I would like to say “thanks you Gill”,but indeed,I didn’t cover the whole story by listening only one time.Beside it’s was a great opportunity for us. Thanks again Gill. Have a wonderful day…


If I lived in London, I wouldn´t hesitate visiting that amazing art gallery.
Thanks for showing us the gallery from inside, and for uploading a different kind of lesson to practice our English ;)


Thank you very much dear teacher Gill for give us a beautiful and interesting bit of London Culture and we hope you keep going uploading this kind of videos,see you


i’m looking for English partner with whom i can communicate.

Mukhtarul Hasan Khan

Great initiative helping homeless,not given the fish,but teaching how to fish. Thanks ma’am for this opportunity, sharing this museum.


Thanks Gill! Really, really interesting video.
I will visit that Art Gallery the first time I’ll return to London.


Thanks Gil. Wishing you healthy & happiness

Cung Hoang

Great idea for a lesson, Sir David seems to be a nice and outgoing fellow. Well done :)


Thank you Gill! I do like your lessons!!!


Thanks teacher….!!

Jakub Alvarez

this is beautiful

Hussein youssif

Thank you


Thank you very much Gill!


It’s a good idea . conversation is more useful than academic lessons .thanks Gill keep going

yasser Daoud

Thank you Gill for your wonderful lessons.

Jun Shao

Please Gill, next time close the door……


Thanks dear Gill for this video, sometime specially in front of outer side of gallery the sound quality had been decreased and was some how indeterminable


Wonderful lesson!!! Thank you Gill for this great opportunity! I love arts in general and London too, so this lesson was remarkable… love you

claudia conti

i want to do same job in Turkey in the future :)


Dear Gill, thanks a lot for such lovely video.

Julia Mikhaylova

Wow, it’s amazing places like this exists! Huge respect to people who do such amazing things. Thanks a lot to Gill and EngVid for creating and sharing this great video!


Hi Gill! I have got a question to the language you used in this video. It is this: “We are going to be visiting ….” Why is there a “be” in this sentence?. What is the difference to the sentence I allready know: “We are going to visiting….” I tried to find someone to explane me the grammar of this sentence. But there was non. So I put my question here. Is it something colloquial to use the “be” in this sentence? Maybee there is a video to this grammar? Thank you very much for an answer! Best regards! Andrea


Hi Gill, I unterstand your English very well nur I have mit of problems to understand the man…! I hope it will be better in the future…

Best Regards


Thanks Gill.

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