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mr.Alex the best teacher in the world! Thanks a lot!


    You’re too kind! Thanks for watching and studying with EngVid!



Stanislav1982 RUS

Thanks for clicking, everyone! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And don’t worry, I promise I’ll get a haircut before next year. Maybe.


Very useful words to learn. Thanks Alex, I really appreciate that.


    You’re welcome! Thanks for watching.


Thanks a lot mr. Alex! I love your videos. You’re one of the ingenious teachers on engvid. (thumb up)


    Thanks for the kind feedback, Shyngys!


Thank very much for this lesson Alex!
It´s very useful for example to watch TV!

I’m impressed myself, that I can US TV news understand more and more!
So no wonder; we have here very good teachers at “engvid.com” :-)


    That’s awesome! I’m glad our lessons have helped you.


Good job sir
Thank you


    My pleasure. Thanks for watching.


Very useful, thank you Alex ! You sing well, this song reminds me when I was much younger …


    Haha. Same here. I’ll add some Janet Jackson next time to complete the nostalgia. :)


can not get clear video


    Hmm, I’m not sure what the problem could be. :-/ It seems to be okay for most people.


Hi Alex. I got 10 correct out of 10 on the quiz. Thanks again!

Júlio César L Sousa

    You always kill the quizzes. Nice job!


Alex, you are my soul reason for living!I wish you were my uncle ,thank you very much!!

julian menegon

    LOL. That’s kind of amazing, but I hope you have more reasons for living than me!


Yes, the sense of humour of Alex is insuperable.
I really like the way he teaches English and his jokes XD
Thanks for this great lesson Sir ;)


    Any time! Thanks for always coming back and leaving a comment!


Thank you, your lesson was really helpful for me. I wish you the best


    Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it.


Very good exercise. Thank you, teacher.


    You’re quite welcome! I’m glad you liked it.


Hi Alex. Just a small remark. A spoiler alert after the spoiler is like musztarda po obiedzie. My respects.


    Z kielbasa bym jeszcze zjiadl, nawet po obiedzie!


Difficult and I was confused. But I got 10/10! Unbelievable :D Thank you, Alex :)


    You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it!


Very good Alex! By the way I was born and bred in Rio. And last but not the least, you are a very good singer I think, really. Bye, bye for now!

John B

    Haha. Thanks, John. Maybe I’d be good in a karaoke bar, but definitely not on a proper stage.


Thanks a lot, Alex.


    You’re welcome! Thanks for watching.


Its my first time here, I found same words hard, but I understand very well. I did 8 answer correct to 10 questions.
Thanks Alex.


    Nice work! It becomes easier the more you do it.


I am so happy that have found your website.. it is so useful..


    Welcome to EngVid, Abten! I’m glad you find it useful. Good luck with your studies. :) We have around 1,000 videos to choose from now.


there are great words to confuse us. we have also in our language, that is a great way to memorize confusing words. thanks a lot.


    You’re welcome! I’m glad you found it useful and that you’ve increased your vocabulary with this lesson.


It’s a very useful lesson, thanks teacher…..!!

Jakub Alvarez

    You’re welcome! Thanks for checking out the video!


Thanks for you explanation, it is very useful

Magda Escobar

    You’re very welcome, Magda! Thanks a lot for studying with EngVid.


Thanks dear teacher, i was really looking for like this video.
i’m trying to increase my vocabulary!


    That’s always a good thing! I’m glad this video was able to help you.


I have 10/10, thank Alex and by the way you had sung very well, hope see more your video lesson, it’s very useful

nguyen van long

    Haha. Thanks! I might make a singing video in the future.


I got 09/10. Excellent quiz . Alex can you elaborate more about the meaning of the word synch?


    Sure. The full form is “synchronize,” which means to cause/make something work at the same time. In the summer olympics, one of the events is called “synchronized swimming.” Several swimmers do a performance where everyone is doing the exact same thing at the same time. They are “in synch” with one another. You can also sync your phone with your car if you have Bluetooth, for example.

    I hope this helps!


      Ah! I see, i got it . ☺ Thanks alex.


Thank you Alex!


    You’re welcome! Thanks for checking out the video, JJJR. :)


Hi Alex!

Then, the third part of this content about homophones.

Great explanation. You make it easy and fun, so I need to say thank you for help us with English lessons.

Isaias Menezes Silva

    Any time, Isaias. Thanks for studying with EngVid, and I hope you’re improving your language skills day by day.


Thanks very much! Amazing video! I understood everything beside your last phrase, “ I hate/ have …”. Could you tell me what you said? My perfectionism doesn’t afford me to sleep quietly.

Dr Max

    “I hate Disney.” :)


Thank you Alex for this great lesson, thanks to you I am more comfortable with this materiel. I got 10 out of 10. The quiz makes me learn a new verb “cleanse”. I suppose there is a different meaning between “clean” and “cleanse”. I’ll very happy if you explain the meaning of these two words. I am looking forward to watching your new videos. Best regards. Marie-Claude


    Salut Marie-Claude. :)

    “Cleanse” is a verb while “clean” can be a verb or an adjective. Here’s a quick copy/paste from a google search…

    “The verbs clean and cleanse both mean “to make (something or someone) clean.” Cleanse usually refers to making the body or part of the body clean. (Cleansing the skin. “This herb is believed to cleanse the body of toxins.”)”

    You can also be dramatic and talk about cleansing your soul or your spirit.

    I hope this helps!


Hey Alex. I got 10 out of 10. Nice Lesson. By the way, I like your examples with movies (I love the Lord of the rings). I can tell you have a good taste in music too (Radiohead, Metallica, Pearl Jam) You also mentioned my beloved city “Bogota” (I am from Bogota). When you said “ammonia” you were trying to say “pneumonia” right? Thanks for your the lesson :) :)


    You got it. I might have mispronounced it. :) Thanks for the feedback! I don’t listen to as much Radiohead, Metallica, or Pearl Jam these days, but they were important bands in my life at one point. These days, I’m more into epic instrumental stuff. Check out “2 Steps from Hell” on YouTube to get an idea of what I mean.


thanks Alex. i got 10 out of 10,i wanna ask u :
what about rich , reach , wretch ,retch

yasser Daoud

    Hi Yasser. “Rich” and “reach” are pronounced differently. “Rich” has a short “I” sound that is also in words like him, it, difficult, and this. On the other hand, “reach” has a long “E” sound, the same as words like see or be. (Reeeeeeech)

    Wretch and retch are covered in the video and have the same pronunciation.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for a great lesson. I have a doubt about sink and Sync. Is the verb “think” also a homophone?

Fatima de Jesus Ferreira

    Hi Fatima, “think” is not a homophone of “sink” and “synch” because it has a different first sound.


Hi Hossein,

A cover letter is usually something you write when you’re applying for a job. You simply express your interest (“I am writing to express my interest in joining X University’s PhD program in X subject”) and then list three or four personal qualities that make you a good fit for that job/program. This is paragraph one. In paragraph two, just write about your achievements and give specific examples of research you’ve done and/or are interested. These examples should give proof of the qualities you mentioned in paragraph one. Then finish everything in the third paragraph by restating your interest in a different way and why you’re a good candidate for that job/program. I’m not sure how long your school expects the cover letter to be.

I’ve never written a motivation letter. I had to write a Personal Statement for my masters degree, but that was basically a long cover letter, so I’m not sure if it’s basically the same thing.

Is your potential program asking for all three letters, or just one?


    Thanks for your replying, No, it depends on the universities, e.g., some of them need “Personal Statement” with “Cover letter”, some others want “Personal Statement” with “Motivation letter”, and finally some others demand just one of them. Anyway, I want to know all of them and the difference between them.
    As you remember my previous comment, I asked you “Could you introduce me the standard template of them?” But you did not answer it, So I remind you again.


hi alex.
is it common to say “eat my heat off”
i mean is it a weird idiom or common one?
thank you in advance


    Hi Merad, I’ve never heard of this idiom. The closest thing that kind of sounds like it is “bite someone’s head off.”

    If you tell him he made a mistake, he’s going to bite your head off!


Dang it!
I Missed one! Well…the only I can do is keep studying.

El Mono Loco

    That’s okay. 9/10 is still great. “The only thing I can do is keep studying.” You have the right attitude!


Thank you teacher Alex for the nice and cool explnation about homophones.Not bad i got 9 out of 10.Im just little bit confused in sink and synch.


    It’s a tough one, but I’m sure you’ll get it the more you see the words in other contexts!


Hi Alex!
How do you distinguish sounds of these words?:
sow sowed sown; sew sewed sewn; saw sawed sawn; see saw seen.
Thank you for lessons. I suppose, there is another Disney, a bad guy who makes you suffer ;).


Thanks a lot, Alex


    My pleasure! Thanks for studying with me, Rozenn!


very interestant your cours thanks a lot!!!

kabore mohamed hassimi

    “Your course is very interesting! Thanks a lot!” :)

    You’re welcome! Thanks for studying with me.


      once again thinks for the correction

      kabore mohamed hassimi

“Keynes had an idea that throwing money at recessions through aggressive deficit spending would resuscitate flatlined economics.”

In this sentence, ‘throwing’ is participal or gerund and how do i convert it into clause.Can you esplain its sentence structure.

subodh kumar

10/10, thanks Alex.


    Nice job! Thanks for studying with me and with EngVid, Pashel!


Hi Alex, thank you very much, you’re great


Greetings, Alex you are a great teacher. You have turned into a funnier person while making your videos. That is nice.

Albeiro Ruiz

It is the first lesson I heard it
you are very amazing


Alex, No6, you could also add “HOSE”. my 2cents.


Really interesting class thanks


Great job Alex!!! Thank you very much. You are the best. :)


could you explain what is the difference between iHAVE AND I AM HAVING?


Amazing work Alex thank you


All I wanna say is thank you for all these materials! I’ve learned a lot through this! Keep making theses excellents class!

Jonathas Wilhem

You are Great!


Thank you Mr.Alex! They really help me learn more.

Sahra biologist

Homophones series is an amazing and creative one, thanks a lot Alex


I got 10\10 amazing all the best for you my dear teacher


Thanks Alex!


Thank you sir

James mejia

You’re the best??


You have a gift of teaching, you put the knowledge into my head, I’ll reach for more :) You are AWESOME, positive person!!! :D
PS I love your colorful “painting” t-shirts :) ?? :D Live long and prosper ! :)


Very interesting. I’ve learned a lot!


Really, an amazing performance.


Thank you 90%!!!!


Thanks Mr. Alex!


I loved this lesson. I learned new words and corrected some mistakes in my pronunciation.Thanks

Hugo Panda Botero

Hi there.
Thank you for such a great website….Really awesome…
Keep it up


Such a good teacher!


you’re awesome




    Thank you for all your comments! Could you please not type in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS? It sounds like you’re shouting :)

    engVid Moderator

I m sure i won t repeat it again.:)


You nailed it


Thanks Alex ?


“like I said ” is gramaticly wrong actually. You should have said : “As I said” :))



Thank’s Alex


Thanks Alex. Sole is the name of a fish too, right?


I think I´m liking these lesson. hank you so much.

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