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What an incredible lesson about the history of the monarchy in England!!!
Thank you so much Gill ;)

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I only come here to put the first comment😁

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Thank you very much for this lesson, teacher Gill. It’s been very interesting and I’ve learned curious pieces of information. I got 100 in the test. I’m pleased.
I hope your next video class. See you soon.

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Dear Gill!

Some time ago, I asked you to make a video about royal titles and you agreed. Thank you for keeping your word! It’s an amazing lesson indeed!! It’s much better than I had imagined. Your lessons are incredible, beyond doubt. :-)

I’m looking forward to seeing your next lesson.

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I can’t believe that I spent half hour listening about royal family. But it was interesting. The life of these people gave subject for many films. I remember several: Elizabeth, The Young Victoria, The King’s Speech, The Queen, all of them great movies. Thank Gill for this lesson!

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Thank you very much for interesting story about British monarchy! I really enjoy your lesson!
I am looking forward to next your lesson.

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Interesting, indeed…!

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Interesting lesson

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Thank you very much,Ms. Gill!

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    Thanks Gill for the very important lesson. I very like the monarch government system, and I believe that my country Brasil, came back to their fist system of government that was a monarch until 1889. The British Royal family is a example of this government system. Thanks

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I laught when she said that was a King who was German, because was more importand be protestand that speak english, but she didn’t know if finally he learned english because was very dificult learn it because EngVid didn’t exist. lol.

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Thanks Gill for the very important lesson. I very like the monarch government system, and I believe that my country Brasil, came back to their fist system of government that was a monarch until 1889. The British Royal family is a example of this government system. Thanks

Profile photo of marioluciosjr marioluciosjr

Thank you so much, Gill. A wonderful lesson, very usefull information. I didn’t know the hereditary is so complicated, you cleared it up perfectly!

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Hi Gill! I am here again.

I am writing one more time because I forgot to ask you a question in my former comment. I would like to know if there is another kind of answer besides “bless you” when someone sneezes. I mean, another answer less religious. In Portuguese there are two ones: “Bless you!” and “Health!”.

Thank you in advance!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

    Hi Eduardo — thanks for your question. The only other thing that I’ve heard people say is actually in German, as a kind of joke — people say “Gesundheit” !! (which I think means Health)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you very very much, dear Gill! You are always so gentle and kind. I am going to use “Gesundheit” from now on. ;-)

      Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

      That is right. “Gesundheit” in German means Health. The people in Germany say that when someone sneezes.

      It is interesting to know. I did’nt know that before.

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If i meet a Queen or King how I should call them?

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    You must call her as “Her Majesty”

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      Hi people!

      As far as I know, we should use “Your Majesty” if you are addressing yourselves to a king or queen (for instance, if you are talking to the Queen Elizabeth II), and “His Majesty” or “Her Majesty” if you are talking about him or her with someone else.

      Take care!

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Thank you for this wonderful lesson…I really love it.

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It has been a very interesting video class about the Royal Family and his story. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, very useful as always.

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I am a Pakistani student.Would you kindly temm me that is there any whimperative and cumulative sentences in English?

Profile photo of Salman Khan Soomro Salman Khan Soomro

Very interesting information, Gill. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Dear professor Gill,I don’t have enough words to
thank you for this enriching lesson.
I thank you very much.
This is what Engvid is all about.

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thank you so much

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I like this lesson

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It was a pleasant lesson!

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Very nice lesson. Thank you!

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a v Kieve vse takie krasivie?

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Thanks Jill for the good lesson.

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Great Lesson, Gill!

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Very good lesson.Thank you!

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it’s a good lesson about history of united kingdom

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Thank you so much teacher Gill for your informative lesson.

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Got 08/10. ☺ Excellent lesson. Thanks Gill.

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Thank you very much for such an important lesson! I teach children and they know so little about the Royal Family, now I can tell them a lot of interesting things))

Profile photo of SashaBork SashaBork

thank you

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OW that was an interesting lesson

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It’s great! Well-structured information and easy (but not primitive) language. Thank you.

Profile photo of EnTea EnTea

Besides english, we’ve learnt history and political systems on this very interesting lesson. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us Mrs Gill!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Dear Gil,
could you clarify one thing? Which one is correct? 1 “I hope you have been sincere” or 2 “I hope you were sincere”.

Profile photo of palladio palladio

What an awesome lesson which was presented by an awesome teacher. Thank you very much Gill, it’s my first time to watch a video about kingdom family. Even though in my country there is a lot of history about it, but it never attracts me to watch the video. Your lesson really really made me so curious and I watched it so focus. I ask your permission for saving your video and taking a screen capture of it for delivering as my classroom material. Best regard for you Gill from Indonesia. Love it.

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please talk about the Victorian period.

Profile photo of Zahra Zahra

interesting subject and good teacher.

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Loved this lesson about the Royal family. It was very clear.
Thanks Gill!

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Thank you very much Gill for

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Thank you very much Gill for your lesson.British people are very luky because they have got Royal Monarchy.In Romania in 1947 Royal family was forced by the Comunist Party tu abdicate.In that time our King Mihai the First participate to the wedding of princess Elisabeth With prince Philip.When Her Majesty reterned in Romania he was forced to abdicate and Romanian people lost Royal Family with the agreement of Soviet Union.

Profile photo of Daniel Daniel

Thank you for teaching so clearly a very interesting matter…I got 10/10 without any difficulty after your lesson.
Thank you a lot, Gill

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I got 9 correct out of 10. It is an interesting lessson! Thank you Gill,

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thanks Gill

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Very interesting Story 😊

Profile photo of Rosanna Scano Rosanna Scano

Thanks a lot

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I’m pretty sure King George I learned English. I think to remember reading a poem he translated from German and that was impressively well done. If you ever tried translating poetry it’s very difficult, because you should try to keep the rhythm and all the other poetic elements or else it will not be the same. I remember at the time thinking it’s odd a king would translate a poem, but him being from there makes sense.

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Thank you Gill ! your lessons are always intresting and amazing.

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I grew up with aristocrats, maybe someday I’ll become a queen😊👑

Profile photo of Zinbe benyachou2021 Zinbe benyachou2021

10/10 yeah!

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