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I got 9 correct out of 9😊 and i’m happy with it

Profile photo of Fikri Ismail Fikri Ismail

I got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of Shoaib Alam Shoaib Alam

:)100. Thank you Gill . Lesson was so amazing and it helps me a lot. I personally like using auxiliary verbs . Can I say myself a sensible person :p ;)

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I’ve understood. I scored 9/9 :) Thanks Gill. Your lessons are very interesting, clear and well explained to us.

Profile photo of Adamos32 Adamos32

I got 9..great lesson, thank you Gill.

Profile photo of laeras laeras

good lesson.very useful.

Profile photo of phani krishna phani krishna

Thank you for this lesson, i got 8 by 9.

Profile photo of Ashabty Ashabty

But I am very sad… 7 correct…

Profile photo of alezalez alezalez

thanks. a sense of deja vu.

Profile photo of jack0910 jack0910

It was an excellent lesson. Thank you!

Profile photo of joseNM joseNM

I got 9 out of 9

Profile photo of Phanindra allu Phanindra allu

I am phanindra allu, from india

Profile photo of Phanindra allu Phanindra allu

Gill, thank you for the useful lesson.

Profile photo of Cosimomsc Cosimomsc

I got 8 correct out of 9 :)! In spite of that lesson was helpful. Thanks

Profile photo of Czapa92 Czapa92

Thank you Gil for this interesting lesson.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thanks alot

Profile photo of MohebHanna MohebHanna

I got 9 correct out of 9! Thank you Gil!

Profile photo of Leo Rocha Leo Rocha

thanks for designing this web

Profile photo of gihugu gihugu

I tried to take the quiz before watching the lesson. I shouldn’t have done that

Profile photo of ViciousDiplomat ViciousDiplomat

Thanks you for your help Gill

Profile photo of PabloPerezh1010 PabloPerezh1010

I missed one but the lesson was helpful.

Profile photo of pogoti pogoti

Ten from ten right. It wasn’t difficult.
Thanks a lot for the lesson.

Profile photo of Manfred574 Manfred574

I liked the lesson a lot. Thankyou.
I’ve just discovered your lessons and I think they will be very useful to improve my English!

Profile photo of Pamaes Pamaes

I got 7 correct out of 9

Profile photo of hongtram9 hongtram9

Thank you so much 😊

Profile photo of Thanakarn Thanakarn

Hello Gill, thank you very much for your videos. Can I send you a private message? I have a question on becoming an ESL teacher. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of H.eng H.eng

I got 7 by 9

Profile photo of Qais Awlia Qais Awlia

l am happy

Profile photo of Angel Rubio Angel Rubio

thanks you for your help, l’ve learned a lot with your personnel.

Profile photo of Angel Rubio Angel Rubio

8 out of 9, I failed in “sensible”, such a great lesson. Thanks!

Profile photo of Danielfcv Danielfcv

Thank you so much

Profile photo of mentazi mentazi

thank you so much you really help me to know more about should and how can I use it.

Profile photo of fai.16 fai.16

You’ve been a big help, Gill! Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Natalia Lipchanska Natalia Lipchanska

Thank you Gill! :)

Profile photo of s144cruz s144cruz

it had been a long time since I had been in Envid, i should have gone earlier! You lesson is always interesting Gill! I like your energy and your teaching, thanks :)

Profile photo of kampor kampor

I got 8, it’s good for me.

Profile photo of Mbuta51 Mbuta51

I got 8 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of BM Nibras BM Nibras

I was unsensible to one question so got 8 out of 9. Not so bad!

Profile photo of joao.giba joao.giba

I got 8 of 9 :)

Profile photo of mooh47 mooh47

Useful lesson

Profile photo of Andrey Zaytsev Andrey Zaytsev


Profile photo of MONICAPD MONICAPD

Thank you Gill. 😊 It was very useful lesson. More please 🙂

Profile photo of Adela65 Adela65

Thank you

Profile photo of English@2 English@2

I got 6
, it’s good for me

Profile photo of Monira Abdalla Monira Abdalla

I love yours lesson, thanks very much!

Profile photo of estevao say estevao say

I got 8 of 9! I`m happy :D

Profile photo of juliocesabrasi juliocesabrasi


Profile photo of piema piema

You should’ve titled the lesson 5 ways you should use “should” in English.
I have a question though: what’s the difference between should and shall?

Profile photo of spikelucky spikelucky

thanks teacher! the lesson is very helpful.

Profile photo of Anh Ngoc Dinh Anh Ngoc Dinh

This was very helpful and I will be grateful to you if we could discuss passive voices of ditransitive verbs.
Thank you

Profile photo of Chand singh Chand singh

I got 6 out of 9 I’m happy thanks Gill

Profile photo of Edison belibofa Edison belibofa

Hi teacher, thanks a lot for helping us with your videos. they are very important for improving english.
This lesson is wonderful and I will sure watch it more times to memorize the subject.

Profile photo of rogerio rogerio

Thank you for your lessons. Your expression is very well and clear .

Profile photo of Merve Bayram Durna Merve Bayram Durna

Thank you to this effort and your help.

Profile photo of Ashwink01 Ashwink01

i got 8 out of 9, Am so happy about it

Profile photo of severaa severaa

Gill you are a marvellous teacher! Grazie! ❤️

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

Hi Gill! This is another important lesson on grammar, very useful. Thank Gill. Grazie!<3

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

Thank you.

Profile photo of Prakash s bhasagi Prakash s bhasagi

Thank you very much, Gill!
Great lesson, I got 100

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Thanks a lot, Gill!
Very interesting and clear

Profile photo of Effe Effe

wow 9/9 super!

Profile photo of fly7 fly7

Thank you very much! Gill.
Your efforts made it straight forward self explanatory uses of word “should”

Profile photo of niteshdodi niteshdodi

Thank you Gill, i got 100.

Profile photo of Diana0128 Diana0128

You should’ve study harder in order to improve your English skills. You shouldn`t waist your time speaking in your native language if you really want to speak English.

Profile photo of trozo trozo

Thanks for your outstanding lesson mam!I should have taken a quiz after watching the lesson but it didn’t happen because I forgot.It’s so useful,more informative,and remarkable.I feel delighted whenever I watch your lesson.I have ever seen before the teacher like you.your lessons helped a lot to me.I love your lesson as always.

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