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I love this learning place…Thanks a lot.


One hundred percent after listening to this excellent video is good. Thank you very much indeed, Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca,
I understand very well your lesson and what you say it’s very clear for me.
I agree with you that it’s helpful to repeat after you.
Interesting for me the meaning of “to come over” and “enquiry – inquiry”
Thank you for your work.


Great Lesson Thank you very much. I want to improve English If, someone want to interaction my wharapp no. 0092341 1119941

Muhammad Abbas

I got 10 out 10. Listen TO, waiting FOR, arrive IN (AT), went BY – very useful as much as call, reached, discussed, tell, contacted without prepositions.


10 of 10.
Thanks for the interesting lesson, Rebeca!
I hope this new information will y help me to correct some of my mistakes in the future.


    Hi dear Marika how are you i want be friend with you if you want.

    Hamidullah Angar

Thanks, Rebecca for this helpful lesson. By watching and trying to shadow your explanation simultaneously, I think my feelings of English is improving. I think watching engVid videos regularly is like eating healthy food for our English.

Insoo Yeo

Thank you, Rebecca! It’s so important lesson.


I’m delighted to your teaching and I do understand y well.I have been a keen listener of your classes that’s why I came to tap knowledge.

Ambe Derick

Thank you.


Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the lesson it’s very useful for everyone…But here mam I don’t have company to speak with english..I like ur way of teaching method its very comfortable and easy for beginner level english learner mam…Thank u once again mam…


Thanks so much Rebecca for this lesson!

Henrique Alves

I got 9/10, actually i have usually mistake about preposition, i often add preposition and now i know many sentence actually doesn’t need preposition. Thank Rebecca very much

nguyen van long

That’s so great, Rebecca.

Ara Amini

    Hi! Nice to see you!


    Hi dear Ara Amini how are you

    Hamidullah Angar

I have scored 100%. I also learned a lot. Keep on Rebecca.


First of all, great lesson. The question number nine, could I use “anything” instead of something? Thank You, have a great one.


I admire your teaching…. specially quiz part is fun.
Thank you so much Rebecca.


It’s the best site for learning english. This lesson is very clear.

Ricardo Fonteneles

Thanks a lot


Thank you for the lessons.


Thanks a lot


indeed this platform is so informative..!

sarfraz Umer

Thnk you


thank you so much teacher Rebecca!

Tesfay Fsehaye

Thank you for the video, it was very interesting :)


Thank you so much for this.


So many years studying English… Thank you for this video and excersice.


Thank you so much


Thank you very much teacher, the way of your teaching is very interesting.

Chandrasiri Mapa

You have the best lessons ever Rebecca, I want to thank you for that.


Thank you Rebecca Mam 🙏🏻

Johan Masih

im the best


Thank you Rebecca mam.

Nithya Karthik

Thanks Rebecca.Interesting lesson.


Thanks a lot for the clarification!
After whaching your lecturer, I got hundred percent.


Thanks, it’s really helpful.


    Hi dear Sumaya how are you i wish you be healthy and happy
    i want be friend with you if you want.
    thank you dear friend.

    Hamidullah Angar

Thank you teacher so much, the lesson was so helpful

Roumaissa Ghozlane

I have these mistakes. It helped me fix them. Thanks a lot.




That was insightful mam. Thankyou.

Akhi sree

thanks a lot


This lesson is very useful.


Thanks a lot. I wish to learn more everyday

Baraka George

It’s so helpful to me. thank you

Aigul Intiso

Thanks a lot

Anil Kumar Patta

Thank you very much Rebecca.
I got 100.

Hasan Soledad

why l can not see this


    Hi, Bella. Our videos are on YouTube, so if you are viewing the site from China, the videos will be blocked. However, you can also watch some of our videos on Bilibili.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you for teaching us.

Zahir Hussain

That’s help me a lot thanks Ms Rebecca

Aissa Naponi

I really enjoyed this lesson. Thank you!


I’ve scored 100. Thank you, Ma’am,


thank u teacher u are v.good to reache the information.

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