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Sue always attends her son's school trips because she is worried for his safety. You could say Sue is:

Tom is __________ of his younger sister because he has to share his parents' attention with her.

What is the term we use to refer to a brother or sister?

With the birth of a second child, the first-born must learn to ___________ the baby sibling. This is one of the positive traits of a first-born.

Second-born children are often observed to ______________ because they get help from their older sibling.

Little Timmy feels __________ because his older brother can draw better than he does.

Second-born children tend to imitate their older siblings. This means:

If you are the "baby" of the family, this means you are the ___________.

Parents are more ___________ when taking care of their last born compared to their first born, because they have experience.

Last-born children are often ___________ because of the increase in freedom they had while growing up.

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I got 9/10, i feel the lesson quite difficult, but Ronnie explaned clearly so i get it, i’m a baby in my big familly that have 5 sibbling. Thank Ronnie

Saturday, July 13th 2019

Thank you Ronnie. I confused question 5. I assumed that the correct answer was overprotective because the older siblings tend to take care seriously their little brothers/sisters. Nevertheless, the right choice is “develop faster”.
Thanks again.

Saturday, July 13th 2019

Got 09. Thank you so much Ronnie! <3

Saturday, July 13th 2019

Hello Ronnie ! This lesson remembered me the live in our family. We had three children and each of them have had three children too. So, I understand very well the meaning of that topic.
Thank you.

Saturday, July 13th 2019

10/10 This lesson is really amazing! I understood all from what you told us)
Thanks a lot, Ronnie!
I’m the second born and the last born, in the same time, I have a sister. And yes, maybe, I’m always a baby, I think(
Hmm, but I have two remarkable adult children, a daughter and a son. Therefore I’m not irresponsible, I think)

Saturday, July 13th 2019

Thanks a lot Ronnie!!

Sunday, July 14th 2019

Hi Ronnie. I enjoy your videos of this type – thematic tales.

Sunday, July 14th 2019

Thanks Ronnie, it was an interesting y well explained lesson. We are 6 sibling. Maybe we are two first, and two middle and two last. What do think about it?

Sunday, July 14th 2019

100 %

Monday, July 15th 2019

Thank you, Ronnie!

Monday, July 15th 2019

am thinking this question so helfully. and i hope here’s the way i can study english and trying ma english so be good’ thanks

Wednesday, July 17th 2019

Thanks a lot Ronnie!! Your class was excellet!!

Wednesday, July 17th 2019

Could have done better!

Thursday, July 18th 2019

Hello, Ronnie! Thanks for your lessons, they are so interesting. Wait for the next one.

Thursday, July 18th 2019


Saturday, July 20th 2019

Ur lessons are easy to understand English… Thank you Madam…. I have confusion, Pls tell with examples for the exact meaning between sports and games….

Saturday, July 20th 2019

HI.Please help me in this test;You…forget to pay the rent tomorrow.The landlord is very strict about paying on time. A.Must not B.dont have to

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

Thanks for that class Ronnie

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

it was an interesting lesson ,and i got 10/10.. thanks Ronnie

Wednesday, July 24th 2019

thanks so much

Wednesday, July 24th 2019

hi i’m kashif new student

Saturday, July 27th 2019

Hi I’m kareem , I’m from Egypt. ƌ wonder. If you could learn me English, please?

Sunday, July 28th 2019

Hhhhh I got all the lesson. but I got 6 marks šŸ˜‚ I’m so happy thanks teacher

Tuesday, July 30th 2019

10/10 thanks for the video, worth it

Friday, August 2nd 2019


Monday, August 5th 2019

Thanks, Ronnie!
I’m the second born. I really developed myself faster. I learned a lot with my older sister.

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

Thanks, Ronnie

Friday, August 9th 2019

    ARE YOU engineer ??

    Wednesday, December 25th 2019

I got 9 from 10))) a big thanks to Ronnie

Thursday, August 22nd 2019

Thanks Ronnie, you should do this type of lesson more often. Great explanation!

Tuesday, August 27th 2019

it very good
thanks a lot

Monday, September 2nd 2019

9 out of 10

Saturday, October 19th 2019

Thanks for this lesson. I have a little brother and a little sister and yeah I suppose this theory is correct.

Sunday, November 3rd 2019

10/10, fantastic!! I’ve 5 siblings. I am a suprised child, but I’m not the baby of the family, I’ve younger brother who also was a bigger suprise for my parents than me ;).

Sunday, January 12th 2020

Thanks so much Ronnie

Thursday, January 16th 2020

In one hand Iā€™m the last born in my big family ,in other hand Im parent and I got daughter so, Iā€™m still look after my daughter .
And above the lesson fascinated me !

Saturday, April 4th 2020

You rock, Ronnie! I’m a first born and the description really fits.

Monday, April 6th 2020

Hi Ronnie, I do really love the way you teaching. I’m pleased to introduce myself to you, I’m the only child in my family. I hope Ronnie will share her observations about the character of ‘the only child’ in the future. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 10th 2020

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