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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.



When I learn the story behind a word, I feel that I can use them with more confidence and I realise that I can keep them in my mind easily. I don’t need to memorize them. This class is one of them. Many thanks to Gil!


I appreciate your lessons and your calm demeanor which chill me out. Thank you Gill.


Thank you Gill, it’s fancy that!


Thanks a lot,Mrs.Gill for improving our understanding of informal English


its was really great to have this test and the lesson! even if I was bout to fail, its cheers.

Thanks a lot Mrs. for improving my English’s vocabulary. you are a gift human to people. May you stay bless!

Charlin Matoch

Thanks Gill. I appreciate your lesson.


thank you .

Hind Alqahtani

Blimey Gill, your lesson is wicked. I love the opportunity you give people to check their understanding with a quiz. Many thanks. Your affectionate student Nadia


Thank you for sharing in detail of this meaning words. I am appreciate with that. All this make me confidently to use in English.


A very interesting lesson,
Thank you Teacher Gill!!!

Denise Pimenta

Thank you teacher

chiquis boo

Thank you Gill. I love your lesson. That’s very cozy and warm.


Mr.s Gill…you are the best..thanks

Sina -@h

Thank you very much for the nice class, Gill! Those idioms and colloquial word were very useful and I will try to remember them. Thanks again!


Thank you my teacher. You are the Best.


Thank for sharing your lesson.
I’ve got a score 60.
I didn’t know “dodgy”.It means don’t trust someone.
“gutted” means disapoint.
chill out means rest.
slang and metapo is different .

Oh Mi Hyang

It’s so useful


Hi, Thanks for the lesson i have learned many new words, I did the quiz and i got 9 out of 10, If i’m having a conversation with someone and they use these words so i will be able to understand the meaning of these words now.

Ujala fahad

Dear Mrs.Gill, your clear explantion for each informal word helps me to remember.

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