Thank Gill and couple Stefano and Lucia, you make a video is very interesting, that it created for us many motivation learning English

nguyen van long

To say thank you very much, Gill, means to say nothing. I adore your lessons. I’m so grateful for your hard work. All your lessons are very enthralling, cognitive and absolutely clear. The way you teaching allows me expand the limits of learning English and improve my skills. Your royal English inspires be perfect at it.


Gill’s interview videos with her students are helpful and insightful for those who are learning English. I like her idea of creating productive contents and her questions to her students and their answers are great advice to us.

Insoo Yeo

Hello Gill… I want to visit to London… please give some advice.. I’m an English teacher..

Nodira Khakkulova

Great lesson! Thank you Ms. Gill. It’s very interesting to listen to other learners from time to time to make conclusions about your own progress.


I’m from Northern Italy,too, and listening to my countrymates has been nice cause it’s always curious to hear our accent “mixed “with another language : they speak good English ( she’s better than him, in my opinion ..)even though the total fluency is still quite far..not easy.

auguri, ce la faremo


This conservation was highly motivating.
Thank you!


Thanks Gill. Great video. Could you explain why all english teachers have to say than the student’s english is very good even if it’s not? It’s not about Stefano and Lucia.They are cute.


Teacher Gill, thank you so much. It was an interesting interview with different accent. I liked it.


It’s very interesting video! Thank you Gill!!! Please, make it again!

Katya Kovaleva

Hello Gill!
Thanks a lot for one more interview and class. Excellent! Thanks to the couple too.

izabel gurnet

Thank you Gill and the couple…..


Hello Mrs. Gill, very interesting conversation, congratulations to you and Stefano and Lucia. Cheers


you mada a good job with the flower gill, i think it was pretty cute


Hello Gill I live in Cambodai . I want to visit to London.


Thx Gill, I interesting to see like these interviews

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