aldo1 aldo1

Thank you kindly. My prediction is that maybe you are supposed to be one of the best teachers here :)

Profile photo of Janis5 Janis5

Bonne leçon, comme d’habitude..
Merci Alex.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

I supposed to get 5 out of 5 lol. Thanks bro Alex!

Profile photo of Patrick R. Patrick R.

Thank you teacher for the lession.

Profile photo of Everydaye Everydaye

easy and useful lesson
i got 10 out of 10
thanks teacher

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

thank you very much.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

very helpful

Profile photo of Shams Mahsud Shams Mahsud

He is one of the best teacher in the world. I am supposed to come here more often!

Profile photo of karemlorrayne karemlorrayne

10/10 I’m supposed to practice another rules in English, where I don’t have 10/10
Thanks for very useful lesson

Profile photo of vertebrolog vertebrolog

Thanks for the explanation

Profile photo of rosanita rosanita

4 out of 5 nice explanation

Profile photo of fernando triana fernando triana

I supposed to thank you master ALEX for this lesson.


Done, I got 10 of 10

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Hi, Mr, thank you for great lecture.
Can I ask for favour, i would love if teach us about phrase “meant to be”

Profile photo of Suleiman Nassor Suleiman Nassor


Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

I’m supposed to study english every day!

Profile photo of Alan Martins Alan Martins

I’ve got 5 correct out of 5 :D

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Thank you! Are you supposed to do more lessons like this next year?

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Thanks a lot Mr. Alex!

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